What? Who? When?
The notion of a cat. Ce-Ce. 4:39 a.m.

Imagine, if you will, that you are sleeping but wake up with a start because you've just heard a cat making a commotion ON YOUR DESK behind your computer. You express your ire, for being woken up much too early and for behaviour that you dislike. Only one problem. There was no physical cat. So ... was I dreaming of the cat doing this and reacted to my imagination? I don't know and am too tired to dissect this situation further.

However, how unfair to wake up so early on a day when my ride wasn't expected until 9:25. After getting out of bed and getting through my morning routine, I had time to kill. So I read a bit more of my library book. Walked outside after 9:10, but only had to wait a couple of minutes for my bus. Still, I wasn't used to arriving at church as late as 9:45.

As always, the service was aurally stunning and pertinent to our modern existence. When I got home, I simply had to watch and listen to the beginning as well as the Offertory soloist. One delightful highlight was seeing a multitude from Children's Church coming down the aisle waving their palms with great energy!

I wasn't too surprised when SuM said she was taking off for overnight and would I ... uh ... look after the cats. Sure thing. I was worried because the two outdoor ones were AWOL. Missy Ce-Ce came in fairly early, but I had to call and cajole Mr. Grumpy the Adventurer. He finally deigned to ascend to the back deck around 7:45. So relieved because the light was failing and it was getting cold.

In the evening, I watched last night's SNL. Some skits were crackily hilarious. But I was too tired to really appreciate them. So I think I'll be sliding into bed (even though Grumpy is lying in MY spot), read a wee bit of my library book, and then go to sleepy-kitty la-la-land. Nighty-night. ::begs universe::


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