June 2017
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11:12 am

Book List (May, 2017)

10:44 pm

Is there any commonality among the following:

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11:50 pm

Blonde is SO relaxed....


09:42 pm

The Return of the Fuzzy Blonde!

11:57 pm

The never-ending birthday (or else time is elastic).

10:54 pm

Zzzzzzz. Just wake me up in time for my next birthday.

11:30 pm

Holy moly, I'm still so wiped out!

11:06 pm

Boring day for a bored blonde.

11:11 pm

Fuzzy vision = frustration.

11:26 pm

Birthday celebrations, part 37? Nah, just part 5.

11:30 pm

... and the Jeopardy! champion is....

11:33 pm

Simple goals for a simple blonde!

11:50 pm

Dodging a bullet?

11:38 pm

Just how hot was it today?

10:15 pm

Hallelujah, for people and cats (okay, one each) have been found!

11:02 pm

Did you know that Nostradamus was a doctor?

11:11 pm

Weary blonde is ... transparent???

11:30 pm

Hey, universe ... yes, YOU. I want a do-over day.

11:13 pm

The universe is weird, giving me opportunities for crying!

11:03 pm

I am SO tired of Christmas!

11:51 pm

After the sudden downpour, the sun emerged.

11:45 pm

Monday is great for new beginnings.

11:09 pm

Busy, busy, busy ... with much laughter, too!

11:30 pm

I can still smell the lake and the beach, hours later.

11:40 pm

Brrrrr. It may be summer, but I'm shivering.

11:37 pm

Things that go all rumbly in the middle of the night.

11:24 pm

A quiet day.

11:18 pm

Happy Pride??? More like happy bed!

11:23 pm

Holy moly, I've been reading all day long.

11:14 pm

You think I could sleep? You thought wrong.

11:30 pm

Teeter-totter on the thermometer.

11:36 pm

Pain = Procrastination. What a terrible formula.

11:27 pm

Better formula: Glass of wine + loads of Euphoria = less pain.



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