Unfortunately, that's not how the universe works. Yet. At least I did manage to sleep all the way to 7:22. But the general run-down feeling (still stemming from not having used my walker on Saturday) will be with me for days. Sigh. And, speaking of misadventures, I sent a very VERY long e-mail to customer service of my rides provider about the tale of two cabs.

Tried to read some more of "I am Pi". Finally am appreciating some of the style. Gee, it only took about 37 chapters! Also worked on the game for my blind group. Then sent an e-mail to the leader about the concept of the hilarious word game we could play at the year-end party at the end of June.

Reconfirmed that my jeweller will drop off my pendant and restrung pearls on Wednesday. Obviously, I can't wait to see the final results, including a mechanical clasp - to replace the ridiculously fiddly, secured by a mere wire, clasp because - duh - people should always trust the security of something worth $1.5K to one skinny wire. Yay to no more worries.

Right not, I just need to go to bed so I can rest up before blind group tomorrow. Also, pain? Scram.


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