That happened even though I woke up around 6 again. Seriously, body? So I puttered around, even starting a reread of "The Martian". Washed some recycling before my groceries were delivered before 12:30. Oh, lovely delectable foodies. After I put everything away, I did a rough wrapping job of the deluxe jasmine tea I got for Sue, wrote in the pretty butterfly card, and carried those along with the case of ginger beer, setting them down on the dining table. So, she'd been busy decorating for her party tonight. She'd planned to have a pinata. I can't imagine the vacuuming necessary to capture all the stray treats. When she came home from work, she thanked me. Hey, she gives me super-special chocolate for Christmas, I give her super-special tea for her birthday. We have equilibrium. Lol.

Did a bit of housekeeping on my DW account. Unfortunately, when I imported my LJ entries, the comments didn't come through. So I did a second import which got me the comments ... along with duplicates of all the entries. Mind you, I'm reading entries from the good old days, when I had a hoity-toity life, entertaining by the fountain in the garden every Sunday afternoon. Aaaaaaah.

Finally got to relax in the evening, though all I had to watch was the usual news and game shows. As our speaker for tomorrow's blind group has cancelled, I've been told to bring my assortment of jokes. Well, I'm going to do it electronically. I d/l'd two joke bookes and plan to - very gingerly - transport my iPad to the other side of the world ... er ... city tomorrow. I figure I can always nungee tie it to my walker. But it'll be nice to be able to read from it and, while I'm waiting for my ride home, I can continue reading ... you know what.

I think I'd better post and do some advance sorting of what I'll be taking with me tomorrow. Hoping the rain holds off. We're expecting major flooding from the storms headed our way from the States. Hey, is that any kind of present? I think not.


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