Mind you, I still woke up around 1:30, growled, and went back to sleep. Diva wasn't exactly sleeping where I expected her and now she's picked up the habit of gnawing at my hair. No, Diva, you are NOT my mother. Cut it out. Sigh. The next time I woke up was before 6. I decided to stay up anyway. However, after we'd all had a late brekkie, I headed back to bed. Surrounded by cats, we all dozed off and didn't rouse until SuM came home in the early afternoon. I'm not surprised that I felt tired because, though the temperature was hovering above 70F, it was a glum and gloomy day.

Read some more of my library book. Then freaked out over my government form ... or lack thereof. Begged Brian for help. Well, I got it via an unexpected resource, namely a PDF reader. So, with extreme effort (I couldn't read the form as it was faint black on white), I managed to complete and print the form. I tell you I felt as stressed as if I'd had a heart attack.

Life is so boring in a time of TV drought except for my game shows. However, regarding all the horrible things being reported in the news, I. Just. Can't. Can't write about them. I can't give them my energy, though I wouldn't complain if all the evil were dropped into a black hole.


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