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( May. 28th, 2017 11:51 pm)
Don't get me wrong. Last night wasn't inadequate on its own merits. I got the 5+ hours I usually average on a Saturday night. Even the cats were well behaved. Yes, I know. A miracle. But the exertions from yesterday combined with the extra painkillers meant my body was ill-prepared for public consumption, lol. No wonder I grabbed with greedy hands the mocha church-John handed me.

As always, it was a terrific service as we welcomed Brent back after his two Sundays away. His Lesson was "Life After Me" as he begins preparing us for the emotional shock of having to connect with a newcomer assuming the mantle of spiritual leadership. He warned us that this person might be drastically different, might be single, might want to date ... more than one person; and that it was not up to us to judge. Well, it's obviously going to be an interesting summer and fall. C-J and I took the opportunity to go to him for Anointing. Always a treat. My one bit of personal excitement was having my jeweller inform me I'd have my new pendant (former wedding rings) before my birthday. Ooooh. I can hardly wait!

The service ran long so I had to dash out after going up for early Communion. Even though my cab showed up a few minutes later, there seemed to be some confusion as my rides provider called me (I missed picking up), c-J texted me asking if I was okay(???); when I called dispatch they couldn't tell me anything, just said to call customer service tomorrow. This is weird, because I got home really quickly (12:50). Oh, mysteries.

After my summary which was a struggle, I was finally free after 3. Free to feed the cats first. SuM came home in the late afternoon and was happy to know that we're the beneficiaries of the two lilies. And then I zonked out during the 6:00 news. I have no idea of what went on anywhere. I opened my eyes just before 7:00, then dozed off again, waking at 8:21 with something weird on the TV. Sorry, TV, I have enough "weird" in my life. So off to bed I go.


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