Up at 9:19 which was satisfactory. Meals were delivered late. Sigh. Fed the cats ... uh, let's make that ONE cat definitely, ONE cat only a few morsels, and ONE cat MIA. I'm sure you can guess who the culprits are. SuM came home, then left me in charge after 7. Luckily, she'd located Grumpy somewhere in the wild outdoors. The other two have been romping in my presence (they exhaust me). I hope they settle down for the night.

I had a weird disconnectedness today. How? Well, my phone was apparently not hooked up to any signals. No e-mails, no texts, and no phone calls. No news feed. But I only really caught on when I tried to call my meals provider after 4 to place my order. Sorry, phone doesn't work either. So I did a hard shutdown, then restarted about 5 minutes later. Big sigh of relief. Placed my order, then realized why Little Blue hadn't worked - when I tried to return library books. So I synched up again, returned two books (I'd finished the only Nero Wolfe book I'm ever likely to have borrowed) and d/l'd the latest one about the "Come From Away" story. Yay. Now I can climb into bed and read for a little while.

TV was disappointing again as I slept through most of the news, but watched my game shows disinterestedly. The clues for Jeopardy! were way too easy, though I thought "Nicea" was neat. Always fun when I can get a theological reference. Anyway, off to bed and reading for pleasure. Yes, please.


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