I even got to sleep in until 8:58. Remarkable. Spent the day doing nothing, finishing my Huff book, moving a dining chair to my desk (because I was getting thoroughly irritated from the caster malfunctions), conversing electronically with Brian about another get-together either this Saturday or next (not sure what we're doing but, hey, I'm flexible ... at least in my mind), dozing for a bit, and watching a minimum of TV (news, my game shows).

The only thing that's gotten me excited is finding out a few minutes ago that the Maple Leafs just beat the Washington Caps, in OT (just a single one). This makes me jump up and down - well, metaphorically. Toronto's a happy town tonight.

As for any potential for jumping up and down, I have reluctantly concluded that I will not be able to be a participant in the fundraising 5K walk for my blind group in June. I so wanted to acquire pledges, etc. But church-John gave me a reality check yesterday. And I have to admit he's right, considering how many falls I've had over the last 16 months and not being a spring chicken any more. He suggested I volunteer during the event instead. Okay, common sense will prevail.

Anyway, I think I'm hitting the hay because I am wiped. ::yawns widely for emphasis::


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