... then there was the rest of my day. First, I got to waste two hours of my time waiting for my meals to be delivered. Surprise, blondie! Someone forgot to deliver them. ::growls in irritation:: So, I'll get them tomorrow. ::crosses fingers:: At least I had some good info from church-John. I wanted to go to church on Saturday to meet the new senior pastor, but he's suggesting this Thursday as there'll be a much more in-depth session about the selection process. Yes, please!

I finally got a chance to start getting ready slowly. Funny thing is that SuM and gf came home exactly when I was leaving. They enjoyed the boat ride. I sat in the hot sun (what an amazing day - finally) waiting for my minivan to arrive. It. Was. Late. Oh, well. I still arrived in good time shortly after 6:00 at the pub on the other side of the city. My new friend Janet had brought her mom again. And, natch, our leader was there. He'd already ordered appetizers to share with everyone. So I got to taste a deep-fried pickle (whoa! temperature too hot), calamari with garlic aioli (yummm), and some veggie bits (rejecting the hummus).

I myself ordered a summer special: thinly sliced seared tuna and mango on a bed of arugula, with avocado and sesame seeds, dressed in a wasabi vinaigrette. Wow. It was fabulous. Added a side order of sweet potato fries most of which I brought home. I also had two light beers with wedges of lime. As I was expecting my minivan at 8:30, I went to sit outside before 8:25. It arrived at 8:35.

I started feeling uncomfortable especially as we were travelling east - away from the sun. By the time I got home, it was 9:35. The driver helped me get into the garden and then I had help getting in the house. So ... I did this particular pub once, but I'm not going to travel that far again, especially not at night. Sigh. OTOH, I poked Janet to find us a Chinese restaurant to visit - even if it's nearer to her place.

Now it's time to let the painkillers do their work. Bouncing around in a minivan (why did it not have a stool for my feet) with legs hanging off the floor is always a recipe for disaster! So, pills, a tiny bit of reading, and then blissful (she hopes) sleep.
Oh, sure, I woke up at 10, so I could have brekkie and then watch the service online. However, I ended up having technical difficulties with the screen freezing, so I stopped watching. When I returned to FB, I saw the message that the service was over. But-but-but it wasn't even noon. So ... what happened? Well, ma nature interfered. We've had outdoor services in the rain before but, this time, there was thunder and lightning. So, alas, the service had to end early (and I believe before our guest performers The Nylons could come on). Oh, well, these things happen, but it was sad because we had thousands in attendance.

After that, I just basically spent the rest of the day in bed. What with the leg pain and occasional shivering, I thought it was the safest place for me to be. Occasionally I'd get the energy to read "Rogue One". In the evening, I watched the news. Now I'm just going to go collapse again. Need my painkillers. Ahhhhhhhhh.
At least they weren't scary rumbly. But I just happened to stay up until 2:30 a.m. (or was it 3:00?) listening to the thunder and goofing around on the computer. But I did go to bed, falling asleep with ease, before waking up at 7:57. Sorry, body, I refuse to cooperate. So I closed my eyes and woke up again at 10:27. That was ... acceptable. ::snickers::

Even though I'd enjoyed listening to the thunder, more bad rain interfered with people's safety and happiness. More flooding (including the prime agricultural area that supplies much of the city's summer produce), damaged homes along the shore of the lake, and many disheartened homeowners. Watching all of this on the news was not a nice experience.

Really got into the thick of my Sherlock Holmes Phantom book. Still wondering how it's going to turn out, as there are many little subplots. Had a funny thing happen with supper. I thought I was emptying two servings of Broccoli & Cheese soup into a bowl to heat. Imagine my shock to find out I was eating Tomato. Thankfully, at least I'd noticed that both containers had been the same colour - just NOT green. ::rolls eyes::

I noted a promo on FB that the church service outdoors on Pride Day will be shown live. If so, that'll be the first time and it makes me so happy that I won't have missed it. Our special musical guests will be "The Nylons" whom I used to adore in the early 90s.

Then there's my current aggravation in TV-land, namely STUPID!!!!! ads. As if that idiotic Viagra ad weren't bad enough, now it's Sears (who are in desperate financial trouble). If you ask me, showing two different ads the same day where the characters are both simpering brain-dead women leads me to believe that they DESERVE to go out of business. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. ::growls in disgust::

Anyway, I'm going to return to my very engrossing book. TTFN.
Had a thoroughly wasted day, even if sleeping in a little past 9 was most pleasant. And I did progress in my lovely cat book. And Brian tagged me in a cute wee video of sailboats (that looked like toys) along OUR stretch of the lake. And I borrowed two more musically-themed murder mysteries.

But that's not enough for me. I'm just feeling restless. I may also be cranky because of tonight's Jeopardy! results. So superficial. However, I had to laugh when I found out that SuM and her gf were rebuilding the steps off the back deck ... after she got home from work. Sigh. Some people and their energy levels. In the meantime, I've been getting hotter throughout the evening which means the humidity is rising. Blech.

Okay, back to reading and trying to settle down for the night. TTFN.
So, sorta, kinda. But, first, the beginning of my day. I'd set the evil alarm for 7:00, so I could book my rides to/from the beach next week. Uh ... (to quote Little Britain) "Computer says no". Sigh. So I had to call the ride line and be on hold (while my phone was around 21% power). Luckily, I managed to get through and my rides are booked. After that, I crawled back into bed and promptly went back to sleep. Ahhhh for decent sleeping weather again.

I woke up shortly after 12. Even then I wasn't feeling too hungry though I eventually ate brekkie. Then I had to start thinking of how to reveal things about myself. I know it may seem odd (but I believe it fits my dual Geminian personality) to read that I'm not comfortable talking about my life - where it counts. So I dared myself to compose a fundraising appeal for my awesome vision loss support group on FB and to tag every single person so that my message would land directly in each person's e-mail. Because I loathe FB and its deliberately inconsistent algorithms. Boo! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a positive reception, etc.

After that, I read a bit more, watched my usual news and game shows. We're all horrified here by the fire in London. During our news hour, we were reassured that the building code for high rises in our province would prevent such a fire here - as all such buildings must use only non-flammable materials. After that, I joined SuM and her gf as we finally got to watch "The Boss" with Melissa McCarthy. SuM was surprised she actually liked it. Ha! I make good recommendations. Anyway, I'm a bit tired so am going to doddle off to bed. No alarms, please and thank you.
Let's add some simple sleep to those goals. Mind you, I was very irritated to wake up at 6:50 with BOTH hands in neuropathic agony. So where was my glove (the other one is lost somewhere between the bed and the ledge)? I guess it went to join its mate. I tried to snatch some more sleep while hiding my hands under the flannel sheet and comforter. Yes, I'm still sleeping under my winter covers. It might be getting humid during the day, but my hands suffer at night.

Finally got out of bed, hands feeling a bit better, at 10:45. Spent most of the day reading the Gaiman, also rested during the afternoon (while SuM was outside painting the back deck which will be open for business from tomorrow on). I'll have to see whether I can use the iPad successfully outdoors (though I worry about the heat from direct sunlight).

After 5, I finally roused myself and scrubbed the shower floor. Glad that's done. Watched the end of The Social (I guess it's like the Canadian version of The View) where they were featuring "Come From Away". Reminder to self: please record the Tony Awards tomorrow evening! And keep your fingers crossed. Then I just watched the usual news and two game shows. Finally, buckled down and actually finished the Gaiman. What a [insert appropriate swear word] relief! It was like "Alice in Wonderland" on magic mushrooms (not that I'd know what they're like). Remind me to not read any more Gaiman unless it comes supremely recommended. And is much less vividly violent. ::shudders::

Anyway, the day is nearly done. We're expecting a very humid day tomorrow. So I may be suffering. Sigh. Knock me out now, please.
At least the cats and I survived the night. Otherwise, I had a bad time coping with fuzzy vision. Still managed to watch the two-hour MasterChef Canada finale from a couple weeks ago. Then watched an epi of Shark Tank. And managed to doze off during the news. I may never know another sports score again! Tragic, I tell you.

Continued reading the second book related to "Come From Away". This one is much more widespread as it follows the trials and tribulations of many passengers and crew from different flights. Once I put myself in their shoes, I felt much more empathetic about the passengers' growing anger at the prospect of being flown all the way back across the Atlantic to their European point of origin. Or the logistics of getting off the Rock while they might get a visit from a hurricane. There were also commonalities: two exhausted families returning from arranging private adoptions in Kazakhstan among them; or the executives of the Rockefeller Foundation wanting to replace the aging computers at the local high school; or the head of Hugo Boss in his cashmere suit (who found out the hard way of how painful it was to wear cheap underwear from a box store). Really appreciate the preciseness of the storytelling. Anyway, Little Blue is recharging, so no more reading in bed tonight. Awwwwwwww. ::pouts::
Up at 9:19 which was satisfactory. Meals were delivered late. Sigh. Fed the cats ... uh, let's make that ONE cat definitely, ONE cat only a few morsels, and ONE cat MIA. I'm sure you can guess who the culprits are. SuM came home, then left me in charge after 7. Luckily, she'd located Grumpy somewhere in the wild outdoors. The other two have been romping in my presence (they exhaust me). I hope they settle down for the night.

I had a weird disconnectedness today. How? Well, my phone was apparently not hooked up to any signals. No e-mails, no texts, and no phone calls. No news feed. But I only really caught on when I tried to call my meals provider after 4 to place my order. Sorry, phone doesn't work either. So I did a hard shutdown, then restarted about 5 minutes later. Big sigh of relief. Placed my order, then realized why Little Blue hadn't worked - when I tried to return library books. So I synched up again, returned two books (I'd finished the only Nero Wolfe book I'm ever likely to have borrowed) and d/l'd the latest one about the "Come From Away" story. Yay. Now I can climb into bed and read for a little while.

TV was disappointing again as I slept through most of the news, but watched my game shows disinterestedly. The clues for Jeopardy! were way too easy, though I thought "Nicea" was neat. Always fun when I can get a theological reference. Anyway, off to bed and reading for pleasure. Yes, please.
With one brief interruption, I slept all the way to 8:45. Obviously, much, MUCH needed. Anyway, I felt the pressure hanging over my head, so began working on my church review. Just one problem: I needed to rewatch the FB livestream. Uh ... why do I not have sound on my computer? I tried to play some saved files (and now I'm getting the message that Windows media player is not ... functioning???). Uh ... universe? Why is this happening to me? Not that I had time to wonder. Sigh. I was even contemplating playing the service on my computer for picture quality/size and playing it simultaneously on my phone for sound. Yeah, a world of NO. So I did the logical thing, restarting the computer. Oh, joy. I have my sound back, even though it was via Brent's BOOMING voice, lol. Oops. Correct the volume control.

After all of that, I finally got down to rewatching and writing. It took ... forever as I didn't post until nearly 4:00 p.m. Well, it was a complicated service. After that I went to bed, deciding to read. Next on the library deadline line is a Nero Wolfe mystery. I'd never read one in that sub-genre, but chose it because of its musical association. Dozed after my customary news and game show combo. Oops. Anyway, I'm ready to crawl back into bed and try to read a titch more. Hope to be more with it tomorrow. ::crosses fingers::
After all, it was an excruciatingly looooooong day that began (against my will) at 3:22 a.m. So, what did I do? Reached for my iPad to continue reading "Life of Pi". I'm getting closer to finishing it. Too bad it didn't start to engage me until about chapter 60 (of a 100). But I'm being stubborn in wanting to finish it. There may still be surprises.

It was really overcast when my driver picked me up at 9:00. I'd been so worried about rain, I completely forgot to adorn myself with my tropitcal scarf/sarong. Felt so plain as we sped up north. Ahem! Blind blond is still a better navigator than most. Why? Well, the driver got distracted by construction. I asked him what cross street we'd just passed. He replied "Broadway". Uh ... driver, that's NORTH of where I need to be. His distraction had made him think I was headed to the hospital further north. Sigh. But no prob, as I was early enough to sit and enjoy the sun - hey, where'd that come from?

Our meeting was AMAZING!!!!! First of all, our monthly guests provide us with a booster vaccination against depression. Whenever we're feeling down on ourselves because we can no longer do (or were never able to, if blind since birth), we're introduced to people who broke barriers and persisted. The retired lawyer, now activist, gave us a stumble down memory lane as he talked about the barriers just in studying to become a lawyer. Decades ago, he had to rely on monster reel-to-reel tape recorders and a human reading service that could only allot him a couple hours per week.

After our break, our leader told us of the fabulous trip planned for this year. This time, it'll be to Stratford Festival (I haven't been in decades), to see "Pirates of Penzance" with a hands-on costume and prop tour, lunch in the theatre lobby, and descriptive audio headsets, as well as a comfortable bus ... all for a reasonable price. The trip is set for Oct. 9 (the Friday before our Thanksgiving holiday weekend). I'm already soooo excited. Oh, John.... ::giggles:: I also found out more about the fund raiser for which I'll be posting a personal plea to my FB friends. I just have to write it. Before I left, I reconnected with the pleasant woman I'd met two meetings ago. We really do have to go out as we're so vivacious together.

When I got home, I had to deal with weird cats. The sun had disappeared and more rain was on its way. No wonder I was in so much pain. After I'd fed them, Ce-Ce started behaving oddly, even before the thunder came. She'd flattened herself against the floor and was trying to crawl under my door to escape. I tried to get by her, but she was too quick for me. She headed to the side of the couch where she hunkered down on the floor. Again ... weird. After she left (of her own accord), I started nodding off, from a planned 90 minute nap before the news, to dozing off in the next couple of hours. missing significant swaths of news. Sigh. But I got good mail: my new health card. Oh, look at the fuzzy picture. Would you believe I don't look much different from my employee ID from 4 decades ago (and then I was wearing a curly wig)? Not sure why the pic is so overexposed. Weird.
So, there's this place I want to visit. Even though it's a heritage building, it's not normally open to the public due to sabotage concerns - especially since 9/11. But, on two days each year, there are around 150 buildings throughout the city open to the general public. For free. Each building is featured for its architectural beauty primarily as well as individual artistic features (such as breathtaking mosaics in this case). The two days are this coming Saturday and Sunday. So why am I not going to be there? Well, church-John and I are already attending a funeral on Saturday and then there's church on Sunday.

But, blondie, those events are only a couple hours long. You could still go. Well, not so much. Because the place is at the foot of Lake Ontario and there is NO (as in nada, nichevo, sorry it ain't happenin') parking. So the only way to get there (reasonably) would be with my rides service. But that would require that we actually have a whole day ahead of us. Sigh. So I've decided that c-J and I should plan to do this ONE WHOLE YEAR FROM NOW. I know planning ahead is important, but it's been a while since I've been this calculating.

Anyway, the planner behind this facility was also responsible for the magnificent viaduct (and, thanks to Michael Ondaatje's book, that's how I found out). Here's a brief blurb about the facility:
Constructed in the 1930s, the R.C. Harris is the largest of the City's four water treatment plants, providing an average of 400 million litres of safe drinking water to residents in Toronto and York Region each day. Dubbed 'The Palace of Purification', the R.C. Harris was commissioned by Roland Caldwell Harris, Toronto's first and longest-serving Public Works Commissioner, as a water showcase to highlight the mundane, but essential function needed to make cities possible. The R.C. Harris is the largest ensemble of Art Deco buildings in Toronto, providing an excellent example of how Art Deco style can integrate with Late Romanesque Revival and Modern Classical forms. The plant is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site, and has been recognized as a Canadian Water Landmark by the American Water Works Association.
I vote for Weirdday. Well, actually, my body did first. Even though I decided I didn't need a hot lemon drink last night, I still slept all the way to 9:15. Wow! Mind you, my body thought it appropriate to play tricks on me first thing: to compensate for my pain-free leg last night, BOTH legs hurt this morning. ::growls in frustration::

I ended up having little to eat during the day, then trying to hurry up to finish "The Martian" while lying in bed. Unfortunately, the iPad needed recharging; apparently, my body decided I needed it, too, so I ended up having a quickie (two hour) nap. After watching the usual news/game show lineup, I finally had something else to eat (carrot cake) to go with all the Perrier I'd guzzled earlier. Unfortunately, while I'd been electronically disconnected, my book loan had expired. Sigh. I was SO close to the end. So, I tried to borrow it again, but could only get on the Hold list. But, in the space of just seconds, the Hold magically transformed itself into a Loan. Yay! While I was in the system, I also borrowed some cat stories by an author I used to devour decades ago. And I got three ballet books (I believe intended for teens). Then I grabbed my recharged iPad and - always a hit-and-miss procedure - d/ld the books.

Back in bed, I finally finished reading "The Martian" for a second time and started in on the cat stories. But now Im hungry, so think I'm going to make myself a ham sandwich. Perhaps even with romaine and dijon mustard. Happy eating and reading to me!
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( Apr. 23rd, 2017 11:40 pm)
It's been a very long day, with highs and lows (also weirdness during the night). I'd plugged in my old cellphone/alarm clock in the bathroom to get an extra charge last night. I still went to bed and thought I'd just rest with the kids' channel on. Ha! As if. I dozed off. When I woke up, I turned off the TV as well as the lights. Blondie! Wake up. You forgot something. I did wake up in the middle of the night and remembered. Oops. Retrieved the cellphone, but couldn't find my gloves. Still I managed to fall asleep instantly, waking up at 5:45 as required.

It was a little cool but very sunny, so I took a chance on my outfit. Took a chance on how I was feeling as my tum was under the weather, but it settled down once I was picked up. Brent gave a very powerful yet disturbing sermon about intolerance and superficial image requirements in order to be accepted; the fact that the majority of LGBTQ people meet online rather than face-to-face; and that such reliance on tech to meet someone means that 99% of people will face rejection day after day via impersonal apps. He asked that we rise to embody the second word in our formal name. Yeah ... community. I couldn't believe that the service went about 40 minutes(!) over. Luckily, I had a late ride home at 12:50, so I wasn't concerned.

I've asked church-John to get me a pretend pillow-top mattress pad. My old bones just can't take the bed I'm sleeping in. I'm also pondering chairs. Brian gave me a link last night to what he considers an exceptional office chair. Considering the price, I'm not surprised. C-J OTOH was telling me about the current sale at Staples. Gee, only 50% of the cost of the luxury model. ::shakes head sadly:: Whoa, Nellie. Before I look at any chairs, I should try the simple thing ... such as asking the manufacturer to replace the broken caster. Like ... duh.

Spoke with the jeweller about how the assembly of my new piece is coming along and my hope to have it before the beginning of June. Coincidentally, today I wore a brooch M had given me, after allowing it to be purified through the filter of time. I completed the look with my chandelier citrine earrings.

When I got home, naturally I was engrossed in writing my review. I was also hungry, anxious to have my Greek dinner with SuM. Finally the day crept by and we tried valiantly to eat all of the food. No luck. We have leftovers. Yay. I'd also contributed a bottle of rosé (half a bottle remaining). What else? Well, it was the crucial Game 6 between the Caps and Leafs. The only station playing it had commentary in ... Italian! I said goodnigiht at the end of the second period. In any case, the game went into OT and the Leafs bowed out. To get as far as they did, and to go through so many OT games was very demanding physically and mentally. Bravo, boys.

Anyway, I'm fading quickly. Time to take my pills and then zonk out. I want NO repeat of last night's hijinks!
Yes, I was a zombie. Again. Somehow managed to survive the day. Finished reading my Tanya Huff book. Couldn't believe I did not remember a single page of something I'd read decades ago, the exception being that Vicki had to be turned at the end, in order to live. Tried to read the SGA novel (the only one available from the library) and was thwarted by a d/l error on my iPad. ::growls in frustration:: So, I'm rereading the heartfelt "Come From Away" tie-in.

Ended up dozing through half the 6:00 p.m. news. And, believe it or not, this was Final Jeopardy!: after Jennifer Lawrence as the highest-earning actress, this alliterative-named actress was next. I drew a blank. So did the contestants. It was actually Melissa McCarthy!

Even though Big Bang Theory was a rerun, I laughed. A lot. And there was no MasterChef Canada, only the Jr. edition, so I slept-watched it. So. Very. Sleepy.

The only thing I accomplished - after receiving a response from our esteemed music director - was to slot in all of the names of our fabulously talented musicians at our Easter service. We are really lucky. Also received a call from the co-leader of my tiny blind group. One of our old-timers (who's the joke-mistress) will be at our next meeting. That takes the pressure off me. Yay.
Sigh. I woke up at 3:30 ... and stayed up, as the booking system would be live at 5:00. After booking my rides, I stayed up reading and then had my brekkie. Only after 7:45 did I crawl back into bed, setting my alarm for 10:00.

Though my body was up, my brain was somewhere else. I completely forgot to give my delivery volunteer the cheque I'd written so laboriously (and crookedly) this morning. Note to self: Self, please pay the nice lady next week - followed by many exclamation points.

Got a boost from Brian, though perhaps inadvertently. Somehow, now, I can d/l the blind group's monthly newsletter and read it in my unique screen colours. Yay! However, SuM and I postponed our dinner from tonight to Sunday evening (when, among other things, we'll be able to order souvlaki dinner for two as a Sunday special. Just as well, as I had lots of TV shows to watch, from the news and my two game shows, to N.C.I.S. and Bull. Right now, I'm just hoping for a whole night of sleep. ::crosses fingers, while sighing::
I even got to sleep in until 8:58. Remarkable. Spent the day doing nothing, finishing my Huff book, moving a dining chair to my desk (because I was getting thoroughly irritated from the caster malfunctions), conversing electronically with Brian about another get-together either this Saturday or next (not sure what we're doing but, hey, I'm flexible ... at least in my mind), dozing for a bit, and watching a minimum of TV (news, my game shows).

The only thing that's gotten me excited is finding out a few minutes ago that the Maple Leafs just beat the Washington Caps, in OT (just a single one). This makes me jump up and down - well, metaphorically. Toronto's a happy town tonight.

As for any potential for jumping up and down, I have reluctantly concluded that I will not be able to be a participant in the fundraising 5K walk for my blind group in June. I so wanted to acquire pledges, etc. But church-John gave me a reality check yesterday. And I have to admit he's right, considering how many falls I've had over the last 16 months and not being a spring chicken any more. He suggested I volunteer during the event instead. Okay, common sense will prevail.

Anyway, I think I'm hitting the hay because I am wiped. ::yawns widely for emphasis::
Considering that my day has only been about 14 hours long, I'm quite content with it. Waking up at 9:30 was sybaritic and I didn't just jump out of bed. When I have the time, I'll read off my phone in bed. By the time I got around to brekkie and then thinking about doing eyedrops, it was already noon. ::shrugs shoulders::

I read off the iPad in bed in the afternoon, then was too lazy to go plug it in to the outlet in the bathroom. And I was too lazy to plug my cellphone near the microwave. Sooooooooo tired, even wobbly. Then I napped sporadically, eventually plugging in both very important devices, lol.

Only a couple of things broke through the lethargy. First, I confirmed the meeting time for lunch on Easter Saturday with my chosen sisters. And I had a sneaking suspicion about paperwork for getting a new health card, so checked the website. Yup, I need to fill out a form. What form? Oh, the one I can't d/l because I don't have the correct program. Tried to install it, but my computer wouldn't let me, because her heart belongs to her Uncle Brian. ::yells off-screen::

So, I just lounged around some more. Read on the desktop and am planning to return to my novel on the iPad. It's another shipwreck in the Atlantic and I'm waiting for the unknown "alien" rescue effort.

And that's all she wrote. [Noticed after posting that I'd spelled "laziness" wrong ... and have no intention of correcting it!]
It could have been a terrific day.
Could. Have.
I slept all the way to 8:30 which was terrific. But, then, I encountered unexplainable glitches. First, I was watching the 20th anniversary interview with a lot of the BtVS alumni that is about 40 minutes long. Well, my desktop decided to stall at the 20 minute mark. ::glares at sullen unproductive monitor:: Nope, no deal. I ended up restarting the whole thing, but haven't gone back to try again ... because I had another problem.

What problem would that be, blondie? Oh, I was just lying in bed, relaxing, while reading my Huff book on the iPad. Near the 10th chapter. I swiped the page (two columns, landscape orientation) but, when the next page is displayed, the left column is missing completely. Another swipe ... and the screen is completely dark. Returning to the overview shows me everything that should be there, but actually pressing any chapter gives me nada. ::tries to contain the mega growl inside::

Well, I didn't have time to deal with that, as I had to get a load of laundry done, while watching an absolutely hilarious epi of Big Bang Theory, followed by MasterChef Jr. and MasterChef Canada.

I guess I'm just going to have to sit at my desktop and read here - even though my bare feet are cold. Why am I not putting socks on? Well, as my feet are still showing the ill-effects of my falls, I have to give them breathing room every so often. So I'll suffer for a little while.

Tomorrow afternoon, I guess I'll be exploring why my iPad is defying me. And most likely aggravating myself more. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.
Yes, yes. I iz supremely silly. But I filed my taxes, started at 11:30, finished at 12:30. It took so long because I hadn't realized one of my envelopes contained two income slips, so I had to enter that info manually. The new system works like magic. Anyway, I have a nice tax refund coming that's about $100 shy of the total cost of my recent extravagant purchase. ::breathes huge sigh of relief, for more than one reason::

I was silly last night (er, this morning) as I'd stayed up until 3:30 (eek) reading. Woke up naturally at 9:30. That was adequate.

In the afternoon, I finally decided to tackle the issue of connecting to my phone's Wi-Fi hotspot. Uh ... blondie? I think you're not connecting all the dots. For sure I wasn't until I finally realized that merely turning the phone's little dot ON wasn't enough. I had to select Wi-Fi on the iPad and then make a selection. Just. One. Problem. Since when does my cellphone have a password? Well, since my friendly help desk (aka Brian) gave me a link so I could find out what it was. But, first, I wanted to watch my game shows. Okay, done. I managed to connect and tried to d/l my current two library books. Uh ... where do I do that? Okay, I figured it out accidentally (I can imagine Brian rolling his eyes), switched the little dot off and continued reading the one book it turns out I'd read 40 years ago. Interesting to see that I'd remembered bits of the plot but none of the stilted dialogue or other nuisances.

Anyway, right now, I'm feeling exhausted but wired. Why? Well, I didn't have any dinner except for some chocolate covered espresso beans. That'd explain the being wired bit, right? I reached into a jar thinking it held raw almonds and retrieved a handful of dried apricots. Oh, well, it's still fibre, lol.

I should be thinking about bed because I'm being picked up for blind group really early. So, I'd better swallow my pills and seek the comfort of my pillow. Until domain, ciao tutti.
Well, naturally, the cats part is easy. So grateful they let me sleep without interruption. SO very grateful. I shooed them out so I could start getting ready for church and fed them 30 minutes later. Hmm. I thought it was going to be decent out this morning. The forecast wasn't paying attention to itself. It was so overcast I called it fog. When the gloom comes right down to your level, it's F.O.G. That meant a very unpleasant ride to church as I was driven about without being able to see where we were. Luckily, it was the same driver as last Sunday ... so I knew what streets he preferred.

Church was (no surprise) amazing. I was overjoyed that church-John brought me a coffee (as I'd only had enough chilled Perrier to fill about half a bottle). As it was, I guzzled the coffee down in the first few minutes. I had an unpleasant surprise when waiting for my cab after while sitting outside. It started as a drip ... drip ... and suddenly turned into a downpour. A freezing one! Ugh. I hurried back inside. Luckily c-J spotted my cab when it arrived so I hustled out immediately. When I got home, I found out we'd actually had wind chill today. Spring, this was not.

As always, it took a little time for me to think of the "hook" for my church review. I try to make every week different. Anyway, I was relieved to post after 3. And, then, back to taking care of the cats. SuM texted me to say she'd be home in less than an hour. ::waves pre-emptively at fluffy creatures::

I ended up dozing for about an hour and woke up to see yesterday's cartoon (Peg + Cat) on. This time I actually watched it and was delighted (delighted, I tell you) to see that the operatic singing character is - you guessed it - a PIG! Then I checked out the show on ye-olde-webbe. I'm hooked. Now I'm returning to reading the hokey Atlantis novel. I feel so lucky knowing that I don't have to wake up early tomorrow. Though I would like to file my taxes, so let's see what happens. This will be my first full year filing as a retired person. ::hears mysterious creaking sounds:: And that's all she wrote!


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