Special enough that she can get sick between posting last night and going to bed. Sigh. I came down with a nasty cold. A Jamaican ginger beer and a medicated hot lemon drink helped, as well as one throat lozenge. Then, before falling asleep, I sorta kinda put myself into a healing trance and - thank you, Universe - fell asleep quickly.

However, I knew all was not well this morning. I had to decline my scheduled volunteering at church because the last thing I needed to do was sneeze all over the elements while serving others. Not only was it horridly cold outside, it was hideously cold inside as there was no heat. Normally, there wouldn't be any in May, but this is not a regular May. Sigh.

One of the benefits of not being on duty is that church-John, our friend Cory, and I were directed to Brent for Anointing for Healing. Come on, healing, please kick in! Couldn't wait to get home so I could get warm. Did my much-abbreviated review of the service, then had lunch and crawled into bed. Ended up watching last night's Saturday Night Live that was a first-run. OMG. Lots of outrageous skits. The host was Chris (not the Chrises you're thinking of but James T. Kirk) Pine. Meh. After that it was the 6:00 p.m. news (boo, Raptors folded in 4 to Cleveland). Then I dozed off.

When I woke up, I had cappuccino yogurt (easy to swallow) for dinner and another ginger beer. In a little while, I'll have another hot lemon. And pray for sleep. I may try to zone out with some more reading. At least I was enchanted by a repeat of the Peg + Cat Magic Flute epi. Because I actually watched instead of merely listening, I saw it was the Magic Lute. After that, I heard singing to Beethoven's Für Elise, as well as his Appassionata Piano Sonata! This cartoon is amazing.


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