Apparently, this is a new thing with me. Last night, after drinking my hot lemon and sucking on a throat lozenge, I finally cracked open a sealed bottle of Benylin cough syrup. And then went to bed around 1. With the exception of one brief wakeup, I managed to sleep all the way to 9. I certainly wasn't feeling any better, so the only thing that makes sense is the power of auto-suggestion. ::crosses fingers for a repeat performance::

After brekkie, I did doze off for a while. Had cold things during the day (Perrier, ice cream) and then soothed my throat in the evening with cream of potato & chive soup that I doctored with heaps of crumbled bacon.

Continued reading my Ondaatje. It's as vivid as the previous book but I'm enjoying it much more, possibly because it recalls all sorts of historic events in the province, including the building of the magnificent viaduct across the river on the east. Unfortunately, in order to create a barrier against people wanting to kill themselves on the upper portion (there's a subway running along the lower level), there was a competition and the winning design is absolute garbage, with steel strands supported by rows of (take your pick) telephone poles or crucifixes, with A FEW of the strands adorned by metallic "teardrops". A travesty, if you ask me.

Apart from reading, I only watched the news and my game shows. Well, I think I'm fading quickly. Time for my medicinal routine and bed.


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