At least the cats and I survived the night. Otherwise, I had a bad time coping with fuzzy vision. Still managed to watch the two-hour MasterChef Canada finale from a couple weeks ago. Then watched an epi of Shark Tank. And managed to doze off during the news. I may never know another sports score again! Tragic, I tell you.

Continued reading the second book related to "Come From Away". This one is much more widespread as it follows the trials and tribulations of many passengers and crew from different flights. Once I put myself in their shoes, I felt much more empathetic about the passengers' growing anger at the prospect of being flown all the way back across the Atlantic to their European point of origin. Or the logistics of getting off the Rock while they might get a visit from a hurricane. There were also commonalities: two exhausted families returning from arranging private adoptions in Kazakhstan among them; or the executives of the Rockefeller Foundation wanting to replace the aging computers at the local high school; or the head of Hugo Boss in his cashmere suit (who found out the hard way of how painful it was to wear cheap underwear from a box store). Really appreciate the preciseness of the storytelling. Anyway, Little Blue is recharging, so no more reading in bed tonight. Awwwwwwww. ::pouts::


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