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( Jun. 24th, 2017 11:24 pm)
Can't remember when I woke up (and I've only had one very small glass of rosé). but it wasn't early. I still dawdled for a couple of hours before having brekkie. Continued reading my Holmes-Phantom book and finally finished it. I was very pleased to see how the author concluded with a redeeming twist.

Remembered too late (while doing laundry) why my left shin was aching. Yes, I'd had a wee fall yesterday ... but at least it was the other leg for a change. Sigh. Had the place to myself for the whole day because SuM had gone downtown for the Dyke March. And I'd cleaned out my fridge - throwing out a few items but also eating things (Oka cheese, black ripe olives) to go with that glass of wine. Hey, it worked.

After watching my usual evening TV, I decided to read a longish SGA fanfic. Just finished it so I think I should go to bed soon. I want to be up before the service starts and hope I can watch it online. ::crosses fingers::
It's true, I swear.

But, first, all the amazing stuff from the morning. I woke up at 6:56 and started work almost immediately. Crossed my fingers and flicked the switch for the overhead lights. Huge sigh of relief. They worked (even though they are dying). Started removing the body pillow and comforter from the ledge next to the bed and - lo and behold - there was my white library card lying next to one of the piggies. Another huge sigh of relief. Just in case, I typed the card number in a doc. Should also send myself an e-mail. After that positive start, I pulled out two totes and filled them with the Christmas deccies. Then I put each tree in a separate garbage bag and moved them into the storage closet along with two empty packing boxes (that, covered with wrapping paper and a glitzy shawl, can be a tree table). I also lowered one leaf in the dining table, moving a chair over and making room for the fireplace implements. Even if the fireplace is electric, I still love the "classic" look. Once that was done, I was all hot and ... hot. It was after 9:00 a.m. Time for me to reward myself with brekkie.

My only remaining frustration is that the iPad is not charging. Yes, there's a blue light on the charger but it looks awfully weak. After getting more advice from Brian, I may have to try a new outlet, though I don't have many exposed ones. Sigh. As the temperature was dropping, I was too chicken to wash my hair (sigh) but luxuriated by using up the last of my Euphoria shower gel, knowing that Brian would soon be receiving the purchase he made on my behalf. I wanted to layer more of the same scent but - arrgghh - couldn't find my black pin-striped case holding ALL of my Euphoria products. Aggravation!!!!! I guess I'll wait for first morning sight tomorrow.

As I'm trying to empty both fridges, I enjoyed some creative combos: lunch was cooked mini-peppers in cream of tomato soup. The peppers really infused their flavours into the liquid. And supper was fresh Alfredo pasta added to turkey noodle soup. I know it sounds weird, but it was satisfying.

So, what's with the brain drain? Well, I was watching Jeopardy! (no surprise there) and totally blanked on the Final (TV character whose name is now synonymous for fixing things, especially on the fly). OMG, how could I have missed MacGyver, especially as I was going to watch it next? If it's any consolation, the two-day winner with over $50K came up with a blank, too. Some days, the brain does not cooperate. Anyway, MacGyver was both satisfying and scary, in a crossover with Hawaii Five-0 which I don't watch.

I think I'm going to enjoy a bit of chocolate and then climb into bed. I deserve a terrific sleep and an opportunity to reduce the swelling of my insteps (stupid falls). TTFN.
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( Feb. 28th, 2017 10:10 pm)
Yesterday started out fabulously as I woke up at a most civilized time of 7:03. Then came my (down)fall along with severe pain and new swelling (over old swelling that had never subsided). Sigh.

But I'd been heartened by an e-mail from Brian, thinking I'd like to have a visit from him and the bundle of goodies he'd be delivering. Oh, yes, please. Only problem is that I've already promised my Saturday to RS and Jan. So I suggested Sunday after church along with dinner. He agreed. Yippee!

Now, back to (regular) pain. I had to cook 60 beef meatballs in the microwave. But I could only do 10 at a time according to the instructions. Sigh. Ask me how much my spine was SCREAMING. But, hey, that's still normal pain.

I had no energy to watch last night's Murdoch Mysteries so recorded it. Perhaps Wednesday? And, then, I'd started nodding off which I blame entirely on the fall. If I can only concentrate on the best part, namely the anticipation of a visit from Brian this weekend, I hope to feel much better. ::crosses fingers::
And I overslept in the evening. So I'm pretending it's still Monday.

Yes, I'm okay. Naturally, I did it on the stairs, falling on the second to top one. Luckily, most of the impact was on my right shin so that, by the time my poor, poor, poor right knee hit the landing, the descent was very slow and mostly gentle. But, still. I. Hate. This.

And I have blind group in the morning. So back to (please let it be) healing sleep until 5:30.

Oh, writing my fic? Hahahahahaha. I did actually write, but it's tough going. I'll just have to buckle down when I get back in the early afternoon. There was good news during the day, but I'll wait to describe it and more acceptable physical pain when I have a chance. Oy.
The tired but happy blonde went to bed at 1:30, setting the alarm for 9:00. Not that I wanted to wake up, but I wanted o be on top of things, not knowing when the gang wanted to go for food. So I had a leisurely morning. Watched last night's Shark Tank. I also had a bit of an accident. While reaching for the cookie tin holding miniature chocolates on top of the pantry, I knocked off one of the battery pillar candles, which ended up hitting me on the right cheekbone. OUCH! The only good thing(!) is that it struck a bony part on my face, so there won't be any bruising. Whew.

As the day began to move along, it seemed as if plans for today were unravelling. Imagine my shock when 6:00 rolls around and the house is invaded by people ... and dogs. So ... somebody had decided that 6:00 would be the time we'd go out to dinner, without actually telling me. Sigh. Still, I took my time getting dressed and at least putting powder on my face.

When we got to the fish'n'chips place, there was a huge lineup ahead of us. Wow, is this place popular. We were finally seated and I was worried because the place closes at 9:00. But we ordered and our food was delivered quickly. The gang had fish'n'chips while I ordered fried clam strips served with lemon wedge and cocktail sauce, along with a side Greek salad. We enjoyed our food (though I'm glad I ordered the salad because it was a lot of food to eat sorta, kinda quickly). Anyway, we had a pleasant time and I said we should do it again.

I'm really hopeful for SuM's ex who did e-mail Pastor Sam and intends to come to church tomorrow evening. I think church would do her a lot of good, especially as she likes listening to music.

I really should go to bed soon, but think I'll stay up to watch my recorded game shows. And, then, beddies. Wheeeeeeeee.
Got in my requisite 8 hours of sleep (with only a slight hitch, waking up around 5:30). Only had an hour before needing to be in SuM's living room at 10:30 to wait for my meals. Good thing I had yogurt to stave off hunger.

Luckily, I didn't have to wait long as my usual Tuesday volunteer made the delivery at 10:47. While waiting, I'd started watching this week's Houdini & Doyle epi on SuM's TV but was happy to get back to my TV placed closer to my bed, so I could see clearly. Ooh, spooky. Making Edison invent a contraption that would allow the spirits of the dead to communicate with the living.

Spent some time checking online into this quasi-medical company that'd been entirely unknown to me until yesterday. I'm really curious to know what their rates will be, but am in no hurry to start as long as I'm still suffering from my fall.

In the evening, I both enjoyed and was relieved to finish my wine-veggie soup (three whole glasses) with lots of zucchini seeds on the bottom. I added some grindings of sweet onion salt to perk it up. I can't wait to get all my new foodies delivered tomorrow. Tonight's Jeopardy! was both sad (the very personable champ, an older man, lost) and unsatisfying. There had been so many weird categories eliciting few correct answers, so it was also a fairly low-scoring game. Bleh.

Thinking of approaching church-John to be my escort for the wine tour. I think he'd enjoy it and appreciate getting a deal for half price. And the only additional responsibility would be to pick me up and drive me home. Is that SO bad? [I want to hear CRICKETS, people!] ::giggles and scampers off to pay a bill::
Sigh. Took a look at my grotesquely swollen forelegs and have to accept the fact that I need to seek professional help, considering I've never had anything like this happen from a couple of severe falls. Now, just how to fit in an urgent care outing during a week in which a holiday falls. Sigh again.

At least on the bright side I slept in until 9:30. It was glorious. Only down side is my body fluctuating between feeling too hot and neutral. One thing that was making me hot was trying on clothes to see what I'd be taking to the Repair Café at church tomorrow. Picked out my new not really leggings and my long nautical striped skirt. Have to lop off about 4" from each. Also dug into my closet to choose a long flowered skirt to wear under my dress ('cuz there's no way I'm exposing my nekkid forelegs). Another downer was going online and checking out a restaurant I was hoping Brian and I could go to this coming Friday on the island. But its reviews are astoundingly horrible. Sad, because the setting is really idyllic. Oh, well, I guess we'll be eating sammidges on a rock on the beach again. Yes, lol.

Cheered myself up in the evening with a rerun epi of Jeopardy! where, once again, I rocked the final. In the category of "Eponynous Geography", what's the 5th largest island? ::pats self on Canadian shoulder:: Why, it's Baffin Island.

Anyway, time for the blonde to rest her tired brain and body with the S word. It's going to be another scorcher tomorrow. Cue chilled neck wrap (currently soaking).
There's no better title for someone who woke up at ::shrieks:: 4:20 a.m., despite going to bed only at 12:45. So. Not. Fair. Even more so after my injury. Well, obviously, I had lots and lots of time in the morning to read and get ready. Decided to revert to my fave stained glass top, always a stunning visual, as I was scheduled to be on duty.

I was thrilled my ride wasn't due until 9:25. Woo-hoo. Now imagine me going outside early and sitting patiently (yes, I know it's a stretch) and joyfully (no, not kidding) because it wasn't hideously cold with extreme snow conditions. Hey, I'll take every reprieve. I was on a direct run (with a sweet driver who'd driven me often when I lived by the lake ... and he still remembered me!) so I arrived with enough time to indulge in a hot cross bun.

I was very bouncy to greet our guest cellist when he arrived. The music today was even better than usual, as he and the music director did some mighty fancy playing to make up for the absence of the organ. Church-John had brought gifties (I think he's regifting Christmas prezzies that he's not allowed to eat) for Ashley and me. She got deluxe mixed nuts and I got the Texas candied pralines. Oops, you'll have to excuse me as my mouth is all gooey and chewy ATM. I was also bouncing because I brought my new E.T. to church. He sat up on top of my bag (so that he'd be in Brent's direct line of sight). Hey, I so love me.

It should come as no surprise that church was its customary amazing self today as we honoured MLK in music and words. Also no surprise that I found my own healing by being on duty. It wasn't just the aching knees, but my right wrist was very painful (from having to use my cane as my only support yesterday). All pain diminished just from being there. I was so happy to learn that Uncle Ernie was there (in the care of his husband), since being released from the hospital. Unfortunately, I couldn't approach him after the service because I was in a hurry to get to my ride.

I only had one bad thing happen and that was misplacing my fave black scarf after the service. When I went back to the pew to look for it, it wasn't there. Also not at the lost and found. So I was sad to leave with the uncertainty of not seeing it again. Imagine my relief to get a text from c-J that he had my "noose". Good thing I won't need it until next weekend.

When I got in, I had to throw my black tablecloth in the washing machine. Why? Oh, I'd just spilled a full glass of OJ (with extra pulp) in the morning. Yes, more repercussions from 4:20. Then I got to work on my review where I interspersed personal medical details. After I posted, I could finally enjoy my lunch of leftovers ... and do another load of laundry.

Thoroughly exhausted I needed to lie down for a nap, holding on to super-soft E.T. Someone I managed to drop my alarm/cellphone, so it's where I can't see it (under the bed?). Well, I'll look for it tomorrow. Maybe E.T. will guarantee me a better sleep. No better time to find out....
Yes, I had a bad fall this afternoon when my slippered foot snagged the edge of the carpet. And dowwwwwn I went. Even worse, I was carrying dirty cutlery including two sharp knives. Oh, how lucky I was. Not only did I avoid getting bloody knees, there was no injury other than horrid pain and a right instep that is feeling cranky. Another lucky near miss is that I fell toward the coffee table on which I have my two sleighs, prezzies and deccies. Guess which one was teetering and on the verge of falling over? Yup, it was the frosty, sparkly encrusted porcelain one. Whew.

At least my day had started off with a lot more positivity. Apart from waking up in the middle of the night because of the scream of biology, I decided to NOT peek at the time and tried to fall asleep again. Wow. I succeeded and didn't wake up until 7:07 - such a civilized time!

Between yesterday and today, I caught up on watching TV. I'd recorded this week's American Idol and still cringed at the crowded cattle pens (aka stadiums) of hopeful yet screeching or wailing contestants. From the current batch, I'll be interested to see how the Hollywood hopefuls will get groomed out of awkward body language and ugly clothes.

Good thing I recorded MasterChef Jr. tonight because I dozed off during it. Speaking of food, yesterday I polished off the last of my romaine hearts, munching on naked leaves (sans dressing). I'm making a note of this because I won't be buying any more lettuce until summer. The price of produce has become absolutely frightful, what with the diving Canadian dollar. I think there are going to be a lot of Canadians finding ways of creating mini greenhouses to help keep costs down. Gee, we've got a cherry tree and an invasive/pervasive blackberry bush in the garden. I guess it's a start, lol.
I think the heat and humidity have finally caught up with me, in my fortress of solitude (lol). OTOH, I managed to sleep in until past 11 - a miracle, I tell you! I only disturbed my pain with one load of laundry. Will ... consider doing another one tomorrow. So, what's with the pain? I have my suspicions that, as it's always in the right leg, it might be connected to the badly reset fractured ankle. Will investigate further. But, for tonight, I'm downing a second extra-strength ibuprofen, even if only to help with inflammation. As for the heat, am considering wearing my hair up (or a facsimile thereof), in order to avoid feeling as if my shortish hair is turning into a Louisiana swamp. Ugh. I've already unearthed my container of sparkly fairy dust to dust over my limbs in the morning. Yay for useful purchases.

Had a quiet day, spent mostly reading, with bouts of lying in bed to alleviate the pain and a titch of TV which included a rerun of Murdoch Mysteries, one I'd recorded about the opera murder; there would have been a second epi from the TV ... but the heat gave me amnesia so I forgot all about it. Sigh. Anyway, I think it's time for more ... Perrier!
Had quite a shock to wake up realllllly early feeling a small body (gee, I wonder WHO that could be) wriggling UNDER the covers between the wall and my body (around my knees). So, I lifted up the covers that were tightly trapped under the mattress along the wall edge and the end. And there certainly wasn't all that much room to surreptitiously slip in along the other two sides. How on earth does she do it? Well, I managed to pull her out, shake my head at her mischief and then try to get some more sleep. It didn't help that I was absolutely freezing, with my nerve-damaged fingers burning from exposure. At least the rest of my body was toasty warm from trapped air.

I finally braved the cold by getting up well before the alarm. Grumpy was anxious to be let out but I waited until the groceries were going to be delivered. It was a cold day with showers on and off. No sun until later in the afternoon, especially closer to sunset. After I got my huge load of lovely foodies (with prescriptions delivered not much later either), I did my sorting. Oh, look. By their count, 10 ears of unhusked corn onscreen = 11 packed. And I was thrilled to get real field tomatoes.

Diva kept getting in my way which was dangerous to both of us. The first time I tripped over her because I had no idea she was underfoot. The second time I think I rolled my chair over her tail. Oh, Diva. I keep trying to discourage her from being near the chair but, once again, I had no idea she'd snuck up behind me. When it happened, she hightailed it to the dining room. I checked to see that she was okay and she appeared to be. Even though it wasn't suppertime, I let a disgruntled Grumpy in off a wet back deck and gave them their food. It was a good distraction.

Had lots of veggies to clean and trim in the evening. Sounds so exciting! I ended up watching another repeat of Murdoch Mysteries, this time dealing with a supposed curse of an Egyptian mummy. I'd also watched a local kids' talent show, resurrected for the station's 60th anniversary. Originally, I thought the talent was better than it had been 50-odd years ago. Today I was proven wrong when (I believe she was) a 12 year old butchered the Queen of the Night aria from "The Magic Flute". OMG. The pitch. OMG. Her facial contortions. OMG. My poor ears.

Then I spent a while on the floor trying to untangle a whole bunch of computer cords. After I got that done, I had to firm the keyboard connection. I think everything's okay now. ::crosses fingers::

I'm trying to alleviate the horror of waking up on a really cold morning tomorrow. I've laid my tweed cape over the bed (ought to be so sumptuous), and chosen my clothes and accessories for church. Because I are so vain, I'm refusing to wear socks, so my painted toenails will still be on display. But I hope all other goosebumps will be covered. Anyway, I'd better eat my 'nana and think about going to bed.
Especially when Grumpy won't come in out of the rain and I've been standing for at least five minutes at the back door, plaintively calling his name. OTOH, SuM said that, when she got home, he must have responded to the sound of the car motor and appeared like a flash. Silly wet cat.

I seem to have escaped any serious damage to my knee after the fall. Yesterday, the cartilage seemed to be popping every so often as I swiveled from side to side in my computer chair. I know, I know. Don't swivel. Today I appear to have ease of movement with no weird sounds.

In the evening, I watched my usual shows and then a repeat of yesterday's MasterChef. Yes, I must be bored. And hot. I actually had to wear my chilled neck wraps for most of the day. So, when the mini storm arrived, I really appreciated the cool breeze through the window. Anyway, I'm getting back to finishing my mega reading. And eating chilled red grapes. TTFN.
I slept, despite the heat until, very late, I felt cold and pulled up the comforter. Diva was above my head. I cursed the sunless morning when the alarm rang at 6. Ugh. Still, I had a routine to follow with little leeway for dawdling.

I was supposed to be on duty, so I decided to wear my two piece leopard outfit, thinking it'd be easier to slip into than clingy leggings as well as cooler. I pulled my hair up and added the fancy black bow. And my chilled neck wrap that gave me goosebumps, but I knew I'd need it just to cool off from my morning activity.

With my ride expected shortly, I was just walking across the living room floor when my foot got caught. How on earth could it get caught on a FLAT cowhide????? And I went down on my right knee and skidded until I slammed into the wall. Oh, joy NOT. This is not the way to begin the day. I managed to haul myself up off the floor by using the sturdy recliner. I felt my knee. The skin was rough but there was no bleeding. My driver was just outside the front door. When I mentioned my fall, he asked if I needed medical attention. [They're supposed to do that.] But I said I'd be okay. So he continued on, picking up another of the Holy Rollers. When we got to church, I stumbled in, now having pain in the left knee, too. Luckily, I had my arthritis meds with me, so took one. And decided to opt out of serving today. With the pain and stiffness, that wouldn't have been a good thing. Communion prayer? What prayer? When I told Rev. Kevin what had happened, he made me laugh by commenting that going against a cow isn't a wise thing as I'm bound to lose every time! ::rolls eyes::

Before the service started, something magical happened. Brent came waltzing over to stand before me and, leaning down, whispered that on a recent Sunday he'd walked past the place where the Holy Rollers congregate outside, but I wasn't there. He commented that it was a really good thing that I and my influence weren't there. Well, apparently, one of the newer Rollers didn't understand that Brent loves to TEASE me and thought he was being SERIOUS, so she spoke up, saying that if Brent has a problem with me then he should talk directly to me about it. Hee! So he had to explain about the teasing nature of our relationship. Obviously, he must have been touched by what I wrote in my special e-mail to him, because we rarely get a chance to talk. ::misses the good old days::

In some ways, his sermon just cemented in my mind how we are with each other. He talked about "radical" hospitality. After church, Jan (the Roller we picked up in the morning) stayed with me as I waited for my ride. I asked her to check on local Swiss Chalets for Thanksgiving weekend and she wondered why RS hadn't been at church. Luckily, my cab wasn't too late, so I managed to get home and collapse for a while (getting off my feet) with Diva at my side. Grumpy had been outside since I'd left and he'd be okay for another few hours. Going on FB, I found out why RS had been missing. She'd had her own bad fall last night. Ouch. We have to stop being so synchronous.

After a bit of a rest, I decided to bake my chicken in two batches. Between them, Diva and I went outside onto the deck while Grumpy slunk back in. It was so quiet and peaceful. The earlier setting sun means that the house protects me from direct rays. Finally, I gathered her up and we came back indoors. Naturally, Grumpy came by for equal parts of kitty cuddles and grumpiness. Along with a portion of chicken for dinner, I baked small potatoes to have with cream cheese, and polished off the wee bit of blush wine. Now, with it getting later, I'm probably going to go ahead and have the second piece of baklava. Sleepy night, here I come. Well, let's face it: I need every advantage to overcome all the ouchy spots. I think that means another painkiller before bed. Sigh.
Saturday, April 12
Okay, what wise guy put the floor there? Yes, I did it. I fell out of bed, though I managed to land on one knee. I think it's the changed orientation of the bed (from Portrait to Landscape, hee) that confused my mind. This has happened before (well, not the falling part) when I'd switched the position of my futon in my teevee nook a verrrrrry long time ago, but my body kept trying to move into its former alignment through the night. Latitude and longitude, anyone?

The other strange thing I discovered (well, other than being really cold) is that both the computer and the heater cut out after midnight. Huh? At least now I know why it was so eerily quiet last night. Weird.

Anyway, I have lots of chores to get done while SuM is at work. So I'd better get started. ::groans for emphasis:: But, first, brekkie, along with having the doggie and friendly cat visit me. I let Mr. Grumpy out at 9:30 as the sun was warm on the back deck. [Actually had an interaction with him through the laundry room window hours later!] At least I don't have to worry about him being out all day. SuM said he's even stayed away all night. Oooookay. While the laundry was doing its thing, I had to entertain myself somehow, so I went back to my McShep trans/intersex fic from last night. Actually, I'm happy I let this one rest for a while because my ability to expand on the story line has just improved while I was away from it. Sigh. Wish that were true of all of my WIP.

Ack. Three loads later, I'm just zonked. Then I did a hack job on my toenails (meaning I sawed the nails that were threatening to cut me). I can't wait to finally get a relaxing pedicure down the street. Too busy this week, so perhaps after Easter. I found something interesting as I was cutting my nails. I normally don't pay much attention to my feet other than scrubbing them with the nylon poof on the end of a stick in the shower. So ... no touching. Well, it appears that the horribly painful lump along the outer blade of my foot has shrunk!!! And I'm in less pain. So, even though I hadn't gotten the custom orthotics, I appear to be okay. Here I'm wondering if my reduced activity during the winter was actually GOOD for me when I spent most of my time wearing slippers indoors. Or because I'm taking extra-strength ibuprofen liquid gel caps three times a day. Hey, weirder things have happened.

After laundry was done, I had to lift the mattress ('cuz I are so strong these days ... ha!) to slide a fitted sheet onto the box spring. Am I the only person in the world to cover a box spring? I know some people put skirts on, but that's a bit fiddly for me ... and just traps dust (and, over here, cat hair). My colour choices are so limited (after the great purge of October), so I ended up choosing black pillow on black comforter on black flat sheet on black fitted sheet on black box spring cover. The starkness was relieved only by my cheerful child-like shams in bright pink and blue patterned squares (kinda quiltish) and my serious, gorgeous (brocade-like) shams with grey leaves on black.

After that, surely it must be time for bed. But, first, a hop in the shower I'm still trying to get used to. I've never had such a luxurious enclosed stall on a step up. That means I can actually put my bath rug outside the door. It's also a treat to have a temp guide via a lever. Much better than having to guesstimate every time while using two taps. However, I'm not thrilled with the Red Green effort to attach my shower hose only by removing the showerhead clip. Uh ... I can't hold the showerhead ALL the time. Sigh. That means a trip to buy a new one entirely. Mind you, this one was a prezzie from a friend from long ago (he who used to talk about going out to Byzantium (a bar/resto in the village) for a "martinus" ... because "martini" is plural, lol). As I've probably had it for around two decades, I'd say I've certainly gotten good use out of it!

I wrote a bit more when I got out of the shower, just so my hair would have a better chance to get dry. And, then, I had a two-hour nap. I exchanged some more texts with Brian, asking him how much a new 'puter would cost. Better to know in advance, I guess. Well, I got the answer. It might make for a very peanut butter existence for the rest of the month, but I might just be able to afford it. Hey, Liblikas, how do you feel about getting a baby brother????? Liblikas ignores the question.

Just to highlight how much I need a computer to function, my rides provider screwed up the automated phone call. Oh, yeah, the phone rang. At 9:09 p.m. But all I got was a voice saying there'd been an error. #Click# Disconnected. So, I worried and wondered whether there'd be another phone call to make up for the bad call. I waited and waited (and thought I'd need to call the automated line that I may have used more than 5 years ago tomorrow morning after SuM had left) but, oh-so-luckily, another call came at 10:11. Yay. Better to know when the ride is the night before. No kidding. Only after that did I continue with my text to Brian. Anyway, I thought I'd better be a good little piggy and get to bed around midnight. Morning comes awfully early on Sunday. Nighty-night.
Wednesday, April 2
Obviously, not live. Somehow, I ended up not going to sleep until close to 1 a.m. I set the alarm for 9, worried that I wouldn't wake up because of exhaustion and pain. Ha-ha-haaaaaa. So NOT. I first woke up when SuM was getting ready to go to work. I figured that had to be around 6.

At 7, with the light beginning to filter in through the window over the bed, I decided to use the facilities. Um ... I had a wee fall,.managing to trip over some of the bags at the foot of the bed and falling – hard – though thankfully onto a soft surface, aka my behind! The only bad thing is that I then had to try to get back up, even though my ass was on the floor, but my legs were on the bed (IIRC). Don't ask me how, because my wrists and legs just aren't that strong (and there was no way I could manouevre to flip onto my knees and then raise myself – which is how I've had to get out of bed as it's so low), I did lift myself and my wrists aren't even sore. Just don't ask my spine how it's feeling.

I managed to doze again once I was back in bed. I woke up around 8:30 but dawdled until the alarm at 9. My body was nothing but pain personified. As I hadn't found the turntable for my microwave, I went upstairs and used SuM's so I could reheat yesterday's soup. Oh, yum. It was a thick onion puree. At 10:15, I went back upstairs, unlocked the front door, sat down in SuM's almost comfy big chair and waited. And waited. And ... yes, waited. One of the cats came to keep me company. She climbed all over the chair and, if I didn't pet her enough, would slide her face underneath my arm so she could get more pets. Hee!

Well, after waiting for 75 minutes, I thought I'd better call the office. Luckily, SuM's phone had rung, so I could tell where it actually was. I was told to give the volunteer another 15 minutes. When she finally arrived, it turned out she was someone who'd never delivered to me, as she had to ask if I was who I was supposed to be. Yup, I sure am.

With the idiosyncrasies of this new place, I had to tell her to carry the meal downstairs and set it up out of the hazardous maze of boxes, etc. Then I was able to thump my way down and gobble the food. I was so hungry and in pain. I needed my supplements and meds, but had to eat first.

After the meds, I figured it was a good time to catch up on sleep. With the furniture problem, there's no point in unpacking boxes when the furniture will ALL have to be moved around. Sigh. And here I thought this move would be ... simple. I slept from 1:30 till 4. Oh, an anomaly of the space and the special (I guess it's ceramic) heater here. Last night I slept in my lounging gown (so, a titch thicker than a normal nighty) under a single cotton sheet with my regular comforter. No gloves, though I was wearing socks. Imagine how astounded I was to feel so toasty warm all over while, at Mar--'s, I'd been wearing my velour top over my nighty and had spread my Irish tweed cape over the comforter – and was still freeeeeezing during the night. I'm figuring it's not just the heater but that this place is decently insulated. It's also a semi-detached, so isn't exposed to the elements on all four sides.

After a much-deserved and needed nap, I finally started sorting out my clothes. I redid the closet, though had to make some changes. I was also surprised and thrilled to find things I hadn't realized I'd saved from John's place (even though I later found them listed on a spreadsheet). My French shawl (red border with a gold paisley print and gold "coins" sewn along the edge); my black wool with gold thread plaid squares; and, finally, my burgundy and cream paisley. The sight of those treasures from my past just cheered me up considerably. What was less cheerful was seeing the sequinned tops and shawls I'd kept from my nightlife days. Sigh. They may be gone but I hope I can still get dressed up occasionally.

Anyway, I'm so glad I persevered, though it took me a long time. But at least the clothes are on hangers or in cubbies. When I feel like it, I'll probably sort by colour. Though that might interfere with the seasonal sorting. Oh, decisions, decisions.

Speaking of which, SuM came down in the evening to see how I was doing – or not. I told her I was really thinking of dumping the entire bed. I don't think I'll find weird box springs in such a narrow width. And, even if I did, the bed still wouldn't fit the way it needs to. So she offered me the bed the guys had already carried upstairs. Sigh. And I can't get rid of this one until next week because this Friday is recycling pickup. At least it won't cost me anything to have the bed disposed of. The other reason (beside the unattractive curb appearance) is that we're supposed to be having rain in the next few days, so having guys picking up a waterlogged monstrosity would not be a good thing. Okay, okay, I'll try to be patient.

Dinner was an ad hoc kind of thing. I had an orange, a couple squares of milk chocolate with almonds, flavoured water and my pills. Oh, painkillers, please work.

Anyway, I'm back to feeling excited about furniture placement, yadda, yadda, and finally being able to enjoy the place when everything is unpacked. Now, if only Liblikas could talk (and I don't mean just to her Mum)!

Finished off the evening (until midnight) by reading some fic I'd stored. Too bad I can't read the mht files as they link me to websites. Sigh. Okay, Liblikas and Universe, please do your best to get your Uncle Brian to come play with you.

Oh, SuM, finding your password would be an equally terrific thing. I don't want to fall too far behind in keeping up with people. And all that jazz.
Unless the colour is red, but only in my satin scarf, tied in a box at my neck, along with my famous "stained glass" top (my colour scheme got a huge approval rating from Rev. Kevin when I showed up at church).

So what was scary? Well, how do you think you'd feel if you were eating instant noodles with kimchi for brekkie and some splashed in your eye? Yes, OUCH and probably WTF would be somewhere in there. Luckily (???), the drop splashed ONLY into my blind eye, so I didn't really have to worry about damage and just deal with the burning pain. Luckily, it did dissipate. Eventually. What a relief.

The temp was actually above freezing so I sat outside (I know, crazy!) waiting for my bus to pick me up.

Church was brighter, too, because Brent was back after his very successful surgery, both preaching and presiding. It was cute, though, to see him forget he wasn't supposed to be flailing about with his left arm and suddenly curtailing his movement. I believe we were also revived by his renewed energy levels, because we really zipped through anointing and communion. Before I left after the service, I was also surprised and touched by an unexpected kind gesture. Hey, it's nice to set aside cynicism - for a while.

My ride home was fun, as I shared the cab with an interesting man. He entertained us with talk of his experience in a Russian Orthodox monastery! I still can't get over being home so soon after church (12:57).

I watched a few epis of The Simpsons, then noticed there was a recap of the Canadian Figure Skating Championship. I'm amazed to see what a powerhouse team Canada is sending to the you-know-what games. I still remember - with a few magnificent exceptions - how our boys were awkward and our girls fell a lot. But I think Vancouver 2010 changed that (for good?). After that I seemed to doze for a bit. Then listened to some glorious music: La Boheme Orchestral Suite, Queen of the Night Aria and, now that it's past 11, lots of lush but serene orchestral music. Me like.

Well, I guess I should wrap up the post and begin to wind down. I still have intentions for tomorrow. Let's see if my body will cooperate first.
So, what happened? Well, after church-John picked me up and I got to church safely, I was getting ready to park the walker and TRIPPED over a wheel, SLAMMING down onto the carpet on my hands and knees. Oh, the indignity, not to mention falls = bad. People helped me up and I tried to shake it off. As I was on duty, I didn't want to drop out. So, with the application of two NSAIDs, imagine my shock to find that my body was feeling very fluid ... almost as if the fall had loosened things up. ::shakes head:: I so do not understand my body. Anyway, I loved being able to anoint and serve communion. And I had some amazing interactions. After church, I bumped into my sis, RS. I asked if I could come to visit her, to ask for her advice. I'll visit her next week, once I know what options I have regarding the move. But, whatever happens, I'm channeling my Uncle Billy who used to say, "Let go and let God." ::looks up:: Hey, God. It's me ... Helenka. In any case, I'm finding the positive vibes I'm surrounding myself with to be a powerful tool against worry, fear and panic. Like ... wow!

It felt like such a weird day today, what with the sun and cold, but perfectly dry roads. Am I still in Canada? Anyway, the drive home was pleasant and the driver and I had a good chat. When I got in, I noshed on deli chicken that John had bequeathed to me. And, then, it was nap time. When I woke up, I'd been dreaming and it was interesting. Why? Well, I was the Director of N.C.I.S. Talk about incongruous dichotomy: on a day when I feel foolish and helpless, my subconscious makes me a powerful woman. Hmm. I'd like to order up that dream again! Right now, I'm feeling some pain, including my right foot. I guess I should feel lucky that I laced my boots extra tightly this morning. I think I also figured out when I experienced the fracture/break: when I tripped in the bathroom a couple of years ago, slamming my face into the edge of the bathtub. It sorta, kinda makes sense, chronologically. Anyway, body. Stop. Falling. Down!
I still can't believe how amazing a day it was - and my Sundays are generally fabulous to begin with. Okay, so it could have NOT been raining, but it was warm out. What did I wear? Well, I took my crackled gleaming ivory blouse and wore it underneath my black cotton shell. I added a sparkling gold and ivory scarf to it. I'd originally wanted to wear my starburst jewelery but it wasn't meeting me half way (lol); so I chose my Art Deco opal/rhinestone pin with matching earrings. Stunning!

The day was filled with unexpected surprises. First, my customary morning companion in the minivan gave me a Christmas card. How delightful. Then, my old friend Stephanie gave me a marzipan pig. But-but-but I can't EAT it! The volunteer coordinator surprised me when she gave me my ticket for Christmas Eve that my partner-in-crime will be church-John. Well, after all, if we're sitting together, there's no reason why he can't help out at the beginning before he has to go into the refresher training. Brilliant! I was on duty - which is its own exquisite blessing - and had so many moments that I lost count. But Stephanie came up to me as did another old friend (he always greets me as "Mrs. Woman" in an English accent) who reminded me how I cajoled him (ah, in the days when I did so ... often) to roast a Turkey for Christmas Day Dinner. However, all was not sweetness and light - as my foot got trapped beneath a cord when I was walking away from the altar after anointing, causing me to stumble. I finally freed myself, but was terrified of what could have happened if I had actually fallen. Um - MORE falls I so do not need!

After church, I spoke to the woman who's coordinating this year's dinner. I said I'd like to come, but that I won't unless I have personal transportation. Let's hope someone comes through for me. I also connected with RS who'd sent me a fb message. Hmmm - she's proposing I look into getting attendant care (since I have to move anyway) and I'm actually not resisting the idea. Brian would be so shocked to see me looking ahead to my future needs.

My driver let me out at the pharmacy so I was happy to pick up another set of coloured lights. Then I did some grocery shopping. Wow - so many things were on sale (always a good thing) but I only spent $40. When I got in, I had one luscious vine tomato and Greek-flavoured (!?!) potato chips for lunch. Then I e-mailed the dinner coordinator as well as my team leader (the latter about the scary chair'n'tripping situation). And I had a nap. So, with the exception of the near-fall, it really was an amazing day! More, please!!!
[Just pretend there are ballet shoes in the icon.]

After going on and on (and on) from the beginning of October how Mikhail Baryshnikov was going to be a guest performer in an intimate (I believe 300-seat) theatre in Seattle, I was surprised there had been no review in The Stranger. So I did a wee search and this is what I found:
• Best Dancer Ever™ Mikhail Baryshnikov was a surprise performer at On the Boards with Mark Morris Dance Group last weekend—he was in the funny folkish piece after intermission. Now in his mid-60s, he didn't bust a lot of moves (and the choreography had some oddly sexy stuff with dancers one-third his age), but just watching his feet was sheer pleasure. Sources say he was a charmer both at dinner at a Capitol Hill mansion and knocking 'em back at the Sitting Room, and apparently his Russian accent remains almost impenetrably heavy, though he's been a US citizen since 1986. He also was spotted carbo-loading at Il Corvo (good choice).
**********quote from Loose Lips Arts Gossip by Edwin Land
I just wanted to have something about this performance here, as a memento, as the only time I saw him dance live was in the mid 1970s after he defected while in TO (yaaaaaay for the whole subterfuge thing with Canadian assistance). Also, because he and I share the same physical frailty (arthritis of the spine) ... with a far more devastating effect on his career.
It's been a while since I've had a nothing day. I think I've had enough time to process, of course first my medical news (though I'd really REALLY like to know when the breaks occured ... 'cuz duh), and then the U.S. election.

What's really got me going from the latter (via my traditional source SLOG) is both the schadenfreude that all those rich white guys who poured millions into superPACs got absolutely nothing; but also the sadness that So. Much. Money can be thrown around for a personal frivolity, on a whim. OTOH, we'd already been introduced to Ann-toinette 2.0, so why should I be surprised. Still, it's unsettling.

One of my adored FB friends (Rev. Tom's husband Maurice) posted some of the worst anti-black rants but, after my initial shock of four years ago, it's not that surprising. Just makes me more sad.

I've been writing up my review of Trio and guess I'm halfway through, though the crapiness of the writing (theirs, not mine) is getting me down. It's no wonder I chose to have a nap when faced with either boredom or shudder-inducing stuff. Nope, not one of my better days. So I think I'll head back to bed. Night, all.


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