After all, it was an excruciatingly looooooong day that began (against my will) at 3:22 a.m. So, what did I do? Reached for my iPad to continue reading "Life of Pi". I'm getting closer to finishing it. Too bad it didn't start to engage me until about chapter 60 (of a 100). But I'm being stubborn in wanting to finish it. There may still be surprises.

It was really overcast when my driver picked me up at 9:00. I'd been so worried about rain, I completely forgot to adorn myself with my tropitcal scarf/sarong. Felt so plain as we sped up north. Ahem! Blind blond is still a better navigator than most. Why? Well, the driver got distracted by construction. I asked him what cross street we'd just passed. He replied "Broadway". Uh ... driver, that's NORTH of where I need to be. His distraction had made him think I was headed to the hospital further north. Sigh. But no prob, as I was early enough to sit and enjoy the sun - hey, where'd that come from?

Our meeting was AMAZING!!!!! First of all, our monthly guests provide us with a booster vaccination against depression. Whenever we're feeling down on ourselves because we can no longer do (or were never able to, if blind since birth), we're introduced to people who broke barriers and persisted. The retired lawyer, now activist, gave us a stumble down memory lane as he talked about the barriers just in studying to become a lawyer. Decades ago, he had to rely on monster reel-to-reel tape recorders and a human reading service that could only allot him a couple hours per week.

After our break, our leader told us of the fabulous trip planned for this year. This time, it'll be to Stratford Festival (I haven't been in decades), to see "Pirates of Penzance" with a hands-on costume and prop tour, lunch in the theatre lobby, and descriptive audio headsets, as well as a comfortable bus ... all for a reasonable price. The trip is set for Oct. 9 (the Friday before our Thanksgiving holiday weekend). I'm already soooo excited. Oh, John.... ::giggles:: I also found out more about the fund raiser for which I'll be posting a personal plea to my FB friends. I just have to write it. Before I left, I reconnected with the pleasant woman I'd met two meetings ago. We really do have to go out as we're so vivacious together.

When I got home, I had to deal with weird cats. The sun had disappeared and more rain was on its way. No wonder I was in so much pain. After I'd fed them, Ce-Ce started behaving oddly, even before the thunder came. She'd flattened herself against the floor and was trying to crawl under my door to escape. I tried to get by her, but she was too quick for me. She headed to the side of the couch where she hunkered down on the floor. Again ... weird. After she left (of her own accord), I started nodding off, from a planned 90 minute nap before the news, to dozing off in the next couple of hours. missing significant swaths of news. Sigh. But I got good mail: my new health card. Oh, look at the fuzzy picture. Would you believe I don't look much different from my employee ID from 4 decades ago (and then I was wearing a curly wig)? Not sure why the pic is so overexposed. Weird.
Barely-dragging-myself-around blonde here. Was disgusted to see I'd woken up at 3:44. Groan. Luckily, I managed to fall asleep again and didn't wake up until 7:07. More reasonable, but still shy of my 10:00 alarm. Sigh. Felt much better after a hearty brekkie. Watched half a weird murder mystery while waiting for my meals to be delivered.

Despite the tiredness, my major accomplishment today was to FINISH (yes! I have vanquished "I am Pi") the book that was so infuriating. How much? I'll tell you in my book post tomorrow. After that, I resumed my reread of "The Martian". Also dozed off inadvertently, but it didn't affect my getting ready to meet my jeweller. Met him at the corner store/mini café 1.5 blocks away. He was already sitting outside waiting.

So, he created two works of art for my short pearl necklace: a flowered clasp and a pendant with another jewelled flower and lots of leaves. Mind you, it doesn't help that I had so little vision left in the early evening, so I'll have to examine everything first thing tomorrow. After we ::coughs discreetly:: took care of the transaction, we sat and enjoyed a beverage and snacks. I then asked him to walk me home (my security guard, lol). Now that I know where he lives, I'll visit him next time.

Watched my game shows and then the first epi of the latest American MasterChef show. Now I'm going to return to "The Martian". Am running out of days in my loan period.


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