So, back to yesterday. It was a glorious day out, with sun and reasonable temperatures (meaning better than a few measly degrees north of freezing). I was picked up early by an impatient driver but still was happy to arrive at the mall around 9:45. My stylist spotted me; then I went next door to the salon to choose my nail polish colour.

The experience this time was more relaxing. I had a comfy chair at the "marination station" while the colour was absorbed. When she'd washed it out, she left the conditioner in for at least 15 minutes to repair my hair. Then she started cutting. I'm still not happy with the cut. I need for it to look like the magnificent do I had two months ago. I think my hair'll have to grow a bit longer. Still, I asked for a lighter blonde shade ... and got it! Yay.

After picking up ::coughs:: "lunch" (a milk chocolate with almonds bar), I walked back to the nail salon. They did things differently than other nail salons. One feature was dropping a hot towel over feet (also hands) before the massage. Though I'd nixed the massage over broken foot/leg bones, she was amazing with my hands, performing deeply penetrating manouevres along with multi-directional wrist stretching. Using that apricot & aloe vera cream. Mmmm. Although the colour I'd chosen (gold beige) was more gaudy than I'd wanted, it's still nice to have properly tended nails. And, hey, I can choose something more discreet (hey, blondie, since when are YOU discreet?) next month.

After I was done in that part of the mall, I still had time to kill. So I picked up 4 frozen French Onion Soups at M&M (on sale, even) heading to the supermarket where all I got was a tub of potato&egg salad and a prepared Black Forest ham wrap. I ate half (oh, nutrition!), then went outside to wait for my minivan, expected at 3:50. It was a few minutes late, but I was just relieved to be on my way home.

When I finally had dinner, it was one of the French Onion Soups accompanied by a flute of Champagne. [Still one flute left.] I was very fuzzy and so sleepy. I couldn't pay attention to the finale of MasterChef Canada so will watch it another time. I dozed off while watching a rerun of MacGyver. After waking up and posting, I stayed up until ... 3(?). Why? I don't know. Hey, I'm blonde (again), so I can do whatever I want. Well, within reason. Anyway, now that I've posted, I can return to finishing reading "The Martian". Also a huge yay!
Hmmm. Does that mean time stretches when it's warm out and contracts when it's cold? Ha! Imagine a pompous investor (but without the humility of a philanthropist) trying to pull that one over our fave snarky astrophysicist, MRM, PhD, PhD, etc.

Well, my birthday is stretching ever so long (not that I'm complaining; it's simply an observation). Today it was Brian's turn to share in the festivities. He also brought the new protective coating and military-force case for Niebieski Motylek ("Little Blue Butterfly" in Polish, "Little Blue" abbreviated), my newly named iPad who joins his big sister Liblikas. Oh, what a relief to have a proper case.

He even brought me organic strawberries ... and an honest-to-goodness birthday card. Now I'm really impressed, because it seems everybody has stopped giving (especially mailing) greeting cards. Everything is electronic these days. So it was a lovely gesture to receive something tangible that can actually be displayed on my dining table, along with the tulips.

After fiddling around with both computers, we finally left to drive to the Indian restaurant. We were determined to eat two orders of Tandoori Shrimp. We did. Along with a Papadum, Plain Naan (I'm on duty tomorrow), Sautéed Scallops (unexpectedly served in a strange but tasty sauce), and Chicken Biryani that came with Raita. Also, a Gin'n'Tonic each. Nom. We may have slightly overestimated how much we could eat, but we've done that before. So I ended up with lots of leftovers to keep me company at home.

Once I was home, I collapsed. I'd had tears in my eyes from some of the spices, and now I was sweating. Oh, well, it's good for the body.

After watching the news and my game show repeats, I returned to reading "The Martian" with Little Blue propped up on my torso as I was lying in bed. Even though the case feels very heavy, and the lid isn't quite in the right position, it still made a huge difference in my ability to pretend-hold it. I was only touching it barely, to keep it stable. My poor hands are so grateful. As a result, I finally managed to finish my second read-through of the book. Yay.

Now I'd better think of sleep and church and wearing nice things. Well, almost all nice things. If it's raining, I'll have to wear more practical footwear. ::still crosses fingers for nice weather::


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