So, yeah, long day yesterday along with yummy food and wine. What could go wrong when I decided to read in bed? You do know what's going to happen. Somehow, don't ask me how, I dozed off and woke up after registering a light thwap on the floor. I swung my legs over the side and stepped down onto.... OMG!!! Only then did I realize I'd nodded off and that my foot was now on top of my iPad. Luckily, I have a very light step - I credit that to creative dance in my earlier years. So I picked up the iPad and ::sighs gratefully:: apparently not damaged ... though possibly insulted, lol. I still don't understand how it fell to the floor. I normally lie on the other side and, if it had slid off, it would have landed on the ledge which has both my old folded comforter and a body pillow. Must-must-must be more careful in the future. And get a proper cover stat via Brian.

After all that excitement at some point in the night, I still managed to sleep in until a few minutes to 9:00. Yay. After a lazy morning, I decided to finally (FINALLY) watch "The Martian". Just one problem. How do I work the Blu-ray. And switch the TV signal. Remember my blindness is a huge factor here. Between turning on the overhead lights and using my cellphone's flashlight, I managed to get the movie playing. I was enchanted with it, being drawn to tears several times. I'd had no idea of how amazing it was. I figure I'll watch it whenever I'm feeling despondent either personally or with the state of the world. After the movie, I started watching all the extras. I had to stop after 5:00, but I'll get back to the special features soon.

I ended up telling SuM I'd watched it and had been entranced. One thing I forgot to tell her was all the wild music from decades ago. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!!

After that most satisfying experience, it's just as well that I only watched my game shows. And enjoyed my Greek leftovers along with the rest of the bottle of wine. But I did manage to borrow "The Martian" from the library. Much emphasis has been placed on the fact that the screenwriter did his best to follow the book closely. I guess I'll soon see. But, now, I'm going to read a bit more of "The English Patient" and then toddle off to bed. I'm being picked up way too early tomorrow morning (8:35). ::shudders::


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