So, I'm recounting my day backwards.

Received an e-mail from the library. The book about 9/11 from the Gander ("Come From Away") experience was available. Yeah, I'm already crying ... and the author has only just left the terminal. For the record, he was brought up Catholic, is gay, and traveling with his partner. The forward is by the mayor of Gander. Both men are characters in the musical.

Jeopardy! was fun in the Final. Ha! It so pays to watch Helena Bonham Carter movies ("A Room With A View" FTW).

SuM dropped by wondering whether Grumpy was a stowaway but - no - he was nowhere to be found. While she was here, I asked about trying to rid the back deck of the yellowjackets (because, seriously, I can not spend two minutes outside in the summer without being ... swarmed). SuM said she'd get some traps for them. ::breathes a huge sigh of relief::

Had a fluffy visitor (Diva, natch) for most of the day. Good when she was sleeping, irritating when she kept winding between my legs and jumping up on the CPU. Was a bit worried about trying to keep tabs on her and read on my iPad, so the book I'd just started didn't get much attention from me.

Had a whole room-full of groceries delivered (well, you should see the pile of cartons) and have enjoyed treating myself. Mind you, putting them away was hot work. In a case of weird juxtaposition, I put the pots of tulips on top of the fireplace! Also thrilled they delivered the best guacamole I love. There's also black bean & corn salsa, regular salsa, and (I hope, 'cuz I couldn't read the label) mango salsa. Yum!

Woke up to the alarm at 9:00, for once not dreaming at all. Good. Also pleased I didn't even hear the garbage trucks rumbling down the street (they usually begin at 8).

Originally woke up at 3:38! Are you kidding me????? No, I was so not a happy camper. But, somehow, I managed to fall back asleep. Still no dreaming.

Traveling back to yesterday, I was thrilled to receive "mail" from the government (I log into my account and read it) confirming that my tax refund had been deposited to my account. Funny thing is that I'd forgotten I'd filed my return 2.5 weeks ago. I thought it had been sooner than that. I guess it's just another example of the days blurring by.

Looking ahead to a spring-like weekend with more relaxing. Hmm. Perhaps a bottle of wine?


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