The day got off to a good start when I woke up at 7:37. Sat in bed and read stuff off my cellphone for about an hour before getting out of bed. Finally got up and thought about eating. Also caught up with a slew of phone messages (Hello, blind institute? You need to SPEAK more slowly just in case peeps need to take notes) including one from the neighbour who wanted to be sure I was okay. I sent her a text. As she has no cellphone or e-mail (what a shock), she received it as a voice-text to a landline. Ooh, cool. I also called my meals provider and spoke to the boss-lady who's asking for speech-writing assistance for next Monday when she'll be addressing members of the provincial legislature including the Premier. Hee! My words can be found ... everywhere!

I was so out of it that I needed to have a nap around noon and settled down on newly puffed-up pillows without even setting the alarm. Slept for a couple of hours after which I decided to rewatch Monday's Murdoch Mysteries. A second watch helped a lot, so I texted SuM to let her know. I also managed to find homes on my bookcase for all of my new Blu-Ray and DVD purchases. Uh, they might not be in order, but at least they're off the couch. ::inflates with self-satisfaction::

In the evening, I watched my game shows, a years-old epi of Big Bang Theory with Sheldon at his most irritating (I know, how can one really differentiate), and then the season-ender of Dragons' Den. And, finally, I'm back to reading Tanya Huff. About half way through the first book. Anyway, I think that covers my day. Well, there was also bacon. And a vodka tonic. My nightcap will be a ginger beer to wash down my evening pills. Ahhh, the beauty of a good digestive.
Say what? Pages to read?? You, blondie???

Yes, moi. "Historic" blonde hair and all. But, first, the rest of my day.

I was mortified to wake up at 5:13 (as the alarm was set for an already spooky 5:45). But I obliged my weird body by getting out of bed, only to use the unexpected time wisely (check for the pod under the bed, please) to take down the second tree and remove most of the other decorations. Blondie, I'm proud of you ... uh ... me. The only things left were the plugs (too tangled up for me to see) and the greenery hanging from the brass wreath holder. Once I'd removed the adorable mini plush animals from the gold sleigh, I gave them a new home in the top tier of my fruit stand. After that, I found another black turtleneck to wear underneath a very tight slinky black top: the trapped air kept me very warm. I added my tropical chiffon scarf to warm up my look. And, then, I had brekkie!

It wasn't as cold out as it had been yesterday, but the sky was filled with clouds. Still, I was happy to be outdoors, even with only street shoes. Arrived at church at 9:15 and was thrilled to see my special mum arrive. Why? Well, March is her birth month and we were celebrating birthdays and anniversaries today. She'll be turnig 89! Then the rest of my friends showed up. I greeted Brent between services to congratulate him on his latest honour. When church-John showed up, he treated me to another mocha. OMG, do I ever need that today!

The service was ethereal. We have an Irish singer whose voice and demeanour give me shivers. She is angelic. We had so much glorious music filling the Sanctuary just as the unexpected sun poured in through the south windows. Brent's lesson was about taking risks and sacrificing in order to move toward the unknown. He cautioned us to be open to whoever would be the next senior pastor. It was a very emotional service for me but I couldn't stay to share my reactions because I had to catch my cab home.

When I got in, I had a few minutes to post a check-in on FB with an explanation that my review would be delayed. The cause of my delay, namely my chosen baby brother Brian, showed up after 1:30 bearing many gifties. First of all, there were oodles of movies and TV shows (on DVD or Blu-Ray). Yippee! Which should I watch first? "Galaxy Quest" or-- or-- "Les Mis"??? And on and on. But the biggest question mark was the loan of his (cracked, old) mini iPad. Would I be able to see anything on it? He connected to the library and d/l'd "Brooklyn" - a library recommendation using my phone as a wi-fi hot spot. I don't want to use SuM's, as I'm already hogging it with the desktop! I asked for a strong, sans serif font in a light colour on a dark background. OMG. I can actually read words, even with the iPad resting on my boobs!!! I still have to become accustomed to swiping pages, but I am thrilled beyond words.

After Brian had accomplished the impossible ('cuz, really, I had not expected success), we drove off to the nearest Swish in totally unexpected blazing sun. It should have been mostly cloudy, but Brian said the sun came out just for us. ::beams:: I splurged on dinner for us, ordering a half litre of Sauvignon Blanc, the chicken spring roll appetizer, the special 2-for-1 dinner upgraded to include special bbq sauces, and dessert. Oh, nom. I saved my mini-doughnuts to bring home which is where we headed once the sun was beginning to slide closer to the horizon. When we got back, we were busy with a few more chores (I mentioned how I'd give the place a rest before hanging up a gorgeous floral rope along with the Ikea lights later in the spring) and excited talk of our joint birthday celebration. Hmmm. So, the plan is to have high tea. I shall have to investigate.

After Brian left, I watched the news, then put on the nature music channel and began to read my borrowed book. Page after page after page ... until I dozed off for a little while. So utterly relaxing.... But, wait. Blondie, don't you have something else hanging over your head? ::sighs:: Yes, I didn't write my Sunday review. I was just too mellow (read slightly tipsy from the wine) to concentrate on words. So I'll be doing that tomorrow ... whenever I wake up. No rush, body, no rush. ::giggles and gets ready to read a few more pages before sleep::
And half an achieved goal is still better than lethargy. Mind you, I only had less than 6 hours of sleep. And I am really pleased that I managed to undress one tree and put the deccies away. Remind me to NEVER ever wind lights around and around. Hell to remove. Sigh. I was so hot and exhausted that I didn't dare touch the second tree.

I also enjoyed reading for pure pleasure. I'd been so busy with my own story that I didn't have time to read other stories from the collection. So I read them all. Some of them were just jaw-dropping gorgeous. Definitely an endearing and enduring tribute to a fandom that so many of us love. ::iz proud::

Caught up with the two MasterChef epis from yesterday. Mmmmm. Now I want someone to make me avocado fries. Obviously, one would need really firm, a titch unripe fruit. But it sounds delish.

Anyway, time to take my food obsessions to bed. Must rest my eyes for the movie tomorrow.
So, I'd forgotten about how my rides provider automatically cancels all regular trips ... at some point in December. Oops. It seems as if that happened this weekend, but I only found out accidentally at 1:00 a.m. So I hoped I'd wake up early enough to book my trips to church. Woke up at 2:00. Ugh. Managed to fall back to sleep and woke up at 4:44. As the online system goes live at 5:00 a.m., I got my rides requested (and granted) exactly at 5:00. As I was already up (sigh), I decided to stay up. Ended up rewatching the Murdoch Mysteries Christmas special, this time sitting up, with morning vision. Oh, so that's what happened. After that, I slipped back into bed and slept until 12:30. Whoa. Didn't expect that.

Got my laundry in the machine at 1:11. Then I started dismantling the bed so that I could put it up on 4" risers. I was so hot doing it that my hair was dripping (and the heater had been turned off for hours). I finally managed to get the box springs back on the rail (don't ask), lugged the mattress back on top and was beginning to put my cheery Christmas red flannel sheets on the bed when ... one bed leg broke through the riser. Arrgghh. So I had to flip the mattress off and then remove all of the risers. Repacked them (along with the knocked out part) so I can ask church-John to return them for a refund. Went back to slogging the mattress back on and making the bed. Just as I finished, my laundry was done. I just dragged it out and dumped it onto a chair because I really, really, really needed to jump in the shower.

Oh, it's good to feel human again. Because of the bed problems and need to get the laundry done, I was late in eating brekkie (still had cold veggies waiting), take my morning pills and eyedrops, so scurried to do all of that, especially because I so needed my painkillers.

Finally got around to ordering my Christmas food delivery. I'll get it midday next Friday. Works for me. I also sent an e-mail to SuM's ex, mentioning the special Blue Christmas evening service tomorrow as well as the community meal. And, then, I just sank like a rock onto my beautiful and cozy bed.

I'm really proud of what a whole bunch of (legal) hackers are doing at U of T. They're desperately downloading tons of stuff about climate change from NASA and the EPA, fearing what masses of data will simply cease to exist if that man has his way. It's just so disgusting, but at least intelligent people are coming together for harm reduction.

Anyway, I'd better think about sleep. ::thinks about sleep:: Yes, I'm being silly. I think I'd better have a hot lemon drink and get acquainted with my bed. Later, y'all.
Yes, I needed to pamper myself, especially as I see the temperatures plummeting, with occurrences of snow. Me no like. So, I gave my alligator hands the paraffin wax treatment. I'd hoped to put on a facial mask but will do that tomorrow after church instead. And, though I used dry shampoo on my hair (best invention ever), I nixed curling my hair. With this weather, I'll have my beret firmly affixed to my hair. Even more depressing, I think I'll have to wear b-o-o-t-s. Sigh.

Was pleased to have had a fairly good sleep. Started a load of laundry at noon and, as soon as I was finished, was hailed by SuM who said she was driving her guest home and wouldn't be back until tomorrow at dinnertime. Yay, I get the house all to myself. And a sleepover with the cats. At least it doesn't feel bleak in her living room because she left the Christmas tree and arch-framing garland lights on just for me.

Finally got my grocery order in. I'm so excited, ordering eggs and milk (in the wee containers most of which I'll freeze, to be used with my Earl Grey tea) for the first time in a very long time. I foresee some absolutely delish cheese omelettes next week. And curling up on the couch using my tea service.

With the cats for company, I watched last night's MacGyver and Shark Tank. I'm glad there are still some first-run shows airing.

I had a bit of an electrical oopsie when heating my dinner. I completely forgot to turn my heater off and - yes - I blew the circuit. So I had to scramble to flip the right switch. Even with it reset, I couldn't understand why there was no fridge light on. I was dealing with power bars for both fridges and somehow ended up unconsciously unplugging the bigger fridge as well as turning the power bar off. No, don't ask. But, finally, I figured out how to achieve normalcy (well, as far as fridges are concerned, lol).

Anyway, I think I'd better resist getting into any more trouble and going to bed soon. That's a plan.
I'm being overly generous, considering there was a minor World War Cat in the middle of the night. The second time they tussled was at 6:42 a.m. (still, a far better wakeup time over the past few days), so I shooed them out and fed them brekkie. Finally, alone and (almost) ready to finish my decorating, I settled down to doing the second tree. No, it also doesn't look so pretty, with the lights sticking out all over the place. Luckily, I have my colour-changing star lights from Ikea, so they ... help. The only thing still pending is to try to connect my magic Trek and SW ornaments to an old set of lights. And an artful tossing of the ribbon on the dining table. But not today. Once I was finished, I was all hot and ... hot. Okay, let's jump in the shower blondie, after which you can do your laundry.

Imagine my shock when the doorbell sounded, with me wrapped up in two towels. I felt like growling. When the doorbell rang again, I quickly poured myself into my lounging gown and sparkly shawl and went to answer. Surprise! It was my grocery guy - more than ONE HOUR early (and not even having called to see if it was okay to deliver early). After seeing how disturbed I looked, he even dared to ask whether I wanted him to come back later. I restrained myself from growling. In any case, I was happy to get everything earlier because, once I put everything away, I was able to lie down and rest my screaming spine at noon. I'm just upset I won't be able to make the chicken wings because - after the near collapse this morning of my microwave - I barely managed to extricate my brekkie. So no more cooking. And I have no idea of how to use SuM's (all the settings are dark buttons). Oh, well, I guess I'm not having a hot brekkie tomorrow morning. Sigh. Good thing I ordered a couple of prepared wraps, then.

Fell apart in the afternoon, lying in bed, groaning as the pain was aggravated, and watched last night's Shark Tank and MacGyver. Eh, didn't care, as I just needed a distraction. The evening sped by and now I'm drinking my hot lemon drink and hoping for another good night's sleep. With less Cat Wars behaviour.
Yes, it happened again. Wow! Talk about sleeping in. So, I got out of bed and at least had the computer to distract me, including finishing and placing my grocery order to be delivered tomorrow. When it was time to feed the cats their brekkie, I closed my door and began to decorate the first tree. Well ... uh ... it's done. It's not pretty, but it'll do. I added the strands of teal and pink lights, draped the special flexible ribbon in soft curls from the peak down both sides, and added all my gold decorations. I was planning to use the remaining ribbon and draping it over the mirror about the fireplace. But, when I just tossed it onto the dining table where it just happened to fall over the heavy vases filled with led lights, I found I'd created a brand new look. So, I'll just refine it. Pleased to see how the ribbon diffuses the intensity of the lights. Also pleased to see that the gingerbread ornament's scent is still very strong. The cats don't seem to mind it at all.

After that I was just completely dead. My knees are considering applying for refugee status on someone else's body. I don't blame them. So I went to bed and tried to watch some Peppa Pig. Um ... kept dozing off. In the evening, I managed to doze off three separate times in the course of 90 minutes, making me miss the headlines in the news and much of my game shows.

So far, all the cats are dozing, Diva on the bed, Grumpy on the couch, and Ce-Ce on a dining chair. However, I have to continue to monitor her, because she tried to grab an ornament off the tree. Ack! At least nothing is breakable, but I wouldn't like to see her pull the entire tree down off its perch. ::casts an anxious eye:: I'll just be keeping my fingers crossed overnight. And hoping to catch up on my sleep.
Of sheer rage. Hey, I didn't say that special place was nice. Because, yes, again, I woke up at 2:55 after having gone to bed at 11:30. Later, I believe I identified the trigger. Even though I'm asleep, the pains in my knees are sending impulses to my brain which decides my body should be awake to get the full experience. So fed up.

Got out of bed and puttered around. Had some yogurt. The finally managed to fall asleep at 6:00 and only woke up when SuM popped in at 10:30 to say she was leaving. ::waves hand in her general direction:: Byyyyyyeeeeeeee.

I intended to decorate today and actually got the huge box out of the storage closet. However, I was not inclined to decorate even one tree, as Ce-Ce had already done a dangerous thing, jumping up onto the stand and making herself at home behind the tree. Oh, my head hurts. Still, I managed to remove a few things, hanging bells from the bathroom door, putting a spray of cranberries and ivory leaves in a vase, and setting out some of my precious keepsakes. I also hung up my stocking by the fireplace. And that was it. I should be thrilled I got anything done today, considering the level of pain and decrepitude. Sigh.

Rewarded myself with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and some aged cheddar for dinner. Tried ordering groceries but the site is being cranky. Hey, I'm cranky, too. So I think I'll just crawl into bed and hope for a better tomorrow.
I certainly didn't expect to accomplish a lot when I woke up at 6:22. Arrgghh. That was after going to bed after 1:00. Oh, well. So, the most productive I could be was to find an extension cord to use with the clear LED lights in two heavy vases, meaning that both vases could now be on the dining table. And that was it.

Added to the kidult feeling by watching yesterday's Santa Claus Parade. Mind you, the coverage only showed featured floats the network thought were relevant. Luckily, Peppa Pig falls into that category (Snort!). She was on two floats, the first with the other members of her family, the second by a bookseller showing her and two other cartoon characters, each reading their fave books. Because of the outlandish proportions of the pigs (big bodies with matchstick arms and legs), they were all statues. Another popular float showed the Three Little Pigs. So, yes, I enjoyed those floats. I found the music to be refreshing, especially the unique bands (Police Bagpipe Band, Caribbean Steel Band, Philippine Heritage Band, to name only a few) playing Christmas carols. Hee! Otherwise, there were plenty of high school bands battling the inclement weather. I sure wouldn't want to be marching with both my lips and fingers freezing as I tried to play a wind or brass instrument. The only safe instrument would be the bass drum that needed only a steady beat. I liked how several families were interviewed, including one from Buffalo who's been coming up to TO for 20 years to watch, and making it a weekend getaway. Aww.

After that, I dozed off, waking up with lots of time before the 6:00 news. Along with my game shows, watched a fascinating epi of Murdoch Mysteries, where victims were killed by cyanide introduced into the bloodstream by a cut in the lips, with the source being lipstick (though I'm still confused, so will need to watch it again). The killer was a former ugly duckling who (after using a tapeworm to lose weight and undergoing revolutionary rhinoplasty - at the time - in NYC) went on a killing spree, taking her revenge on any male person who'd taunted her when she'd been a child.

Anyway, I really shouldn't stay up too late tonight. I'd like to be alert tomorrow just in case Dar's service is webcast. Also, hope springs eternal for decorating!
... and I was surrounded by thoughtful, supportive people.

Mind you, I didn't exactly care to wake up around 5:40, especially when the alarm was set for 8:00. But I got out of bed anyway and checked social media. Had a bit of a scare when the computer began TALKING at me. It seems I'd turned on the Narrator function accidentally. Luckily, it was easy to turn off (Caps Lock and Esc, for future reference). Then, after brekkie, I began to slowly get ready for my shopping excursion. It was gloriously sunny, with the rays making it feel much warmer than it really was. Church-John picked me up shortly after noon and we were off to a low-level mall near the church. Why there? Because I'd been told there was a beauty supply store with wigs. ::rolls eyes:: So, not. Oh, sure, there were wigs, almost all long dark hair with just a couple dark blonde ones that looked very small. Sigh. OTOH, I had lots of luck with the other stores. Found a new purse to replace my damaged one, but was shocked at the $79 tag for a mall kiosk. Still, it was soft, had plenty of compartments, and I needed it. Picked up a new mattress protector, skirt and pant hangers, a bottle opener, my first-ever Sharpie pens, lined notebook, picture hangers ... and Blu-Rays of the entire Trek Reboot series and SW:TFA. Yes, I splurged ... slightly. And thought the trip was quite fulfilling merely from the purchase of the purse, Blu-Rays, and pens. However, I had no luck finding bed risers or a lampshade. I guess c-J will have to find them for me (probably at Ikea).

After all of that wandering around (with my pain levels ramping up substantially), I suggested we get a bite to eat, so we drove across the street to Timmy's and then had to - eek - jaywalk. Thankfully, nobody took up the challenge of hitting the old blind lady with the cane. Wise choice. I asked c-J to get me something along with a large hot chocolate and he returned with two turkey clubs. Yummy. And the large chocolate really hit the spot and made my brain sparkle again.

Last on the list was the dry cleaner so I can now have a light winter coat. Yay. Then we lugged everything into the house. He approves of my new furniture arrangement and that I have clearly designated zones. I also showed him the second little fridge I want to get. Okay, okay, I'm ... getting.

After he left, I let out many groans and settled down to a more normal evening routine: news, game shows, and ??? Well, Dragons' Den wasn't on, so I recorded "Passchendaele" with Paul Gross that I hadn't seen before. Ash tagged me in a piglet video on FB. OMG, the most adorable piggy with the energy of a dozen. Hmm ... piggy stimulants? Truffles? Anyway, I'm still debating whether the mani-pedi will be happening tomorrow. It's supposed to be a glorious day, but my poor old bones are screaming at me. Very opinionated old bones, they are! Sigh.
Woke up at 5:00. Arrgghh. What do you think?
Sent a couple more encouraging e-mails to SuM's ex who hopes to be at church this Sunday evening. I'm pouting because Sam's partner Carol will be preaching on Cooking. ::pouts::
Managed to slide back to sleep at 8:30, setting the alarm for 11:00. Much better.
All the while I had my fireplace running to heat the place up to the max.
Began colouring my hair at noon. Finished at 1:45. It's ... acceptable.
Spent the afternoon relaxing.
Watched my game shows and then MacGyver. I really like the actor playing Mac (must look up his name).
Just finished moving the tea service onto the stable coffee table. Am very pleased.

And that's a wrap!
What an amazing difference a day makes. Also sleeping all the way to 8:13 a.m. was exceedingly luxurious. I can't believe all I accomplished today. First, I sent another long e-mail to SuM's ex. Then I had brekkie. Then, I sent a whole bunch of e-mails to subscribe to the Technology division of my new blind group. Then, I sent an e-mail to the President of said group. Now that I'm on the hunt for an e-reader, did some investigating of brands, etc. Hey, it's a start.

Considering how much time I was spending on my computer, I'd almost talked myself out of moving the wee bit of furniture. But I was ... inspired! So I pulled the couch out further, noticed that the carpet wasn't exactly aligned along the far wall, but can cover it up with my autoharp and drum, put a tiny cabinet between the wall and couch, moved one of the trees into the corner (I might not be able to see the fireplace, but now I can see a tree from the bed in either direction), pushed the heavy coffee table back in place, brought the second dining chair from the laundry room and slid the ottoman underneath it. So, so, so pleased!

But, wait, that's not all. Noting that we're still having unseasonable weather, I texted church-John, asking whether he could take me shopping next Thursday (the nicest day) to Gerrard Square, primarily to buy a couple of wigs (though I'm not telling him that in advance, lol). He offered Wednesday as an alternate date and I accepted. Perhaps we can also look at e-readers and other stuff. So, considering that I need to have LESS dead hair when trying on wigs, I decided to get my hair cut on Monday. Booked my rides to the mini mall near me, even though I'll be spending an hour longer than desired. But, hey, door-to-door means I'll compromise. And shop within a more leisurely schedule. With new activities slotted into the schedule, I plan to dye my hair tomorrow. And next Thursday? Well, I might still be able to fit in that mani-pedi. Whew. This might be my busiest week all year long.

Received a reply from the Pres, who's very proud that I'm getting so much out of the group. And SuM's ex replied this evening, thanking me again for all of my words of encouragement. Took a chance on my gastric reaction to spices by having chicken-sausage gumbo for dinner. So far, no flareup, but I might just eat some yogurt anyway. My only TV tonight was an outrageous Big Bang Theory or the practical application of the Klingon language in everyday life!

I'm just so happy to be getting closer to my desired life of leisure. Soon enough, I'll be curled up on that couch, drinking wine in front of the fireplace. Bring. It. On!
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( Nov. 1st, 2016 11:45 pm)
So, guess how long it took for SuM and me to lift the couch up, for SuM's friend to kick the carpet underneath, and for us to move the couch a wee bit forward? Thirty seconds? Nah ... more like ten! It was fabulous. I'm just so thrilled to be able to continue redecorating. Mind you, I'm sad that I can no longer see the fireplace when I'm lying down, though I can if I sit up in bed. OTOH, If I sit on the right side of the couch, the fireplace is Right. There. Hee - I guess I'll be spending many winter days curled up on the couch, perhaps with a large print book from the library, sipping tea and going "Ahhhhhhh". I can picture it easily - even if it's within the context of stupid winter. Sigh.

Considering the position of the fireplace, I'm even thinking of adding a filigreed screen between the couch back and the bed, delineating the front of the unit as dining and living areas. Well, I'll think about it. Not that I have a screen ... but I can always daydream it.

Well, I managed to torpedo another opportunity to get a mani-pedi. OTOH, the temperature never reached the forecast 68. And I didn't get my meals until 12:15. So ... I'll keep hope alive for tomorrow.

Was wondering why the TV schedule got borked tonight. Was it because of the World Series - on other channels? Because both N.C.I.S. and Bull were repeats. Weird. I still watched them because they were good epis. Now I should really think of sleep. Stayed up until 2:30-ish which was not logical. We'll see if a few chocolate treats will put me in the mood to snooze. Maybe I'll just dream of the lovely praise Pastor Sam paid me as well as highlighting my Sunday review. It's so fulfilling to be appreciated and encouraged. And, now, I have my dream for tonight.
But, first, apart from Missy Diva patting my nose at some point before the alarm at 8:00, I had a wonderful sleep. The cats weren't rambunctious. And now I hope I haven't jinxed myself for tonight! As soon as I was up, I shooed the cats out with the promise of brekkie. Then I had my own brekkie and set out to move furniture and odds and ends out of the way so I could reorient the carpet. Oh, thank the universe. The length fits the width (and I'm hiding the worn edges against the far wall). Just one wee problem. There's no way for ONE person to be able to lift the couch and stuff less than a foot of carpet underneath. It would be difficult even with two people. Sigh. So I'll have to wait until SuM comes home tomorrow (or possibly wait until Monday). As a result, I can't use the storage boxes as a buffer between the bed and couch until then. Soooooo, it's going to be a tight fit sleeping tonight - just as I'd become accustomed to being able to stretch out.

Because the moving wasn't enough, I decided to overload a circuit while heating brekkie. Yes, I had the heater on at the same time. Sigh. But I reset it without affecting the computer. Yay. Okay, blondie, not so fast. It seems that the internet has been fluctuating All. Day. Long. so I can't be sure of connectivity from one moment to the next. Sigh. I also did a couple of loads of laundry. So industrious, I was. Is it any wonder I decided to reward myself anyway? The chicken wings (with garlic sauce) were a given. But I'd planned to have vodka'n'tonic. Just one problem. I'm out of vodka. Okay, then, I'll switch to Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc that was stopped with a metal cap. No prob. I'll just use my bottle opener at the end of my corkscrew. Ha! Ya think? It was set so tightly, I thought I'd break the (cheap) opener. Okay, time to look through the collection. In the end, I chose bourbon and drank it with Jamaican ginger beer. Probably the first time I've ever NOT tasted the bourbon.

Anyway, I enjoyed my "reward" and topped the meal off with ice cream. Now full and hoping for carb fueled sleep. Considering the level of boredom not alleviated by any decent TV other than repeats of my game shows, my brain should be blissfully unoccupied. Temporarily, so don't get any ideas!
After all, I had a good (if very dream-convoluted) sleep, waking up to the alarm at 9:30. Had a satisfying brekkie and finally started moving furniture at 11:07. Decided that the best way to move furniture without tearing holes in the rug would be to fold over the rug. Well, yes, I did manage to move the bed and couch (after moving the coffee table and a dining chair out of the way). There's just ONE wee problem. The ::coughs:: "living room" is now tiny and I don't know how I'm going to get the rug down. I have to measure the rectangular rug to see which orientation works better. If I can't get the remainder of it under the couch legs, I'll have to ask SuM for assistance. Just as well, she didn't offer to vacuum tonight (though I believe I said not before Friday).

In other aggravations, because the bed is no longer at least half on the rug, I can no longer slide my linens box underneath the frame. ::growls:: Seriously??? I don't want to have to get lifts because they're not very sturdy. Sigh.

While I was working so energetically (!?!), I'd turned the TV channel to nature music and was soothed by the lovely sounds. Natch, my sound machine is rippling in the background. I love my fancy unit. After I'd had a bit of a rest and countless glasses of Perrier, I watched tonight's Big Bang Theory. I saw an ad for a satirical Canadian show premiering in two weeks' time. The day after the U.S. election. I'm sure that's NO coincidence.

Anyway, I'd better crawl into my lovely expanded bed ... with a special ledge for the cats. I'm planning to wake up at 8:00 to tackle the rug. I want to get it over with as I'm having groceries delivered. After that, I'm going to stuff myself with chicken wings and something alcoholic. Yippee! What's my greatest surprise from the day? Except for a very cranky knee, I'm not in any pain. Mamma Mia, it's a miracle!
Definitely an ongoing journey, but I'm really starting to get comfortable here. And to think all I needed (lol) was a Brand. New. Fridge! Yes, lol again. Now if I could only finish moving the bed and couch again, then I can finally feel like a lady of leisure. Cue my tea tray stat.

However, leisure was difficult to achieve last night when I tried to get to sleep at 0200. Yikes. To compound matters, because of the fridge moving, I misplaced the winter gloves I wear in bed. Well, black on black on endless black can be extra blinding. At least I managed to sleep in until 0700 which didn't feel like morning because it was so dark out.

Finally watched last night's Rocky Horror Picture Show which I mostly hated. Yes, yes, I get that there are theatrical revivals of RH all over the world ... but has there ever been one with a woman playing Frank (other than the Glee version because parents wouldn't allow their sons to take the role)? Laverne Cox just confused me (including uneven affectation of accents). After all, wasn't the big thing to have a male transvestite seducing both men and women being ultra transgressive? Now, it's just Frank'n'Janet ... which was lukewarm. What was way hotter was seeing Brad and Rocky getting close to being tender in the pool, until Janet got closer to Rocky. Now, had TPTB chosen Adam Lambert to play Frank, I think he'd have done a fabulous job, especially as he's done glam and makeup and stuff. Sigh. I think I need to drag out my DVD to watch the REAL thing.

Did a small load of laundry in the evening, to avoid having chores tomorrow if we're all going out to eat. At what time, I haven't a clue. Sigh. Also watched tonight's MacGyver. Always inventive, our Angus is ... and a real cutie!

I've already pulled out a spare pair of winter gloves, so I'm set for bed. But not quite yet. I'd like to continue reading ... and enjoying one of my trees lit up with clear and milky led lights. Nighty-night, all.
Was so exhausted by everything from yesterday that I didn't wake up until 10:00. And, unfortunately, my calf muscles felt like jelly again. Sigh. But, hey, I was on a mission. I went to the new fridge, hoping to plug it in. Only ONE problem. Nothing big (NOT). The cord and plug were JAMMED into a nook at the bottom and I didn't dare pull on something, just in case I actually tore the cord. I even got down on my hands and knees. Yes, VERY scary. So I couldn't plug it in or transfer food. But I still had to move the old fridge out. Cue slight rolling of rug out of the way and playing tetris (again) with the couch. But I was successful (also hot and bothered). I moved it to the laundry room where I plugged it in. Sent SuM a text about the problems I had.

Then jumped in the shower to revive myself. Drank tons of Perrier while waiting for SuM to pick up her son from school. They finally arrived. The son diagnosed the problem where the cord seemed to be stuck under a "plate" but he said that, if SuM tilted the fridge, the cord would pop free. Obviously, blind moi couldn't tell what was happening, but it worked. Hallelujah! After the fridge was plugged in, I quickly removed the food so they could carry the old fridge out. Yippee. It's gone. Unfortunately, some of my condiments had to be sacrificed when I was tranfering food. That's the tradeoff: a separate freezer that's so large that - right now - there are 5 entrées, 4 soups, 6 bagels, with room for plenty more (as well as space on the door). Wow! So, I'll still need to order a really tiny fridge online just for my bottles and jars. But not today.

After the game shows, was too tired to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. Confused whether it's supposed to be just a one-shot remake or a weekly episodic series. Well, I'll watch tomorrow (in the middle of moving furniture) and find out.

Okay, blondie, time to stop peeking in the beautiful freezer so you can get some sleep. You need it.
It must be a MIRACLE!!! Or ... um ... a new fridge. Yep, definitely a shiny new fridge.

I was surprised to sleep in all the way to 10:30. Even more disheartened that I could barely move my legs. Uh-oh. I guess that means NO moving of furniture before going shopping. So, I just had a leisurely hot shower and put on summery clothes (trousers, tunic and capelet) and got ready. SuM drove us to the store. We got there about 4:22, expecting SuM's ex and son to be there by 4:30. We found the aisle and ::breathes huge sigh of relief:: there was decent stock of my desired model. While SuM ran around the store getting a few more things, we made our way to the checkout and then it was time for the two-car cavalcade to head back home.

Amazingly enough, the fridge made it all the way to my mini-kitchen where it's crowding the area. I'm letting it just sit so that it can resettle after having been transported on its side and all the bumping about on the stairs. Tomorrow, I'll plug it in, wait several hours before transferring the contents of the old fridge and moving it to the entrance, so that SuM and son can carry it out of the house for garbage pickup. I'm also mentally preparing myself for moving furniture at the same time. And then - and then - and then, I'm going to squeal.

So, happy feet? Amazingly enough, I just about danced on the stairs. And I'm in no pain at the moment. See, I told you it was a miracle. I'm still undecided whether to get myself a tiny fridge. It all depends on how much stuff I can fit into this one. ::crosses fingers and hopes for Mary Poppins or Tardis effect::

Decided against watching the third Pres debate tonight. I'll read about it and probably be bombarded with clips tomorrow. Watched Dragons' Den and last night's N.C.I.S. Nola which seemed extremely OOC and unbelievable for Sebastian. In pouty news, the Blue Jays were eliminated by Cleveland.
Which is NOT what happened first thing in the morning. Luckily, I woke up before the alarm set for 6:00 and booked my rides. Got them. Then I had a weird morning where I was cold all the time. Very strange as the humidex was high. After my meals were delivered, I sent e-mails, mostly to my sis RS, then watched last night's Murdoch Mysteries and Big Bang Theory. Then I decided to go outside because it felt gorgeous out. Grumpy was already napping on a couple of seat cushions. I dragged out another one so I could sit in comfort. CeCe ran off somewhere, but Diva stayed by me. I loved sitting in the sun (what little there was of it) and still enjoyed it as the clouds moved in and the winds picked up ... enough that I thought rain would be imminent. Still, I ended up being outside for a couple of hours, relishing an uncommon situation as normally the temps would be around 40F. I'm shivering just thinking of it.

Even though I desperately need that pedi and it's supposed to be sunny but cool tomorrow, I'm going to sacrifice my vanity to move furniture. I figure if I can move the old fridge - even with food in it - to the entrance and plug it in, then I can clean the floor and be ready for the new fridge. I'll have to move my bed and couch - again - so it makes sense to do everything all at the same time. Yes, I'm dreading it. But I know I'll be ecstatic when everything is in its proper place. Just keeping my fingers crossed as to stock levels.

I've finally exhausted my patience for watching stupid people do stupid things on Judge Judy. The breaking point came when a woman accused her mother of emptying an old bank account. Well, it could have been the daughter emptied it, the mother emptied it (both of them having poor recollection), or two banks merging that lost it. If that's the case with the banking system south of the border, I feel sorry for you. In any case, I'm now fed up with the show. OTOH, tonight's N.C.I.S. was okay and Bull was fascinating. And I have to look up the stats on "Callisto, Texas". Because one can never know enough trivia!
Oh, don't get me wrong. I still derive a great deal of emotional and spiritual nourishment from church every week. But, while others can sit back and simply experience it, my brain is hard at work trying to remember as much as possible so that I can write my weekly review. This week certainly proved it.

At least it was warmish (even if there was rain). My ride was scheduled to pick me up 30 minutes later than usual, so I had lots of time to dawdle. Without a coat, I brought my new umbrella which I still didn't know how to open. ::rolls eyes:: Luckily, I figured out how seconds before the rain turned into a downpour as I sat outside waiting for my bus.

Enjoyed my time with friends in the Social Hall, but was sad to receive a text from church-John that he was begging off because he was in pain. Ha! He's not the only one, as I was staggering about. But, even with all my aches and pains and needing to concentrate on every word, the music blew everything else away into insignificant fragments. Okay, okay. Magnificent music, now get back to work, blondie! We had a visiting preacher, a young lesbian (originally from a Baptist Texan background) currently in charge of a vibrant United church in Calgary, Alberta. Like ... wow! She was really given free rein, to the extent that the service ran over. Again. I was scrambling to be able to serve Communion and then get out the door. Sat outside with RS for a little until my cab showed up.

When I got home ... well, you know the drill. Contemplate, write, review, and post. Only then could I have lunch. Oh, look. It's also the cats' lunchtime, lol. And then I relaxed while seriously considering moving the furniture. Again. Even though I'm still suffering after-effects. But, this time I vow it won't take multiple hours, because I'm going to move the dining table and chairs out of the way for an increased radius while rotating the couch and bed. Only question is whether I'm crazy enough to attempt it tomorrow. SuM finally came home in the early evening and the cats were gone like lightning! The only real TV for me was the 6:00 p.m. news (not even on my fave station because of ::growls:: American football). Anyway, I'm looking forward to sleeping under my gentle cloud. ::crosses fingers::


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