May 2017
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09:20 pm

Book List (April, 2017)

11:50 pm

If there were a heat-seeking missile in the vicinity, it would swerve around me.

11:25 pm

Captivated by one particular Martian.

11:47 pm

Letting the day dribble through my fingers.

11:03 pm

Of rain, rain, rain ... and cupcakes?

11:22 pm

Gimme shelter.

11:02 pm

A reprieve from the rain ... at least here.

11:23 pm

How special is the blonde?

11:25 pm

Forcing (persuading) my body to do my will.

11:18 pm

Some algorithms make life very ... interesting.

11:03 pm

Hey, cold, stop ripping my abs and ribs apart.

11:31 pm

Rejoice, for I have vanquished the foe!

11:07 pm

Up and down ... every few hours.

11:45 pm

Getting better ... and entertaining cats.

11:16 pm

Serenity soothes in several flavours.

11:37 pm

Monday ... or Weirdday?

11:42 pm

The glacial pace of getting better.

11:27 pm

Dork-i-dork dork (new lyrics for the Swedish Chef?)

11:30 pm

OUCH!!! I prescribed bed rest but....

11:13 pm

You know how you're not supposed to grocery shop when you're hungry?

11:24 pm

I. Am. Such. A. Dork.

10:34 pm

Right leg is floating; left foot is asleep.

11:37 pm

It was a horrible day. It was an awesome day.

11:38 pm

A placid holiday celebration is still....

11:21 pm

Thwarted longing to experience TO's amazing history.

11:34 pm

Otherwise, a lazy day.

11:22 pm

Hazy, hot, and breezy; and then I was so weird.

11:37 pm

The universe is gracious, though still weird.

11:28 pm

When you wake up at 4:17, the day is unbearably long.

11:38 pm

Pain. Euphoria. Equilibrium. Total Confusion, eh.

11:51 pm

I need sleep. Badly.

10:46 pm

Sleep was had. Not enough. Need new body.

11:38 pm

Desperately need universe to LISTEN!!!

08:28 am

So much inspiration, just what I needed yesterday.

11:30 pm

Sparkly? Exhausted? Trying to merge them.



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