Church-John wasn't lost. He was at a wedding. Odd, I don't remember his imparting this crucial information to me. But he's alive and well. And so is the gf's cat. SuM and S. found it ... somewhere, as I found out when SuM returned home around 1. Okay, cats, back to your mommy. Two of the cats had stayed with me, and even Diva was scoping out the coolest place, namely right on the floor. As far as I know, it was even hotter today, close to 100F when you include humidity.

I spent the day in bed, first happy that the cats had not interfered with my sleep (they were possibly too lethargic from the heat too), then finishing watching last night's Tony Awards (the recording of which dared to end early). Alas, the one award was all that "Come From Away" garnered. Doesn't matter, the show will always be the Queen of my heart! Then I was engrossed in reading. Borrowed two opera murder mysteries and "Dewey" about the library cat (and a book I was forced to part with when downsizing).

I'm all excited because c-J and I are going to a play in which our mutual friend (and occasional pew mate) is starring in. The title "High Park Noir" sounds like a hoot. I also told John about the resto near me that we definitely should try out. Anyway, back to read and perhaps yet another glass of Perrier. Cheers.


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