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( May. 5th, 2017 11:22 pm)
As much as I loved-loved-loved living at the edge of the lake, I'm just so relieved (frankly, grateful) not to be living there right now. To add to the problem of extremely-saturated ground, the building itself was an odd duck. It was long (holding 20 units per floor), set perpendicularly to the lake. To make things worse, the ground sloped down, so that a basement could only be built underneath the portion farthest from the lake. The part closer was built directly into the ground. [Cue my neighbour's information about a first-floor mice problem.] The evening news was overwhelmingly about what was happening. We saw residents of the houseboat community east of me trying to remain stoic and confident. Then we saw the beach south of me basically gone. ALL the sand had been swept away by the constantly churning waves. I'm wondering how the various marinas are dealing with securing boats. It's just a huge mess, not only by this lake but also along many rivers in the affected areas. Actually, the storm has hit the province of Qu├ębec really hard and has spread to the maritime provinces. Gee, thanks, storm.

Against all that watery worry, it's no wonder I wasn't in the mood to do anything all day. But I did catch up on last night's TV, watching a hilarious Big Bang Theory as well as the two MasterChef shows. But I was sleepy, so couldn't appreciate the presence of Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef on the Jr. edition. While I managed to stay awake, I continued my second read-through of "The Martian". Want to finish it before I have to return it.

I think I'll end on a yummy note. Not sure where I read or saw it, but presumably the following is a dynamite cocktail: bourbon, ginger beer and lime. Considering that I have the first two ingredients (of superlative quality), I think I'll be indulging soon. And, now, I feel better - even if all I'm drinking is blueberry mint iced tea. I know, I know, a cold drink when I'm feeling cold, especially in my hands.


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