First, the cats. So, when I got settled down in bed last night, Diva was behind me on "pillow mountain" and leaning over and ... uh ... licking my hair. Uh, Diva dear, why are you licking the hair that received a blast of hairspray yesterday morning? IIRC, hairspray and perfume all have a terrible-tasting residue. Yuck. Yes, silly cat.

This morning, she kept patting my face and I was ignoring her while trying to sleep. When I finally opened my eyes, I discovered just why she was trying to wake me up. I'd slept all the way to 12:03 p.m. Whoa! But, then, it's pretty plain that I needed all that sleep. So, poor kitties had their eating schedule all confuddled. Sorry, kitties.

In the early afternoon, I finally got around to doing a wee bit of laundry. I'm especially pleased with one long sundress I bought that apparently just needs some airing out, so I don't need to wash it as frequently (not like the stuff that's worn once and gets tossed in the laundry bag). So I might try to find more outfits made of the material.

In the evening, I watched a whole lot of recorded tv, including a couple epis of Castle (and there are still two more to go), as well as the finale of the (singing in the workplace) Choirs competition on TVO (a repeat from last December) from Ely Cathedral. The finalists were a fire station, the company that is in charge of the ferry between Dover and Calais, and Citibank in London. While watching (and especially listening), I was transported all those decades ago (yep, 45 years ago), remembering especially when my voice was broadcast over the speakers outside for noonday passersby (and my first lover - ahhh), as I sang from within the Planetarium, and also when I sang in some pretty impressive chapels and churches. Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Anyway, it was a delightful show. I loved the concept of co-workers singing together, especially when someone who's not a bigwig ends up having a particularly lovely voice. I think it helps break down some of the artificial divisions within the workplace.

Well, I think I'm going back to watching some more Castle. And hoping for more cooperative kitty sleeping tonight. ::crosses fingers::
'Cuz that's what I have to endure regarding the pain. Church-John texted me after 6:00 p.m. asking whether I was home. Uh ... c-J, I am SO not presentable and there's a horde of d-o-g-s in the house ... so he'll be stopping by tomorrow after 1:00, along with $277 worth of painkillers and supplements. The sum sounds cringe-worthy, but I know I'm saving oodles of money over the next few months. Phew.

Worked a little bit more on my fic, though it's still nebulous. OTOH, because of the severe pain, I cancelled my movie trip for tomorrow because the ride times I'd been given could have meant I'd be away from home for SEVEN (add fave expletive) hours - all for a TWO hour movie. Nah, not worth it, even if I had no pain at all.

Watched another old Castle epi - at least something I can watch because it's from several seasons ago. ::glares at calendar:: How long until we start getting new TV shows? Sigh.

Anyway, I'd better see if I can write at least some more of the outline of the fic. Its ending may be more mysterious than originally intended. But I think it'll survive. Hope I will, too.
Look no farther. I've been in EXCRUCIATING pain since this afternoon, conveniently after I'd washed my hair and did a light load of laundry. So, I've been swearing continuously (and - politely - under my breath ... don't want to scare anybody). To make things even worse, I have ONE !@#$%^& painkiller left (and my normal dosage is two) for tomorrow morning. Uh ... if it didn't make me feel better no matter what, I'd probably be staying home from church. But, this way, I get to hand church-John my handy bag of empty supplement bottles as well as a shopping list. Only about $250 worth. But the refills should last me three months.

Despite the pain, I managed to fold my linens (it wasn't pretty, but it got done) and put away the storage tote. And, naturally, I swore some more. Ooh, that rhymed! And I also tried on my diagonally slashed black & white dress to see how much it needed to be shortened, as our Repair Café person will be at church tomorrow. I also watched an old epi of Castle that I couldn't even remember watching before. It was weird. Or was that the pain clogging my brain?

I guess I'd better think about trying to sleep. For once I don't mind the heat generated against my spine by my office chair. It's ... soothing. And so far it's staved off my wanting to cry.
It's no wonder I could barely breathe or lift my feet yesterday, when the humidity at one point reached 92%. That's just ridiculous. Despite an uneven night, I did manage to sleep until 9-ish; the next time I opened my eyes, it was 10:30-ish. It was entirely acceptable, even if I disliked having my day shortened.

Ended up watching THREE old Castle epis in a row and continued taking it easy. Finally felt in a salad-munching mood, so had two big bowls of naked salad (a whole romaine, a pickling cuke and two field tomatoes with no dressing). I know it's weird, but it's one way I can eat salad with my fingers!

Feeling worried about a church friend who's on FB. He posted a grimace-face while lying on a gurney. He's had a heart attack before and was suffering from shortness of breath. I was wondering whether this could have been a delayed reaction to yesterday's outrageous humidity (just thinking of how much it affected me). I'm hoping everyone with breathing problems is okay. ::stares inwardly:: Yeah, blondie, you'll be okay. Perhaps, but I'm still thankful for the chilled neck wrap I'm wearing. Every little bit helps.
So ... another morning affected by cooler temperatures. Not only did I wake up cold, half of me had twisted the sheets and uncovered a foot here and other bits there. Very disconcerting. Once again, I'd been in the middle of some upheaval in my dreams, but there was nothing which I could remember - even faintly. Oh, well.

Had a long wait for my meals as they've temporarily changed the schedule ... so I won't be so eager next week. Had another Castle epi rewatch, where the boys manage to go to Atlantic City - on a case. In the evening, SuM and I got together. I contributed my bottle of bourbon, ginger ale, my bourbon tarts and rocky road cookies. SuM provided ice cream and mini cinnamon rolls (like two-bite brownies in size). I asked her about "The Silent Giant", saying I couldn't see what was available, but she said she had her heart set on "Love & Friendship" (which I have yet to look up on Imdb), a Austenish period piece, simply because Kate Beckinsale played the lead role of Lady Susan. Considering what a huge manipulator Lady Susan ended up being, I mocked SuM for her choice! It was a little difficult to get into the movie because it just seemed to start in the middle of nowhere, thematically, and we had to catch clues everywhere. Anyway, it was free, so yay for that.

I'm looking forward to my own movie excursion tomorrow. So I'm going to give myself a cheerful pat on the shoulder, then look for next week's choice. Perhaps "Florence Foster Jenkins" though I might need earplugs!
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( Aug. 22nd, 2016 10:40 pm)
So relieved I wore my winter gloves to bed last night, covered with my doubled-over sheet and the penguin fleece. Imagine my shock to wake up - in the middle of a really weird dream involving my first lover and his very clingy girlfriend, while I was the older woman whom he was leading past a men's facility where there were many men swimming in an octagonal pool and about 8 men in a communal oval bathtub, as he was trying to get me away from her - freezing my assets off. So I dragged my folded comforter off the couch and added it to the warm-me-up again pile. Luckily, it helped, but then I was having trouble breathing. And my voice has been intermittently scratchy. Ouch.

Still, it felt good not to get out of bed until after 9. I was surprised to hear SuM up and about. Hmm, so she didn't go to work? Nope. She had a day off which she spent ... vacuuming! Oy. OTOH, she did vacuum my carpet and floors, so that was a relief. She suggested we watch our free movie tomorrow, and I agreed. The only problem is I can barely see the choices in the On Demand menu. So I might just accept one of her choices. I'll be providing two of my desserts as well as bourbon and ginger ale. Whee!

I managed to look up the winery's site and am getting to know their selection. The tasting notes sound delectable. Still feeling exhausted from the weekend's activities, I spent most of the day in bed. Naturally, a repeat of Castle was in order, this time the one which was a take on a SF TV show fan "experience". And that was my placid day. Crossing my fingers for more energy tomorrow.
Hmm. Why does "they" sound suspiciously like the leader of my new blind group? Well, it was fun, even though I left without having any fruit or popsicles (popsicles!!!) for dessert ... and then sat on a hard bench waiting for my ride. It was THIRTY-TWO minutes late (add an extra 19 minutes for my being there early). Not only that, the driver had to drop off another client TWO highways away. Oh, yes, we just love /sarcasm driving on the highway. But I'm now home, safe and sound ... and hot again. Thank goodness there's a fresh bottle of Perrier in the fridge.

So, IIRC, there were only 7 of us there, but then the host's place isn't very big (though he has two bedrooms) and there were two guide dogs (but he led his into the bedroom). We had tortilla and corn chips (with guacamole, quesadilla and salsa), three types of pizza (meat lovers, veggie lovers with extra spinach, and chicken pollo) along with 'tater salad and chicken caesar salad. I had a Coke to wash my food down. Really wish I could have had dessert. Sigh. Wonderful range of conversations around me. It turns out the guy who lives fairly close to me was a graduate of the same private boys' school as my first lover. Small world, eh?

I'd enjoyed being able to sleep in until 9:22 and had a fairly lazy day, watching last night's Castle before jumping in the shower. And, then, promptly got so hot again I had to put one of my chilled neck wraps on to lower my body temperature. Sigh.

Anyway, I need to cool off again and then get some s-l-e-e-p. That was hilarious, to hear people spelling certain words, so that the dogs wouldn't understand! Right now, all I want is some painkillers to go directly to my knees, having had to haul myself up into the front seat of the mini-van was so not fun.
Oy. I couldn't even have a simple (though boiling hot) Saturday. Nope. When SuM heard me moving about, she apologized for interrupting me so early, but she wanted to go away for overnight ... and her ride would be here any minute. Buuuut, the dogs were still around, though the ex was supposed to take them home today - time unknown. So SuM asked whether I could take care of the house until some time tomorrow. Oh, just one problem: Grumpy was AWOL. Hey, considering how stupid-loud the dogs were, I do not blame him at all.

Finally got around to doing a light load of laundry around noon. Was still waiting and wondering just when the ex would be by. Tried to stay cool by watching last night's Castle. Finally (OMG FINALLY), I heard a commotion at the front door and then at the back around 5:50. Oh, gee, it the ex and son. When the ex asked how the dogs had been, I did not mince my words and said that the noise was enough to have driven one of the cats out of the house. When they left, I gave the other two cats their mid-afternoon meal, then tried calling Grumpy's name out the back door. No Grumpy. ::pouts::

I kept trying every hour or so while it got dark and we had a mini thunderstorm following the afternoon's flash storm which had knocked the power out just for a couple of seconds. Still no Grumpy. Even worse, CeCe managed to sneak out while I was calling Grumps and refused to come back indoors. I think she found a perch on the neighbour's fence. Watched a couple epis of Modern Family (now that I have the TV set to record all shows). Finally, tried around 10:00 to call both CeCe and Grumpy. Was so relieved when CeCe showed up so I could feed her. At least Grumpy is used to being outdoors, but I hope he'll turn up tomorrow.

With all the cats in - those agreeing to be in, I could finally jump in the shower. I managed to trim some more hair from the back, so it's now all a short bob length and curly. We'll see how manageable it is tomorrow. I also measured the height of my desk and have packed my black curtain so the repair café volunteer can cut and hem it and the remnant that will be a square tablecloth. Progress, yay!
It was SO hot that I woke up at ::shrieks:: 4:15 a.m. Decided NOT to try to get any more sleep and just read stories until the online booking system was live at 5:00. Naturally, as I'd done it first thing, I got both of my rides. Whew.

After that, I did manage to slide back into bed and slept until 10:15, even against the unpleasant backdrop of whining and barking dogs. Hmmm. I guess I must have been so tired that I could sleep through nearly anything. ::shudders::

This was one of my laziest days. I watched the Castle I'd recorded last night and was relieved to have my confusions from 9-10 seasons ago put to rest. Yes, yes, as if THAT were so important to my daily life. ::rolls eyes::

In the evening, I treated myself to a can of tonic water, as I believe the quinine in it helps with muscle weakness. Hey, I'm willing to try anything, though just wish this unrelenting heat would break. I'm not really sleepy, but in too much pain to sit at my computer. So bed it is. Sigh.
First, the dogs waited until they knew SuM had left for work and then began barking and howling. Blondie opens her bleary eyes and spies the time; it's 6:10 a.m. Blondie growls herself and somehow (only the angels know) manages to fall back to sleep despite the recurring unwelcome sounds. Sigh. Blondie wakes again at 9:00 but stays in bed until the alarm at 9:30.

Blondie tries to enjoy brekkie and then makes her way to the living room - along with her big white cane - where the dogs, as expected, try to raise the roof. I could understand the barking and whining but, when the "mean" dog began to growl AT ME, I looked in the direction where she was ('cuz I couldn't really see her) and told her sternly that she was being "rude" and to knock it off. I then quickly grabbed the TV remote and switched the TV onto the nature music channel. Then I put myself into protective custody on the covered porch. At this point, it was only around 11:10 and I had to sit waiting at least until 11:30. I didn't realize I couldn't listen to my radio app because I could hear the nature music through the windows that opened out onto the porch. Oh, well. I'll survive. When the food finally arrived, I had to make several trips inside with it, but the dogs at least stayed away from me. Then, finally, I got to retreat to absolute safety. In all this time, I hadn't see a whisker of any of the cats, so I believe they had taken sanctuary in SuM's bedroom. Poor things.

The rest of the day was punctuated with more barking and howling. Seriously, how can these dogs be having any enjoyment at all if they're so stressed out. ::shakes head:: When I phoned to place my order for next week, I got the boss, so the place must have been really busy.

I had a thought resurface from yesterday that had also been a recent clue on Jeopardy! and also showed up on my cellphone's newsfeed. Did you know that the origin of the hairless Sphynx cat is NOT Egypt? Nope, the kitten was born right here in TO. Talk about pulling our tails ... or is that telling a tall tale?

Enjoyed watching yet another random epi of Castle. In this one, Beckett is trying to attract the attention of the really bad guy who is poolside at a fancy hotel. So she emerges from the pool - like a goddess - in a one-piece red bathing suit with all sorts of interesting cutouts. Once out of the pool, she flings a sheer pareo around her hips and then does her best to entice him, all while Castle is doing his best not to choke on his dwinkie-with-an-umbrella! Oh, good times. So, naturally, I've recorded tonight's random epi to watch tomorrow ... while I do my best to ignore the dawgs. Sigh.
I'm miserable. My spine is screaming. So all I can do is watch the hours trudge by. The only excitement tonight was having a power failure. Oh, great. /sarcasm. My computer hasn't fully recovered (IE won't restart) and neither has the TV (can't access recorded material, so I couldn't watch any recorded programs. Guess I should feel lucky I'd watched another Castle oldie in the afternoon.

Church-John got tagged on FB and I'm envious. It seems that, after he dropped me off at home yesterday afternoon, he had a wee rest before going out to dinner at Byzantium - an elegant gay resto whose last day in operation was apparently last night. After the space is refurbished, TO's LGBT bookstore is taking over the space that will include a bar, gallery, etc. Even though the last time I was there was over a decade ago (sigh), I'll miss the martinis and the ambiance as I witness yet another end of an era.
Sooooo, SuM was supposed to drive to see her mom today (about 2.5 hours) and stay overnight, returning tomorrow. However, I didn't hear anyone stirring when I woke up at 8:38 and, when I went to the living room after 11 to wait for my meal delivery (which was late, sigh), I found the living room lamp on. Huh. So she had to have left while it was still dark outside. Then I got a text message from her around 2:30 to feed the cats. Still confused, because I would have done that anyway. So, imagine my shock to hear her come home late afternoon. She must have been so tired to have done so much driving. Didn't understand the explanation either. Oh, well. At least I don't have to worry about magically disappearing and reappearing cats (well, Grumpy magically reappeared just when I was giving up hope).

Didn't feel very well today. Don't know why. I could be the humidity (when in doubt, it's always a good scapegoat). Had to eat up all of my stone fruit (white and regular peaches, nectarines) because it was starting to go bad. Ugh. Surprised myself when I dozed off for only 5-8 minutes during my piggy cartoons. Yes, sacrilege! Entertained myself with an epi of Castle in the afternoon and one at night. Really enjoyed tonight's Jeopardy! because - in the rerun of the Tournament of Champions - one of faves was back and I didn't realize he'd been only 22 when he first played. Alex explained that the ages of the Tournament players was beginning to skew a lot younger. Hmmmm.

Anyway, I think I'd better t and toddle back to bed. It's a relief I won't have to wake up to feed the cats. A little yay for that.
So, perhaps a titch of hyperbole? In any case, I was thrilled to be up-and-at'em very efficiently this morning. It wasn't hot or humid and was overcast, so I was out 20 minutes before my ride, wearing my new paisley sundress under my black tunic, using the shortened hem portion as a scarf. Very elegant. I really just wanted to sit outside but the bus foiled me by pulling up a couple of minutes earlier. Still, I didn't mind arriving at church at 9:00 a.m. I didn't mind sitting outside, luxuriating in the breeze while listening to invigorating music. At the end of the earlier service, I greeted Sam (our Reverend-Elect) who would be presiding AND preaching today. Before the start of the next service, I had a date tussle with church-John regarding him helping me out. I finally chose Thursday and he agreed. Then the worship coordinator approached me, saying he'd noted my self-exclusion for today's service because of logistics but asked whether I could help out in a pinch because he was short of volunteers on a long holiday weekend. I gently explained not only the logistical problem but also my pain levels which I can work through when I psyche myself up on the first and third Sundays each month. I feel it was my being selfish in this regard that made Communion go longer so that we actually got a chance to sing my second-fave hymn "When Peace Like A River". And I really DID sing it, with croaks in my voice and all. But it was powerfully healing. There were other super-fab examples of music today including a male soloist singing a mashup of "Don't Know How To Love Him" from JC Superstar and "What I Did For Love" from A Chorus Line! I was also thrilled my fave cellist was back from his trip to South Africa. I welcomed him back and complimented his embellishments to one hymn especially.

I had plenty of time after the service to relax outdoors but ended up being driven indoors when spitting turned into actual rain. Hey, you weren't forecast! Unfortunately, my ride did not show up, so I had to call and complain. Consequently, I didn't get home until shortly after 2. Eeeeeek! I was pleased to see that SuM had replaced the light bulb in the laundry room but had only righted my bathroom door but NOT reinserted the hinge-pin. Uh, SuM, do you think the hinge will remain unified on hope alone? ::rolls eyes::

I quickly settled down to write my review. I was blocked for a while, even as I was dealing with hunger and sleepiness. I finally produced my review at 4:11. What a relief. I decided to rewatch my recorded epis of Castle but kept nodding off. Sigh. Same thing with the news. I kept dozing through cartoons and finally got out of bed around 9 as I was cold. Good thing I have my comforter handy. Anyway, I feel myself slipping away, so had better post this, take my meds and slide into sleeeeeeepy-land.
No, I was not a happy camper last night. The first weird dream had me meeting someone (I'm guessing Catherine "the Great" from decades ago with whom I used to travel to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the Shaw Festival) at the edge of the lake to catch the (now non-existent - I'm guessing - hovercraft) boat to take us across the lake. There was a narrow sidewalk that led to a small patch of sand where we would embark via a platform similar to a PT boat (no, I have no idea where that came from). However, as soon as I was aboard (ha!), the boat turned into an express bus and I didn't have the exact change for the fare ($22.50) and nobody was willing to make change. Catherine had already disappeared (which was one of her trademark forms of betrayal, not being where she was supposed to be), so I didn't know where to turn. Even stranger was hearing the driver say that we would be picking up "local" passengers on the edge of the suburbs. Very confusing.

The second dream was closer to when I woke up (at 7:04, when I glared at my phone display). I'm annoyed because I remembered it when I woke up, remembered a few more details a few hours ago when I was lying in bed but, now, when I'm at the point of describing it, I can't remember a single thing. Hey, brain. I want to remember what YOU were doing to me. ::sighs::

After being little rats all night long, the cats were mostly content all day. CeCe has found a new place to sleep when with me. If she's not on the bed, then she's splayed out along the length of the sturdy coffee table. I am definitely surrounded by stranger-than-strange cats.

Still slightly dizzy from the heat and did drift off during the news, waking up at 7:30. Well, it's not as if I were really missing anything, when there are so many deaths, both locally and abroad. And, just a few minutes ago, my fingers began to throb. ::shakes head in disgust:: What am I - an amusement arcade for my maladies??? At least I had a wee diversion by watching tonight's repeat epi of Castle.
Uh ... oops. And, as luck would have it, it happened after SuM left on her one week vacay. ::scratches head:: How on earth did I get the long pin to leap out of its housing? It's a mystery. Well, it was too hot to ponder today, but I'll try to fix it in the next couple of days. Luckily, it was the lower hinge.

Because of the continuing heat, I was especially listless, so spent most of the day in bed, napping for a while and half-heartedly watching a couple of old epis of Castle.

Grumpy must have been listless, too, as he didn't appear for his late lunch. Luckily, he was present for dinner roll call, lol. Diva spent some angelic (and not so) time with me. I hope she'll settle down for our sleepover. Anyway, I need to turn the lights off because they're bothering me even on a subconscious level - as they're not incandescent. Sigh. Night night, all.
First, stay up reading waaaaaaaay too late (um, was it like 2:30?), then try to fall asleep. Toss and turn for an hour because you're too hot, then too cold, then back to hot, all the while wondering why the pillows have conspired to swallow your face! After an hour of that, I gave up and got out of bed. And promptly returned to reading. And then rewatched three old epis of Castle. I guess it's no wonder my vision was extra wobbly today.

It was only after a solid brekkie that I dared to attempt a nap after 10:00. Thankfully, at that point my body was so worn out, I did fall asleep and did so until the alarm after 1:00. It was too little but at least it was something.

Managed to find my allergy pills tonight, so I hope they'll assist in giving me fewer yucky symptoms, even if they're the unwanted non-drowsy type. I long for teh drowsy; really, I do! ::pauses to yawn:: That's a promising sign, so I'm skedaddling off to bed because I have an adventure tomorrow. Yay!!!
Uh ... no medical reference, just the acronym of Aggravation, Confusion, and - worst of all - Laundry.

Woke up around 7:30 which was acceptable. Goofed around in the morning, also wondering just how late SuM was going to sleep in. We have "rules" for laundry where we normally don't do it before noon. As it was around 12:15, I decided to start. Luckily (no kidding), I had very little. So I started and was aghast when the water flow REFUSED to cut off and overflowed the machine. Arrgghh. Also yuck, because the floor was wet. So, I decided to find SuM. I went to the stairs leading to her bedroom. The door was open, so I gingerly called her name. No reply. Then I looked in the driveway. Huh. No car. So I wondered what she might be up to that she would have left home before 7:30 a.m.

I returned, despondent, to the laundry room and fiddled around with the settings, to see if I could engage the washing mode. Before that, I used a container to remove as much water as possible. But, no matter what I did with the dial, more water kept rushing in. I was so not a happy camper. So, I removed all the wet items and got ready to - yes, you guessed it - do laundry by hand. Obviously, the washing was minimal though at least the clothes had sat in soapy water for a while. I did my capelet, velour top, two nighties, jumper, two pillowcases, and undies. There was sweat dripping from my face over the exertion, especially when trying to squeeze water out. Then I dried things in two batches, hoping it wouldn't take as long as I dreaded to dry the dripping clothes. Sigh.

After that, I was so exhausted and ouchy I went to bed. Which is why I missed SuM's phone call. In her voicemail, she said she was going out after work (WORK? She went to work???) and asked me to let the cats in and to feed them. After that, I finally figured out how to delete entries in my phone log. Remember, I blind! Imagine my surprise when SuM came home shortly thereafter. She'd decided NOT to stay out, especially as she had work tomorrow, too. What a relief for me. She managed to get the water to drain and said it was a repeat of a problem she'd encountered before. Whew. Anyway, I'd managed and am now wearing my cozy velour on a cool evening after having relaxed by watching yet another old epi of Castle.

As my hair still smells of the chemicals in the dye, I cut two inches off the bottom and used dry shampoo and am about to use a curling iron to try to tame the straw. Sigh. Have decided to wear my crystal and black jewellery tomorrow and possibly fishnets under my soft black dress. I decided against wearing anything colourful because I'd like my medal to stand out. Had a back-and-forth text with church-John this morning. I think he's mildly mocking me for being excited about tomorrow, especially regarding our special lunch. Well, duh!
... uh, make that appliances! But, not first thing this morning, as my alarm so very rudely woke me up at 6 in the middle of a vividly exciting dream. Sigh. But I had to book my rides to my eye specialist, so I did.

After that I got down to the ugly business of cleaning and defrosting my fridge. I hate-hate-hate this task. Even worse is throwing out food. Sigh again. Is it any wonder that I dream of a shiny, gleaming fridge (black to match some of the furniture)? Obviously, not. So I began moving furniture in my mind (my spacial skills are excellent) and, frankly, am stunned by the latest version! So, all I have to do is actually find a model on sale. Is it time to sigh again?

Had some frustration on the restaurant hunting front for next Sunday. I was seriously thinking of just asking church-John what his faves are and then choosing one. But he wanted ME to choose. Soooooo, first I thought of High Tea but I wasn't thrilled with the reviews I read. Also, it seems that some places really stuff as many people as possible into a room. Me. No. Like. So I returned to a place that intrigues me. C-J wanted to take me to the King Edward Hotel on my birthday for their extensive brunch. Originally, I thought the cost was outrageous; however, I've read more about the various "stations" and definitely want to have Beef Tenderloin (or was it Wellington?) and all sorts of other goodies. So, we're definitely going to do that later this year. However, for this Sunday, I've chosen The Consort Bar which serves slightly less outrageously priced dishes and wonderful drinks. The room is elegant but subdued with armchairs (yes!!!), rich carpets and chandeliers. Tomorrow, I shall inform c-J of my royal wishes, lol.

Tonight's TV featured yet another years' old epi of Castle. And, earlier in the day, I finally ate the chocolate wand Brian brought me from Hogwarts (er ... Disney). I'd actually asked him whether I could (lol, again). The old me would have never eaten it!

And, now, back to another online search for a black fridge. ::asks the universe for a sign::
The first totally amazing thing is that - after going to bed at 1:58 - I slept ALL the way to 12:22. I know I grabbed the comforter for extra warmth at some pre-dawn hour. And at least the extra sleep infused my bones (especially in my calves) with some strength. It also seemed that the heat wave broke for a little while in the early afternoon. I could tell while I was playing gatekeeper for one of the cats (Ce-Ce, who else?).

Late in the evening, SuM popped in to ask a favour on short notice. She's going away tomorrow morning and will return on Sunday afternoon. That means ... kitty sleepover! I know Diva has been missing me, but it's just too hot to be around fuzzy, furry beasties.

Along with my usual game shows, watched yet another old epi of Castle. Now I'm going online to hunt for a so-far non-existent fridge. Hey, it's a cool (and cool) thought!
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( Jul. 7th, 2016 11:24 pm)
Misery is staying up until 2:30 reading, then trying to fall asleep, not wearing gloves for the first time this year, but waking up before 7:30. Not adequate at all. At least I had my reading material to keep me distracted.

Lying in bed was good as I reduced my elevation. Had another old epi of Castle to watch and now I'm actually wearing TWO of my special neck wraps. That's pretty bad. If I have to chill the third one, I'll know I'm in trouble. As it is, I know I am in trouble with a disturbing new type of pain: throbbing spasms shooting upward from the arch of my (already damaged) right foot. Hmm. I'm wondering whether it's heat related. Yes, yes, I'll check online.

And back to reading I go. Sigh.


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