You do know where this is going, right? Sigh. Yes, I stayed up. I continued reading on my iPad. I wrote an e-mail to my rides provider. I had brekkie. And, then, my wind-up mechanism ran out of gas (no I don't care that I'm mixing metaphors).

So back to bed I went. Vegged through the afternoon. Finally finished another book. ::cheers:: Watched my customary shows in the evening, including a hilarious Big Bang Theory (obviously, it's hitting MY funny bone) and two MasterChef shows. Also texted church-John regarding our brunch plans for Easter Sunday (that's an affirmative) and my request for getting me a couple of items at Costco (also a yes). Now, I'm back to reading, but just fanfic. I'll begin a new book tomorrow morning.

Can't wait for my groceries to be delivered, especially as I included three pots of tulips (pink, orange, and yellow). I need to have spring indoors as well as outdoors.


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