With more of the province getting hammered, we've been spared as the forecast fell short. Hey, that's perfectly okay, especially after we were told on the evening news that the lake level would continue to rise for one month. Yikes. Anyway, there were some horror stories shown. In the north-east (Qu├ębec), they showed two houses side-by-side. One woman was bemoaning the most likely loss of her house as the basement was flooded. Her next door neighbour built hers later according to a more cautious code and is expected to be fine. Talk about cruel fate.

At least several municipalities have called in the armed forces for sandbagging duties. Hey, if you have a source of mostly-young able-bodied people who will follow orders, why not use them? Too bad our mayor got skewered at the turn of the century for doing the same during a severe snowstorm.

Anyway, I managed to sleep in until 7:30. Continued rereading "The Martian" and then d/l'd "In the Skin of a Lion" - another Ondaatje, as it suddenly became available. I'd already finished my SGA novel and returned it. It had been a Team-plus-Weir fic. It wasn't bad ... but then I've been spoiled by some terrific fanfic. Just watched the news and repeats of my game shows. Yes, boring blonde is blring but at least I had more blueberry mint iced tea with my evening pills. Woo-hoo.


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