Oh, what a perfect day on which to celebrate Brent's 40th Anniversary. The service was exquisite, full of many touching moments (caught on camera thankfully). The music was powerful. The service ended with a flash mob led by our Broadway Diva. I laughed. I cried. I didn't want it to end. But it had to end, because then there was a party in the Social Hall with hot dogs, chips, klondike bars and freezie pops. The entertainment was a mixed bag, ranging from singing by our refugee group, a Star Trek parody including both TOS and Next Gen characters, a modern dance that included a young boy and two adults. Mind you, I missed a lot being blind. Sigh. At least I had my seeing eye person (thanks, church-John) to describe things for me. Both c-J and our mutual friend had worked on my walker and fixed the basket. They're so ... handy!

After the food and entertainment, c-J drove me home where he came in and replaced almost all of my batteries. So, why weren't my fake pillar candles working? The batteries were corroded and had leaked. Yuck. He got all of them working, also put a battery in the portable misting fan he'd given me, also got the automatic can opener to work (hallelujah!). The only thing he wasn't able to fix was my lit (ha, so not) magnifier. But I don't want to shell out another 30 bucks. Sigh.

After he left, I got busy writing my review of the service. After posting it, I received a stunning compliment from the church (I wish I knew who the spokesperson is). And, now that the anniversary has been and gone, I can reveal the secret I've been keeping. There was a special committee at the church who invited me to write some touching, personal memories of Brent and me for inclusion in a special book. I wrote some outrageous ones, 502 words' worth (my limit had been 500). I don't know if any of the memories will be made public, but I'm so happy that Brent'll never forget me. Hey, how could he!!!

I'm looking forward to making some appointments this week. C-J agreed to drive me to the dry cleaners on Thursday so I can get them started on replacing my winter coat lining. And then we're going to drive downtown to a crepe restaurant. Yay for more social time for blondie.
Well, whatever I am, I'm also the featured writer in the online edition of the church's newsletter, will also be in this Sunday's printed order of service, and apparently also somewhere on the church's website. This was the sekrit project I was asked to create, to write around 200 (I nudged that number up) words about ANYTHING having to do with my involvement in the church. With about 36 hours' notice. Oh, sure, I said. NO problem.

Ha! As if. First, I had to try to figure out the angle, and how I could make it attractive for others to WANT to volunteer. After a few false starts (where I just deleted anything I'd typed), I finally figured it out ... and sent it in by Wednesday evening, about 12 hours early. Then I waited ... and worried ... whether what I wrote would be considered too outrageous. But I was safe, and even complimented by the communications director. Phew. The article was just released and I can tell there are some church people around with a wacky sense of humour, as they used my smirking retirement party picture from 2006.

Okay, blondie, breathe ::practises IN-OUT-IN-OUT:: and tell us about the rest of your day. Well, the best thing is that I got to sleep in until 7:22. I managed to finish reading the "Murdoch" book. I was surprised that he had sex in it - but then I was late to the show and didn't know what kinds of experiences he'd had before Julia (whom I'd expected to have taken the lead after they married). Right now, I'm about to start on the second book, as my iPad had run out of juice.

I was supposed to do chores (minimum of sorting and rearranging my cleaning supplies under the vanity). But, nooooooo, yowled the pain, especially in my feet. Thou shalt not clean today. And, speaking of yowling, I was so relieved when Grumpy deigned to come in when I called. It had been another cool day. Weird, weird summer. I also dozed off again and dreamt about Grumpy and dog-like behaviour in a "Murdoch" scenario. Okay, enough dreaming for me.

Beyond the usual news and games shows, I had MacGyver on in the background while doing nothing. And THAT was the sum and substance of my day. ::crosses fingers for less pain tomorrow::
Sigh. I could feel my pulse in my neck as I burrowed my head into my pillow trying to find a position where it wouldn't happen. Somehow (magic?) I managed to fall asleep but it certainly wasn't enough when I woke up at 5:40 ugh-o'clock.

But I was a happy camper off to my blind group meeting. I finished the word game and packed it up along with my iPad. Yes, I was experimenting, carrying it in an old designer handbag that had always looked and felt awkward. But it fits the iPad perfectly and the semi-long straps can hang off my walker handle. Total win for the blonde who just saved some money.

What did not please me was walking out onto a wet deck, then cringing as I stepped through soaked grass with open-toed shoes. Ick. I arrived at the centre really early, so tried reading my book in the lobby. Rats. There was too much glare from both the overhead lights and the windows. So I guess I won't be packing it any more.

The meeting was lots of fun. We played my game and there was lots of laughter. Now I have a whole year to come up with another one. Before lunch I paid for church-John's and my trip tickets. Yay!!! Lunch was terrific: a selection of subs, 'tater salad and a homemade pasta/quinoa/slivered veggie salad, cheese'n'crackers, a variety of cookies and cakes, and cans of drinks. Yum. My new friend Janet and her mom Avis sat with me. Janet is a scream: we're egging each other on. If I go to something, she'll come, too; and I'll do the same thing. She's coming on the trip but said she's also attending the pub night next Tuesday. So I decided to do it, too. Even though it's all the way across the city and I'll be getting home late. SuM had better leave the kitchen light on.

When I got home I e-mailed Janet, confirmed times, RSVP'd the group, booked my rides, exchanged more giddy e-mails with Janet. Yes, we're officially silly. Today I was lucky that Grumpy actually came inside the house when I called him. What a relief. Exchanged texts with SuM, and also with c-J about the trip.

Read a bit more of "Rogue One" and I should be sliding into bed soon and reading for a while. And, then, I'm hoping for some respectable sleep. ::crosses fingers::
After another great sleep (yay!), I woke up to the alarm at 7 to book my rides for next Tuesday. Done. Then I went back to bed and continued rereading the Gander book. Oops. I spent so much time reading, I didn't have brekkie. It was around 10:50 when I heard knocking. Uh-oh. I dashed (okay lurched) to the front door. It was my meals lady - but she was really early. Still, now that I had that done, I could return to reading and very slowly getting ready to go out. But I cheated. Just washed my face and didn't put on any powder. Church-John arrived around 1:30 and I was ready for him.

We did some shopping for necessities at Canadian Tire then went to find the restaurant SuM had taken me to. With only one U-turn, we got there and, after I expressed the need for non-excruciating seating, were shown to a very nicely padded and comfy booth. Ahhhhhhh.

C-J and I each ordered a glass of Pino Grigio. Our server told us the "bowls" were on special for only $15 (reg. $22-and up), so I ordered the same one I had (Black & Blue, steak slices, blue cheese, etc. yummy etc.). It was even better this time, perhaps because it was the middle of the afternoon. I also ordered sweet potato fries with garlic mayo. Nommm. Obviously, I brought most of it home but was urged to get the Crème Brulée for dessert. Heavenly. Then we had to get me home because I had to make a phone call.

In the evening (after I'd watched my game shows including a much better Jeopardy!), I joined SuM at 8:00 for our informal Movie Night. This time, we watched "Hail Caesar", a very quirky film about the golden days of Hollywood from the Coen brothers. I have to check all the musical numbers in it. Right now, I'm just munching on my fries and thinking about going to sleep. It's going to be a very long day at the Walk-a-thon, but I'm sure I'll have - what else but - more fun!
Tried to look for a set of papers (I'm pretty sure I kept ... unless I forgot I tossed them when moving, in which case it's a futile search) for the word game I used as an ice-breaker for bus trips by our church social club when I was in charge - only TWO decades ago. Uh-oh.

So, I didn't find the template in the stack of papers on the bookshelf. But I did find something else I've been frantically searching for. What? My collection of Euphoria perfumes! Yay!!!!! ::does happy dance:: Considering that wearing perfume has grown in disfavour as a socially unacceptable personal pollutant, I almost never wear it - even when I'm on my own (though using the shower gel is almost like using it). But I so wanted to wear it on my birthday (a Thursday), and after my birthday celebration (on a Sunday) after brunch. And now I'll be able to indulge as much as I want to.

OTOH, I'm resigning myself to having to recreate or rewrite the word game from scratch. I can only remember one question that always resulted in gales of giggles, hence its usefulness as an ice-breaker between strangers on a bus. I still have a month before the end-of-year party of my large blind group, so I don't have to worry about time. Just thinking up silly questions. Hey, I'm good at that!
Well, the rain part is (mostly) self-explanatory. The storm(s?) from the U,S. finally hit, bringing rain ... something our heavily saturated ground didn't need at all. So there have been contingency efforts happening since yesterday, especially along the waterfront, but also in key bridge crossings. Even evac plans for residents of our only residential island (a ferry standing by) and diverting commuter trains from potential flood zones.

It hadn't started when I was picked up shortly after 11, but I still had a mostly gloomy ride. Well, the weather was gloomy but the driver and I were howling with laughter as we listened to a call-in show. Today's topic? How much people (American parents?) loathe a French-Canadian cartoon aimed at four-year olds!?! For the sake of not drawing anyone's ire, I won't name the cartoon. But ... seriously??? Apparently so.

I brought my iPad to my blind group meeting but didn't really use it (other than showing it off and how I could actually read from it). Luckily, my jokes weren't needed as our resident jokester was present (she's been absent for a long time as she's undergoing cancer treatment). So, instead, I told them a story about a certain blonde and her microwave mishap! Yes, I'm always willing to laugh at myself ... as long as nobody is harmed. Everyone loved my new curly do. Yay! We learned of the current scam going on (especially south of the border) where unregulated clinics promote all sorts of miracle cures by injecting stem cells in one's eyes. The usual outcome? The injection leaves people BLIND!!!!! I also pondered whether there had yet been any whole eyeball transplants. I guess I have a project for our next meeting. But, before we concluded the meeting, we had tea and goodies including the most delightful mini blueberry cupcakes. Yum.

My driver was late picking me up, so I was worried he'd been held up by the rain that was now falling steadily. But he still got me home at a reasonable time (5:40). I was so grateful to stumble indoors and head for dryness and warmth. Meant to have some soup and a bagel, but settled for spicy tortilla chips, guacamole and queso. Oops? Watched the news (where I learned about the sandbagging, etc.) and my game shows. Then I dozed off for a couple of hours. Now I'm going to enjoy a chocolate chip muffin and Perrier with my pills. With all the rain expected for the next three days, I'm just relieved I don't have to wake up or go anywhere until Sunday. Yay for cocooning. And more reading.
What? Who? When?
The notion of a cat. Ce-Ce. 4:39 a.m.

Imagine, if you will, that you are sleeping but wake up with a start because you've just heard a cat making a commotion ON YOUR DESK behind your computer. You express your ire, for being woken up much too early and for behaviour that you dislike. Only one problem. There was no physical cat. So ... was I dreaming of the cat doing this and reacted to my imagination? I don't know and am too tired to dissect this situation further.

However, how unfair to wake up so early on a day when my ride wasn't expected until 9:25. After getting out of bed and getting through my morning routine, I had time to kill. So I read a bit more of my library book. Walked outside after 9:10, but only had to wait a couple of minutes for my bus. Still, I wasn't used to arriving at church as late as 9:45.

As always, the service was aurally stunning and pertinent to our modern existence. When I got home, I simply had to watch and listen to the beginning as well as the Offertory soloist. One delightful highlight was seeing a multitude from Children's Church coming down the aisle waving their palms with great energy!

I wasn't too surprised when SuM said she was taking off for overnight and would I ... uh ... look after the cats. Sure thing. I was worried because the two outdoor ones were AWOL. Missy Ce-Ce came in fairly early, but I had to call and cajole Mr. Grumpy the Adventurer. He finally deigned to ascend to the back deck around 7:45. So relieved because the light was failing and it was getting cold.

In the evening, I watched last night's SNL. Some skits were crackily hilarious. But I was too tired to really appreciate them. So I think I'll be sliding into bed (even though Grumpy is lying in MY spot), read a wee bit of my library book, and then go to sleepy-kitty la-la-land. Nighty-night. ::begs universe::
... by waking up minutes before 5 after ONLY 3 hours of sleep. Simply ridiculous. So, obviously, I had tons of time to waste in the morning. Why had I woken up? Because - once again - I was under too many covers and not able to breathe. Sigh. OTOH, the temperature climbed to near 60F (AFAIK). I still wore my winter coat open, but only two thin layers underneath.

Church-John showed up shortly after noon and we were off, with the windows down. Just glorious. We stopped in at a few stores. I was unable to find a couple of things, but was able to replenish my drugstore essentials (sorry, store, that I cleaned you out of my fave cleaner/toner). After that, I wanted c-J to drive by the provincial gov't service centre nearest me so that, when I book my rides to get my new photo ID health card, I'll know where I'm traveling. Well, we only got lost ... a little. But we were having oodles of fun.

We finally drove up to the fish'n'chip place, arriving near 2 - past the lunch crush. C-J had just coffee and fish'n'chips. I had a Coke, the most melt-in-your-mouth thin calamari rings with Caesar salad. I also splurged on their home-made key lime pie with a swirl of real whipped cream. I'm glad I ordered the pie but I won't have it again. The calamari OTOH I'll be dreaming about for a very long time.

We finally headed back south-east to my place, arriving before 4. We'd had a very fun afternoon (as we always do). I was so stuffed that I ended up dozing during the news and all of WoF, waking up just in time to record Jeopardy! and rewatching WoF that is in San Diego for a week. Ooooooh, the ocean looks gorgeous. Pat and Vanna were at a Mexican restaurant with the chef showing off her various dishes, including lobster (but I didn't catch its exact name). Oh, yum.

After that, I quickly watched Big Bang Theory where I nearly cackled at Sheldon proclaiming about the "length" of what exciting thing he had in his pants!!! It was actually the long list of ComiCon panels, lol. And, then, there were the adorable kids on MasterChef Jr. Now I'm having a couple of mini apple strudels with Perrier and painkillers on which I'm relying to remove the grotesque pain in ::counts:: my right hand, my left bicep, and my right foot, possibly also my lower spine. There is obviously no coordination between my pains. Ugh.
If I wanted to stay up longer, I'd need to find some toothpicks which - ouch! But I had a terrific day, even if I did wake up at 6:00. I read stories until it was time to start cleaning, rearranging stuff and - the time-consuming necessity of washing all the fruits and veggies. I have apparently stumbled on a way to make tired fruit look luscious again: just pop it in a warm bath to rejuvenate.

I left some things out of the menu because I was already stressed out and running out of room on the coffee table. I put out hard & soft oka cheese, cambozola and two types of crackers. Also black olives, grape tomatoes, blackberries, red grapes, cherries. Cherry smoked ham around fresh pineapple chunks. We also tried one of the fancy white wines I'd picked up in wine country because it was judged to go well with spicy Thai, Korean, and Indian foods. Well, I sure tested the compatibility with what I was serving!

John showed up at 1:00 by which time I was already overheating from all the rushing back and forth. I'd meant to get dressed (no, I really did), but ended up just putting my gorgeous mango-azalea top over my heavy satin nightgown. As we sat and ate, we exchanged outrageous stories about the past, and laughed our heads off. I mentioned I would be using my slow cooker tomorrow so, suddenly, whatever was on the table became a likely ingredient for a new recipe. Oka cheese too hard? Throw it in the slow cooker. Same for the grapes. Etc., etc. I had NO idea that c-J could be so silly.

Alas, c-J had to depart finally after 5:00. As I saw him to the door, I enjoyed seeing a gorgeous sunset - the layer closest to the horizon a deep pink colour. I was so tired, the dishes are still sitting on the coffee table. The only thing I did was finish off the black olives while the leftovers of the cheese returned to the fridge.

I was disappointed my usual Thursday shows were repeats but I probably would not have been able to pay full attention. I was happy to get a confirming e-mail from Ashley about when she'll arrive on Saturday. More party! More food! More laughter! Yay!

Now, if you'll kindly excuse me, I am going to collapse into my bed and get some well-deserved sleep.
But feeling really old after being on the road for a long time on a trutally cold day.

Still, I had a good day. The sun actually came out while I was being driven to the west end for my vision loss group. My driver was absolutely outrageous. It's possible he thought I was much younger than I am (because of the bright colours I wear) because he was wondering why I'm not trying for a new relationship. Yes, he was out of line, but he was charming and funny. After all, the last time I was driven to the west end, that driver said that, after I'd given him my transit pass number, he'd ask for my phone number! Today's driver also elicited more old memories of schooldays as he drove by my high school that is slated for demolition and rebuilding.

Okay, enough with me being flattered, etc. I was picked up at 10:30 (eek) so I could have enough time to pick up my pass. Ooh, shiny. And the number is easy to remember. The co-leader and I read our articles. Hers was on Menière's Disease which she and another member both have. It involves balance problems (vertigo, room spinning, etc.). I was surprised to hear that one trigger is Demerol because I experienced the room spinning after I had a wisdom tooth removed decades ago. When my bachelor apt. began to spin around me, I decided to move to a larger 1-bedroom apt the next day! I read my article on nutrients that protect our eyes. We were both surprised to see the old co-leader show up, completely unintentionally, as he was there just to pick up his transit pass. But he's back in TO temporarily so will drop in again if our meetings synch with his schedule.

My ride home was amazingly fast (going through my enchanted forest, too), so I was relieved. Spoke to SuM for a bit about venturing out to the movies and then went to collapse in my space. I kept dozing off, first during the news, then during both game shows. Sigh. At least I stayed awake for (what I considered to be) an absolutely hilarious The Big Bang Theory. Sherpas!!! Snorfle.

Looking forward to a sugar-fuelled sleep. Hey, someone had to polish off the weeks' old chocolate hazelnut mini croissants! Righteous indignation and justification make good buddies.
Which is totally hilarious, considering that I woke to the alarm at 7:00 and, upon doing a quick check of my cellphone, read with horror a church & FB friend who lives downtown writing about the S-word. Nooooooo. Say it ain't so. Well, yes, it wasn't so. At least by the time I left home (after 11:00) there was evidence of regular, old rain. Or melted snow. Phew!

So, where was I off to? Downtown to see my eye specialist. Strangely enough, detouring along my route to church - and actually DRIVING right by the church - was the fastest way there! I wore my new sleeveless mango-azalea-black top so that I could get my flu shot first when the driver dropped me off at the drugstore across the street at noon. Got it, as well as a recc to get the shingles vaccine that is now covered for my age-range. Oy. Another reason to get a new medical provider. After I got the not-even-felt-anything shot, I wandered through the store, wanting to take advantage of a bonus air miles coupon. Sorry, blondie. A pleasant shopping experience is restricted to people who can SEE. So frustrated, so just bought two new mascara wands and (shhhh) chips.

Then back to the really nice eye specialist. Had to wait but not as long as anticipated. After he declared my pressure to be okay (that's a relief), I asked if he'd seen the Chihuly. Of course he had. Spent several hours at it. I joked that I'd worn the stained glass top he likes to it and Museum staff had remarked I must have worn it deliberately to evoke the exhibit. You bet! I also chided him that he'd nearly lost his credibility with me because he'd said last time that today's appointment would be before the snow flies! I was soon finished, and not expected back until - eek again - August. So long? Unless it's a good thing.

Had a bit of a wait until I was picked up (at least a few minutes early) before 3:00. The traffic was almost non-existent and I was thrilled to be home before 4:00 especially as the driver had had two other pickups. OMG, it's nostalgia time. Because he took me past the Faculty of Music and the Museum with the Chihuly on the corner from which I could just see the top floor of my building where I'd lived for 33 years. No wonder I was hungry. So I ate some chips and drank some Perrier. Dozed off during the news. What else is new? Well, I discovered at 8:01 that there was a new Murdoch Mysteries so quickly pressed Re-start and watched it. I'd recorded other shows but - obviously - fell asleep to the sound of the nature channel. Between the no proper food and two long trips, it's no wonder. So I think I'd better give myself a wee bit of nutritious yogurt so I can take my evening pills. Signing off.
So I groaned and rolled over (not being able to breathe either). I thought I'd been in misery for about half an hour when I checked the time again. Imagine my shock to see I'd slept all the way to 6:43. Nearly 7 hours of (surprised) sleep. I'm ever so thankful.

Not that I had any good reason to greet the morning. No hot food. Sigh. Finally went to sit in SuM's living room around 11:30. And waited. Watched some recorded TV while waiting. Uh, did I mention I had a very long wait? Just wanted to make sure. Siiiiiiiiigh. The meals finally arrived at 1:00 p.m. As I didn't want to court disaster by carrying a heavy bag of frozen food along with a freshly cooked entrée, I heated it up, borrowed a fork and ate while watching the end of a program.

So, originally, I thought I'd have the time to pamper myself tomorrow with a mani-pedi. Ha! So not. Instead, I'll be washing the floor near the mini-kitchen as well as the bathroom floor. Horrible thing is that I'll have to remove all the storage bins in the bathroom first. Sigh. No relaxation for me.

In the afternoon, I amused myself by watching Rev. Carmen's charming and hilarious sermon from Sunday (extracted and posted by a friend on FB). Even better when I could see all the mannerisms. And, yes, she did mention my name, asking that I be restrained when I wrote my review. Was that before or after she mentioned George Lucas, lol?

Well, as I'm hearing the siren call of my bed, I think I shall succumb. Until tomorrow.
First, wake up at 5:40. Herd cats into dining room, give them food and water, raise porch blinds. Hope it's not freezing out as you walk out at 8:40 into a wet - but not currently raining - environment. Be so relieved the driver had already pressed the doorbell. Arrive at church by 9:15 and quickly enter, seeking warmth. Find the resident at Repair Café who chastises me for not bringing my pretty sweater with a fraying cuff. She boasts she could have fixed it in minutes. Greet my friends. When moving into the Sanctuary, get thanked by several choir members who'd never read my reviews before. Awwww. It's just something I love doing.

Enjoy the service thoroughly, especially all the music that's sounding so lush because of the new speakers up front. Have a chance to dawdle for once as my cab isn't expected until 12:45. First, joke with church-John about the medication I should take when I get home to counter a little cough and stuffed-up nose. Giggle as he mixes up the prefixes, ending up with Nitro-Citran and Neo-Glycerin! Finally move to sit outside in the chill and damp until rescued by the cab driver who's driven me before. Continue to his next two pickups at two different Greek churches. When the two women begin reminiscing in the back seat, they end up singing Greek songs they learnt decades ago to the amused enjoyment of the driver and myself! When leaving, I mention I'm going to write about them in my journal tonight.

Take much longer to review the service (because of the lush music and also profound spoken parts) and don't post until nearly 4:00 p.m. Only then can I relax. SuM returns after 5 with company (which means they can both help me with the carpet tomorrow). I am relieved of responsibility for the cats and settle down in bed to watch Not the #1 News because that station is broadcasting ::shudders:: NFL Football. Doze off during the news, but wake up around 7. Switch the channel to cartoons, then doze off again. Don't wake up until 10:19. Sigh. There goes my evening. Have ice cream for supper. Now I'm wondering just how long I should stay up considering I have some more moving to do in the morning before the help materializes.

No wonder I was tired. My mind's exhausted.
SNOW????? When I left wearing my cozy long cape but with Mary Janes on my feet, I thought SuM was kidding about me leaving footprints in the snow. I opened the back door and found out there was so no kidding. Sigh. My driver was already there, so I didn't get cold. Had a terrific time at church, socializing with the gang in the Café before church. Then I bumped into an old deaf friend from ages ago who showed me the order of service honouring his late partner. Ah, sad to see another life gone. But there were wonderful moments, such as having Uncle Ernie come to me for Communion, bantering with my fave cellist about his quick thinking of how to intertwine his melodies with the piano or organ. But my best encounter was with Brent after the service, as he made outrageous remarks about me (natch) to a new pewmate. Oh, Brent!!!!!

I felt really frustrated, waiting in the freezing vestibule, waiting for my cab that was late. When I finally got home, the last thing on my mind was doing laundry. So c-c-cold. After writing my review, I ate some chocolate and crawled into bed. Had an interesting talk with SuM later, learning more of her family history (relevant to TO). When Diva flew in to see me (and to be very, very happy at all the petting), SuM mentioned that Diva was very lucky to have me as an Auntie. Awwww, shucks. SuM also gloated that she and her pals were going to a Jazz Evening at the Aquarium this Friday. Oh, fun. She'd also driven to the library and was pleased to inform me that she had "The Imitation Game" for us to watch, as well as an historical French film she planned to lend to me. Well, let's wait to watch movies until I'm awake and aware again.

Was sad that MasterChef Canada was preempted for an awards show. Boo. So I dozed for a few hours. I'm only eating dinner now, if that's the right word for left-over crackers and aged cheddar. So perhaps I'll return to daydreaming about my virtual wish list. If you're wondering where the funds came from, I filed my income tax return online on March 23. The funds were deposited in my bank account yesterday (post-dated for tomorrow). Mega yay for efficiency. Also planning what mischief Brian and I can get into. Yes, be vewy, vewy afwaid! Bwahaha. ::snickers and pours myself more Perrier::
So ... just what did Blondie do today? Well, she stayed up until 3:00 a.m. poring over the national blind site's catalogue, finding all sorts of things she'd already had on her shopping list - and finding things she hadn't expected.

The only problem with so much excitement so late is that I couldn't get my heart rate to even out when I went to bed, so I extremely reluctantly got out of my cozy bed and went back to the computer. Sigh. Read a couple of stories and it was only around 5:30 that I took a chance on trying to fall asleep. This time I was successful and didn't wake up until 9:55. Not an excellent sleep, but at least it was a deep one.

Sent my sis RS an e-mail asking if she'd like to join me for a field trip in the next couple of weeks. Even better, there's a deli in the building, so we can have social time. Tried reaching my eye specialist and his voice mailbox is full. Sigh. I'll try again tomorrow.

Even though I should have been doing all sorts of tidying up, with the lack of proper rest that wasn't going to happen. So I went back to bed. Watched A.I. live (and even not in HD ::pouts::) because SuM had scheduled So. Many. Recordings, i was locked out of the box. Am glad my fave cutie has made it through to the Top 14 and looking forward to the start of the real competition next week.

As I have an excited positive response from RS, I can start planning our adventure. And go back to the catalogue to find more neat stuff. Hmm. I rather like the round magnifying glass with ladybug features on a chain. I'm always worried I'll drop my magnifier because of fumbly fingers. See! That's not a sign of vanity. ::giggles:: I'm just being eminently practical. In any case, I'd better haul this eminently exhausted bod off to bed!
I needed to be in church so desperately today. I'm grateful to have a place where I belong, where I can hug almost anyone, where I get to heal. As it was this morning. My driver dropped me off at 9:20. So early. I settled at my table and waited for everyone else to show up. My best visitor was my friend Sam's 11-month old granddaughter. Sam is a scream. She provided me with the insider scoop a few weeks ago so that I'd get the spelling of the baby being baptised. Today was no different as she spelled a familiar name that had an unusual spelling.

I think that baby was only the start of my healing as I had many encounters with young children, from the child and mom taking over church-John's pew to the young boy who pointed and asked one of his parents what I was holding (uh, that's anointing oil and I'm trying NOT to drop it as I anoint all three of you). The sacred readings were perfect and the music uplifting, especially the female soloist performing "You'll Never Walk Alone". Before and after the service, I had many pleasant encounters and received several compliments on how welcoming and warm my smile was. Aww, shucks. Now I'm blushing.

After the service, I scurried outside to wait for my cab which ended up being at least 20 minutes late, most likely because of the Santa Claus Parade. But I hadn't minded sitting outside with Jan in the glorious sunshine and temps that were 20F higher than the norm for mid November. Hey, I will graciously and gratefully accept any anomaly on the PLUS side!

When I got home, SuM was so excited because, just as I came in from the garden, the delivery guys were at the front door with her new couch. How? What? Well, even though delivery was set for tomorrow, they called in the morning and said they had an opening. So she took it. When she asked if they could remove the old couch and recliner, they balked because they couldn't get them through the front door and said they'd remove the front door (temporarily) for an extra $20 which SuM didn't have on her. So I lent her the $20, just thrilled to be rid of the old monstrosities. One guy basically broke the recliner in half with one well-placed kick! And then the new sectional was IN and it looked perfect! SuM was so happy, insisting that the only reason she'd found it was because she'd driven me to buy my office chair. Hey, symmetry is a very good thing!

She was expecting her son again, to rake the leaves in the yard and also to help move the antique desk. I can't wait to see things tomorrow. In the meantime, it took me about two hours to write my detailed summary and only then did I finally tackle my laundry. Ouch. Ended up watching the news when it was in the dryer ... and fell asleep for close to two hours. Thank goodness I always use the automatic setting. Right now, I just had a glass of Coke as a treat along with a few Halloween chocolates. I think I'll still sleep like a baby, considering I got all the right vibes from the wee ones. ::feels all mushy::
Well, actually, the brain fog is my own fault for having gone to bed after 1 and setting the alarm for 5:45. It didn't help that I was in the middle of a vivid dream when I woke up. Ugh. Having Diva visit me intent on doing unnatural things in my closet did not improve my disposition. I actually had to carry her out just before I left. Sigh.

It was a neither here nor there day. I wore my winter coat, but open, along with my mary janes. Winter gloves yes, but in my purse. It was very gloomy in the morning so any sightseeing benefits were negligible. Got dropped off at 10:00 and entered the social hall to see a lively group already around my table. Had a lot of fun and peeps were teasing me about the contents of my water bottle (honestly, it's just Perrier) and other things. Yes, yes. I'm the feel-good pill for many people.

The service was stunning in many respects, so I had a lot to write about. Brent was his impish self as we waggled our fingers at each other before the service. I had extra people approaching me today. Hmmm, do they want a mention? I think so. But I loved the fact that one of my fans (and I'm one of hers on FB, especially when she describes all the cruises she and her partner go on) was hoping I'd be at church just so that she could give me a hug. So sweet. After church, Jan and I sat on the corner waiting for my ride to show up, greeting many more peeps. RS was a no-show, but she'd sent me an e-mail.

My ride home was a titch late and then the cab was hampered by all of the roadblocks because of the Greek Independence Day celebrations. His next pickup was a couple. I shared the back seat with a woman who also refuses to grow up. She paints, belongs to a memoir-writing group and writes stories and limericks. So we had plenty to talk and laugh about. But, hey, we had to stop when I got in. After I'd done a bit of cat-herding, I escaped to my sanctuary, intent on writing my summary. It took a bit of thinking, but I believe I captured the essence of the service. Okay, now I can have lunch!

When SuM got in, we talked about when to have our movie night (or day). We'll try for later this week. In the meantime, I'm not looking forward to the clocks going back Saturday night because then I'm all grumpy and sleepy around 4:00 p.m. And 8:00 p.m. feels like midnight. Me. No. Like. But at least I did like one thing today, namely lunch. It was a tiny package of 4 baby skewers of Spanish tapas, 80 grams of Paprika Spanish Pinchitos which I heated up in the microwave (yes, it was in the directions) for one minute and gobbled up along with a glass of Autumn Blush wine. If I weren't already on the verge of catatonia, I know I'll sleep well tonight. ::crosses fingers::
Yes, indeed. I slept very well all the way to 9:30, only to find I had a fluffy companion right next to me. Good morning, lady Diva. Did you MacGyver my door to pop open so you could slide in? Apparently yes.

I really should have stayed in bed all day long because my hands especially suffered from the cold air. Sigh. Are you getting the impression that human frailty is going to be my downfall over the winter, 'cuz I certainly am. Which depresses me muchly. Sigh. Anyway, I braved opening the back door just in case there were any cats lingering outside. Oh, look. There's Missy Ce-Ce all the way near the back of the long garden. But just one call from me had her galloping in response to an open door. OTOH, Mr. Grumpy was nowhere to be seen. I guess SuM would have to deal with his in/not in status when she got home.

Got a response from my sis RS about going to see the Malala movie next Thursday. Unfortunately, it's playing at only one theatre downtown. I tried to book my rides, but was put on the waiting list for both. Later, when I checked, I had a ride home. Let's hope I get a ride going as well. Sigh.

There was an embarrassing moment in Final Jeopardy tonight. Along with a visual clue of the flower in question, there was also the clue along the lines of a somewhat derogatory name for someone from the political left. The wrong answer (oy) was "pansy"! The obvious (even for blinde olde moi) answer: "bleeding heart".

Right now, I'm on pins and needles - as is ALL of sports-minded Canada - as the Jays and Royals are tied 3-3 in the 8th ... and now there's a stupid RAIN DELAY!!!!! Arrgghh. Okay, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping. A. Lot.
Obviously, categories on tonight's Jeopardy! Yay! Almost perked me up ... but then I was really out of it from finally vacuuming and then washing my floor (which meant moving furniture and lifting stuff out of the way), ending up with a screaming spine and creaking knees. Sigh. But at least it's done. Hoping to have alleviated most of the pain with 1) an extra-hot shower; 2) a Bloody Caesar; and 3) painkillers. ::crosses fingers::

In quirky local news, a dead racoon made the hit list: because animal control services didn't respond quickly enough, someone created an instant memorial to the critter. People kept adding to it, with a memorial card and votive candles. Only in TO? Apparently so.

In international news, another one is gone. Omar Sharif died today. Talk about taking me back decades to wallow in a uber-romantic "Dr. Zhivago". Never bought the movie, but he is in the other incandescent film "Lawrence of Arabia" (though, really, that's all about Peter O'Toole at the top of the pyramid with all the other actors beneath him).

When I got out of the shower, I ended up in bed and dozed off, missing my piggy cartoons AGAIN. Arrgghh. And I did get a reply from Brian regarding my computer woes. However, I think I'll give my eyes (and my nerves) a rest and won't attempt anything until Monday morning. That's a plan.

Recorded the opening ceremonies of the Pan-Am Games as I didn't want to be chained to my TV set. Instead I watched a rerun epi of Castle, the one where his whirlwind of a first ex-wife bulldozed her way back into everybody's life. Oh, Rick, you were SO shallow when you were younger. Good thing he finally grew up. Anyway, I think I have to go to bed soonish as that dwinkie has made me very lethargic. ::yawns as proof::
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( Apr. 26th, 2015 11:04 pm)
We have this fabulous feature of something we call Sunday Commercials, usually presented from the pulpit, but occasionally in other locations (along the altar rail or on the stairs). Well, this morning was ... special. The commercial was for an upcoming Men's Retreat to be held at Mansfield conservation centre north of TO. I've been there once last decade and love the place. Lucky guys. Anyway, the speaker presented several examples of the retreats leaders. One was wearing a gold lame jacket and others were dressed to indicate their functions. As if that wasn't hilarious enough, two "angels" descended from the balcony (I wish I could say they flew, but they just walked down the stairs). They were wearing white robes (well, they're both deacons who would be the spiritual directors for the weekend) and had constructed DIY cheapie wings by draping white rags on both ends of a stick across the shoulders. Considering the fact that one of the deacons was one of my faves (the one who visited me post surgery in 2011 and is very serene and comforting) just slays me. Yup - only at MY church!!!!! <3 <3 <3


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