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( Jul. 17th, 2017 11:38 pm)
Oh, I was overjoyed to have been able to sleep in all the way to 11:03. And I still took my pretty time to get out of bed. The only downside: my meal for the day was Fish'n'chips. Oh, no. More potatoes! But I managed to chew and swallow those lumps of 'taters.

Ended up spending even more time in bed as my fingers were hurting. So not fun. At least I'd started reading Lindy West's "shrill" though I kept nodding off because it's about how women are constrained by most societies to be small and quiet. Or, I guess, not being the new Time Lord! And the evening featured my usual TV shows.

Right now, I think I'm going to find some fanfic to read. And, then, back to bed. Wheeeeeee!
Well, when I wasn't watching yesterday's church service and writing about it. Wasn't too thrilled to wake up at 7:35 (yuck) after staying up late. But I made myself do the summary and posted it while sharing the FB Live post. So glad that's done.

Then I got serious about reading "Rogue One". I had no idea that is such a long, looooooooong book. Mind you, I didn't know as I was reading on the iPad which doesn't show page numbers (unless they're in invisible print, not lol). But, as the iPad is just finishing recharging, I've switched to the desktop which DOES show numbers. Yikes! I guess I can see why, considering nearly everybody's thought processes are detailed. I wish I'd read this shortly after seeing the movie; I might not be as confused now.

And, speaking of reading, Happy Potter!Versary. I can't believe it's been 20 years, even though I didn't get into the books until at least 2002. Yes, I was slow to catch on but quick to catch up.

I loathed the weather today. In the middle of the day, we started getting rumbles of thunder and it got dark. And I got incredibly cold, so huddled under four layers of bedding - which still wasn't enough. It was horrible. And then I had to get out of bed to see where the cats were. Even though the deck was wet and it was chilly out, Mr. Grumpy refused to show up. Sigh. And only one cat was interested in food. Sigh again. But, hey, I took care of them the best I could. Then back to bed with me.

Apart from my usual TV routine, the best part of the evening was having two glasses of wine, one with hot soup, the second hours later with paté on a warm bagel. Only then did I finally feel warm. Anyway, I have to force myself to go to sleep early tonight as I'm being picked up at 8:35 ugh o'clock tomorrow. And I haven't finished my word game yet. Oops! And eeeeeek!!!
Hmmm. Does that mean time stretches when it's warm out and contracts when it's cold? Ha! Imagine a pompous investor (but without the humility of a philanthropist) trying to pull that one over our fave snarky astrophysicist, MRM, PhD, PhD, etc.

Well, my birthday is stretching ever so long (not that I'm complaining; it's simply an observation). Today it was Brian's turn to share in the festivities. He also brought the new protective coating and military-force case for Niebieski Motylek ("Little Blue Butterfly" in Polish, "Little Blue" abbreviated), my newly named iPad who joins his big sister Liblikas. Oh, what a relief to have a proper case.

He even brought me organic strawberries ... and an honest-to-goodness birthday card. Now I'm really impressed, because it seems everybody has stopped giving (especially mailing) greeting cards. Everything is electronic these days. So it was a lovely gesture to receive something tangible that can actually be displayed on my dining table, along with the tulips.

After fiddling around with both computers, we finally left to drive to the Indian restaurant. We were determined to eat two orders of Tandoori Shrimp. We did. Along with a Papadum, Plain Naan (I'm on duty tomorrow), Sautéed Scallops (unexpectedly served in a strange but tasty sauce), and Chicken Biryani that came with Raita. Also, a Gin'n'Tonic each. Nom. We may have slightly overestimated how much we could eat, but we've done that before. So I ended up with lots of leftovers to keep me company at home.

Once I was home, I collapsed. I'd had tears in my eyes from some of the spices, and now I was sweating. Oh, well, it's good for the body.

After watching the news and my game show repeats, I returned to reading "The Martian" with Little Blue propped up on my torso as I was lying in bed. Even though the case feels very heavy, and the lid isn't quite in the right position, it still made a huge difference in my ability to pretend-hold it. I was only touching it barely, to keep it stable. My poor hands are so grateful. As a result, I finally managed to finish my second read-through of the book. Yay.

Now I'd better think of sleep and church and wearing nice things. Well, almost all nice things. If it's raining, I'll have to wear more practical footwear. ::still crosses fingers for nice weather::
With more of the province getting hammered, we've been spared as the forecast fell short. Hey, that's perfectly okay, especially after we were told on the evening news that the lake level would continue to rise for one month. Yikes. Anyway, there were some horror stories shown. In the north-east (Québec), they showed two houses side-by-side. One woman was bemoaning the most likely loss of her house as the basement was flooded. Her next door neighbour built hers later according to a more cautious code and is expected to be fine. Talk about cruel fate.

At least several municipalities have called in the armed forces for sandbagging duties. Hey, if you have a source of mostly-young able-bodied people who will follow orders, why not use them? Too bad our mayor got skewered at the turn of the century for doing the same during a severe snowstorm.

Anyway, I managed to sleep in until 7:30. Continued rereading "The Martian" and then d/l'd "In the Skin of a Lion" - another Ondaatje, as it suddenly became available. I'd already finished my SGA novel and returned it. It had been a Team-plus-Weir fic. It wasn't bad ... but then I've been spoiled by some terrific fanfic. Just watched the news and repeats of my game shows. Yes, boring blonde is blring but at least I had more blueberry mint iced tea with my evening pills. Woo-hoo.
Yes, that's how cold I am right now. I just crawled out of bed where I'd been lying on my back, trying to warm my hands up by laying them against my ribs, letting the trapped air warm them from beneath the doubled-flannel layers as well as the comforter and fleece. That worked for a few minutes until the hands LEECHED the heat from my torso. WTF, body!?!

So, right now, I'm applying a few tidbits of chocolate to the problem. Had to remember where I kept the chocolate. Wasn't amused to find it in the "winter scene" cookie tin. Sigh. And I won't be able to read any more of "The Martian" with gloves on. BTW, the book's beginning is promising, though I've already noted how the screenwriter improved on one of the revelations, delaying it for greater impact. Yes, I'm impressed.

After adjusting my body position in the middle of the night to lying on my back, I still woke up with a clogged right ear and sinuses. Blargh. However, I also had faint memories of two reboot Trek hugs: Spock prime with the younger one; and Kirk and Spock. The funny thing about the latter was that there was nothing slashy about it, but just a lot of emotional intimacy and comfort.

Had a lazy day that included an unscheduled nap in the afternoon. The 6:00 p.m. news was overwhelmed with fires in the hydro vaults underneath a major intersection (King & Yonge) of our business district. It had begun shortly after 5. People were evacuated safely from one highrise office building and the worst part seemed to be the acrid smoke outside and complete disruption of vehicular and transit traffic. I seem to be a million miles away from where I worked for half my life.

After that, I watched my usual game shows. The current champ on Jeopardy! is delightful. He just barely won tonight's game - his 6th. I didn't get Final Jeopardy! because I know so little about the Supreme Court. While I'd been watching TV, I also worked on my grocery order. Finally submitted it. Will be experimenting with a few new items including blueberry mint iced tea, even though I was only looking for blueberry iced tea. Meh.
It could have been a terrific day.
Could. Have.
I slept all the way to 8:30 which was terrific. But, then, I encountered unexplainable glitches. First, I was watching the 20th anniversary interview with a lot of the BtVS alumni that is about 40 minutes long. Well, my desktop decided to stall at the 20 minute mark. ::glares at sullen unproductive monitor:: Nope, no deal. I ended up restarting the whole thing, but haven't gone back to try again ... because I had another problem.

What problem would that be, blondie? Oh, I was just lying in bed, relaxing, while reading my Huff book on the iPad. Near the 10th chapter. I swiped the page (two columns, landscape orientation) but, when the next page is displayed, the left column is missing completely. Another swipe ... and the screen is completely dark. Returning to the overview shows me everything that should be there, but actually pressing any chapter gives me nada. ::tries to contain the mega growl inside::

Well, I didn't have time to deal with that, as I had to get a load of laundry done, while watching an absolutely hilarious epi of Big Bang Theory, followed by MasterChef Jr. and MasterChef Canada.

I guess I'm just going to have to sit at my desktop and read here - even though my bare feet are cold. Why am I not putting socks on? Well, as my feet are still showing the ill-effects of my falls, I have to give them breathing room every so often. So I'll suffer for a little while.

Tomorrow afternoon, I guess I'll be exploring why my iPad is defying me. And most likely aggravating myself more. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.
And half an achieved goal is still better than lethargy. Mind you, I only had less than 6 hours of sleep. And I am really pleased that I managed to undress one tree and put the deccies away. Remind me to NEVER ever wind lights around and around. Hell to remove. Sigh. I was so hot and exhausted that I didn't dare touch the second tree.

I also enjoyed reading for pure pleasure. I'd been so busy with my own story that I didn't have time to read other stories from the collection. So I read them all. Some of them were just jaw-dropping gorgeous. Definitely an endearing and enduring tribute to a fandom that so many of us love. ::iz proud::

Caught up with the two MasterChef epis from yesterday. Mmmmm. Now I want someone to make me avocado fries. Obviously, one would need really firm, a titch unripe fruit. But it sounds delish.

Anyway, time to take my food obsessions to bed. Must rest my eyes for the movie tomorrow.
Mind you, because it was hosted on an unfamiliar site, there was no idea of how long it was (I still have no idea) and just the option of clicking to the next section. There was so much ugliness and general homophobia in it, and manipulation of our fave SGA and SG-1 characters. Such a relief to have finished it. ::shudders::

OTOH, reading a story meant I didn't have to face any more political repercussions ... so that was a good thing. I think.

When SuM came home from work, she offered to fry up the frozen pierogi for me. That'll be great to have ready-cooked food in the fridge. I did my own semi-cooking for brekkie. I'd decided that my entrée of Meatballs with Peppers had had insufficient peppers the last time I ordered it, so I cut about 10 miniature multi-coloured peppers into rings and, after cooking them, enhanced the original dish. Now, I could really taste peppers. Yay.

Unintentionally offered sanctuary to the cats. We had trouble returning them back to their ::snickers:: rightful mommy! I groaned at Final Jeopardy! tonight. How easy an answer could you get (Scarlett O'Hara? Really???), so church-John and I exchanged incredulities via text. And I just finished watching tonight's sad MacGyver. Now I'm getting ready to see what happened in the world today. ::crosses fingers::
Uh ... body? Dear? You weren't meant to wake up at 3:15. Or feel the need to eat lunch at 10:00 a.m. Or have two naps during the course of the day. [Even though, technically, human beings - when deprived of clocks and windows - naturally follow a 5 hours awake / 2 hours awake rotation. But NOT at bloody 3:00 a.m.!!!

Sigh. Well, at least when I was awake, I enjoyed watching last night's Dragons' Den epi, with eager hopefuls seeking a "second chance". Beyond that, I've been reading a really long mixed fandom (Buffy, Sentinel, still waiting for N.C.I.S. to pop up) fic. Haven't been on social media all day long, so will swing by before going back to bed ... whenever that is. Good thing I don't have any responsibilities (except for being the resident gate-keeper, letting Grumpy in from the garden late morning after SuM texted me) until church on Sunday morning.
So ... am I done yet? Um ... no. But I do have a draft document saved on AO3 and have been writing on and off during the day. Changed the POV from an OC to Rodney (though I do allow the OC to talk - occasionally). Anyway, I'm just thrilled that I've regained some momentum in the last two weeks of the year.

In other news, I booked my trip to Brian's on the 29th and also my round trip for church on January 1. It's nice to be organized.

But, then, lassitude (and feeling cold) hit. So I just stayed in bed, huddled underneath the cozy flannel, comforter, and fleece combo.

With all the regular TV shows on a Christmas hiatus, there were only the game shows. I watched Jeopardy with a particular fascination (though I won't say why for the moment).

Anyway, I think I'd better do my eyedrops now (handwashing, dontcha know) and then I'm going to marinate my poor lobster claws in hot paraffin. And try to be patient, not removing it until it's cooled completely. TTFN.
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( Aug. 24th, 2016 11:24 pm)
So I woke up partially confuzzled at 7:00, leaving me with plenty of time to get ready for my pickup. The only problem was that one of my browsers decided to freeze on me - the one showing my pickup and return ride times. Uh-oh. Then, when I was leaving and playing gatekeeper, CeCe decided to come inside. Grumpy was just on her tail (hee) when Missie Diva decided to slide through the opening like greased lightning. Hey, Missie, get right back here. Not only did she not obey moi, she ran down the stairs in the garden and parked herself right in front of where I needed to put my foot. Sigh. As I didn't have time to herd cats, I left two cats out (and texted SuM about the situation).

I had a funny (not ha-ha) driver who kept asking how come I was going to the movies ALL BY MYSELF. Well, gee, last time I looked, I was a grownup. And, considering that most of my friends are 20-35 years younger than I am, that doesn't leave me with any potential matinée companions. Like, seriously, duh.

So, yes, I finally saw "Star Trek Beyond". Um ... or saw half of it - the half that had nothing to do with bad guys, space battles and lots of other incomprehensible stuff. The only parts I appreciated were the personal moments, especially when people were separated into couples. And the quirky humour. And the music. Sigh. After the movie, I had plenty of time to sit outside and catch some fresh air. More time than I expected, because - what else is new - my minivan was 25 minutes late. Even worse, I sat next to a very loud, very talkative woman. No wonder the driver had suggested I sit in the front seat next to him, but I didn't know why. Sigh again.

Watched a two-hour epi of MasterChef. Still don't think much of ALL of the cooks because of the (probably mostly scripted) errors they have week after week. Anyway, I think I might watch some more recorded TV and then la-la off to bed. Nighty-night.
... I'm going to be in the next Star Trek film (along with a few of my friends). The ONLY problem is that I was about TWENTY years younger in the dream. So, obviously, THAT dream is/was a reboot, lol. The most amazing thing about that dream is that it occurred during a tiny doze in the afternoon (along with CeCe draping herself above my head). I find it fascinating that I could fall into a dream state in so short a time.

This morning I was lucky, as the cats did not do anything to wake me up at an unreasonable time. So I got to sleep in until about 8:40. Woo-hoo. Though it was still grotesquely hot, in the early evening, I didn't notice the setting sun dominating the window over the computer. And, then, I heard the warning of sudden thunderstorms moving through the region. Though we didn't get any thunder, there was a lovely period of sustained rain. Yippee.

Well, I managed to beat the 6-day Jeopardy! champion tonight with the name of Lord (and I'm about to spell it incorrectly, I dare say) Carnavon Carnarvon who funded Howard Carter's King Tut excavation. The category had been "English Nobility" and two of the three players had chosen kings. Ha! That would have been "Royalty" instead.

Had a bit of a frustrating evening trying to do my grocery order online. I so do not like their NEW display system, but at least got a $10 discount for my trouble. And, only now, will I be sitting down to some soup for dinner, just so that I might take my evening supplements. Long day has been long. But I still want to stay up to watch MasterChef. Thank goodness for recordable TV.
First the sad news. I got an e-mail from my co-leader of the blind group, basically confirming our meeting next week ... but also advising that she wasn't up to talking to anybody because her oldest brother had just died. Considering that she's a few years older than I am, well, it's what's happening all around us these days. I sent her my condolences and mentioned I'd light a candle for her brother on Sunday. After sending the e-mail and already having had brekkie, I was feeling cold so decided to crawl back into bed for a nap. That helped a wee bit.

And, then, let's head over to aggravation. Okay, shall we play the delivery guessing game for just today? Remember, the rules change daily (or, worse, more often). Let's keep Friday for delivering the TV stand, but push the smaller items over the weekend for delivery on Monday. I'll bet you can hear me growling even if we're separated by thousands of miles.

Had a quiet day, punctuated only a couple of times by the sneak invasion by two of the three cats. Naturally, Diva had to climb into an open slot in my hanging closet system. So not looking forward to removing all the clothes - and cat hair - from the closet. So, instead, I think I'll deal with the pantry tomorrow or Friday.

As it's playoff season for just about everything, I entertained myself in the evening by rewatching both N.C.I.S. epis. Still think the original show was a convoluted mess yesterday. I've also got the germ of an idea for writing a new Stargate Atlantis story, based on current events. Not a long one, so I'll try to dash it off tomorrow. Now that I've given myself a busy schedule, I think I'll try to enjoy the half hour left in the ::coughs:: Fourth. Which, for me, is pretty pathetic as I haven't even seen the new movie yet. Another aggravation but understandable as I no longer live within a mile of several movie theatres. Darn those good old days. They just keep popping up in my memories.
Obviously, waking up at 5:45 was not normal. But necessary in order to book my rides. After that, I stayed up for several hours, had brekkie, and then had a two-hour nap. Oh, joy. After that, I got in the shower and did the laundry (always a tossup as to which I do first, considering the water pressure).

Watched the TV shows I'd taped last night. Oh, Jeopardy! was so uninspiring in the Final: What invention from the 1950s couldn't even tell what time it is? Duh. The atomic clock. Sigh. I also watched my first epi of Judge Judy, having seen only closing snippets before when changing channels. I had to laugh at the case. A 71-year old woman, who'd been around cattle since she ws 15, bought a cow advertised as being pregnant. But she wasn't. More info about the seller's stupidity, yadda, yadda. The moral of the story, boys and girls, is - if you buy a pregnant cow - make sure you have a vet check her out before plunking down the cash. Obviously, I don't think I'll watch often, just when I want to see some weird Americana. And, speaking of "weird", I can't believe that someone is going to give Caribou Barbie a judge-type show, even though - duh again - she has no legal qualifications. Some days, it's a good thing I don't watch much TV.

Good thing there's reading. A couple days ago, I read a wonderful story that was a tagfic to last Tuesday's N.C.I.S. epi. The story was amazing. A bunch of us left comments and have been having quite a spirited discussion about the epi and how we're sad MW is leaving the show and what we'd like the reason to be. Makes me feel all giddy, back right in the BtVS and SGA fandoms when they were strong.

Another bit of reading wasn't as pleasant. I decided to look up an old lover on FB. And have been sucked into the train wreck of his marriage - where anybody can read about it. Ah, well, I guess I'll just remember the fun we had, way back when.

Got to run and give my hands a quick paraffin bath. Because I'd like to have pretty hands on Easter Sunday!
So, there was a huge thing on the Anniversary of BtVS on FB yesterday. But, as it was late, I didn't get around to playing the clips, etc. It was fascinating to play the unaired pilot with a Willow who wasn't played by Aly. I'm really glad they recast the role because it really suited Aly's acting skills.

Reading the article and watching the clips reminded me of how much fun it was to be connected on a more personal level with a huge fandom (so unlike how it was in the early days - pre computer - of so many other fandoms). Oh, some lovely memories of ye goode olde dayes.
A failed hypothesis is what my body calls it. I woke up at 4-ugh'o'clock. Managed to get a smidge more sleep but then finally got out of bed at 5:13. So do not like. I decided to post an older SGA fic to AO3. Why? Well, I now have both RS and SuM wanting to read my stories. Eeeeeee. But there are so few on AO3, I'd like to import a few more that I consider to be worthy. So I'll add some before I send them a link. I tried explaining to SuM that they're all based on TV shows; if she's not familiar with the characters (even what the actors look like), it'll be harder for her to suspend disbelief. As RS is a couple decades younger, I don't exactly foresee the same problem there. BTW, she couldn't believe that I was only a recent convert to Big Bang Theory. Hey, I was without a digital TV for YEARS.

At least I managed to get something productive done because, around 11:30, I was ... flagging. With a recharged phone alarm, I slipped into bed and didn't wake up until 2:30 when I felt almost human again. Watched last night's The Muppets, then tonight's TV including Dragons' Den and A.I. Uh-oh. There are a couple of absolutely enticing charmers who can sing, too! I hope they get the green light tomorrow. Also e-mailed Brian, seeking his advice regarding a digital live clock wallpaper for my phone. 'Cuz I don't need to burn out the screen after reading some reviews. Enough to make me shriek in horror!

Right now, I'm pleading with the universe for some sleep (also had some dark chocolate) so I can be productive tomorrow. I have stuff I need to move around because the homelessness of several things is bugging me. And SuM thinks I've gotten a lot of new stuff. She's such a minimalist, it's not funny. So I'm determined to make a home for everything. As I'm planning to have groceries delivered on Friday, I'm sorta, kinda on the clock. ::crosses fingers for lots of reasons::
Well, I'm starting this, unsure whether I'll finish before face-planting. Here goes:

The temps were nowhere near freezing (projected high) when I left the house, wrapped up in a cozy wool cocoon. I even beat my bus! And was a cheerful passenger!! I know, I know. Must be ... magic. When I got to church, I enjoyed socializing with my friends, then went about my normal routine. Introduced myself to the (new) drummer and greeted my fave cellist. Yay, we're going to have terrific music (again).

Had texts from both Ashley and Jan, saying they couldn't make it. Luckily, church-John did, with my "noose" (aka scarf) in tow. I asked him whether he might be making a trip to Costco soon. Well, he said he could be persuaded for later this week. Yippee! I can get all sorts of necessities. Brent (and John) were away this week as we were introduced to our latest ordained clergy, Carmen. She has an enchanting personality and I really enjoyed her sermon, including two references to a certain cultural standard of our times (Yoda and the Force). I can't wait to watch the webcast because she did speak a little too quickly at times.

I had lots of time before my pickup at 12:55, but my very nice driver was early, so I got home around 1:10. Even the sun came out to greet me, so I stood on the back deck and basked for a couple of minutes. And then got around to the task of writing about the entire service. It took the usual two hours. When SuM got in from work, I suggested desserts and movie choices for our next movie night. Well, she's not keen on watching "Julie & Julia" again ... so perhaps "Earth Girls Are Easy" might interest her. Anyway, I'd better order groceries tomorrow, including treats.

Can't believe I haven't turned on the TV - yet - though will have to soon in order to record the return of The X-Files. I can't believe it's been so long since the show was on the air. Used to be a weekly staple. In the meantime, I'm going back to listening to my fave classical station on my phone. Yes, yes. For that, my phone is behaving!
It even authorized a decent amount of sleep, as I managed to sleep in until a few minutes shy of 7.

Was a good little piggy and got my laundry done mid afternoon. ::snuggles into my velour and soft wool layers:: After that, I was lucky enough to find a YouTube copy of the first night of American Idol I'd missed, so I got to watch it all without commercials. Also so proud of my neurons firing on all cylinders as I got the Final correct on Jeoparty!: William Strunk Jr's "Elements of Style"! Even more impressive because the reigning champ didn't get it. Otherwise, it was a TV wasteland because of ::whispers:: f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l. My response? "Meh. Whatever."

However, I do have something else creative to occupy my time for the next few weeks. I signed up to write THREE fics for [community profile] romancingmcshep, so that should keep me cheerful and productive!

Right now, I'm just waiting for my paraffin to melt as I added a fresh block. My hands need to be unsandpapered stat! So I think I'll drift off to pamper myself ... and then bed. 5:40 comes awfully early in the wintertime.
I'm finding all the current hoopla funny. On the news yesterday evening, they had the reporter getting ready for the premiere of #VII, following the screening of all six previous films (that had started around 4:30 a.m.). Talk about sore butts!

On tonight's newscast, they talked about the scarcity of tickets, even though this particular theatre downtown (the chain's flagship, so to speak) is showing it 24/7. Gee, talk about such a hardship for the theatre. I'm also chuckling about all the boatloads of money they're going to make at the concession stand because of the "free" cups.

I wonder when I'll try to get to see it. I don't know which of my friends might want to accompany me, as I no longer run around in fandom circles. Ah, well, that's a conundrum for another day. Or week ... er ... month.
Yes, we know I iz all about teh hyperbole on Sundays. But today was even better than usual. When I left at 8:50, it was still coolish and dismal but, as soon as my bus took off, I noticed a bright ray of sunshine lighting up the interior. And the sun stayed all day long (i/o deteriorating into showers). Arrived at church at 9:15 (whoa, so early) and sat and talked with my friends, mostly about the upcoming election. Well, there goes the proscription against what one doesn't discuss in polite company. Was this worse, talking politics IN church?

While i was cleaning the anointing oils, I looked up and smiled as our guest cellist walked into my frame of view. That guarantees fabulous music! I was sweetly surprised by Brent's customary shoulder squeeze when I went by him. He has been extra affectionate with me since his return. ::sighs gratefully:: I wonder if he's just appreciating all of the people he's been able to influence or been influenced by ... and that soonish his way of living will be completely altered. Anyway, when I returned to my pew, there was a woman sitting there. I was just about to introduce myself (yadda, details, yadda) when SHE welcomed me, saying she loves reading my summary every week! I think I'll put an open invitation in my writeup next week to join me in my pew.

I cried so much during the service, but I know I wasn't the only one. Brent took us on an undulating river journey where we followed the flow, not knowing whether we'd be mourning parts of our history or getting some relief from a funny memory. My own tears continued during the Offering, as it was a tender, evocative solo. Church-John and I had one of the Deacons for both Anointing and Communion; for the latter, her prayer was for us to go and be "Ambassadors of God"! Well, that was impressive.

I had to dash out as the service didn't end until 12:20. As I sat outside, I got to greet even more people (and have been hitting my head, trying to remember some of the names from long ago). Really enjoyed my conversation with my cab driver who got me home at 1:00. I offered the cats an open door policy; the two more rambunctious ones took me up on it, while Diva stayed with me. And, then, I had to scurry to write my summary and post it. Finally finished it around 3. Now I'm exhausted.

Was completely taken aback by an e-mailed comment from my SGA novel reposted on AO3. OMG, there was so much carefully detailed praise with numerous examples that, as soon as I'd read it, I had a huge smile on my face. How could this day be so ... awesome? With gorgeous, sunny, warm weather, too?

My cat-mothering ended when SuM returned after 5. Oh, good. She got a verbal report of cat (and human) misadventures though I told her she could wait until tomorrow to fix my shower door. I'd already moved things around in the bathroom to try to eliminate a potential source of the problem. I hope it's enough to make the door more stable. ::crosses fingers::

I'm scared to find out what the baseball score is. I was on FB a few minutes ago and had to leave because friends were discussing the score. Mind you, they were just listing numbers and not which team had which number. Ack! I think that's even worse. Anyway, I'd better think about bed because I haven't packed anything to take to church for tomorrow. Yay for the continuation of a fabulous holiday weekend!


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