Well, whatever I am, I'm also the featured writer in the online edition of the church's newsletter, will also be in this Sunday's printed order of service, and apparently also somewhere on the church's website. This was the sekrit project I was asked to create, to write around 200 (I nudged that number up) words about ANYTHING having to do with my involvement in the church. With about 36 hours' notice. Oh, sure, I said. NO problem.

Ha! As if. First, I had to try to figure out the angle, and how I could make it attractive for others to WANT to volunteer. After a few false starts (where I just deleted anything I'd typed), I finally figured it out ... and sent it in by Wednesday evening, about 12 hours early. Then I waited ... and worried ... whether what I wrote would be considered too outrageous. But I was safe, and even complimented by the communications director. Phew. The article was just released and I can tell there are some church people around with a wacky sense of humour, as they used my smirking retirement party picture from 2006.

Okay, blondie, breathe ::practises IN-OUT-IN-OUT:: and tell us about the rest of your day. Well, the best thing is that I got to sleep in until 7:22. I managed to finish reading the "Murdoch" book. I was surprised that he had sex in it - but then I was late to the show and didn't know what kinds of experiences he'd had before Julia (whom I'd expected to have taken the lead after they married). Right now, I'm about to start on the second book, as my iPad had run out of juice.

I was supposed to do chores (minimum of sorting and rearranging my cleaning supplies under the vanity). But, nooooooo, yowled the pain, especially in my feet. Thou shalt not clean today. And, speaking of yowling, I was so relieved when Grumpy deigned to come in when I called. It had been another cool day. Weird, weird summer. I also dozed off again and dreamt about Grumpy and dog-like behaviour in a "Murdoch" scenario. Okay, enough dreaming for me.

Beyond the usual news and games shows, I had MacGyver on in the background while doing nothing. And THAT was the sum and substance of my day. ::crosses fingers for less pain tomorrow::
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( Jul. 12th, 2017 11:46 pm)
I enjoyed having an almost-do-nothing day. While waiting for my meals to be delivered, I watched Peppa Pig cartoons. Then I pondered how to attack my special project. Oh, now I need a nap. Dozed off around 2 and had a really weird dream. I was living on the second floor apparently in a house, but the floor was enormous with space for a rather klunky office. But my space on the floor was charming. Then I remember trying to go downstairs but there were all these strangers blocking my way. I had to even step over children. When I came home hours later, I was stunned to see the entire floor had been transformed as the owner was trying to grow and upscale her home business. At one end there was a wall-sized TV in front of a large conference table with leather armchairs. Then there were some technical apparati (can't remember what the business was) as well as a smaller conference table where my space had been. I was dismayed to find all my stuff (including racks of clothing) had just been put in another alcove but with nothing for privacy. No baffles or walls. And then I woke up. Just as well.

I sent a thank-you e-mail to the theatre I'd attended yesterday, thanking the client coordinator for all of her assistance. I said I'd love to attend again.

In the evening, I just watched the news and my game shows. There was a Toronto resident on Jeopardy! who'd started out very strongly but she ended up tied for second place. Awww. I also e-mailed my church contact having completed my sekrit project. I hope he finds it satisfactory. Even though I recorded MasterChef tonight, I'm much too tired to watch. I'll do it tomorrow. And that's a wrap.
Though the alarm was set for 10, I woke up after 8 and immediately panicked. Why? Because I should have been up earlier to book my rides for the blind group next Tuesday. Oops? But I still got the times I wanted. And then reflected on the weird dream I was having until I woke up suddenly. I think it was Brian travelling with me, though I was at the back of one bus and he was in the front window of the bus behind. We were communicating via hand gestures and mouthing words. He and I have a hilarious relationship, one that can usually be summarized by "I love you, you nut!" We ended up somewhere and a woman whom I didn't really know was guest preaching. She wore a pale blue, beaded, long dress, had long dark hair, and was standing under a Jewish canopy. Then I was worried that my rides provider was going to strand me. Then I woke up. Oh, my mind. Ever so entertaining.

I didn't do much more than read for most of the day. This "Jessica Fletcher" mystery involves a music-related murder in Nola. So far, so-so. Speaking of my chosen baby bro, we communicated about getting together on my post-b'day weekend. Yay, we're going to go to that fabulous Indian restaurant. And he's ordering me a blue case (apparently it's a cobalt shade) for my iPad so my new baby will be protected against inadvertent clumsiness.

With the TV season dribbling to an end, the only real TV was the season-ender of Bull. Strangely enough, for me it was the least powerful epi, despite the presence of a blind jury (who sat behind a screen so their faces couldn't be revealed to opposing forces in a drug turf war). Ugh. Anyway, I think I'll return to my reading.
So not the night and day I wanted. To bed at 1 (a.m.), up at 4. Stayed up reading for a while, then back to bed at 6:30, awake at 10:30. This continued throughout the day until after 4 when I finally roused myself out of bed, having woken up in the middle of a winery dream (haven't visited the winery for 20 years, so now I'm wondering whether they make a raspberry cider).

Running out of my sick-bed staples of ginger beer and hot lemon drink. Can I cross all my fingers and toes and hope the cold fizzles before my supplies do?

I'm massively pouting at the TV listings. Still no new MacGyver makes for a very dull evening after the news and game shows. Naturally, I've been reading, both "The Martian" and other stuff, also trying to put myself into the mood to write something new of my own. Do I want to stick to my current fandoms or escape into the past? Decisions, decisions.

More decisions ahead for me as I'm researching other Afternoon Tea places I can visit with Brian. Because - with the lousy weather and shore-breaching lake conditions, I can't see the two of us going to the island for some time. We need a diversion. Yup, I'm on it!
Yes, that's how cold I am right now. I just crawled out of bed where I'd been lying on my back, trying to warm my hands up by laying them against my ribs, letting the trapped air warm them from beneath the doubled-flannel layers as well as the comforter and fleece. That worked for a few minutes until the hands LEECHED the heat from my torso. WTF, body!?!

So, right now, I'm applying a few tidbits of chocolate to the problem. Had to remember where I kept the chocolate. Wasn't amused to find it in the "winter scene" cookie tin. Sigh. And I won't be able to read any more of "The Martian" with gloves on. BTW, the book's beginning is promising, though I've already noted how the screenwriter improved on one of the revelations, delaying it for greater impact. Yes, I'm impressed.

After adjusting my body position in the middle of the night to lying on my back, I still woke up with a clogged right ear and sinuses. Blargh. However, I also had faint memories of two reboot Trek hugs: Spock prime with the younger one; and Kirk and Spock. The funny thing about the latter was that there was nothing slashy about it, but just a lot of emotional intimacy and comfort.

Had a lazy day that included an unscheduled nap in the afternoon. The 6:00 p.m. news was overwhelmed with fires in the hydro vaults underneath a major intersection (King & Yonge) of our business district. It had begun shortly after 5. People were evacuated safely from one highrise office building and the worst part seemed to be the acrid smoke outside and complete disruption of vehicular and transit traffic. I seem to be a million miles away from where I worked for half my life.

After that, I watched my usual game shows. The current champ on Jeopardy! is delightful. He just barely won tonight's game - his 6th. I didn't get Final Jeopardy! because I know so little about the Supreme Court. While I'd been watching TV, I also worked on my grocery order. Finally submitted it. Will be experimenting with a few new items including blueberry mint iced tea, even though I was only looking for blueberry iced tea. Meh.
Not so amusing was waking up at 5:50. OTOH, I was intrigued to be woken up by a strange dream. A French-Canadian friend from church was in it, though she sounded just like one of the middle-aged Jewish personas I adopted during a road trip to NYC in 1991 with two buddies. Peter did all the driving and I sat in the passenger seat in charge of all the entertainment. Not only did I keep us supplied with loads of cassette tapes (mostly The Nylons), but he and I were "Estelle" and "Sadie", cracking jokes non-stop. Ah, good memories.

I managed to catch an epi of Sesame Street on Treehouse and was a very happy camper. Then so relieved to doze off and catch up on my sleep, in between reading another Huff book on my iPad and snacking on Gummi worms. Sometimes, it's the simple things that satisfy the most.

I was thrilled to make an appointment for a haircut and colour a week from Friday. It'll feel so nice to be pampered. Now if only I could get my act together to get a mani/pedi. Uh ... my legs are in too much pain to cooperate. Sigh.

I didn't watch the hockey game tonight, but was sad to find out that the Caps had beat us by one goal. Sigh. Now, it's a new series - best of three. ::crosses fingers a whole bunch::
Naturally, I'm talking about my brain. When it's on fire (like acing Jeopardy!), it fulfills me. But, when it's off creating amazing AUs - of MY life - it amazes me. Imagine my chagrin to have to obey the alarm at 9:30 because I was in the middle of a semi-canonical version of my childhood smushed with later life.

Apparently, I'd been very involved in a Trans Project at church (MCCT) in the neighbourhood it's in right now. I was a real live wire, even though I was only EIGHT YEARS OLD. For the record, the church wasn't formed until I was 18 IRL. The school year was starting and I was getting ready to go back to class, though I wasn't sure whether I was in Grade 3 or 4. Grade 3 would have been the logical choice. And, really, I should have known what Grade I was entering. I turned up at school, but it wasn't any of the three I'd attended as a child. It was my middle school which only offered Grades 7 & 8. I went in and found the office, explaining who I was. The woman looked at me and only made a hmmming sound. Before she gave me the form with my classes on it, she asked whether I lived in Riverdale. I was puzzled and said that I lived only a couple blocks away (trufax). When I looked at the form, it was a photocopy of the original on which someone had scribbled info about my role in the Trans Project. At 8 years old! And, then, the alarm rang. Yeah, I fascinate myself.

It took a little while for me to get going after that, but I had to eat brekkie and make myself presentable to go wait for my meals. After that, I went to bed and read until I felt I needed a nap but had only 90 minutes until the news. Fell asleep right away and woke up at the end of another dream. This one was set in Atlantis and ended with Rodney McKay uttering just one sentence. But I don't know what that was. Gee, do you think I might be able to slide back into this dream tonight?

Other than sleeping, dreaming, and reading, I was cold. Colden than should be happening. Blech. And watching a titch of TV including tonight's N.C.I.S. and Bull. I also e-mailed Brian about my desktop, but he's out of town. I hope he can help me when he returns. Now I'm just going to scramble back into bed to read my shipwreck tale.
Something along the lines of "Reading will disrupt your life, reduce your sleep time, and make you curious". Okay, I'm stretching. But I was very, VERY bad last night (this morning) as I stayed up until 3:30 eek-o'clock. Luckily, I managed to sleep all the way to 9:30, even though SuM had to get up at 6:30 or 7:00 to take her car to be serviced. Me? I heard nothing.

I even dozed off around noon, lying on my back (so uncomfortable), and had a weird dream of being involved in a much larger household. House was like four times bigger. There were dogs that I was actually comfortable with (I know!) but I think one was a white fluffy lab that I was holding because it needed medication. And SuM's (imaginary) niece showed up, complaining about being dumped. Anyway, just as I was saying I'd be careful with the dog, SuM knocked on my door (for realz), as she was going to vacuum my place. Talk about being woozy and silly.

Was sad to see the cliffhanger season ender of Murdoch Mysteries. I'll have to watch it again (SuM's popped in a couple of times to express how flabbergasted she was!) because it was hard to see everything, especially at night.

Can't stay up tonight as I have to wake up early to book my trip for the next blind group meeting. Speaking of which, they sent out a call for auditions for a cooking show ... visually impaired people! See me stepping away from all the sharp knives, etc. Pass.
My day did not get off to a good start. No, waking up at 6:03 didn't come close to beginning to replace my lost sleep. Sitting in SuM's living room (with her and her new partner, though a pleasant time) for about 1.5 hours waiting for my meals to be delivered, then learning they'd forgotten me and wouldn't be able to deliver until tomorrow morning was definitely aggravating and frankly insulting. Do I actually have to call them and tell them to look in the freezer or write a post-it note? Arrgghh. Good thing I'd had a heated bagel with paté for brekkie (but that's not the point).

Back in my space, I tried to watch Monday's Murdoch Mysteries. They had a young, creepy-yet-goofy Lovecraft as a character. But I missed most of the show from my own personal zombieness. Sigh. Time to replace more lost sleep, this time with a nap from 2:30 to 5:30. Naturally, that's when my eye doc's receptionist called while I had my phone turned off. Sigh again. In the evening, I tried to watch tonight's Dragons' Den but dozed off again, only to have a weird dream including the senior Dragon. Why is my life weird?

So I'm up now, having opened a can of Chicken&Sausage Gumbo soup that I'm eating cold. Too tired and lazy to warm it up. But it's very tasty, even cold. Anyway, it'll keep me company while I find out what happened in the world while I was ... away.
Let's face it. I have a weird body and mind. I'd gone to bed wrapped up in my cozy capelet, shivering. I woke up at 4:57, sweltering in all of my layers and under several covers. Also, not breathing. So I got out of bed after 5 and decided to finish last week's church review. Cued up the service and watched the entire thing, just to get into the vibe. Reviewed much of the music as well as noting some more emotionally touching actions from Brent. I edited my original FB post and was so relieved to have closed yet another task.

I fed the cats and then enjoyed my own brekkie until the inevitable crash happened. I crawled back into bed – freezing again – at 11, setting the alarm for 1:30. Cue very weird dreams. So, it turns out that I – among lots of other people – was supposed to be appearing in a skit on a comedy show. The first time was really easy. After checking in at makeup and wardrobe, I was sent into a large hall where we did our bit and everything was over. But, then, I was asked back for a skit with a greater profile. I had to play an instrument that looked like a banjo, using a violin bow. The banjo was completely white, including the strings. When I showed up at makeup, I was wearing black slides (they're important). The makeup person decided to highlight my eyes by threading a sparkly blue ribbon ::grimaces:: through my eyelids!!! But it didn't hurt at all and my eyes looked fabulous. I have no recollection of what I'd been given to wear. However, I wanted to get rid of my slides back at wardrobe, then wandered back to where I thought I should be. Alas, because I was late, they'd gone ahead with the skit without me ... so no new fame for me. And here I was stuck with this blue ribbon in my eyelids and I thought I'd get an infection. Ack. What to do, what to do. Well, I woke up feeling very disoriented. As I was still cold, I stayed in bed until 2:30, then scurried off to have a hot shower, but was too chicken to get my hair wet. Sigh.

I finally got around to doing the laundry at 3, keeping my fingers crossed some of my do-not-dry items would be wearable for church. ::crosses fingers::

The rest of the day dissolved into mindlessness, though I was ticked off in the evening to note that my rides provider had changed my ride home from church to 3:30 (i/o 12:30). So I was on hold on the phone to talk to an agent. Finally got through after an hour, but got the ride switched back. Huge sigh.

The only amazing thing today was the weather: 57F and sunny. Though I only stuck my head out the front door to get the Saturday paper, at least I enjoyed sitting in the living room watching the sun highlighting various pieces of furniture indoors while the branches of the pine tree trembled from the brisk winds. Tomorrow and holiday Monday won't be as warm, but it's still such a welcome reprieve from the traditional dreariness of February. Yay!
I'm now feeling almost-human after two bottles of it. Far, far better than how I started my day. First, I woke up unable to breathe (and apparently dreaming I was unable to breathe!) at 4:40. But, somehow, I did fall back to sleep for another couple of hours. Still, the stuffed-up-ness continued.

I'm just so relieved I'd done laundry yesterday so I didn't have to worry about doing anything. Watched last night's Shark Tank. Had my first bottle mid afternoon and dozed off as I was suddenly able to breathe freely. The relief dissipated after several hours, so I've just had a second bottle along with my painkillers.

I'm about to watch Jeopardy! recorded earlier, and then have my hot lemon drink. I'm on duty tomorrow, so need to be healthy. ::crosses fingers:: Unfortunately, the friend I was supposed to meet tomorrow is still too sick to attend, which means a delay in the project we're working on. Sigh.
Even though I went to bed after 1 (or was it nearly 2?), my body woke me up at 3:15 in the grips of a disturbing vivid dream in which I'd been affected by the flooding of my old neighbourhood (trufax) and found half of my possessions in the vestibule of the church with no way of getting home or accessing the other half of my possessions (hello, clothes, food, etc., etc.). I was only getting superficial compassion from the person who'd moved my stuff (he's with our Altar Guild). That's when I woke up. Rolled over and tried to sleep again. Managed to until nothing woke me up at 4:45. Arrgghh.

I stayed up, read, had brekkie and watched last night's very creepy Murdoch Mysteries even though I was lost as it referenced actions that had happened before I'd begun watching the show. Still, most effective.

When SuM came home, she reminded me we were having Movie Night. Tonight. We are? Okay. She baked my decadent Bourbon chicken wings and fried some frozen pierogi. OMG, the food was excellent! As for the movie, she'd chosen "The Girl King" about the life of Queen Christina of Sweden. We really enjoyed it even though it was rough slogging as there were subtitles in Portuguese obliterating the English subtitles whenever the characters were speaking anything other than English. Oy.

Right now, I'm just hoping that all the good food will induce an all-night-long sleep. ::crosses fingers::
It certainly worked last night, especially as I'd stayed up until 2:30 reading. Eep. But I slept like a baby all the way to 8:30, waking up even though I'd been dreaming intensely. So, we got slammed with 7 inches, a lot more than expected. So glad I'm not out there. Anyway, once I was up, I looked at my friend's designs. There were 4. One was just a stylized "H" which I found did nothing to enhance my ego, lol. Turns out he was adapting a Holbein design of a pendant Anne Boleyn wore. The second one looked like three fingers caressing the strand of pearls from underneath. Nah. Too parallel and boring. But the third and fourth designs were stunning. #3 had four upright ribbons, studded along the length, radiating outward with a slight curl at the bottom, along with a freshwater pearl between the middle ribbons. Hmm. It's okay, but resembles a diamond ring I wore decades ago that was a channel-set zig-zag. The final one, I'm convinced, is IT. It's a fanciful, artistic and more delicate design with curling (slightly phallic) vines, tiny leaves, a jewelled flower, also with a dangling freshwater pearl at the bottom. I think he intends to use only my pink gold for everything, but I think the flower might be more sparkly in white gold. Okay, time to tell him of my decision. I'm so excited to be able to have something enchanting created from my wedding rings. Can I say goodbye to the past or what?

Uh ... perhaps today isn't exactly the right day to ask that question. Why? Well, it just so happens that I met my first lover 45 years ago. Wow. We ended up having a 25th anniversary reunion. He was divorced with daughters. He's now a grandfather, all of which is just alien to me. Hmm, that means I can logically say goodbye to the past, if it doesn't fit into MY narrative.

Was very bored waiting for my groceries to be delivered. The driver finally showed up around 3:30, just as SuM was busy shovelling snow. I'm just thrilled with my wee milk containers that I managed to stuff into the fridge door. Ha, I'll bet the designer never thought I'd use the entire height and width that way. I also received sugar cinnamon pine cones that are making the entire place smell like cookies ... or mulled cider. SuM really likes their scent.

Earlier in the day, I sent church-John an e-mail about our potential social agenda. And this evening, I found out that one of those opportunities (Saturday soup) would be disappearing as our friend is moving to Kingston to be with his Captain-Chaplain military husband. I know they'll both be missed. Sigh. Anyway, I think I should try to catch up on last night's sleep and hope the snow effect will succeed again.
Well, naturally, it just had to be a Sunday. Even better, after my hot lemon drink before bed, I slept like a baby, woke up to a dream about wearing designer shoes (which I haven't done for 50 years, alas), the cats all behaved during the night and I shooed them into the dining room for brekkie before 6:00. I also located my winter boots and forced myself to wear them. Luckily, I managed to get them on without needing to jam my feet in, so that means that the swelling has subsided at a glacial pace over the last several months. Sigh.

I was also lucky in that my driver rang the doorbell, so I had plenty of time to walk out, knowing that I wouldn't be sitting outside shivering. I was pleasantly surprised to see that SuM had put wee lights out on the railing of the deck. Aww. I arrived at church so very early, so hung around the Repair Café watching our resident Ms. Fix-It working with determination. I also watched another acquaintance setting up a table for selling her painted rocks. I hadn't been entranced the last time by the simple designs but I was enchanted this week, so picked up two. Oh, they were heavy. Each came in a cute gift box. I also brought the remote control for the fireplace, asking church-John if he could see whether I'd done it right. Well, he managed to get the battery compartment stuck, so said he'd take it home to fiddle around with it. However, he also told me that I could switch the fireplace on manually. Oh, yay. I can still use it! I also mentioned that I'd be sending him a reminder of all of the social things we want to do, and suggested January 8 for our grand Sunday brunch at the Royal York, along with sneaking out after an early Communion.

The service was very uplifting and stirring with Sam preaching - again - about not trying to be a "good girl". Mega yay for overcoming societal disdain regarding one's own self worth. After the service, I only had to wait a few minutes for my cab. The driver was very nice and we actually had a long talk about eye conditions, as his father also had a detached retina.

When I got in, the first thing I did was turn the fireplace on and heat the place up. Yay, it works. I'll still read the manual, because I was unable to increase the heat setting to high. But, still, it WORKS.

SuM came home late afternoon. I'd already posted my review of the service and fed the cats who were now ALL sleeping, one on the bed, one on the bed extension, and one on a dining chair. Okay, okay, cats, I get it. You're all comfy around me. Oy.

I managed to doze off during the wrong channel news (as always, I blame American football). When I woke up, there was an e-mail from my choir friend who's redesigning my wedding rings. I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to see the details of his designs. Anyway, I've just taken my evening pills and am waiting for my headache (a snow-ache) to dissipate. ::crosses fingers::
There's a report on the 6:00 p.m. news that your high school (collegiate designation) is being torn down to create a multi-use development: a newly-designed high school, a community hub, and a licensed child-care centre. So, naturally, I'm sad and overwhelmed with so many memories: performances with the orchestra and competing in the annual Shakespearean finals, playing the piano for the fashion shows, all in the auditorium. And, then, the naughty stuff: running the music homeroom (actually a small teachers' lounge) where we weren't allowed to eat. So, naturally, I would make runs to the pizza joint across the street at lunch and we'd eat lots of pickles, with the empty jars lining the high windows! Lots more that I daren't write about (even though it's probably very tame by today's standards). Also the place where I was honoured with a special prize upon graduation, awarded to the "ambassador" of the graduating class. [Though I do prefer a more regal title, ambassador is also acceptable!] I also feel incredibly lucky that I attended when H.S. was a 5-year program in the province, allowing us the luxury to specialize in our final year. Oh, definitely the good old days. Sigh. I think I'll e-mail my childhood friend Danny tomorrow.

Another reason to feel old: having to wake up to the alarm at 6:00 (even worse, in the middle of a weird dream) just so I could book my trips for next Thursday. Which is looking to be dreadful as winter is going to start kicking our butts apparently from tonight on. I may have to start wearing boots. See me pout.

Anyway, this old person needs to have a hot-lemon drink to counter some congestion (possibly caused by drinking alcoholic apple cider mixed with dark ginger ale). And then sleep would be a very lovely and healing move.
After all, I had a good (if very dream-convoluted) sleep, waking up to the alarm at 9:30. Had a satisfying brekkie and finally started moving furniture at 11:07. Decided that the best way to move furniture without tearing holes in the rug would be to fold over the rug. Well, yes, I did manage to move the bed and couch (after moving the coffee table and a dining chair out of the way). There's just ONE wee problem. The ::coughs:: "living room" is now tiny and I don't know how I'm going to get the rug down. I have to measure the rectangular rug to see which orientation works better. If I can't get the remainder of it under the couch legs, I'll have to ask SuM for assistance. Just as well, she didn't offer to vacuum tonight (though I believe I said not before Friday).

In other aggravations, because the bed is no longer at least half on the rug, I can no longer slide my linens box underneath the frame. ::growls:: Seriously??? I don't want to have to get lifts because they're not very sturdy. Sigh.

While I was working so energetically (!?!), I'd turned the TV channel to nature music and was soothed by the lovely sounds. Natch, my sound machine is rippling in the background. I love my fancy unit. After I'd had a bit of a rest and countless glasses of Perrier, I watched tonight's Big Bang Theory. I saw an ad for a satirical Canadian show premiering in two weeks' time. The day after the U.S. election. I'm sure that's NO coincidence.

Anyway, I'd better crawl into my lovely expanded bed ... with a special ledge for the cats. I'm planning to wake up at 8:00 to tackle the rug. I want to get it over with as I'm having groceries delivered. After that, I'm going to stuff myself with chicken wings and something alcoholic. Yippee! What's my greatest surprise from the day? Except for a very cranky knee, I'm not in any pain. Mamma Mia, it's a miracle!
Did I grab your attention? Good. What was less good was waking up at 5:24 and staying up as I doubted I'd be able to sleep again due to feeling cold. After a couple of hours of reading and having my brekkie, I returned to bed at 8:20, setting my alarm for two hours. By some miracle, I did fall asleep, though seemed to be channeling some really weird dreams. When I woke up, I had slightly less than two hours to get ready. Despite the mainly cloudy forecast, I took a chance and wore only my sleeveless jumper over my soft pants along with my capelet. Also - gross - little ankle socks and my mary janes. Imagine my shock to walk out and experience a gorgeous summer's day ... as long as I was in the sun.

My driver was late because of traffic, but I still got to the restaurant by 1:00. Both Jan and RS were already there. We had an excellent time, laughing and reminiscing. I mentioned having spent my morning on WebMD trying to diagnose my abdominal pain symptoms. I think I've got a clue though upset at the likely catalysts: alcohol (when I have one drink per WEEK, if that), NSAIDs (which sucks, as I've found one drug that removes most of my pain). So, anyway, now I really do have a reason to get in touch with the new clinic as soon as possible. In any case, I did not go overboard with too much food and ended the meal with soothing mint tea. I have a strong inkling I'll be drinking my new Moroccan mint tea. A lot.

We all ended up sitting outside, basking in the hot sun and very little breeze. My ride was the first to arrive at 3:30, so I was off home. The driver took the lovelist tree-lined route and I was home very quickly. When I got in, I squeezed in a load of laundry and then jumped in the shower, even though I had to dry myself off with damp towels. Yuck.

Anyway, I should be getting ready for bed. I need to harness my immune system as the temperature will not be as balmy tomorrow. Sigh. That means extra layers. Sigh again.
Up at 8:48, along with some pain and stiffness, but not enough to dissuade me from dragging more things out. ALL the plastic bags are now bundled up for recycling. Also dragged out THREE computer keyboards. They're going into electronic recycling. Catalogued my summer things in a vacuum bag. Then settled down to recatalogue my underwear, though I had no intention of recounting just how many pairs of socks I had, but I can tell you I have three pushup bras, three sports bras, and four camis, lol. Did my hats, handbags, gloves and footwear. Oh, my.

Couldn't believe how hot the activity was making me, so I decided enough was enough. Took it easy all afternoon. Am now a little worried because I've come down with a scratchy throat. Drank some hot apple cider and will have a hot lemon drink before bed. Stay away from me, you pesky viruses!

My mind has been entertaining me for two nights. Yesterday's dream was about Brent. The left exit from the Sanctuary to the Social Hall was separated by heavy velvet drapes. Brent kept disappearing there - even during the service - so I followed and observed him comforting a dying man. At one point, the man died in his arms. And then I woke up.

This morning, I was in the middle of a weird dream where I had been accepted by a Utopian British charity to move into a residence. But WHAT a residence. I saw the floor for the men where there were four to six twin beds in a large room. The beds were cozy and there was a lounge area as well. The floor for women was astounding. Imagine a large department store floor separated into separate displays. There were four separate zones, each with a queen sized bed and all the personal amenities one could ever want. Just no walls. But the feeling of privacy was maintained with screens, curtains, and a noise suppression system. I was being shown around by the administrator who had a lovely lilting English accent. When we arrived at the kitchen and dining area, I was joking with one of the long-term residents and having a really good time. I just wondered whether I'd get used to finding my way around. In the dream, I had NO mobility problems. Or vision loss. Gee, thanks, brain. You've entertained me quite enough. Tonight, I just need many hours of sleep as well as the ability to breathe. Kthxbi.
So ... another morning affected by cooler temperatures. Not only did I wake up cold, half of me had twisted the sheets and uncovered a foot here and other bits there. Very disconcerting. Once again, I'd been in the middle of some upheaval in my dreams, but there was nothing which I could remember - even faintly. Oh, well.

Had a long wait for my meals as they've temporarily changed the schedule ... so I won't be so eager next week. Had another Castle epi rewatch, where the boys manage to go to Atlantic City - on a case. In the evening, SuM and I got together. I contributed my bottle of bourbon, ginger ale, my bourbon tarts and rocky road cookies. SuM provided ice cream and mini cinnamon rolls (like two-bite brownies in size). I asked her about "The Silent Giant", saying I couldn't see what was available, but she said she had her heart set on "Love & Friendship" (which I have yet to look up on Imdb), a Austenish period piece, simply because Kate Beckinsale played the lead role of Lady Susan. Considering what a huge manipulator Lady Susan ended up being, I mocked SuM for her choice! It was a little difficult to get into the movie because it just seemed to start in the middle of nowhere, thematically, and we had to catch clues everywhere. Anyway, it was free, so yay for that.

I'm looking forward to my own movie excursion tomorrow. So I'm going to give myself a cheerful pat on the shoulder, then look for next week's choice. Perhaps "Florence Foster Jenkins" though I might need earplugs!
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( Aug. 22nd, 2016 10:40 pm)
So relieved I wore my winter gloves to bed last night, covered with my doubled-over sheet and the penguin fleece. Imagine my shock to wake up - in the middle of a really weird dream involving my first lover and his very clingy girlfriend, while I was the older woman whom he was leading past a men's facility where there were many men swimming in an octagonal pool and about 8 men in a communal oval bathtub, as he was trying to get me away from her - freezing my assets off. So I dragged my folded comforter off the couch and added it to the warm-me-up again pile. Luckily, it helped, but then I was having trouble breathing. And my voice has been intermittently scratchy. Ouch.

Still, it felt good not to get out of bed until after 9. I was surprised to hear SuM up and about. Hmm, so she didn't go to work? Nope. She had a day off which she spent ... vacuuming! Oy. OTOH, she did vacuum my carpet and floors, so that was a relief. She suggested we watch our free movie tomorrow, and I agreed. The only problem is I can barely see the choices in the On Demand menu. So I might just accept one of her choices. I'll be providing two of my desserts as well as bourbon and ginger ale. Whee!

I managed to look up the winery's site and am getting to know their selection. The tasting notes sound delectable. Still feeling exhausted from the weekend's activities, I spent most of the day in bed. Naturally, a repeat of Castle was in order, this time the one which was a take on a SF TV show fan "experience". And that was my placid day. Crossing my fingers for more energy tomorrow.


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