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( Jul. 12th, 2017 11:46 pm)
I enjoyed having an almost-do-nothing day. While waiting for my meals to be delivered, I watched Peppa Pig cartoons. Then I pondered how to attack my special project. Oh, now I need a nap. Dozed off around 2 and had a really weird dream. I was living on the second floor apparently in a house, but the floor was enormous with space for a rather klunky office. But my space on the floor was charming. Then I remember trying to go downstairs but there were all these strangers blocking my way. I had to even step over children. When I came home hours later, I was stunned to see the entire floor had been transformed as the owner was trying to grow and upscale her home business. At one end there was a wall-sized TV in front of a large conference table with leather armchairs. Then there were some technical apparati (can't remember what the business was) as well as a smaller conference table where my space had been. I was dismayed to find all my stuff (including racks of clothing) had just been put in another alcove but with nothing for privacy. No baffles or walls. And then I woke up. Just as well.

I sent a thank-you e-mail to the theatre I'd attended yesterday, thanking the client coordinator for all of her assistance. I said I'd love to attend again.

In the evening, I just watched the news and my game shows. There was a Toronto resident on Jeopardy! who'd started out very strongly but she ended up tied for second place. Awww. I also e-mailed my church contact having completed my sekrit project. I hope he finds it satisfactory. Even though I recorded MasterChef tonight, I'm much too tired to watch. I'll do it tomorrow. And that's a wrap.
Yes,yes. I'll take it. No need to wrap it up. Lol. Oh, I was desperate for a lovely day even if I had to trudge through wet grass (yuck) wearing open-toed shoes. Got to church at 9:15. Sat by the open doors at the back and listened to the beautiful Anthem. We were featuring Canadian composers/musicians, so had another terrific piece during the Offertory.

Just felt so relaxed after the service, but still anxious to get home. When I got in, I was surprised to see SuM still there. What happened to Niagara Falls for two nights? ::looks around:: Don't ask me. They decided to invite one of SuM's gal-pals and went out after 2:00. I have NO idea where they went, not that it matters because I don't have to worry about waking up tomorrow.

Managed to write my church review in the usual amount of time. After watching the news and repeats of Big Bang Theory (featuring Sheldon at his most obtuse - as if that were possible), I decided I really, really should do the laundry. So it's done. And, now, I can read for a while. I should get off the computer because I've been on FB for hours. I guess it's because so many people have been posting more frequently. ::pauses:: What-eva. Though, TBH, I really should proofread the article I copied on serious eye conditions. I'd saved the webpage but it was misbehaving. As I feared losing it (I'd already deleted the e-mail), I was frantically copy-typing everything (because C&P is horrible when there are photos in the article). I just want it done ... even if that particular vision loss group isn't meeting until the fall. So, perhaps ... tomorrow.
First of all, I was very, VERY bad last night, staying up until 3:00 on the computer. Oh, well, I figured I'd catch up on my sleep in the morning. And so I did. When SuM left on her overnight trip, I kept the cats out as I was determined to do at least one chore. And I did. Even though it was semi-simple, I had to pull out a screwdriver from my tool chest. After I was done, I rewarded myself with a decadent shower in Euphoria. Uh ... blondie, what's so decadent about that? You always use Euphoria. Ah, but this time, after I'd scrubbed with the nylon-thingy-on-a-stick, I took the empty bottle of Euphoria which I'd filled with water in order to get every last smidgeon of shower gel out ... and I squeezed it out all over. ::jumps:: It was c-c-cold. But, hey, it was a silly way to use up all the good stuff.

I was also a happy camper when I booked all my girly appointments for next Friday, and then booked my rides. Really looking forward to it. I may have more on my social calendar next week as our new pastor candidate is going to have a couple of meet-and-greets, one in the evening and one next Saturday afternoon. I'd like to do Saturday so hope church-John might be up for it, too.

Tonight's Jeopardy was hilarious (and incomprehensible to most Americans watching). Alex was wearing a signature "Canada 150" sweater and spoke of how our country is celebrating its 150th birthday tomorrow. So he suggested that both countries (considering that we're still allies and friends and stuff) should just celebrate ALL the days from July 1st to 4th inclusive. Yeah, Alex, sure.

And, yes, the wine helped relax me together with a couple servings of cream of chicken soup. Though I'm wondering whether my palate is now rejecting Sauvignon Blanc as too dry. Very strange. I'm going to suck on a throat lozenge just in case. Weird body is ... weird.
But at least it also allowed me to sleep in past 9 before I settled in to finish my book about Dewey, the library cat. Uh-oh. After being with that cat for 19 years of its ups and downs, I was heartbroken to read about his failing health and eventual death. So I cried. Lots and lots. I'm already exhausted.

I cried a few more times during the day. Watched a surprise makeover for a family ... and blubbered. Anything that aroused my empathy led to more tears. Finally, I couldn't stand it any more. I needed the company of another human being. Also a cat! So I went out on the back deck and was joined by SuM's gf. I told her about the book that had started it all. We talked about all sorts of things. I asked her questions about her cat and am now curious to figure out what cross-breed she is. Sounds fascinating.

Decided not to kill myself in the evening with laundry (extra loads), so I'll do it tomorrow late morning. Instead I began a new murder mystery. I'm also considering entering a writing contest (about faith) as a part of the celebrations surrounding Canada's 150th birthday. Just a wee problem: the deadline is June 30th. Eeeeeeeeeek. But I'm making it a wee bit easier, using autobiographical snippets and focusing on the meaning I found in performing and listening to music. And I'll see how it goes. There's a $10 registration fee; first prize is $10K, second is $2.5K with both stories being published. There's also a poetry category with the same prizes.

Speaking of music, I got Final Jeopardy! right. Ha, Beethoven's "Fur Elise" FTW. Anyway, my book is calling out to me, so I'm going to ::giggles:: surrender. TTFN.
Because it was a scorcher, the blonde didn't wear her precious pearls, not wanting to have sweat, oil, and melting hairspray dripping down on them. So, instead, I wore my dramatic designer huge crystal necklace. Along with my ancient, ripped (but not where that could be seen) leggings.

Church was - as usual - a thought provoking experience. We definitely don't leave our intellect at the door when we enter. I was also thrilled to get my mini-tote bag fixed at the Repair Café. Yay! And had a lovely (boobeliscious) hug with an old friend who'd just celebrated being cancer-free. I'm so thrilled for her. Didn't know what was happening as church-John wasn't in church. And no text either.

After church, I sat outside in the hot sun and let my poor joints and muscles soak it up. After about 10 minutes, I was done. Luckily, my cab showed up. When I got in, I was confronted with a pet emergency as SuM and her gf met me at the front door. Turns out the gf's cat, summering with her parents, disappeared. So they decided to drive up and try to search for the cat themselves. And I'm nominated to take care of the three mischief-makers (including Mr. Grumpy whom we're definitely not letting outside as his disappearance last summer caused us much anxiety).

After I wrote my church review (it felt shorter than usual), I finally got to relax. As I didn't want to be handcuffed to the TV, I recorded the Tony Awards and have been watching. And hoping. Obviously for a win for "Come From Away". I'm about 40 minutes away from the end, and believe it's won only for Best Direction. But there was some technical weirdness with lots of hissing, so who knows. Anyway, I'll be getting back to watching as soon as I've posted.
Let's add some simple sleep to those goals. Mind you, I was very irritated to wake up at 6:50 with BOTH hands in neuropathic agony. So where was my glove (the other one is lost somewhere between the bed and the ledge)? I guess it went to join its mate. I tried to snatch some more sleep while hiding my hands under the flannel sheet and comforter. Yes, I'm still sleeping under my winter covers. It might be getting humid during the day, but my hands suffer at night.

Finally got out of bed, hands feeling a bit better, at 10:45. Spent most of the day reading the Gaiman, also rested during the afternoon (while SuM was outside painting the back deck which will be open for business from tomorrow on). I'll have to see whether I can use the iPad successfully outdoors (though I worry about the heat from direct sunlight).

After 5, I finally roused myself and scrubbed the shower floor. Glad that's done. Watched the end of The Social (I guess it's like the Canadian version of The View) where they were featuring "Come From Away". Reminder to self: please record the Tony Awards tomorrow evening! And keep your fingers crossed. Then I just watched the usual news and two game shows. Finally, buckled down and actually finished the Gaiman. What a [insert appropriate swear word] relief! It was like "Alice in Wonderland" on magic mushrooms (not that I'd know what they're like). Remind me to not read any more Gaiman unless it comes supremely recommended. And is much less vividly violent. ::shudders::

Anyway, the day is nearly done. We're expecting a very humid day tomorrow. So I may be suffering. Sigh. Knock me out now, please.
So, there's this place I want to visit. Even though it's a heritage building, it's not normally open to the public due to sabotage concerns - especially since 9/11. But, on two days each year, there are around 150 buildings throughout the city open to the general public. For free. Each building is featured for its architectural beauty primarily as well as individual artistic features (such as breathtaking mosaics in this case). The two days are this coming Saturday and Sunday. So why am I not going to be there? Well, church-John and I are already attending a funeral on Saturday and then there's church on Sunday.

But, blondie, those events are only a couple hours long. You could still go. Well, not so much. Because the place is at the foot of Lake Ontario and there is NO (as in nada, nichevo, sorry it ain't happenin') parking. So the only way to get there (reasonably) would be with my rides service. But that would require that we actually have a whole day ahead of us. Sigh. So I've decided that c-J and I should plan to do this ONE WHOLE YEAR FROM NOW. I know planning ahead is important, but it's been a while since I've been this calculating.

Anyway, the planner behind this facility was also responsible for the magnificent viaduct (and, thanks to Michael Ondaatje's book, that's how I found out). Here's a brief blurb about the facility:
Constructed in the 1930s, the R.C. Harris is the largest of the City's four water treatment plants, providing an average of 400 million litres of safe drinking water to residents in Toronto and York Region each day. Dubbed 'The Palace of Purification', the R.C. Harris was commissioned by Roland Caldwell Harris, Toronto's first and longest-serving Public Works Commissioner, as a water showcase to highlight the mundane, but essential function needed to make cities possible. The R.C. Harris is the largest ensemble of Art Deco buildings in Toronto, providing an excellent example of how Art Deco style can integrate with Late Romanesque Revival and Modern Classical forms. The plant is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site, and has been recognized as a Canadian Water Landmark by the American Water Works Association.
Yes, I've dipped into the Sauvignon Blanc. Already had a glass together with a bowl of cream of chicken soup into which I dumped some crumbled bacon. That got my leg (and possibly my head) floating. I'm now following it up with a second glass, a quartered pear and a small wedge of Cambozola. Even though the wedge is quite small, I know I won't finish it tonight. So I suppose I should save the rest of the wine, too.

Despite being semi-conscious around the time SuM was getting ready for work, I fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 9:30-ish. That's a very good thing, as I stayed up reading until - eeeeek - past 3:00. And it's just an ordinary murder mystery ... but I guess I was just enjoying the fact that I could stay up as late as I wished.

I finally got my act together and did a load of laundry; then I let two cats in - at which point Diva thought it would be a wonderful idea to run out onto the back deck before proceeding down the stairs to play with either bugs or grass. She's the least adventurous of the cats, but today she obviously wanted to be stubborn. And there I was, wearing my beat-up slippers, hoping I wouldn't have to venture out into the grass. Luckily, I managed to pick her up and carry her indoors, at which point she decided to run upstairs and hide. Cats. Go figure.

When SuM came home from work, she was absolutely zonked. So I asked her if she had any plans for Monday after work and invited her for dinner, saying we could have the nummy chicken wings sitting in the freezer for months. She asked if I liked raspberries, and suggested putting them on top of vanilla ice cream, along with a liqueur. Sounds good. So we're both going to pretend we celebrated the holiday. [Delusions are my friends!]

Continued reading the murder mystery during the day and think I'll return to it shortly. I dozed off (and on) during the 6:00 news, so missed the footage of the Canadian team winning the world hockey gold. Yaaaaay! Managed to stay awake for my game shows, then switched the TV to the nature + music channel. It seems to offer the appropriate ambiance for the wine. I'm also using the excuse that the wine is warming up my throat as I'm getting rid of any lingering after-effects from my stupid cold. Okay, time for more yummy goodness in my mouth. TTFN.
I even got to sleep in until 8:58. Remarkable. Spent the day doing nothing, finishing my Huff book, moving a dining chair to my desk (because I was getting thoroughly irritated from the caster malfunctions), conversing electronically with Brian about another get-together either this Saturday or next (not sure what we're doing but, hey, I'm flexible ... at least in my mind), dozing for a bit, and watching a minimum of TV (news, my game shows).

The only thing that's gotten me excited is finding out a few minutes ago that the Maple Leafs just beat the Washington Caps, in OT (just a single one). This makes me jump up and down - well, metaphorically. Toronto's a happy town tonight.

As for any potential for jumping up and down, I have reluctantly concluded that I will not be able to be a participant in the fundraising 5K walk for my blind group in June. I so wanted to acquire pledges, etc. But church-John gave me a reality check yesterday. And I have to admit he's right, considering how many falls I've had over the last 16 months and not being a spring chicken any more. He suggested I volunteer during the event instead. Okay, common sense will prevail.

Anyway, I think I'm hitting the hay because I am wiped. ::yawns widely for emphasis::
I am so out of it, after such a long (though mostly amazing) day that started when I woke up two minutes ahead of the 5:45 alarm. Anything that spares me having to listen to the tune is a very good thing. The weather seemed to be hinting warmth while also threatening rain. Luckily, the clouds only menaced slightly and the sun came out in late afternoon.

I arrived at church at 9:10 (eek, so early) and spent the next hour listening to the glorious music from the first service and chatting with friends. Managed to snag my usual seat and dragged church-John and (to my delight) Ashley to sit in the same pew with me. Though Ash was there, she was in too much pain to come to brunch with us. I'm sorry to see she's being hit with the ravages of getting older. The music director had gathered a large and versatile group of instrumentalists to form the "band". The sound system was excellent and I particularly loved hearing the violins over it. All the music was triumphal and splendid.

When the service ended at 12:20, we were on our way to my fave place in the village. The waiters were outrageous and the food delish. C-J and I shared a half pitcher of "winter" sangria and Spanish coffees. While he had the classic breakfast, I moaned over spaghetti with savoury lamb meatballs. It was the perfect food for me, as the pasta was very easy to digest. The seasoning of the lamb and the tomato sauce was exceptional. C-J and I enjoyed covering a multitude of conversation topics through the afternoon.

Finally, it was time to get me home (along with the applesnax and paper towel he'd bought for me). When we arrived, he assumed his natural role as the cats' Uncle John (hee). And, then, he left me to settle down and crank out my service review. It felt shorter than usual, but I think it was an average length. Perhaps the fact that I didn't dwell on specifics made it seem shorter. I finished minutes before 6, so could switch on the news. Imagine my shock to hear that some really nasty person had "fire-bombed" a church in the west end. Luckily, whatever combustible liquids he'd poured through a hole in the window failed to spread, so damage was limited to about five grand. As well as cancelled church services and a shocked congregation. The only good news after that was seeing how fabulously the Maple Leafs had played, winning against the Caps in double OT. Woo-hoo!

After that, I zombie-watched last night's SNL. I really shouldn't watch when I'm so out of it. Right now, I just want to wash my face and go to bed. So I think I shall. Let's hope I'm back to being fully human tomorrow morning. ::crosses fingers::
Oh, dear. Must rectify that stat. After a loverly sleep all the way to a few minutes shy of 7:30 (definitely wow), I finished reading my last borrowed book. Felt so abandoned, I borrowed another in Tanya Huff's "Blood Ties" series. The only problem is that the last book in the series, published 11 years ago, is not in the system. Boo. I'm also on the waiting list for "Hidden Figures" so that'll be a real treat.

Once again, I was struck with a mid-day lassitude. Or was it sugar shock from maple walnut ice cream? Speaking of munchies, the federal government introduced legislation leading to the legalization of pot next year. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I certainly wouldn't mind trying some in edibles for my glaucoma (and body pain).

At least I had some TV to watch, especially epis of the two MasterChef series. Now I want Beef Wellington, Eggs Benedict, and Cheese Soufflé. I may possibly get the first two when church-John and I finally get to the fancy Sunday brunch at a downtown hotel. Anyway, my eyes hurt (gee, I wonder why), so I'm headed to bed. TTFN.
So, I'm recounting my day backwards.

Received an e-mail from the library. The book about 9/11 from the Gander ("Come From Away") experience was available. Yeah, I'm already crying ... and the author has only just left the terminal. For the record, he was brought up Catholic, is gay, and traveling with his partner. The forward is by the mayor of Gander. Both men are characters in the musical.

Jeopardy! was fun in the Final. Ha! It so pays to watch Helena Bonham Carter movies ("A Room With A View" FTW).

SuM dropped by wondering whether Grumpy was a stowaway but - no - he was nowhere to be found. While she was here, I asked about trying to rid the back deck of the yellowjackets (because, seriously, I can not spend two minutes outside in the summer without being ... swarmed). SuM said she'd get some traps for them. ::breathes a huge sigh of relief::

Had a fluffy visitor (Diva, natch) for most of the day. Good when she was sleeping, irritating when she kept winding between my legs and jumping up on the CPU. Was a bit worried about trying to keep tabs on her and read on my iPad, so the book I'd just started didn't get much attention from me.

Had a whole room-full of groceries delivered (well, you should see the pile of cartons) and have enjoyed treating myself. Mind you, putting them away was hot work. In a case of weird juxtaposition, I put the pots of tulips on top of the fireplace! Also thrilled they delivered the best guacamole I love. There's also black bean & corn salsa, regular salsa, and (I hope, 'cuz I couldn't read the label) mango salsa. Yum!

Woke up to the alarm at 9:00, for once not dreaming at all. Good. Also pleased I didn't even hear the garbage trucks rumbling down the street (they usually begin at 8).

Originally woke up at 3:38! Are you kidding me????? No, I was so not a happy camper. But, somehow, I managed to fall back asleep. Still no dreaming.

Traveling back to yesterday, I was thrilled to receive "mail" from the government (I log into my account and read it) confirming that my tax refund had been deposited to my account. Funny thing is that I'd forgotten I'd filed my return 2.5 weeks ago. I thought it had been sooner than that. I guess it's just another example of the days blurring by.

Looking ahead to a spring-like weekend with more relaxing. Hmm. Perhaps a bottle of wine?
Or were they scones, tartlets and petits fours? If we're talking about high tea at the Windsor Arms, then it's definitely the latter.

But, first, the more gruesome aspects of the day. The alarm was set for 6, so I didn't complain when I opened my eyes at 5:27 to book my rides for next Tuesday. Then I reset the alarm for 10:00, leaving me enough time for brekkie and getting ready for my meals delivery. Also rescuing (well ... encouraging) Grumpy to come indoors. He'd been sunning himself on a patch on the back deck, but it's always a relief to know where the cats are.

I entertained myself by watching the last SNL which - inexplicably - was an epi from last December. I'm so confused. At least I unconfused myself long enough to send Brian an update on our joint birthday tea. He chose the time of 1:00 p.m. Sounds lovely. I also continued reading the Tanya Huff book. I'd been unimpressed about the setting until our old friend from the Blood series, namely Henry Fitzroy, dropped by. Yay. The evening was boring with only game shows (and caustic commentary by text from church-John about the ineffectual Canadian competitor). All my regular evening dramas were repeats. Boo. So I'm back to reading. I'm excited by a book I've placed a hold on. It's one account (presumably the best) of what happened in Gander when all those planes were diverted on 9/11. It was recommended on the "Come From Away" FB page. Tomorrow morning, I'll have to return phone calls, so I'll just enjoy the quiet. And pleasant dreams, too, I hope.
I might be getting more relaxed about it, but I still had to do my forward budgeting, reassuring myself that the deposit of my pensions at the end of the month minus my fixed costs would return me to the same level of fiscal sobriety. Hee! I can sure write.

After waking up at 8, I had a leisurely morning until church-John picked me up shortly after noon. It was a near-freezing day but the dazzling sunshine made everything cheerful. We had a great drive out to the mall that c-J is most familiar with. And we got a parking spot right across from the entrance nearest to the Apple store. So, yes, I got the lovely big iPad. I even got it set up in the store (what a relief). So I guess I'll be exploring tomorrow. I didn't have the energy to do anything this evening as c-J and I had a comfort food booster shot at Swish. He ordered an appetizer, I ordered dessert, and I shared my Sauvignon Blanc with him. By the time we were sated, it was around 4, but luckily the traffic was light because of Spring Break.

Watched my usual game shows (happy the dorky guy from Ottawa won again) and then the two MasterChef shows. Now I'm just sleeeeeepy and having a ginger beer to aid in digestion. As for tomorrow, well, I'd still like to get my taxes out of the way ... and then to play (and I hope NOT get frustrated) with my new electronic baby. ::crossing fingers and toes::
Indeed. I'm dreaming of tomorrow's Winterlicious lunch with church-John. I think I've already chosen my 3-course meal. ::ponders:: Or have I ... because there are so many scrumptious choices. But, then, I start to think of being practical. No, blondie, you don't want kale salad as an appetizer because you'll be stabbing at empty air for several minutes. Pasta is a no-no as an entrée because I don't feel like twirling and twirling. The only thing that is a dead certainty is dessert: crème caramel, baby. I haven't had that luscious chilled dream gliding past my lips in over a decade. Yes, it's tragic. Really.

I'm also daydreaming about what books I want to BUY for my e-reader. Yes, I'll definitely be borrowing most of them but I've decided I want to have my "Harry Potter" collection back. I still remember how excited I was before each book was issued - well, after I finally found out about the series. So I pre-purchased once and lined up before midnight the first year. It was lots of fun. Another year, Canada Post delivered only HP books on a Saturday. So, I have many fond memories of getting the books and then disappearing. Good times.

While I was busy daydreaming, SuM had the day off instead of a weekend. When she delivered my mail, the cats decided they absolutely had to seek sanctuary with me. ::shakes head:: Uh ... cats ... you do realize SHE's your mom and I'm just your auntie! It took a few hours for that message to sink in. Still, fluffy cats are always welcome visitors to Casa Helenka.

I found I didn't have to worry about teaching the phonetic pronunciation of my name as Brent's exec. assistant had already included it in the speech notes for Pastor Carmen to read. Very efficient. I approve.

I've also decided I have to start eating more soup for dinner. It and a warm bagel are an easy way to dish up nutrition (and I do need to take the lazy road lately). Also lazed about in bed in the afternoon. Watched my game shows (oops, there's a revolving door on Jeopardy!) and a Canadian-dream epi of Dragons' Den featuring recent refugees making a good life for themselves. Yay!

Anyway, I think it's time to think about bed. I want to look semi-fabulous for lunch domani. Ciao, tutti.
First thing. Body, pay attention. 3:05 is NOT an optimal time to wake me up. Neither is 6:32. 7:58 was acceptable. Still relieved I did fall asleep both times. Embarrassed to admit I'd fallen asleep wearing one glove backwards. Who does that? I guess I do. In any case, a stuffed-up nose seemed to be at least slightly responsible for my waking up.

There was reaffirming news on the political front. Our province stepped in, offering our city's children's hospital to provide life-saving humanitarian surgeries for all the children that were prevented from landing in the States. FFS, why isn't your government ashamed of this? Well, I guess it's just another meaningless detail that got overlooked. Though, by the end of the day, I don't know whether our offer will be needed, after a WA state judge issued a temporary restraining order. I wish the entire insiders' clique could be restrained in straight=jackets and gagged. ::spits nasty taste out of mouth::

Because I've been fighting a headache all evening, other than my game shows (Yay, Lisa won Jeopardy! again), I didn't bother watching my fave shows (new!epis, too). There's always tomorrow morning. At least there's a piece of b-day cake waiting for me in SuM's fridge. Something to look forward to for tomorrow.
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( Feb. 1st, 2017 11:23 pm)
Why, of course, blondie, you may have a headache. Especially when you wake up at 5:17. ::waits for the chorus of groans:: Not only that, but I woke up with naked hands! How could that be? Was it a new recurrence of sleepwalking-type activities that have been confirmed only twice in my life. But, when I found my gloves on the ledge next to the bed, I figured I must have dropped off like an anvil before I could put them on. Now that's tired.

Things got messed up later in the morning. I called my eye specialist (as per instructions) to book an August appointment. So, now, they're not making them until March 1. Sigh. I went back to bed and dozed off. I just happened to wake up around 11:10. Eeeeeek. My meal delivery should be happening soon. Talk about instinct. As soon as I unlocked the front door, the volunteer was climbing the front steps. Whew. Anyway, it was a relief to get the food. I'd forgotten the cupboard was bare earlier, so only had a cinnamon French toast bagel when I first woke up.

Had a boring evening. Just watched my game shows and a slightly endearing Dragons' Den. It was the student episode. Two of the best deals were with a young man who went off to U.K. to learn how to make whisky, creating a distinctive Canadian rye. Then there were the two 10 year old girls who were selling deliberately mismatched (but cute) socks - because everyone (well, I don't, lol) loses socks.

Crossing my fingers for a decent sleep tonight despite the (yes, real) headache. Bad enough that I didn't even feel like pretending I had a real fireplace. Sigh.
Considering how hilarious I was last night while typing my post (writing gibberish, then having to retype), I'm just thrilled that I got 8 hours of sleep. The dishes are all done from last night and put away. I did a load of laundry. Also made the pork loin chops with red cabbage, caraway seeds, minced onion, and crumbled bacon in the slow cooker. Eight hours on low and the meat was mostly ... meh. The tastiest part was along the bone. But the cabbage was absolutely divine. Hmmm. I wonder what it would taste like with the late addition of some acuavit (which I haven't had in decades; sigh). Still, it's nice to have the leftovers in the fridge.

I was an unexpected cat sanctuary in the evening. SuM asked whether I'd be willing to let Grumpy sleep on the couch overnight. But even he left eventually.

Because of my chores, I didn't watch any TV after my game shows. Even so, I think they're reruns which confuses me. There were first run epis of other shows this week. Oh, well. I'll survive. Right now, I just treated myself to a chilled can on Coke while I'm looking up microwave directions for my chicken wings. It's been so long I've forgotten how long to cook them. Oh, well. That's a problem for tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a hilarous and bone-chilling segment from the 6:00 p.m. news. There was a family (that'd lived in southern climes) who'd been down at the beach a couple miles east of me (I guess). What were they doing? SURFING! Even the kids. At least they were wearing wetsuits, but I can imagine how cold their faces were. Really, TO's a fun place to live. You'll meet all sorts of interesting people.
For what? Well, for entertaining church-John tomorrow. Okay, okay, truth time. For opening the bottle of 2014 Reserve Viognier that will accompany the cheese and other nibbles. After reading of how well the wine stands up to spicy Indian, Korean or Thai (I'm sure there are more) cuisines, I wish the bottle could refill itself by magic. ::sighs longingly::

But what did feel almost like magic was the appearance of my grocery delivery - the most expensive I've ever ordered (also 100 items, though many are multiples of soft drinks) - with Every. Single. Item on it. Wow. It took forever for me to put things away and I had to get really creative with the interiors of both fridges. Well, it's only for a couple of days.

SuM surprised me by being home. I'm still so confused about her schedule but she sorta, kinda unconfused me by saying she's on the 4 to 11 shift this week for training. Ahhhh, so that is what is going on. At least she can let c-J in when he shows up.

Just finished watching tonight's epi of Dragons' Den and am going back to reading FB just to see how much more damage that man has caused today. Just to highlight how proud I am to live in TO, especially as today was Bell's "Let's Talk" day, today there was an announcement of 5 or 6 walk-in mental health youth clinics (serving kids up to their mid 20s) opening that promise to deliver a professional in less than 20 minutes. Even better, no doctor's referral required. Also thrilled at the ground-breaking surgery performed on a woman who received a double lung transplant - after surviving the removal of her diseased lungs for 6 days before a donor was found!

On the flip side of life, was sad to read of Mary Tyler Moore's death. I had no idea of the various health problems she'd had during her life. Tomorrow I'll try to watch the Hot In Cleveland epi that reunited her with her old castmates. Anyway, I'd better go to bed soon. I'll have a lot of fruit washing in the morning.
I know I definitely wasn't when I woke up - fully pouting - at 6:19. Oh, body, why do you do this to me? As I was up, I began to hunt in earnest through my journal entries from two years ago, trying to find the exact nibbles I'd served my guests. I was successful. Oooh, pear? I'd forgotten that (as it complements blue cheese so well). So I logged on to my grocery site and began the arduous task of ordering. A couple of hours later and several hundreds of dollars poorer (trust me), I was done - having purchased an even 100 items! I'd spent so much, I actually saved $35 by buying several items on sale. Only when I was finished after 10 did I reward myself with brekkie.

Imagine my surprise about an hour later, when I was gathering my recycling, to look out the window and see Grumpy's face pressed against the window. What the---? I immediately rushed to the kitchen door and tried calling him. When he didn't appear, I was worried that this old guy might not be able to leap up onto the garden gate. But I certainly wasn't prepared to go outside, not in my nightie, velour top, and fuzzy slippers. No snickering, please. Luckily, the intrepid macho explorer was done reliving his glory days and finally made it onto the back deck. Whew. I texted SuM to say that all cats were present and accounted for. Well, at least she replied to me.

Not like everyone else I was contacting today. I'd e-mailed several propositions for restaurants to Brian. Crickets. I also e-mailed Ash, firming up my invitation for next Saturday. More crickets. Finally, I e-mailed my co-leader of the blind group about plans for the two of us to have social time with a third woman in the springtime. Must be a cricket convention nearby. Oh, well. I guess they'll contact me eventually.

I watched a fascinating epi of Dragons' Den revealing the "DNA" of these remarkable people. I was intrigued to see that I had a connection to Joe, having actually shopped in the food shop his family had owned decades ago. And I was inspired by the stories of how these multi-millionaires had invariably been born into families where the only way for the parents to be able to provide for their children was to have two jobs EACH. Far more character-building than knowing there are idiots who inherited money and squandered it foolishly. [Why, no, I'm not thinking of anyone in particular.] I also watched an outrageous Big Bang Theory while trying to stifle my shrieks (so I wouldn't disturb SuM).

I guess I'd better find something to eat before I take my painkillers, etc. I think there's some yogurt calling my name. And, then, time to go to sleep, not wanting to think about tomorrow ... when we'll all be plunged into the Twilight Zone, especially with the world tilting into uncharted territory.


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