Well, at least I managed to do two things today, even though I hated it when I woke up around 6:00. Ugh. Managed to get back to sleep (especially when I couldn't even read my cellphone as it needed juice) and woke up at a much more civilized 10:45.

SuM asked whether I could take care of the cats for the rest of the day and overnight and if it was okay to leave Grumpy out on the back deck. I decided to go have a little chat with the old man. While I was out there trying to elicit his compliance to come in for supper (yes, I'm such a hoot), I was relishing the hot sun beating down upon me to dispel the chill of the breeze. When I went back in the kitchen, I bumped into SuM unexpectedly, giving us both a start. I thought she'd already left and she didn't know I'd gone outside. Hee. So, plans changed and she wasn't leaving, meaning I wouldn't have to worry about wandering cats.

I decided to jump right into the laundry, then checked the forecast. Wow. It was only 45, and all I was wearing outside was my black satin nightie and my sparkly long cape. However, I know I'm getting better despite some still grotesque hacking coughs. At least when I'm lying down, my lungs no longer whistle. Yup, I'm unique.

After my laundry was done, I could relax. And the other two cats decided to ... visit me. They stuck around for hours until I finally decided to send them home to their mum. In terms of real entertainment, I watched last night's Shark Tank, as well as the usual news and game shows. Now I'm rushing through my second read-through of "The Martian". I should be able to finish it with some dedicated time tomorrow and Monday. Anyway, I'm feeling much more optimistic about going to church tomorrow - and not interrupting the service because of my cold symptoms. Hope I continue to improve during the night. ::crosses fingers::


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