Even if I have made that decision completely autocratically. Which, of course, I have. Mind you, I did wake up momentarily a few minutes past 6. Groaned, then attempted to fall asleep. Apparently, I was successful, as I slept until the alarm at 10.

Quickly ate my brekkie, then went to await delivery of my meals. It's nice having another person in the house all day, as S can take care of the cats. Three of them are out on the back deck (with one of them crossing over to the neighbour's porch). However, ever since the introduction of a fourth cat, CeCe has become ... paranoid and refuses to go outside! Hon, do you think we're going to leave you outside? Who knows how cats think.

Spent the afternoon lying in bed, reading my second Agatha Christie. It's making me feel quite lethargic, as it's set in the West Indies. And, comme d'habitude, I had my usual TV shows in the evening. Also recorded a special on Vulcan, Alberta (a town that's begun playing up its Trek connection to drum up tourist business). I'll probably watch it tomorrow. Right now, sleep is calling my name. Gee, sleep is SO smart!
Yup, hard to believe but.... Yesterday I received mail from the city's housing authority. I'm on a years'-long waiting list for RGTI housing. I've missed receiving important mail from them and have complained, the last time being in a registered letter sent IIRC in mid-March. And it took them until YESTERDAY to reply to me. Siiiiiiiiigh. Anyway, now I can indicate choices about the housing I'd like, even if nothing happens, but I will have had the illusion of choice.

Now back to last night. I did go to bed after posting but couldn't fall asleep. So I crawled out of bed and continued reading Agatha Christie. Until 4:00 a.m.! Somehow (miracle), I managed to fall asleep and, with the exception of 6:20, slept until my alarm at 8:00. But I feel so worn out.

Got ready for my visit to my eye specialist. It's a cloudy but breezy day. Still, I don't like the dullness of the sky. My driver took me past the church (which I thought was hilarious). When I arrived, I decided not to do panic shopping at the drugstore, so just got money from the bank, then sat outdoors where two people recognized me (the first an old neighbour from last decade who kissed both the top of my beret and my hand,the second a church friend I'd seen only yesterday). My appointment was for 1:00 and I was the first patient seen. I like our visits but today's was very frustrating. Between the inadequate sleep, too much reading, and not enough sunlight to encourage my pupil to dilate, my vision was the worst it's ever been. I could barely see the outline of the giant E. And the second slide seemed to be in red spider scribbles. Uh-oh. Still, he's so funny, he made me laugh. I told him about how much I enjoy being in the new group because of trips and parties and he observed he'd always thought I was a "party girl"!

Being done so quickly was unexpected, so I just vegged in the lobby and waited. For a very long time. But my ride finally came at 3:00 and we were on our way via a detour. Past the museum where I also caught a glimpse of my old building, down the street where I'd eaten at a sushi restaurant, across the street from the building in the chich neighbourhood where I had a fab summer job for two summers. And, then, he got me home very quickly. Yay!

Had a very quiet evening with the customary TV shows. I finished the first Christie Book, but have to reread the last chapter because I got confused. Oops. Better slide into bed soon to recuperate.
Um ... oops?

It's the best day of the week and I ended up dozing through most of the evening. Emotional exhaustion, claim I, waking up after 12:30 a.m. It didn't help that I woke up at 3:50 a.m. Help! Having Diva lying across my ankles (kept my feet warm) felt strange though nice. I was also having a terrible (much worse than bad) hair day, so plopped my black beret on. Sigh. Waited to feed the cats until I was ready to leave home. As I sat on the sidewalk waiting for my bus, I could hear Grumpy yowling, wanting to be let out. Sigh.

When I arrived at church, I sat outside under the warm sun, even though it was breezy, until one of my friends showed up. It didn't help that this morning wasn't one of my good sight ones. Imagine my shock to hear another one of my wonderful friends' names called out during the Prayers of the People. John (not church-John) who'd been a set designer (and decorated Brent's Holy Union when we didn't have equal marriage yet), had an English background and - ever since my wedding - would always greet me with "Hello, Mrs. Woman!" died suddenly this week. I am SO fed up with losing people. Important people. Not just one sigh, but a string of sighs.

Because one can't sustain the level of excitement as was seen last week, the service itself felt quieter. After, I had a few minutes to rest outside waiting for my bus (on a later schedule). Luckily, it was on time, so I could still get home with plenty of time to write my review. As I walked up the driveway, I could hear the cries of the fourth cat, sequestered for her own safety. Sigh.

When I got in the house, I went up the dangerous flight of stairs to pet and feed her. Well, I fed her but wasn't fast enough to get out the door, so she escaped on me. Eeeeeeeek. So, in order to maintain equilibrium in the house, I had to let yowling Grumpy go outside (as she's afraid of him). Then I retreated to my space, which the other two cats visited during the afternoon, leaving her alone. I'm already so exhausted. I finally texted S, asking when they'd be home and mentioned the situation. Oh, thank goodness, it'll be in a few minutes - before 6. I was so happy to hear people in the house again, so I could watch the news. Or ... most of the news, because then I lost not only my TV reception, but also the internet which stayed down for a long, long time.

Finally, I got both back. Ended up watching cartoons, reading the Agatha Christie book I borrowed last night, and dozing off (I guess it was the sugar from the two tarts I had for dinner). Another oops? Well, I'd better take my pills and go back to bed as I'm off to my eye specialist tomorrow morning. Officially, sigh (even though he's a real sweetie).
Mind you, I wasn't thrilled to wake up at 6:50. Please, universe, give me more sleep. The universe gave me a stuffed-up nose. Sigh. So, I eventually got out of bed and fed the cats. Because cats rule, dontcha know.

After my mid-morning nap with Diva, I finally, finally, FINALLY finished the book I'd been reading, about "graveyard" girl. I can't believe I'd just borrowed it 6 days ago. It felt like a lifetime. And, once again, I did get sucked in, though it took until a chapter in the teens. The details of the graveyard business were from the author/dancer's RL, as she'd been roped into doing it by her family. The only fanciful thing was the ending. She takes her DMV test on her birthday but has to drive her grampa's weird truck because her family has disappeared with dad's car. Then the family is outside the DMV with a sheet cake and lit candles. The ::coughs:: Mexican groundskeeper phones and asks her to pick him and his gf up in Anaheim as he's sneaking her in from Mexico. She does and pays off the coyotes holding the couple for ransom. Just a wild book. Now, before I go to bed, I think I should find some nice boring books to borrow.

I was shocked to find that the fourth cat (sequestered for her protection) had managed to get the spare bedroom door open and came down halfway down the staircase. Aarrgghh, cried the blonde and shooed her upstairs. Then the blonde took her life in her hands and climbed the very scary interior staircase (with just solid walls). Once I got used to the light levels, I found her, petted her and calmed her down and left her a scoop of dry food, before making my way back down. Step by step, slowly she moved.... Huge sigh of relief.

I also managed to do a load of laundry (my towels). And I finally made tabbouleh, throwing in extra onion, black olives and a whole container of halved cocktail tomatoes. Next time, blondie, quarter them. I also treated myself to a bourbon with ginger beer. Weird, and potent.

Watched the usual Saturday evening TV. Tonight's Peg + Cat featured singing to the main theme of Swan Lake. I swear, this is the weirdest cartoon show ever ... and highbrow to boot.

Right now, my brain is all fuzzy from the bourbon. So natch I'm taking my pills on top of it. Haven't a clue as to what I'm wearing to church, but I may wake up a few minutes earlier. ::gives self a pat on the back::
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( Aug. 25th, 2017 11:29 pm)
I was Grumpy Greta having to wake up at 7 this morning to book my rides for next week. And I didn't even get the exact time I needed for the first one. Boo. Hiss. I'll just have to hope the driver comes early and keep my fingers crossed. After that, I tried to get back to sleep, but wasn't successful. Okay, I'll get up and feed the cats.

After that, I went back to bed, not really intending to sleep but somehow I dozed off with a cat or two between my feet. It was very soothing and I really needed the sleep. It happened again in the afternoon. In between, I read my silly book, and caught up on social media via the desktop.

Enjoyed watching the repeat of the College Tournament on Jeopardy! tonight. And, natch, I got the Final clue right! I finally heated up the bag of organic tomato & cilantro soup I'd had in the freezer for a very long time. The cilantro was terrific. And I placed my grocery order for next week. Thrilled to see that sugar plums (I didn't know that was the formal name for yellow plums) are still available.

Uh-oh, gotta go. I hear Mr. Grumpy yowling in the dining room. Because of a domestic disruption tonight, he never got his dinner. I guess I'd better see if he wants to eat it now. Sigh. Talk about grumpy bookends of my day.
Though, perhaps not in its normal context, lol. So, I'd asked church-John to do me a favour ... to pick me up and drive me over to the dry cleaner nearby so I could give them my winter coat for a replacement lining to be installed. He arrived shortly after 1 and I was already on the back deck, leaning against the railing. We did the dry cleaner. He also checked another lit magnifier, said there was no corrosion from the batteries, but that the switch itself was a teensy bit loose. When we were back at my place, he looked at me and asked "what else was there". Silly man. I told him it'd be quick and it was ... just slightly over one hour.

Now he had the entire afternoon to work on tidying his place. I don't feel so excluded now that I know he hasn't had anybody over to his place ever since he moved in. That has to change. But, first - or second - after the cleaning up, he needs to move the fixture for the chandelier he bought so it's over his dining table. Tick-tock, tick-tock, c-J. People want to visit you.

I also had a chance to relax when we got back so I went back to reading. The cats have been behaving strangely in their eating habits. Diva didn't even touch brekkie. And she's been sleeping against my calves. I guess it's warmer there than on top of my head.

Watched tonight's edition of SNL Weekend Update. Oh, look. Alec Baldwin is back for a cameo. Considering the controversy the idiot in the White House is stirring up, it's no wonder Alec is earning some spare change. I also posted on Brian's FB timeline because he's way north of here at camp and the temps are going to be very low tonight. I hope he's keeping warm ... and having lots of fun, too. Okay, back to reading.
First of all, I set the alarm for 9:00, in order to be the "early worm". It worked, as I managed to get through on the phone and get something done. SuM and S finally left, so I was queen of the realm again. I was still waiting for a call back from the custom sewing place and getting very frustrated as I wanted to get in the shower and then do laundry. But, with that hanging over my head.... Sigh.

Another sigh as I think the cats are stressed out over the addition of another cat into the household, though she's sequestered. Even always-hungry Ce-Ce is leaving food in her dish!!!

I finally gave up with waiting and headed for the shower. What a relief. Then I used Yelp to send a message to the custom sewing place, saying I'd left a phone message yesterday at 1:00 p.m. and what gives. Well, I got a reply VERY promptly, lol. As I'm already not thrilled with their response time and the procedure for custom sewing, I also have to procure the fabric myself. Screw that! So, I am making a monumental (for me) decision. I'm going to buy clothing online for the first time in my life. I'll just take very precise measurements. I'm going to buy at least two coats; I also need leggings and am looking at dresses I can shorten and wear as tops. I feel such a great sense of relief that I have - just in this area - solved one of my biggest obstacles. Whew.

Earlier in the day, I continued reading my graveyard girl book. It finally provided me with some emotional satisfaction. Though the author is driving me crazy, she definitely does express the whole teen angst big accurately.

In the evening, there was a two-hour double epi of MasterChef. Then I watched a segment from Good Morning America where they'd had the cast of "Come From Away" to sing the screechin' in ceremony.

While I was playing with my hair (trying to devise a less-frumpy style), I was looking for my brush that I haven't used in months. And I found my special crystal neck wraps to cool my body down. Yeah, right. Just as we're moving into fall weather. At least church-John should be relieved I found them. Anyway, I'm just pleased I can go to bed tonight without having anything hanging over my head.
Well, actually, I wouldn't even call it "living". I had so many missed opportunities for connecting with people, it was definitely frustrating. I guess I'll try again tomorrow morning.

The only fascinating part of my day was waking up. I'd managed to sleep in - always a bonus - and, as I woke up, I tried to unravel my weird dream. I was a male high school teacher taking my class on a road trip. We were in Seattle (gee, what a non surprise considering I read "The Stranger") but had to be in Buffalo tomorrow. It's as if I were mixing up living in close proximity to the U.S. border - when the logical choice would have been thinking of Vancouver, B.C. Oh, well, that's my quirky mind.

The rest of the day was boring as I kept waiting for the phone to ring. Well, it did, but it was only one of my long-time church friends. I did also have a back-and-forth with the senior church deacon about my friend who'd died. Later, I found out I'm going to be the cats' auntie beginning tomorrow and continuing through Sunday. Yay for sleepovers.

I watched my usual TV in the evening before returning to my still underwhelming teen book. I'm up to Chapter 6 and it's still not going anywhere. Hmm, I wonder if that's the author's problem that she doesn't know how to get a book going. Perhaps that's the reason she only wrote two books IIRC. Well, back to it.
Well, it wasn't exactly down, just meh. It didn't help that I had to wake up at 7 to book my rides for next Monday. At least I woke up naturally to intercept the annoying alarm tune (yuck). I was so busy trying to catch up with social media that I didn't have brekkie until nearly noon. Not a smart idea. I kept noting the sun beaming on the window with closed blinds next to my desk and wondered whether I might track the eclipse just by seeing the light change and perhaps the reflection of the shadow. But that was all academic as I was hit with a bout of lassitude in the afternoon and had a free-range (no alarm) nap for a couple of hours. That made me feel better, even if the humidity fluctuated every so often.

Even if I didn't watch the eclipse myself, it was interesting to see how many people did and their shared reactions on tonight's newscast. Then, of course, there are the religious wackos in the States who've said that the eclipse was God's punishment for Obama. Riiiiiiiight. It's not as if solar eclipses aren't a frequent (if not always observable) natural occurrence. But, then again, one would have to tell these idiots that the earth revolves around the sun (oh, noes, that's not what it's like in the Buybull), etc. This is just as bad as the fossil deniers who say that the Devil has really terrific stuff to "deceive" us. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. And what about the Science-Denier-in-Chief who looked at the sun with naked eyes not once, but several times. Sheesh.

Our senior deacon who's also in charge of funerals, etc., posted about what happened at the cemetery. She was overcome with gratitude that church-John showed up and cherished the chance to hold Frits's ashes and place them in the designated place. C-J e-mailed me when he got home. We can't do lunch on Thursday because he's off to dinner and the theatre. Lucky dog. So I think it'll be just helping me with an errand.

Okay, I think I'm off to bed and wee bit of reading. The book is less accessible (meaning it's not grabbing me with the teen working in the cemetery), but I've committed myself.
Oh, what a perfect day on which to celebrate Brent's 40th Anniversary. The service was exquisite, full of many touching moments (caught on camera thankfully). The music was powerful. The service ended with a flash mob led by our Broadway Diva. I laughed. I cried. I didn't want it to end. But it had to end, because then there was a party in the Social Hall with hot dogs, chips, klondike bars and freezie pops. The entertainment was a mixed bag, ranging from singing by our refugee group, a Star Trek parody including both TOS and Next Gen characters, a modern dance that included a young boy and two adults. Mind you, I missed a lot being blind. Sigh. At least I had my seeing eye person (thanks, church-John) to describe things for me. Both c-J and our mutual friend had worked on my walker and fixed the basket. They're so ... handy!

After the food and entertainment, c-J drove me home where he came in and replaced almost all of my batteries. So, why weren't my fake pillar candles working? The batteries were corroded and had leaked. Yuck. He got all of them working, also put a battery in the portable misting fan he'd given me, also got the automatic can opener to work (hallelujah!). The only thing he wasn't able to fix was my lit (ha, so not) magnifier. But I don't want to shell out another 30 bucks. Sigh.

After he left, I got busy writing my review of the service. After posting it, I received a stunning compliment from the church (I wish I knew who the spokesperson is). And, now that the anniversary has been and gone, I can reveal the secret I've been keeping. There was a special committee at the church who invited me to write some touching, personal memories of Brent and me for inclusion in a special book. I wrote some outrageous ones, 502 words' worth (my limit had been 500). I don't know if any of the memories will be made public, but I'm so happy that Brent'll never forget me. Hey, how could he!!!

I'm looking forward to making some appointments this week. C-J agreed to drive me to the dry cleaners on Thursday so I can get them started on replacing my winter coat lining. And then we're going to drive downtown to a crepe restaurant. Yay for more social time for blondie.
Well, at least I had some decent sleep. When noises irritated me out of my slumber, I thought it was around 7. Imagine my delighted surprise to see that I'd slept all the way to 9:47. Much, much better. What wasn't better was submitting church-John's and my waiver forms to my blind group for the trip. It took me ::growls:: two whole hours. First I had to actually locate where the template was. Oh, look. It's on Google Drive that I loathe using. Once that was out of my way I could actually enjoy brekkie!

And, yes, there was major container washage in the afternoon. Life is short, but recycling is ... eternal. Or something ridiculous like that.

I finished my ballet book. I was intrigued to read that the author had been a dancer for 10 years. So the balletic parts were realistic. The Antarctic thing? Just her personal obsession. Anyway, I enjoyed it so much, I borrowed another book by her, this one about a teenage girl who's coerced into working for her family's cemetery business. Yay for more fun reading.

The evening news revealed a wonderful scenario. Because of the turmoil in the U.S. and opposition to you-know=who, tourism to Canada - and TO specifically - has increased substantially. Compared to one year ago, international tourism is up 18% in TO and tourism from Mexico is up 90%!!!!! Digest those numbers. Naturally, increased tourism is terrific for our financial stability. After the news, I watched my game show repeats. Now I'm just chillin' listening to rainforest bird and rain sounds. I guess I should head to bed soon.
Oh, the skittering clatter of many claws down the length of the floor. Not what I wanted to wake me up much too early. So I got up. Feel all confused. Was Barcelona only yesterday? Alas, yes. Naturally, there were other plots and a premature explosion. Um ... can I blast off into outer space now?

The universe does not grant me that wish. So I escape into library books. I plug "ballet" into the search box and borrow two books. The first - supposedly 90 pages long - is based on a true story of an orphan from Sierra Leone who finds a magazine picture of a ballerina and vows to become one herself. She and her best friend at the orphanage are adopted by an American family (who go on to adopt 4 or 5 more children). She ends up dancing with two world-renowned companies despite the fact that she had vitiligo from childhood. I guess the book must have been extremely large-print, aimed at inspiring young girls. I finished it in about FIVE minutes, tops.

Then I moved on to the next book whose cover of icy peaks beckoned. It's a fascinating story mixing history of Antarctica with ballet with teen angst with slight humour. Just the perfect escape for me. I'm about half way through.

Watched the news (where I found out about the latest from Spain) and my game shows, then returned to reading. I have stuff I need to do, but I'll leave that until tomorrow morning when my brain is a bit less unhinged. I know it's unreasonable to hope for serenity (and sanity), but that doesn't stop me from wishing it.
Considering that I stayed off social media all day long, I had no idea of the terror in Barcelona until the 6:00 p.m. news. Sigh.

My day started off strangely. I'd woken up earlier, but fell asleep again. What woke me up was hearing World War Cat. I was in the middle of a weird dream where I seemed to be living in a house with several people including our amazing Music Director. For some reason, my old blue starburst shag rug was under her bed(?) and she was complaining I'd need to vacuum it more carefully because there were tufts being pulled out. Weeeeeird.

After I woke up, I decided to read "Hidden Figures". I even delayed brekkie by a couple of hours because I was transfixed. There was so much I didn't know about segregation and strife in the states (other than what I'd witnessed as a teen from far-away Canada). I'll write more about it in my monthly book report. I kept slogging away at it and finally finished the book. All that's left (not sure) is an interview with the author and I'm in the middle of that.

After the shocking news hour, I watched my usual game show reruns and I'm about to watch the SNL Weekend Update, even though I don't know how whether I'll be in the right mood to appreciate it. There's so little of good stuff happening in the world. Let's make that a really long sigh.
It didn't happen at 7:37 when I first woke up (slightly better than the minutes past 7 as has been happening lately). Luckily, I did fall asleep again and woke up nearly three hours later in the middle of a convoluted BtVS dream, though I believe it was SMG rather than Buffy who was visiting me. What happened in the dream? Uh ... I forget. Silly me.

Had a leisurely day. Exchanged a couple of e-mails with church-John. Watched the usual TV in the evening along with tonight's MasterChef. OMG, I now want to have Oysters Poached in Champagne (normally served atop capellini with beurre blanc and caviar). So, what did Madame have for dinner tonight? A few slices of Emmenthal cheese and a glass of Rosé. Meh. I just wanted to have that glass of wine. Perhaps I'll be more adventuresome tomorrow.
Awwwww. I finally got to newest (ha, I'd typed mewest accidentally) feline in the house while I was waiting for my meals to be delivered. Apparently she's silver grey, but I couldn't see the colours. She approached me, sniffed my hand, allowed me to pet her, then talked to me and slithered back and forth trying to mark me. So relieved she accepted me. OTOH, there were signs of World War Cat happening as she and CeCe had a dustup on the stairs. Sigh.

So, I finally finished the third Trek book at 1:30 in the morning. I was very disappointed (and still confused) at the end. The only good thing was that Data had a new life and purpose. I wasn't too thrilled to wake up at 7:03 again, but managed to fall back asleep until the alarm at 9. Also had just enough time before my food arrived to half-clean the freezer. Oops, I think I left it for too long.

Had a tiny unscheduled nap in the afternoon but roused in time for the news. Oh, dear. I absolutely loathed seeing that man with his weird hand gestures returning to his claim of violence on many sides. ::growls:: It's no wonder I feel like pulling the covers over my head, hoping to wake up in a much better world. At least I enjoyed one example of that better world. After watching tonight's Jeopardy!, I decided to go back and rewatch last night's, too. We're in the repeat of the College Tournament and yesterday's winner was fabulous. Can't remember (but hope) if she won the whole thing.

Okay, here's hoping I'll have some longer healing sleep tonight. ::crosses fingers::
First the sleep. Was irritated to have woken up shortly after 7. Not impressed. I read for a tiny bit, then managed to slip back to slumber and didn't wake up until 10. Much better. Continued slogging through the Trek novel until I was felled with lethargy at 4:10, when I set the alarm for 5:50 and dropped off again. I have no idea why my body is acting this way.

In the evening, I managed to watch the news and my game shows, then returned to reading. Getting close to the end which is a relief as the book will expire in just a few hours.

Had a bit of fun with Brian who baited me (ME?) with a FB post about making cultured butter (oh, he's baiting me all right) that he seasoned with a salt from the most imperial salt chest (a gift from me, natch) with no name, just the number 3. That's because there had been a master list of all the salts. Which Brian lost. So I (moi!) found the list on my computer (yay for blind detecting), chastised him mildly on his post, then resent a copy to him. Aren't I the best chosen big sis? Anyway, I suggested he invite me over in September and he agreed. He'll even put on a tea spread. I like that idea very much.

I also received a response form from my blind group asking for info for our upcoming trip. I sent the form to church-John, asking him to fill out his own. I really can't wait for that trip. Too bad it's like 8 weeks away. Wah. Oh, well, I'm sure I'll find something to do to distract me. ::begs the universe for a nice distraction::
Yes, you guessed it. That all happened at church this morning. Mind you, I had a whole lot of names I included in the Prayers of the People (like all of you currently residing south of the border). I think the music helped most of all (which is just as valid a conveyor of the message). I was also surprised (and thrilled) to be accosted by a flamboyant young man whom I hadn't seen in at least a year (though I thought it was longer). He's sort of lost himself, so I hope he'll start attending church more regularly (even though it's a very VERY long bicycle ride from home).

Church-John didn't have my walker basket because he'd underestimated the girth of the support bar. So he and our mutual friend B (who lives in the same building) are going to concoct something on their own from scrap metal. I think I shall be vewy VEWY afwaid. OTOH, I was pleased to learn that we'll be seated at tables at the fancy gala for Brent. How elegant.

I was thrilled that my cab was already waiting for me after church and I got home quickly. Off to write my church review before collapsing. Had strawberry cheese strudel for lunch. So nutritious NOT. Then I went to bed and continued reading my Trek book. Finally (like 16 chapters in), it's getting good. ::rolls eyes::

Looking forward to being lazy tomorrow and finishing the book before it disappears off my iPad. Gee, 21 days just zip right by.
Sometimes it pays to be behind on social media and not refreshing the page. But I was horrified to watch the 6:00 p.m. news and then to learn that one death had turned into three. I don't even know what to write; there are NO words for such intentional hatred.

Just as well that I'd slept in until 8:30. And my only duty was to look after the cats. Naturally, Grumpy had to give me kittens (not the cute kind) by getting caught in a sudden downpour and then ignoring my calls at both the front and back doors. He finally deigned to appear, sitting on the back deck, at 8:00 p.m. Luckily, there was enough light to still see him.

I'd originally wanted to watch "Galaxy Quest" but ended up having a regular low-key Saturday night, with the news and game show repeats. And it was pleasant having the company of cats, especially Diva who'd been sheared. Now she's so cold she likes to lie in the valley of the comforter next to my body.

Anyway, I'm going to treat my poor hands to a paraffin treatment. Even if I'm not on duty tomorrow, I'd like to have functioning fingers. What a concept, eh?
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( Aug. 11th, 2017 11:48 pm)
Or, more accurately, boredom and irritation. Because the resting is involuntary as I feel throbbing in my feet and hands. And the reading is unsatisfactory (to put it mildly) as I'm at the beginning of the third book of the ST trilogy. I know it'll eventually develop tension and weird alien problems, but right now it's just meh.

Sent out a few emails: to the church regarding Brent's retirement tribute (or parking, to be precise), another to the church to get the name of the new sound booth leader, a couple to church-John, and a couple to the leader of my blind group. Whoa, I was really on a communicating roll. I even got replies from c-J and the leader.

I surprised myself once again by getting Final Jeopardy! right which is totally ridiculous as the answer (Mayflower Compact) just appeared-in my brain. OMG. That reminds me of lying in my first lover's bed, doing my counterpoint homework as he was doing physics. He pointed to one problem. I looked at it and said the answer is the "square root of 3". He began shaking me, wanting to know how I came up with that answer (which, according to the back of the book, was correct). Hey, don't look at me. I just knew it was right. Too bad I couldn't count on that instinct more often. ::sighs::

Also watched two separate reruns of Big Bang Theory that made me laugh more often than groan. I guess that's a win, right? Now I guess I'll try to advance in the book and hope something happens soon. ::sighs again:: Or I can just lie in bed and listen to the thunder outside.
Until I had a personal confrontation with ... strawberry jam???

Well, it all started so easily. My minivan showed up at 10:05 and then I was taken on a convoluted route while the driver picked up and dropped off others. But I eventually arrived at the restaurant in High Park which, for the benefit of strangers, I like to boast - cuz trufax - is larger than Monaco, around 11:15. There were already a couple people whom I knew, so we sat together until the gaggle of people arrived. I ended up sitting with the woman I'd sat next to at both pub nights. She's in a wheelchair with an extension for her legs, so usually sits at the end of the table. Anyway, I liked the fact that we already knew each other.

So ... strawberry jam??? I ordered a Mediterranean omelette which came with tiny home fries as well as two slices of toast and - yes - packets of the jam. I wasn't aware I'd dribbled or otherwise smeared some beyond the rim of my plate closest to the edge of the table. You can fill in the sticky blanks. I ended up with jam on the front of my jumper and my capelet. Some might have even penetrated through the thin material of my jumper and onto my trousers. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. I tried to clean some of it, but knew that only a shower and laundry would really work. Anyway, I sat outside with my two friends until my ride came, luckily at 2:10 as scheduled.

When I got in, I had a lovely Euphoria experience and got my laundry done. What a relief. I'd already conveyed to SuM and gf that I'd bring over the bottle of Hypnotiq and Bourbon Maple Walnut tarts while we watched SNL Weekend Update. SuM loved-loved-loved the Hypnotiq. We all had two glasses of it on the rocks. So what was the occasion? Well, I thought we should celebrate the fact that SuM's gf had just officially moved in this week. To my surprise, I found out that her cat is too scared to come down so has been hiding in the bedroom. So I may have to wait a while before I get to meet her.

Right now, I need to take my painkillers ('cuz my knees are protesting long minivan rides) and perhaps read for a little while. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere until Sunday. Yay for time to recuperate.


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