Apparently, I can have both. Well, the "horrible" described the weather. Chilly with intermittent rain. Ugh. However, I was determined to not wear my WINTER coat (ugh, again), so added a cozy turtleneck sweater and my circular scarf to protect my bouncy hair. OTOH, I was pleased to wake up at 5:25 (20 minutes ahead of the alarm) and - what else - read. Then I went back to my normal Sunday routine. Oh, wait. That routine was disrupted when Diva decided she just HAD to visit me. SuM came and dragged her out. As I heard the car leaving the driveway, I looked over and saw Diva next to my chair. Sigh. SuM hadn't let the latch click on my door. So I carried her out, then got back to getting ready.

Had a driver who's driven me before. He was telling me about his new eating habits that I'm seriously considering trying. When I got to church, there was already an entertaining crowd in the Social Hall. The service itself was illuminating as we were reminded as to how we treat one another is as important as the work we do. Church-John and I decided on our day to go out for lunch, namely Wednesday. Yay.

I had a fascinating cab driver for my ride home. He was a graduate in animal husbandry from Somalia, had studied in Italy. Yeah, and driving a cab in TO. He mentioned his background when he asked about my work. We had an engaging conversation - and he complimented me on how teacher-like my speaking voice was. When I got in, I settled down to write a briefer account of the service than usual, most likely because I left out a lot of the music. Once I posted to FB, I crashed.

Managed to stay mostly awake during the news, but then dozed off, not waking until around 9:25, at which time I greedily consumed a bowl of cream of mushroom soup, a warm bagel, and a glass of wine. Now I'm just thankful I have no obligations for tomorrow ... other than reading two more mysteries I d/l'd. Yay for reading.


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