July 2017
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10:37 pm

As the country celebrates, I mourn a loss in my chosen family.

11:03 pm

Book list (June, 2017)

11:20 pm

A sunny and serene Sunday for the blonde.

11:16 pm

I felt a great disturbance in the force.

11:23 pm

Going out and being sociable was fun. But....

11:11 pm

A double dose of good stuff = a very good day.

11:25 pm

Yay! A terrific evening at church.

11:40 pm

My joints aren't completely mush, but I'm close.

11:36 pm

Today shouldn't count, not even for statistical purposes.

11:24 pm

Just another normal Sunday.

11:31 pm

Why does having fun have to be so exhausting?

11:50 pm

I'm feeling terrific but my ankles hate me with a passion.

11:46 pm

Oh, happy hump day.

11:35 pm

Unnatural acts and other acts of daily living.

11:28 pm

Wheeeeeeeeee. I'm famous ... or is it notorious?

11:31 pm

I was curious and Googled (also Yahoo'd) my name.

11:33 pm

Tonight, I'm a tired lump of ... fried potatoes?

11:38 pm

Bliss in bed.

11:39 pm

75% pain-free just isn't good enough.

11:32 pm

4:45 and 100 are not blonde-friendly numbers.

11:30 pm

The mediator(?!?) is IN.

11:30 pm

As nobody's around, I'll pat myself on the back.

11:48 pm

5:04 a.m.!!!!!

09:22 pm

Being a zombie is ... exhausting.

11:01 pm

Why is being a zombie so horribly painful?

10:54 pm

All's well that ends ... better than waking at 4:26 a.m.

11:22 pm

When bed is best!

10:12 pm

Progress, at last, and a delightful invitation.

11:18 pm

Just call me a zombie ... with shredded nails.

11:30 pm

On a scale of 1 to 10....

11:31 pm

The pain is EXCRUCIATING. But wait, there's more.

11:24 pm

Today should just be dropped into the recycle bin.



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