With one brief interruption, I slept all the way to 8:45. Obviously, much, MUCH needed. Anyway, I felt the pressure hanging over my head, so began working on my church review. Just one problem: I needed to rewatch the FB livestream. Uh ... why do I not have sound on my computer? I tried to play some saved files (and now I'm getting the message that Windows media player is not ... functioning???). Uh ... universe? Why is this happening to me? Not that I had time to wonder. Sigh. I was even contemplating playing the service on my computer for picture quality/size and playing it simultaneously on my phone for sound. Yeah, a world of NO. So I did the logical thing, restarting the computer. Oh, joy. I have my sound back, even though it was via Brent's BOOMING voice, lol. Oops. Correct the volume control.

After all of that, I finally got down to rewatching and writing. It took ... forever as I didn't post until nearly 4:00 p.m. Well, it was a complicated service. After that I went to bed, deciding to read. Next on the library deadline line is a Nero Wolfe mystery. I'd never read one in that sub-genre, but chose it because of its musical association. Dozed after my customary news and game show combo. Oops. Anyway, I'm ready to crawl back into bed and try to read a titch more. Hope to be more with it tomorrow. ::crosses fingers::


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