Well, the rain part is (mostly) self-explanatory. The storm(s?) from the U,S. finally hit, bringing rain ... something our heavily saturated ground didn't need at all. So there have been contingency efforts happening since yesterday, especially along the waterfront, but also in key bridge crossings. Even evac plans for residents of our only residential island (a ferry standing by) and diverting commuter trains from potential flood zones.

It hadn't started when I was picked up shortly after 11, but I still had a mostly gloomy ride. Well, the weather was gloomy but the driver and I were howling with laughter as we listened to a call-in show. Today's topic? How much people (American parents?) loathe a French-Canadian cartoon aimed at four-year olds!?! For the sake of not drawing anyone's ire, I won't name the cartoon. But ... seriously??? Apparently so.

I brought my iPad to my blind group meeting but didn't really use it (other than showing it off and how I could actually read from it). Luckily, my jokes weren't needed as our resident jokester was present (she's been absent for a long time as she's undergoing cancer treatment). So, instead, I told them a story about a certain blonde and her microwave mishap! Yes, I'm always willing to laugh at myself ... as long as nobody is harmed. Everyone loved my new curly do. Yay! We learned of the current scam going on (especially south of the border) where unregulated clinics promote all sorts of miracle cures by injecting stem cells in one's eyes. The usual outcome? The injection leaves people BLIND!!!!! I also pondered whether there had yet been any whole eyeball transplants. I guess I have a project for our next meeting. But, before we concluded the meeting, we had tea and goodies including the most delightful mini blueberry cupcakes. Yum.

My driver was late picking me up, so I was worried he'd been held up by the rain that was now falling steadily. But he still got me home at a reasonable time (5:40). I was so grateful to stumble indoors and head for dryness and warmth. Meant to have some soup and a bagel, but settled for spicy tortilla chips, guacamole and queso. Oops? Watched the news (where I learned about the sandbagging, etc.) and my game shows. Then I dozed off for a couple of hours. Now I'm going to enjoy a chocolate chip muffin and Perrier with my pills. With all the rain expected for the next three days, I'm just relieved I don't have to wake up or go anywhere until Sunday. Yay for cocooning. And more reading.


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