My body and mind are in the driver's seat and really messing with me. So, what time did you wake up this morning, blondie? How about 3:39. Ugh, simply ugh. I'm still incredulous that I didn't go back (or try) to sleep, as the alarm was set for 6. With the online booking system live at 5, I decided to stay up, book my rides for next Saturday, then make a decision.

Got my rides shortly after 5, then decided to continue reading the Come From Away tie-in. Cried some more, and finally finished it. There were so many heartwarming examples of paying it forward. After that, I finally went to bed. Slept for a while and didn't get out of bed until 1. Delayed brekkie, anybody?

Continued to have a lazy day. SuM wanted to watch a movie, but I had no interest in the latest incarnation of "Mad Max", so I declined. Instead, I watched last night's MacGyver and Shark Tank as well as repeats of my game shows. Natch I got Final Jeopardy (a Latin word that means to buy back, used in relation to slaves while preachers used the word to mean salvation). Honestly, it's as if they were GIVING it away (redeem or redemption).

Church-John texted me late asking whether I could record the special tomorrow morning on the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge. So, I'll record two different channels. I may have also taught c-J to ASK his smartphone for help. Woo-hoo. While I was setting the TV up for the first, I caught the post-game show for the hockey game. Oh, thank goodness, the Maple Leafs made the playoffs (thanks a lot to our amazing rookie and a very motivating coach). Big sigh of relief and a wide smile. Yay!


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