No surprise there. When I woke up a few minutes after 6, I immediately reached for the iPad and continued reading. I think this is my reward for having slogged through "The English Patient". The flow of words is smooth and effective in the form of Mark's personal log. Even when my iPad ran out of juice, I just clicked on the chapter I'd left off at using my desktop. And I'm still here, with just a few pages to go before the end. Yay.

In between bouts of delighted reading, I managed to watch the customary TV shows. I was sad to see the current Jeopardy! champ defeated after 6 wins. And I was very pleased to see how many clues I got correctly. Like the size of Montana ... or Jefferson fathering a whole lot of kids. After that, there was a weird but sad epi of N.C.I.S. where the only good thing was seeing Mark Harmon on a horse. Mmmmm. And Bull was IMO tragic, involving a hypnotic trigger for a young man to kill the person he was with. The real killer's intended victim was her father, but she ended up making him kill the only person in proximity ... his own father.

Anyway, I'm going to go finish my reading. So far, I only found one misused word: "racked" i/o "wracked". And noted there had been several icky details left out of the movie. Signing off with great satisfaction....


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