Um ... oops?

It's the best day of the week and I ended up dozing through most of the evening. Emotional exhaustion, claim I, waking up after 12:30 a.m. It didn't help that I woke up at 3:50 a.m. Help! Having Diva lying across my ankles (kept my feet warm) felt strange though nice. I was also having a terrible (much worse than bad) hair day, so plopped my black beret on. Sigh. Waited to feed the cats until I was ready to leave home. As I sat on the sidewalk waiting for my bus, I could hear Grumpy yowling, wanting to be let out. Sigh.

When I arrived at church, I sat outside under the warm sun, even though it was breezy, until one of my friends showed up. It didn't help that this morning wasn't one of my good sight ones. Imagine my shock to hear another one of my wonderful friends' names called out during the Prayers of the People. John (not church-John) who'd been a set designer (and decorated Brent's Holy Union when we didn't have equal marriage yet), had an English background and - ever since my wedding - would always greet me with "Hello, Mrs. Woman!" died suddenly this week. I am SO fed up with losing people. Important people. Not just one sigh, but a string of sighs.

Because one can't sustain the level of excitement as was seen last week, the service itself felt quieter. After, I had a few minutes to rest outside waiting for my bus (on a later schedule). Luckily, it was on time, so I could still get home with plenty of time to write my review. As I walked up the driveway, I could hear the cries of the fourth cat, sequestered for her own safety. Sigh.

When I got in the house, I went up the dangerous flight of stairs to pet and feed her. Well, I fed her but wasn't fast enough to get out the door, so she escaped on me. Eeeeeeeek. So, in order to maintain equilibrium in the house, I had to let yowling Grumpy go outside (as she's afraid of him). Then I retreated to my space, which the other two cats visited during the afternoon, leaving her alone. I'm already so exhausted. I finally texted S, asking when they'd be home and mentioned the situation. Oh, thank goodness, it'll be in a few minutes - before 6. I was so happy to hear people in the house again, so I could watch the news. Or ... most of the news, because then I lost not only my TV reception, but also the internet which stayed down for a long, long time.

Finally, I got both back. Ended up watching cartoons, reading the Agatha Christie book I borrowed last night, and dozing off (I guess it was the sugar from the two tarts I had for dinner). Another oops? Well, I'd better take my pills and go back to bed as I'm off to my eye specialist tomorrow morning. Officially, sigh (even though he's a real sweetie).
Well, it wasn't exactly down, just meh. It didn't help that I had to wake up at 7 to book my rides for next Monday. At least I woke up naturally to intercept the annoying alarm tune (yuck). I was so busy trying to catch up with social media that I didn't have brekkie until nearly noon. Not a smart idea. I kept noting the sun beaming on the window with closed blinds next to my desk and wondered whether I might track the eclipse just by seeing the light change and perhaps the reflection of the shadow. But that was all academic as I was hit with a bout of lassitude in the afternoon and had a free-range (no alarm) nap for a couple of hours. That made me feel better, even if the humidity fluctuated every so often.

Even if I didn't watch the eclipse myself, it was interesting to see how many people did and their shared reactions on tonight's newscast. Then, of course, there are the religious wackos in the States who've said that the eclipse was God's punishment for Obama. Riiiiiiiight. It's not as if solar eclipses aren't a frequent (if not always observable) natural occurrence. But, then again, one would have to tell these idiots that the earth revolves around the sun (oh, noes, that's not what it's like in the Buybull), etc. This is just as bad as the fossil deniers who say that the Devil has really terrific stuff to "deceive" us. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. And what about the Science-Denier-in-Chief who looked at the sun with naked eyes not once, but several times. Sheesh.

Our senior deacon who's also in charge of funerals, etc., posted about what happened at the cemetery. She was overcome with gratitude that church-John showed up and cherished the chance to hold Frits's ashes and place them in the designated place. C-J e-mailed me when he got home. We can't do lunch on Thursday because he's off to dinner and the theatre. Lucky dog. So I think it'll be just helping me with an errand.

Okay, I think I'm off to bed and wee bit of reading. The book is less accessible (meaning it's not grabbing me with the teen working in the cemetery), but I've committed myself.
Oh, the skittering clatter of many claws down the length of the floor. Not what I wanted to wake me up much too early. So I got up. Feel all confused. Was Barcelona only yesterday? Alas, yes. Naturally, there were other plots and a premature explosion. Um ... can I blast off into outer space now?

The universe does not grant me that wish. So I escape into library books. I plug "ballet" into the search box and borrow two books. The first - supposedly 90 pages long - is based on a true story of an orphan from Sierra Leone who finds a magazine picture of a ballerina and vows to become one herself. She and her best friend at the orphanage are adopted by an American family (who go on to adopt 4 or 5 more children). She ends up dancing with two world-renowned companies despite the fact that she had vitiligo from childhood. I guess the book must have been extremely large-print, aimed at inspiring young girls. I finished it in about FIVE minutes, tops.

Then I moved on to the next book whose cover of icy peaks beckoned. It's a fascinating story mixing history of Antarctica with ballet with teen angst with slight humour. Just the perfect escape for me. I'm about half way through.

Watched the news (where I found out about the latest from Spain) and my game shows, then returned to reading. I have stuff I need to do, but I'll leave that until tomorrow morning when my brain is a bit less unhinged. I know it's unreasonable to hope for serenity (and sanity), but that doesn't stop me from wishing it.
It was that much of a blah (or blech) day. I slept in until 8:38, even with two cats around, but woke up frrrrreeeeezing. Then Grumpy came in, yowled at me to get my butt out of bed and feed him brekkie. Which I did. Then I returned to being lazy.

SuM got in around 1 IIRC, so I felt free to doze off after 2, not waking up until around 4:30. Read for a while (still slogging through "Rogue One" for the second time, absorbing more of the details), then got on the computer. Oops! I forgot about the 6:00 news, so watched it on Restart. Then my usual game show repeats.

As our Deputy Mayor died a couple days ago, there was an odd brief mention on the 6:00 news that there'd be many pols including the Mayor attending a service in her honour at our church tomorrow. Um ... is that an additional service, or are they just going to be there in the morning? Because we have a jam-packed morning and afternoon planned, what with the proposed new minister preaching, then a vote @ 1:00 to accept or reject him. Just where would we fit the pols in? Oh, well, I guess I'll find out in the morning.

I guess I'd better think about bed and actually go to sleep. Well, it's the logical thing to do.
I'm talking about Frits, a delightful Dutch man whose role in my chosen family was dear friend first - before he assumed the ceremonial role as one of my wedding attendants, acting as father-in-law. He had a quirky sense of humour (well, he'd have to, natch, being MY friend) and found all sorts of unusual piggy treasures to give to me. I'm relieved that I still have a couple of very small pieces that survived the gruesome downsizing. Dear Frits, may your spirit be encapsulated in a bright star that will shine down upon me with a familiar twinkle.

So, how did I find out? Our mutual friend (who is my jeweller) posted on FB that he was in a coma; he later added a post to say that he was no longer with us. The wonderful thing is that I had no idea I'd probably seen Frits in the late 70s when I used to go with a friend (after he got off from work at midnight) to the hoity-toity bar/restaurant nearby for some oysters and as many drinks as we could until last call. Speaking of oysters, back then, in a restaurant, they were $0.60/each or $7.20 a dozen. Cheap-cheap-cheap. And how was our mutual friend connected? Frits was the manager and hired him, first in a joe job until he was promoted to be a waiter. Small world, huh.

Just as well that I had no plans for the day. Luckily, the cats allowed me to sleep in. Diva was to the left of my head (I presume my head was too hot for her) and Ce-Ce was on the ledge near the foot of my bed. Grumpy was ... somewhere. SuM and her gf came back in the early afternoon, then took off again to the beach where they intended to watch the fireworks tonight. With the extra special holiday, there are fireworks happening in many, many places in TO. Hey, just let me get to sleep after midnight.

Watched my usual TV shows in the evening and then finished rereading just the prologue and epilogue of my Sherlock Holmes (Phantom of the Opera) book. Now I get to reread "Rogue One" to try to get accustomed to the characters' names. So, it's almost time to say goodnight. Well, after one (self-made) obligation.
For what? Well, for entertaining church-John tomorrow. Okay, okay, truth time. For opening the bottle of 2014 Reserve Viognier that will accompany the cheese and other nibbles. After reading of how well the wine stands up to spicy Indian, Korean or Thai (I'm sure there are more) cuisines, I wish the bottle could refill itself by magic. ::sighs longingly::

But what did feel almost like magic was the appearance of my grocery delivery - the most expensive I've ever ordered (also 100 items, though many are multiples of soft drinks) - with Every. Single. Item on it. Wow. It took forever for me to put things away and I had to get really creative with the interiors of both fridges. Well, it's only for a couple of days.

SuM surprised me by being home. I'm still so confused about her schedule but she sorta, kinda unconfused me by saying she's on the 4 to 11 shift this week for training. Ahhhh, so that is what is going on. At least she can let c-J in when he shows up.

Just finished watching tonight's epi of Dragons' Den and am going back to reading FB just to see how much more damage that man has caused today. Just to highlight how proud I am to live in TO, especially as today was Bell's "Let's Talk" day, today there was an announcement of 5 or 6 walk-in mental health youth clinics (serving kids up to their mid 20s) opening that promise to deliver a professional in less than 20 minutes. Even better, no doctor's referral required. Also thrilled at the ground-breaking surgery performed on a woman who received a double lung transplant - after surviving the removal of her diseased lungs for 6 days before a donor was found!

On the flip side of life, was sad to read of Mary Tyler Moore's death. I had no idea of the various health problems she'd had during her life. Tomorrow I'll try to watch the Hot In Cleveland epi that reunited her with her old castmates. Anyway, I'd better go to bed soon. I'll have a lot of fruit washing in the morning.
You know, people younger than I am are not supposed to die. I'm six years and nearly 5 months older than Carrie Fisher. She filmed SWIV when she was barely an adult and I was almost at the quarter-century mark. OMG, I still remember celebrating with a dear friend when we'd taunt each other about just how OLD we were getting. Sigh. As if.

I've been reading about "Rogue One" and that they've inserted CGI of Princess Leia pre SWIV for the sake of continuity. Perhaps I'll try to see the movie in the next couple of weeks. Apparently, she'd already finished all the filming for the next film to come out (which must feel really weird to all the SFX people doing post-production work). In the meantime, I can watch TFA while SuM is away, so I can blast the sound.

In any case, unexpected deaths are always a reminder for us to live our lives as if we might die tomorrow.
Oh, yes, sleeping all the way to 10:30 was absolutely divine. The hot lemon drink definitely helped, as did being so warm and cozy. With the usual nothing on TV, I finally watched "Mozart in London" which I'd recorded a couple weeks ago. It was fascinating to see how much his father had to stage-manage travel arrangements and concert bookings; also that Mozart's clothing - influenced by ornate French fashion - set him apart from young British lads in their plain wool suits who'd mock him. It was just a short program, apparently a one-off.

Church-John texted me about the current Jeopardy! champ - well, until tonight's airing. Her story had been in the local paper, so I found it online. She lost the epi tonight (though her total winnings were over $100K, qualifying her for the next Tournament of Champions), so I guess all the press felt free to write about her. She'd been competing even though she was dying of cancer. I'd wondered, the first time she appeared, why her voice sounded so weak. So, not only cancer but also an infection; and yet she was a great player to rise above pain and foreknowledge of her impending death (with less than 6 months to live). She designated that her winnings should go to cancer research. The sad thing is that she died on December 5 - before her segments were aired. Anyway, there was a lovely tribute Alex paid her after the closing credits of tonight's show. And I even posted my thanks on the show's FB page.

Anyway, after the game shows, I moved to my computer, just keeping the TV on the kids' network. Suddenly, the sound and picture disappeared. WTF? Apparently, the Fibe functions are still in place. I can use the guide, switch to recorded programs. But, apart from the on-off sound, there is no sound and no picture. Helllllllllp. I'll try resetting Fibe tomorrow. And cross my fingers. A lot. In the meantime, I think I need to find a funny story to read (even if I don't laugh).
Glurgh. What a night. Went to bed at 12:20. Woke up some time later. I thought it was a lot later, but it was only 2:55. I tossed and turned and simply could not sink back to sleep, so I reluctantly got out of bed at 3:30. I am going to be a zombie later today. Stayed on the computer for half an hour when I inadvertently triggered the login for the Remote Viewer (what Brian uses to GRAB control of Liblikas). Naturally, I thought he couldn't sleep either, so I texted him. Then, as I though my 'puter was off-limits to me, I crawled back into bed and - oh, so luckily - fell asleep quickly, not waking up until that rude alarm at 8:00.

Had a leisurely morning and a substantial brekkie. Good. Because of the vibrant colours of the glass exhibit, I wore my so-called "stained glass" top. Waited for church-John to arrive which he did around noon. Then we were off back to the centre of the city. He took the scenic route of the highway along the lake, then we drove up University Avenue. I got my first really close-up look at the "Cristal" addition to the Museum. Miraculously, we found a parking spot exactly across the street from the entrance. Free parking = Yay! I was also able to offer c-J free admission as he was acting as my support person and seeing eye-dog (hey, those were his words). In return, I suggested he could take me out for chicken dinner at Swish. We walked in at 12:45. There were very few people there and we really enjoyed the room and space to proceed at my preferred pace. I was just - excuse the play on words - blown away by the incredible artistry and giant imagination. John had to describe all the things I could see, but I still managed to absorb and appreciate a lot, especially the shapes and brilliant colours. Imagine my surprise to find we'd been there for TWO hours at which point my left knee just gave out. So we proceeded to the gift shop where I purchased a fridge magnet, a Blu-ray of a TV special on his work, wrapping paper based on his designs (which I'm going to frame to create art). Total, less than $75. Not bad, considering there were glass pieces with $6K price tags! Then we walked in reverse order back to the start of the exhibit to see one of our fave installations. After that, it was time to limp out and go to dinner. We ended up at the Swish near my neighbourhood. I chose coleslaw as my side dish and was served a mountain of it. I'm definitely going to be getting lots of certain vitamins. Then c-J got me home, mostly in one piece, and assisted me inside as it was raining and dark.

SuM gave me some bad news as soon as he left. Her mom died today, so she'll be leaving tomorrow morning, leaving the cats in my care. I think she's really relieved to have me here ... and I told her that - hey - I felt I had another new family, considering that I'm the cats' Auntie Helenka. I left her then because she got another of her endless phone calls.

Only really watched the news and then Jeopardy as I was really out of it. But, first, I had to send an apologetic e-mail to my sis RS who was not pleased that I'd gone to the Museum with c-J instead of with her. So I had to send her a list of logistical reasons why our getting together to do cultural events is not practical for me. But - hey - we can still do lunches and movies.

Anyway, I really, really, really, really, really need sleep NOW. Shutting down in 5,4,3,2.............
First of all, I really didn't want to wake up at 5:05. 6:00 would have been perfectly fine ::growls:: to book my rides. But my mind and body decided otherwise. So I got up. During the morning, watched N.C.I.S. Nola before heading to SuM's living room to wait for my meals. And wait. And wait. And watch a few more Peppa Pig epis. Finally, my meals arrived around 12:15.

I was distracted until I realized it was 12:58 and the (funeral) service for Dar was supposed to begin at 1:00. I still didn't know whether it would be webcast, but took a chance, went on the website, clicked on one link (wrong one), clicked on the live Sunday service and found it just beginning to play. Oh, thank the universe.

The Sanctuary was fairly full. There was unusual music (can't tell what it was without the order of service), and several eulogies and stories from children and grandchildren in hoarse and cracking voices. I was just so grateful that I had a better than front-row seat for the service ... and began writing my review while still watching. The view screen was stuck on 75% of my monitor, so I squeezed my word doc in the remaining space. Posted it very quickly and then collapsed.

But, wait, I can't collapse yet. I had to place my meals order and then got caught up in a really long conversation with the administrator. Yadda-yadda. Then I collapsed in bed to watch TV. I'd also exchanged texts with church-John in the morning as he quizzed me on what happened on this date in 1965. Uh ... nothing? And then I asked whether he'd meant to type "1963". Yes. So I knew exactly what had happened. He also picked up an order of service from today so I'll have a memento of Darlene.

In the evening, I watched a very confusing N.C.I.S. (too grainy picture) and a much more captivating Bull. And, now, I'm thoroughly wiped out. I need s-l-e-e-p. Yeah, NO kidding.
Oh, I'm sure you can imagine how incensed I was. Decided to stay up as I no longer felt sleepy. Thank goodness for the computer as a source of distraction. Had an early brekkie, watched a very sad N.C.I.S. Nola epi (a LA version of a "Sandusky" coach), then finally slid back into bed after 8, setting the alarm for 11:20. Was so relieved to fall asleep, but the damage had been done. Spent the entire afternoon in bed and dozed off again, waking up to an invisible alarm at 5:00 to watch TV. Well, nothing of substance as it was just the news and my game shows.

The saddest news of all: found out via FB that my fave deacon (and one of my best friends) Dar died yesterday. At least she'd lived a long and very vivid life (oh, the stories of her adventures decades ago in San Francisco!). I can't believe she'll never visit me again. Well, she probably will in spirit and will be thrilled not to have to worry about the scary stairs!

Finally did a bit more tidying up and then rewarded myself with the smoked salmon. Was quite surprised to find it wasn't as oily or salty, so it was a better quality. Canadian too, IIRC. Still haven't touched the bubbly. Yes, my life confuses me, too.
No kidding. When I woke up to the alarm at 9:00, I knew immediately that I would be going nowhere today. Sigh. Because the pain - in my knees - was so severe. I was exhausted just from changing the sheets (as well as pulling on my new luxury padded mattress liner). Because of the unseasonal weather we've been having, I decided to give the fishies another go-round, so they're sharing the bed along with the penguin fleece. But it's really cheerful, so that's a good thing.

Spent the afternoon lying in bed. I wasn't even interested in eating, just resting and letting my hair dry. Confirmed with SuM when she came home that we WILL be watching a movie tonight. Well, 7:00 came and we started watching "Enemy" starring Jake Gyllenhall and filmed right here in TO. The camera frame was so tight that you had to know the city to recognize places because we were supposedly somewhere in New Hampshire! It was a very weird film and I'm going to have to find a synopsis just to figure out WHAT was going on. But, hey, we had my Bourbon pecan tarts and jasmine tea. And cats.

While we were watching, I'd set the TV to record "Beaverton", a new satirical Canadian show. Just found out that Leonard Cohen died. Now BOTH poetic giants of my childhood are gone (though at least Leonard lived far longer and compos mentis than Irving Layton). Too tired to watch tonight, so I'll get to it tomorrow morning. Until then, I'm close to zonking out and sleeping with the fishies. ::giggles::
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( May. 30th, 2016 11:42 pm)
When SuM was visiting, she mentioned the ex might be over in order to clip one of the dogs in the garden. Then she muttered something indistinct, and I had to ask her to repeat it (even though she was sure I knew, just as I'd *known* all about her trip). It turns out that the ex had to put the wee doggie who'd lived here (and who'd initially been as captivated by my presence as the cats, even though I'm not really a dog-person) to sleep last week(?) because of debilitating illness.

So, off you go, Reba, over the rainbow bridge, with fond parting thoughts from your dog whisperer.
Oh, yes, indeedy. Canada beat Finland for the Gold in World Hockey (two years in a row) and - oh, thank goodness - the Raptors beat the Cavs yesterday evening. Whew. OTOH, there was snow in Calgary today, something that apparently happens occasionally over the long May weekend. Welcome to Canada, eh?

I was so happy to go to church wearing so few layers as well as my cushiony Mary Janes. However, I was experiencing unexpected swelling across the instep, so obviously yesterday had been a titch strenuous for me. I wore my long leopard skirt underneath my shorter black jumper. Also pulled my hair up (it's getting easier to do), adding my black stiff bow clip to a folded-over ponytail.

When I arrived at church, I got my pretty nightgown fixed at the Repair Café (yippee). When church-John heard how well my excursion had gone yesterday, he wondered whether I could now start going for short walks. Yes, I know his concern is well-meant (especially after the shock of reading that the Queen of the English Channel, Canada's Cindy Nicholas, had died suddenly of liver failure; uh ... she was eight years younger than I am). In any case, I can go out for shortish walk, especially when I don't have to try to pull on heavy layers. Still, I'll wait until my pedi on Wednesday and getting my feet into their best shape possible. Back to church, Ashley had a bad headache so excused herself, meaning that I was the beneficiary of the two hash browns c-J had brought her. Yum.

I got home quickly (another bonus) and, after I'd gobbled up the pre-lunch, got to work on my summary. Brent had started a new sermon series about Love, though he approached it from an unusual angle. One of the more contemporary contexts he introduced was having us wonder what Jesus' FB page would look like! And making us try to be more observant and kind when dealing with others.

Late afternoon, I was sliding into oblivion, so made it official by setting the alarm for 70 minutes, enough for a mini-nap. With dreams. Only watched the evening news and then an entertainment programme about 10 highlights from this season's MasterChef Canada (which seems to be taking a break of a couple of weeks before the finale).

Anyway, I think I'm headed off to bed soon. I want to rest my swollen footsies and not have to worry about waking up. I may even take a glance at my TV cart pieces. ::crosses fingers for a miracle::
First the sad news. I got an e-mail from my co-leader of the blind group, basically confirming our meeting next week ... but also advising that she wasn't up to talking to anybody because her oldest brother had just died. Considering that she's a few years older than I am, well, it's what's happening all around us these days. I sent her my condolences and mentioned I'd light a candle for her brother on Sunday. After sending the e-mail and already having had brekkie, I was feeling cold so decided to crawl back into bed for a nap. That helped a wee bit.

And, then, let's head over to aggravation. Okay, shall we play the delivery guessing game for just today? Remember, the rules change daily (or, worse, more often). Let's keep Friday for delivering the TV stand, but push the smaller items over the weekend for delivery on Monday. I'll bet you can hear me growling even if we're separated by thousands of miles.

Had a quiet day, punctuated only a couple of times by the sneak invasion by two of the three cats. Naturally, Diva had to climb into an open slot in my hanging closet system. So not looking forward to removing all the clothes - and cat hair - from the closet. So, instead, I think I'll deal with the pantry tomorrow or Friday.

As it's playoff season for just about everything, I entertained myself in the evening by rewatching both N.C.I.S. epis. Still think the original show was a convoluted mess yesterday. I've also got the germ of an idea for writing a new Stargate Atlantis story, based on current events. Not a long one, so I'll try to dash it off tomorrow. Now that I've given myself a busy schedule, I think I'll try to enjoy the half hour left in the ::coughs:: Fourth. Which, for me, is pretty pathetic as I haven't even seen the new movie yet. Another aggravation but understandable as I no longer live within a mile of several movie theatres. Darn those good old days. They just keep popping up in my memories.
SNOW????? When I left wearing my cozy long cape but with Mary Janes on my feet, I thought SuM was kidding about me leaving footprints in the snow. I opened the back door and found out there was so no kidding. Sigh. My driver was already there, so I didn't get cold. Had a terrific time at church, socializing with the gang in the Café before church. Then I bumped into an old deaf friend from ages ago who showed me the order of service honouring his late partner. Ah, sad to see another life gone. But there were wonderful moments, such as having Uncle Ernie come to me for Communion, bantering with my fave cellist about his quick thinking of how to intertwine his melodies with the piano or organ. But my best encounter was with Brent after the service, as he made outrageous remarks about me (natch) to a new pewmate. Oh, Brent!!!!!

I felt really frustrated, waiting in the freezing vestibule, waiting for my cab that was late. When I finally got home, the last thing on my mind was doing laundry. So c-c-cold. After writing my review, I ate some chocolate and crawled into bed. Had an interesting talk with SuM later, learning more of her family history (relevant to TO). When Diva flew in to see me (and to be very, very happy at all the petting), SuM mentioned that Diva was very lucky to have me as an Auntie. Awwww, shucks. SuM also gloated that she and her pals were going to a Jazz Evening at the Aquarium this Friday. Oh, fun. She'd also driven to the library and was pleased to inform me that she had "The Imitation Game" for us to watch, as well as an historical French film she planned to lend to me. Well, let's wait to watch movies until I'm awake and aware again.

Was sad that MasterChef Canada was preempted for an awards show. Boo. So I dozed for a few hours. I'm only eating dinner now, if that's the right word for left-over crackers and aged cheddar. So perhaps I'll return to daydreaming about my virtual wish list. If you're wondering where the funds came from, I filed my income tax return online on March 23. The funds were deposited in my bank account yesterday (post-dated for tomorrow). Mega yay for efficiency. Also planning what mischief Brian and I can get into. Yes, be vewy, vewy afwaid! Bwahaha. ::snickers and pours myself more Perrier::
The alarm was set for 7. I woke up about twenty minutes earlier. Needed to be on my toes awaiting a call and - I hoped - a delivery. Well, that sure didn't happen. Finally got a call mid morning and found out the admin had sent her husband out on Thursday to make a delivery to me of the special Christmas prezzie (and possibly the dress) WITHOUT calling me in advance. Had I been home, I wouldn't have answered the door anyway because ... strangers. As it was, I was all the way in Etobicoke at my meeting. Sigh. So, she asked if it could wait until tomorrow morning when I'll get a whole slew of goodies. Yeah, sure. Whatev.

After that mini-aggravation, I was also felled by the customary post-Sunday slump. But, wait. The cats are being rambunctious. Luckily, they quietened down after I gave them the food I'd held back yesterday morning. Then I returned to bed where Diva joined me. I kept dozing off. The first time, I awoke to the phone ringing from the Meals people. In the dream, I'd been decades younger, sitting in a mechanical wheelchair and out with my PSW. We were at some large building where the blowhard owner was congratulating himself on his efforts to make the building accessible. How? Well, there was a ridiculous facsimile of a ramp, namely the long trunk of a huge tree that had had the top sliced off. Somebody was still planing and polishing the wood. Uh ... just ONE problem: the ramp started at a height taller than my knees. Just how was someone with mobility issues supposed to get on it? Oh, well. I guess it was the intent more than the execution that mattered. ::rolls eyes:: As if. When I was making a fuss, suddenly everybody was surrounding me, handling my wheelchair and - in general - scaring me. That continued until I screamed at everybody to move away from me. Naturally, that's when the phone rang!

I read something disturbing on FB. A couple of strangers were posting about my dear friend Bodhi, wishing him joy on his new journey. Yeah ... he'd died yesterday. I hadn't seen him in years since his health had declined (including a broken back). When I was in Mimico, we'd lived just 5K apart and, when he'd been able to come to church, we usually shared a ride back home every week. He'd been full of stories about his amazing life back in India with his partner (who died many years ago).

Spent some more time dozing until SuM finally came home. Even so, Diva still preferred to remain on the bed with me. But, eventually, she left me. In the evening, I watched my game shows and then the two-hour Murdoch Mysteries Christmas special, recorded just so I can watch some of the things I missed. I'm s little woozy right now, having had a pear, Monterey Jack cheese and the last week bit of Sauvignon Blanc. Time for bed and another day tomorrow.
Up and down all day long. To bed at 2:30, setting the alarm for 9:30. So, natch, I woke up at 6 ... and groaned. What a predictor of a worn-out blonde. My meals were delivered late and many of them were not what I'd ordered. Sigh. Something else for me to report in the afternoon.

Once again, hit with extreme lassitude mid afternoon. Didn't even get a chance to appreciate the warm temps. And, despite the forecast of a few more good days this week, I believe I'm giving up the pretense that I have the energy to go out for a pedicure. So back to trying to find an in-home service. Yes, sigh. Again.

Watched a confusing N.C.I.S. in the evening, even though the resolution brought me to tears streaming down my face. But, oh, the Gibbs-hugs. And just found out that one of Brent's wee beloved doggies went to doggy-heaven on Sunday. Church-John had been Buddy's "uncle" and had looked after the pooch every time Brent was traveling. I think I'll be administering lots of hugs on Sunday.

Anyway, I gotta go. My dose is all stuffed up from crying. Silly dose. Let's see if eating some miniature chocolate treats will unstuff it!
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( Oct. 15th, 2015 11:25 pm)
Alas, they belong to me. I stayed up way too late, first placing my grocery order around 12:30 and finally getting to bed at 1:15 with the alarm set for 6:00. ::shudders:: But, when the alarm sounded, I had to get up and book my rides for next Thursday. After that, I really tried to fall back asleep but had no luck, so stayed up.

However, by late morning I was drooping so, even though SuM was making plenty of noise with her painting prep, I managed to fall asleep and got in another couple of hours. That made the rest of the day almost bearable. Life wasn't as kind to SuM though. After putting two coats of primer on the feature wall, she put on only one coat of the colour - a pale yellow (or so she thought). But it turns out it was just a titch too S*U*N*N*Y (get the in-your-face brashness). But, not trusting her own judgment, she asked her ex to stop by. Which meant that the house was overrun by the hordes (because the ex had been thoughtless enough to bring three rambunctious dogs into a freshly painted room lined with paint-spattered newspapers). Not a pleasant ... encounter. Anyway, the verdict is that she's going to cover up with two more coats of primer and has to go out and buy a lighter shade of - still - yellow. And wrecked her plans for tomorrow (and Saturday?).

At least the cats were very docile, with two of them visiting me in the afternoon and I rescued Grumpy off the back deck where he was patiently sitting, just staring at the door. He wanted at his food dish.

Well, my prediction for Jeopardy! came true, as yesterday's champ lost today. And, then, I tried to catch up on all the shows I'd taped last Friday and Monday. Obviously, being lazy when I can't keep my eyes open is a very wise move (she tries to convince herself, lol). But I did have fun earlier on the Jeopardy! FB page, commenting and -liking- what other people had written about the defeated champ. Always fun "talking" to people all over the world.

There was some sad news today - the death of (former) Ambassador Ken Taylor who was responsible for the successful escape from Iran in 1979 of 6 Americans who hadn't been captured and trapped in the U.S. Embassy. I can't believe it was that long ago. There's a wee bit of a personal connection to the so-called Canadian Caper. When the movie was made, they filmed in my neighbourhood, using the semi-circular driveway in front of my building as well as the luxury condo half a block away (through whose windows I could see the exterior of my building).
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( Sep. 28th, 2015 11:38 pm)
Oh, I so should not be trying to post (and make sense) when I'm yawning so much. Beside the fact that it hurts my face so much. Ugh. Don't know why I'm so tired. Had my 8 hours of sleep last night with only one tiny interruption. Didn't have any alcohol, either. OTOH, I didn't have dinner until I felt ravenous around 8 (and wolfed down two open-faced sammidges of roast beast, mayo, and tomato on rye).

Mind you, considering how terrific Sunday usually is, I normally expect a letdown the next day ... but this is rather ridiculous. My life is a mystery, even to me. What else is a mystery is TV. At least I laughed my head off at the outrageousness of Big Bang Theory but was thoroughly baffled by tonight's Castle. Thank goodness I recorded it, because I didn't know who was pointing a gun or shooting or ... just about everything. So I'll have to rewatch it when I'm more awake.

Was sad to find out just now during the news that Michael Burgess (who'd starred in "Les Mis") has died at 70 from cancer. Not sure if I have an album of the TO cast, but at least I did see him live in that role. Wow, can't believe it was in 1989. Another one, lost too soon. [And they just showed him singing the end of "Bring Him Home", accompanied by piano.]


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