So, which one, blondie? Your cold? Nah, it's still lingering, but I'm improving. I know that copious amounts of ginger beer, yogurt, and hot lemon drink have helped significantly.

Is it regulating your sleep schedule? Hah, I wish. I woke up at 7:30, coughed, went back to sleep. Woke up at 8:30, lather-rinse-repeat. Woke up at 9:30, decided my body needed to be upright to get all the couching out. Sigh.

So, what was this accomplishment? I finally, FINALLY got through "In the Skin of a Lion". I'll write more about it in my monthly book report, but I can honestly say I never want to read another Ondaatje in my life. Mind you, I can't wait to try to see the water filtration "palace", but the downright oddness of the characters left me feeling ... meh. So, I'm thrilled I can now return to my second read-through of "The Martian", as I'll have to return it to the library in a couple of days. It'll be a breeeeeze.

It was a relief to have non-confrontational TV shows to watch in the evening. The season finale of Big Bang Theory was hilarious and then I zipped through the two MasterChef shows. Already making plans for major rewatch sessions through the summer months of my fave shows and movies. Because, right now, I'm not feeling too optimistic about summer showing up. It's just so depressing, even if they're forecasting an absolutely scorching (as if) 70 degrees by the end of next week. My lungs and joints so do not need cold and damp. ::mutters and gets ready for bed::


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