Oh, yes. I am majorly silly. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day out, even though the temp was only in the low 60s (as opposed to the highly unnatural 78 yesterday along with high humidity and sweeping storms that cancelled the big tailgate party at Jurassic Park (the outdoors area while the Raptors were advancing to the next round of the NBA playoffs ... kicking and screaming all the way, because apparently they like to flirt with losing).

After I had to chase Ce-Ce to get out of my space, I encountered Grumpy out on the back deck. But he was way too slow to go indoors, so I said he was on his own until I returned. I was picked up around 9:30 and arrived at the mall in just a few minutes. So I sat on a bench outside the salon. My stylist came out to see me, saying she'd be with me soon after 10:30 (my appointment time). Soooooo, it was decadent to have someone colour my hair, thoroughly saturating every strand. Then she cut my hair. It's a titch short, slightly different from the last time. I may have to coax it a bit more with a curling iron.

When I was paying her (still majorly surprised at the super reasonable cost), I asked whether she could recommend a mani/pedi place in the neighbourhood (because I'm tired of the place that's only 800 metres away from me, but a pain to get to by transit). Imagine my chagrin when she led me RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Hey, how was I supposed to know, 'cuz I blind. Sigh. Anyway, they gave me their services list and business card, so I figure I might get in the habit of seeing them two weeks after each hair appointment. After that, I didn't really feel like doing a lot of shopping, so I picked up a serene but beautiful birthday card for SuM and really good hairspray at the drugstore, then just a few yummy items (buffalo wings, potato salad, Greek pasta salad, plain tortilla chips, organic bananas) as the supermarket and settled in to wait for my ride, expected in 35 minutes. At least it was a great day to be sitting outdoors.

When I got home, I let Grumpy in, then struggled with all of my purchases, needing to make two trips. But I'm home. Yay. It was a boring TV evening: just the news and my game shows. After I gathered my laundry for tomorrow morning (too zonked tonight), I dozed off. Now I'm just drinking Perrier and getting the house settled for the night ... as the cats and I have a sleepover. Yippee! ::crosses fingers a lot::


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