I have had it up to here ::points to eyebrows:: with the cat-sitting. Well, at least I got to sleep until after 7:30 (which wasn't all that late, considering that I'd restarted Liblikas after midnight, then tested the speakers by watching "The Competition" for the umpteenth time. Movie finished at 2:12. Yes, you do the math.

Anyway, I was just feeding the three cats (even though Diva decided she was only interested in water) when suddenly there was a whole lot of hissing going on in the kitchen. Imagine my disbelief when I saw the new cat had crept out of the bedroom (does that cat have thumbs or something?), descended the staircase and entered the battleground. Seriously, cat, if you're freaked out by the others, WHY do you engage any of them?

So, trying vainly to dissipate World War Cat, I grabbed her (she so didn't like that) and headed for the hideous stairs. She wriggled in my arms and swatted my face, so I was forced to release her. At least she did run upstairs and (I think) into the bedroom. I followed and made sure the latch was engaged. If her front paws hadn't been declawed (from her original hell house), I would have definitely had a bloody face. Anyway, I was really fed up.

But I didn't have time to dawdle. With all of the cats barred from my place, I proceeded to do laundry. And then luxuriated in my Euphoria shower, with a little time for relaxation. I was thrilled to receive S's text around noon that they were on their way home. So, so relieved and exhausted.

Spent more time reading the Sawyer. Never expected it to get so complicated. And the danger was unexpected. Onwards I slog through it (with a few days left before it expires). I was so tired, I missed a lot of the news and my game shows. But at least there were new Peppa Pig episodes this afternoon (set in Australia). Right now, I think I'm going to have a couple of cookies along with my evening pills. Then think about church and what to wear and jewellery. You know, the important stuff, lol.
It was just all too much to deal with. At least the cats probably ensured I had a fascinating dream during which I should awake. I was a guest at some sort of native ceremony of acknowledgment (like coming of age or achievement). The young man was already wearing several mantles or cloaks and was about to receive a really magnificent one (I think it was white eagle feathers). And, then, a black cat jumped across my view and I woke up. In fact, it had been mischief Diva who'd leaped from her position by my head that had startled me. But I guess I was thinking of my dearly departed Niki (who'd been black). Anyway, it was still a relief to get good sleep.

I finally sent a text to S. about the EpicFail. She didn't suggest that I try to climb Mount Olympus, so we just left everything in a holding pattern. In any case, her cat hadn't let out a peep, so I was hopeful that she wasn't in any distress.

Two of the cats and I snoozed once again for a little while in the early afternoon. Then, I finally tried to take control of my recycling and - with the exception of two soup containers - have washed everything. Yay! So what soup did I have? I heated up cream of chicken to which I added two chopped up avocados (as they were expiring quickly). Very tasty and filling.

There was FINALLY some more stress relief in the evening (though I still call MostlyEpicFail). At 7:29, I received a text from SuM's son. Where was he? Standing at the front door, because he didn't have the key with him. Just to make sure I heard him, he rang the doorbell. Please excuse me while I bang my head against the wall. That's NOT how texting is supposed to work. Anyway, he did what he was supposed to (except, once again, he left the food container up in the bedroom). Sigh. Luckily, I can access the huge sack of food on the front porch. I did text S that the cats were okay. I'm glad they're returning early tomorrow afternoon (as long as the car holds up!).

I've been checking FB obsessively all day long to check on the status of my friend returning from (I got it right this time) Dominica. He finally flew out of Barbuda and got home a couple of hours ago. At least he amused himself by posting about all the guavas he was eating and included some piccies of yummy food. Still, I'm glad he got home safely (though his nerves must definitely be frazzled).

In between all of the worrying, I managed to keep reading the fascinating Sawyer book, watching my regular evening shows as well as a repeat of MacGyver ... and commenting on Savage Love. It's been a while since I've done that - but a couple of people quoted me! Now I think I need to restart poor Liblikas because I can't get any sound when I'm playing videos. Oy.
I woke up at 5:44. And stayed up.

I've been shivering all day long. No, I'm fine; it's the outside temperature that's plummeted 30 degrees F (that includes humidity) since yesterday. So, now I'm wrapped up in my cozy capelet, as I absolutely refuse to put on my (winter) velour top.

I've gotten accustomed to daring to take a nap without setting the alarm, relying on my body to take only a couple of hours. It worked again today (but, then, my alarm was out of juice).

My contact at the church confirmed receipt of my sekrit project and complimented me. Awww, shucks.

I had to restart Liblikas. When I reopened browsers, Chrome was acting up. First, ALL the tabs had a white background; then, when they returned to normal yellow-on-black, Gmail insisted on being black-on-white (aka glaringly unreadable). So I restarted again and this time ALL the tabs were behaving. I sent Brian an e-mail advising him that there had been no disaster or panic on my part. Whew. I also e-mailed church-John to see if we could do brunch after the Anniversary Sunday service, considering he'll be driving me home anyway. He agreed. Yay.

Finally, I've sunk into my first "Murdoch" book that involves his father (and his "sister" sister dies). As I was late coming to the TV show, I don't know whether these are novelizations based on the show's scripts. So, I think I'm going to return to reading and hoping for a slightly warmer day tomorrow. Snuggly nighty-night, all.
Hmmm. Does that mean time stretches when it's warm out and contracts when it's cold? Ha! Imagine a pompous investor (but without the humility of a philanthropist) trying to pull that one over our fave snarky astrophysicist, MRM, PhD, PhD, etc.

Well, my birthday is stretching ever so long (not that I'm complaining; it's simply an observation). Today it was Brian's turn to share in the festivities. He also brought the new protective coating and military-force case for Niebieski Motylek ("Little Blue Butterfly" in Polish, "Little Blue" abbreviated), my newly named iPad who joins his big sister Liblikas. Oh, what a relief to have a proper case.

He even brought me organic strawberries ... and an honest-to-goodness birthday card. Now I'm really impressed, because it seems everybody has stopped giving (especially mailing) greeting cards. Everything is electronic these days. So it was a lovely gesture to receive something tangible that can actually be displayed on my dining table, along with the tulips.

After fiddling around with both computers, we finally left to drive to the Indian restaurant. We were determined to eat two orders of Tandoori Shrimp. We did. Along with a Papadum, Plain Naan (I'm on duty tomorrow), Sautéed Scallops (unexpectedly served in a strange but tasty sauce), and Chicken Biryani that came with Raita. Also, a Gin'n'Tonic each. Nom. We may have slightly overestimated how much we could eat, but we've done that before. So I ended up with lots of leftovers to keep me company at home.

Once I was home, I collapsed. I'd had tears in my eyes from some of the spices, and now I was sweating. Oh, well, it's good for the body.

After watching the news and my game show repeats, I returned to reading "The Martian" with Little Blue propped up on my torso as I was lying in bed. Even though the case feels very heavy, and the lid isn't quite in the right position, it still made a huge difference in my ability to pretend-hold it. I was only touching it barely, to keep it stable. My poor hands are so grateful. As a result, I finally managed to finish my second read-through of the book. Yay.

Now I'd better think of sleep and church and wearing nice things. Well, almost all nice things. If it's raining, I'll have to wear more practical footwear. ::still crosses fingers for nice weather::
Well, you should know the routine by now. Take one goof and add another goof. Whaddyaget? Sheer giddiness!!! Also, found and changed batteries, updated iPad, tinkered-with Liblikas, serious suggestions for a serious office chair, and many other important things. Alas, he was unable to find where I'd hidden my Euphoria Perfume collection. Sigh. So, we asked Google to find us an Indian restaurant ... and she did. It was even open all day (so we didn't have to wait until 5:00 or some such ridiculousness). When we got there, it was a tiny place, but very nicely divided into a few booths, as well as a long banquette with tables and chairs. I figured that, as it was so small, it must do a big takeout biz. There were linen napkins and tablecloths, with white square china plates. I let Brian order (as I couldn't see), so he got us a Papadom, a Samosa, Garlic Naan, Shrimp Tandoori (divine), Chicken Vindaloo (okay), Raita (so soothing), and Mixed Pickles (too smushed). We also had a beer each. Okay, stuffed now!

When I looked at the menu online, I saw that they also had Seared Scallops (sounds divine), various Biryani (which I prefer) and the ultimate finish, namely Kulfi (in either Mango, Pistachio, or Almond flavours). Hey, forget about the meal, I'll indulge in Kulfi only. Then I looked up the Custom Sewing and Alteration place Brian found and the woman isn't too far from here. I think getting a few coats made for me, to my unique specifications, is the only practical route, after looking at the styles available online. Ug. Gly. Anyway, Brian was really happy to hear that I'm being pampered next Friday (and was incredulous to hear just how little she charged me for a wash, cut, and style)!

I think I have to drink another glass of chilled Perrier. Even though I'm feeling lethargic now, I'm glad I woke up at 8:00 and did lots of little chores including washing most of my recycling. And I was able to get a load of laundry done tonight while watching my game shows. So I think I deserve to climb into bed in my clean fuzzy velour top and read one of my latest books. And then get set for church.
Sigh. I woke up at 3:30 ... and stayed up, as the booking system would be live at 5:00. After booking my rides, I stayed up reading and then had my brekkie. Only after 7:45 did I crawl back into bed, setting my alarm for 10:00.

Though my body was up, my brain was somewhere else. I completely forgot to give my delivery volunteer the cheque I'd written so laboriously (and crookedly) this morning. Note to self: Self, please pay the nice lady next week - followed by many exclamation points.

Got a boost from Brian, though perhaps inadvertently. Somehow, now, I can d/l the blind group's monthly newsletter and read it in my unique screen colours. Yay! However, SuM and I postponed our dinner from tonight to Sunday evening (when, among other things, we'll be able to order souvlaki dinner for two as a Sunday special. Just as well, as I had lots of TV shows to watch, from the news and my two game shows, to N.C.I.S. and Bull. Right now, I'm just hoping for a whole night of sleep. ::crosses fingers, while sighing::
Mind you, I still woke up around 1:30, growled, and went back to sleep. Diva wasn't exactly sleeping where I expected her and now she's picked up the habit of gnawing at my hair. No, Diva, you are NOT my mother. Cut it out. Sigh. The next time I woke up was before 6. I decided to stay up anyway. However, after we'd all had a late brekkie, I headed back to bed. Surrounded by cats, we all dozed off and didn't rouse until SuM came home in the early afternoon. I'm not surprised that I felt tired because, though the temperature was hovering above 70F, it was a glum and gloomy day.

Read some more of my library book. Then freaked out over my government form ... or lack thereof. Begged Brian for help. Well, I got it via an unexpected resource, namely a PDF reader. So, with extreme effort (I couldn't read the form as it was faint black on white), I managed to complete and print the form. I tell you I felt as stressed as if I'd had a heart attack.

Life is so boring in a time of TV drought except for my game shows. However, regarding all the horrible things being reported in the news, I. Just. Can't. Can't write about them. I can't give them my energy, though I wouldn't complain if all the evil were dropped into a black hole.
Naturally, I'm talking about my brain. When it's on fire (like acing Jeopardy!), it fulfills me. But, when it's off creating amazing AUs - of MY life - it amazes me. Imagine my chagrin to have to obey the alarm at 9:30 because I was in the middle of a semi-canonical version of my childhood smushed with later life.

Apparently, I'd been very involved in a Trans Project at church (MCCT) in the neighbourhood it's in right now. I was a real live wire, even though I was only EIGHT YEARS OLD. For the record, the church wasn't formed until I was 18 IRL. The school year was starting and I was getting ready to go back to class, though I wasn't sure whether I was in Grade 3 or 4. Grade 3 would have been the logical choice. And, really, I should have known what Grade I was entering. I turned up at school, but it wasn't any of the three I'd attended as a child. It was my middle school which only offered Grades 7 & 8. I went in and found the office, explaining who I was. The woman looked at me and only made a hmmming sound. Before she gave me the form with my classes on it, she asked whether I lived in Riverdale. I was puzzled and said that I lived only a couple blocks away (trufax). When I looked at the form, it was a photocopy of the original on which someone had scribbled info about my role in the Trans Project. At 8 years old! And, then, the alarm rang. Yeah, I fascinate myself.

It took a little while for me to get going after that, but I had to eat brekkie and make myself presentable to go wait for my meals. After that, I went to bed and read until I felt I needed a nap but had only 90 minutes until the news. Fell asleep right away and woke up at the end of another dream. This one was set in Atlantis and ended with Rodney McKay uttering just one sentence. But I don't know what that was. Gee, do you think I might be able to slide back into this dream tonight?

Other than sleeping, dreaming, and reading, I was cold. Colden than should be happening. Blech. And watching a titch of TV including tonight's N.C.I.S. and Bull. I also e-mailed Brian about my desktop, but he's out of town. I hope he can help me when he returns. Now I'm just going to scramble back into bed to read my shipwreck tale.
Considering that my day has only been about 14 hours long, I'm quite content with it. Waking up at 9:30 was sybaritic and I didn't just jump out of bed. When I have the time, I'll read off my phone in bed. By the time I got around to brekkie and then thinking about doing eyedrops, it was already noon. ::shrugs shoulders::

I read off the iPad in bed in the afternoon, then was too lazy to go plug it in to the outlet in the bathroom. And I was too lazy to plug my cellphone near the microwave. Sooooooooo tired, even wobbly. Then I napped sporadically, eventually plugging in both very important devices, lol.

Only a couple of things broke through the lethargy. First, I confirmed the meeting time for lunch on Easter Saturday with my chosen sisters. And I had a sneaking suspicion about paperwork for getting a new health card, so checked the website. Yup, I need to fill out a form. What form? Oh, the one I can't d/l because I don't have the correct program. Tried to install it, but my computer wouldn't let me, because her heart belongs to her Uncle Brian. ::yells off-screen::

So, I just lounged around some more. Read on the desktop and am planning to return to my novel on the iPad. It's another shipwreck in the Atlantic and I'm waiting for the unknown "alien" rescue effort.

And that's all she wrote. [Noticed after posting that I'd spelled "laziness" wrong ... and have no intention of correcting it!]
Let's just call it Twisted Tuesday (doesn't sound as good as Freaky Friday, but it's not Friday). Imagine my delight to find myself sleeping all the way to 6:57 ... or 6:58. Simply blissful. I was happy even if the weather was dour: chilly with rain. I exuded cheerfulness when I received my meal delivery and when I ordered next week's. Okay, okay. You may need to check for a pod under the bed.

Had a demi-doze in the late afternoon, so I don't really remember what happened in the News. OTOH, ever since reading about how luscious pork chops are when made in a slow cooker, I've been hunting recipes and found one that appeals to me. It involves pork chops. And sauerkraut. That's it. No separate sautéing (thank the universe). So, I'm going to make it using my jar of Polish red cabbage with some dried minced onion and sesame seeds (because I don't have caraway - sigh). The only problem now is remaining patient, as I won't be getting groceries delivered until mid next week.

Enjoyed both N.C.I.S. and Bull tonight (and had watched Nola this morning). Both Naval shows really went after government corruption. Ugh. Though I feel sorry for the real Nola, considering that's at least twice the fictional Mayors have been exposed as sleazebags.

Just so you don't think today was absolutely perfect, once again I'd inadvertently switched on the accent soft key. Oy. I hate it when that happens. Must remember: Ctrl + Shift. Why did I think it was three keys simultaneously? Do I always have to complicate everything? Okay, time to check on my social media to see what else happened in the world today.
... and I was surrounded by thoughtful, supportive people.

Mind you, I didn't exactly care to wake up around 5:40, especially when the alarm was set for 8:00. But I got out of bed anyway and checked social media. Had a bit of a scare when the computer began TALKING at me. It seems I'd turned on the Narrator function accidentally. Luckily, it was easy to turn off (Caps Lock and Esc, for future reference). Then, after brekkie, I began to slowly get ready for my shopping excursion. It was gloriously sunny, with the rays making it feel much warmer than it really was. Church-John picked me up shortly after noon and we were off to a low-level mall near the church. Why there? Because I'd been told there was a beauty supply store with wigs. ::rolls eyes:: So, not. Oh, sure, there were wigs, almost all long dark hair with just a couple dark blonde ones that looked very small. Sigh. OTOH, I had lots of luck with the other stores. Found a new purse to replace my damaged one, but was shocked at the $79 tag for a mall kiosk. Still, it was soft, had plenty of compartments, and I needed it. Picked up a new mattress protector, skirt and pant hangers, a bottle opener, my first-ever Sharpie pens, lined notebook, picture hangers ... and Blu-Rays of the entire Trek Reboot series and SW:TFA. Yes, I splurged ... slightly. And thought the trip was quite fulfilling merely from the purchase of the purse, Blu-Rays, and pens. However, I had no luck finding bed risers or a lampshade. I guess c-J will have to find them for me (probably at Ikea).

After all of that wandering around (with my pain levels ramping up substantially), I suggested we get a bite to eat, so we drove across the street to Timmy's and then had to - eek - jaywalk. Thankfully, nobody took up the challenge of hitting the old blind lady with the cane. Wise choice. I asked c-J to get me something along with a large hot chocolate and he returned with two turkey clubs. Yummy. And the large chocolate really hit the spot and made my brain sparkle again.

Last on the list was the dry cleaner so I can now have a light winter coat. Yay. Then we lugged everything into the house. He approves of my new furniture arrangement and that I have clearly designated zones. I also showed him the second little fridge I want to get. Okay, okay, I'm ... getting.

After he left, I let out many groans and settled down to a more normal evening routine: news, game shows, and ??? Well, Dragons' Den wasn't on, so I recorded "Passchendaele" with Paul Gross that I hadn't seen before. Ash tagged me in a piglet video on FB. OMG, the most adorable piggy with the energy of a dozen. Hmm ... piggy stimulants? Truffles? Anyway, I'm still debating whether the mani-pedi will be happening tomorrow. It's supposed to be a glorious day, but my poor old bones are screaming at me. Very opinionated old bones, they are! Sigh.
Yes, I had a very hazy brain today. OTOH, I think Liblikas did as well, with many technical glitches, to the extent that it was very frustrating trying to get info I needed. Sigh. So, I decided to give both of us a rest with an afternoon nap from which I arose most reluctantly. Didn't really care for my game shows and am usually peeved when there are many unlikable categories on Jeopardy! Sigh.

At least my interest was piqued by tonight's MasterChef. The mystery box challenge was to make a more refined meal for four people with only $20. The pressure test was hilarious, with ingredients like tripe, kidneys, chicken feet ... well, you get the gist of it. I was laughing my head off at the guy who thought the chicken feet were covered with a membrane he had to remove. Hee - I guess he's never had adventurous dim sum.

Anyway, speaking of eating, I'm going to try to find the menu of the place the blind group is visiting on Friday. Better forewarned is a good policy, I say.
I managed to have an enjoyable day despite the fact that my body tried to sabotage me by waking me up ::growls:: a few minutes before 6. What-ever. So I read quietly on my computer. I was surprised that SuM woke up early - well, for a Saturday morning. It turns out she and her pals were going to Burlington for a concert(?) and wouldn't be back until late. So she asked if I could look after the cats, especially Grumpy whom she was leaving out on the back deck; and to feed them dinner. She also asked me to remind her so she and her son could put my TV stand together tomorrow. Oh, that would be fab!

I decided to treat myself to 4+ hours of glorious music in the form of movies. I watched "The Turning Point" with - sigh - Baryshnikov in the afternoon. However, because of some weirdness playing it for the first time on this computer, I had to stand to see the actual dancing more clearly as the fixed tilt to the monitor made everything darker. Boo. Then I had supper: a club sandwich, hold the bread. Yup, I mixed bacon with turkey and a whole bunch of halved cocktail tomatoes sprinkled with grindings of smoked sea salt, sweet onion sea salt and rainbow peppercorns.

Decided to check up on Grumpy who was still on the back deck but slightly inclined to come indoors. So I persuaded him, lol. Then I fed the cats and retreated to music central. I decided a rewatch of "The Competition" was in order. I swear, Prokofiev will always get to me! Fooled around with some outfits as the temps are wildly fluctuating. I believe today's temp was close to 90 while tomorrow's high will barely hit 70. So, how does one dress for such an eventuality, especially when the forecaster said it would still be very warm if one is in the sun. ::throws hands up in the air::

Anyway, I still have a few things to prepare for tomorrow. And hoping for some proper sleep tonight. I'll just dream about Baryshnikov. Yep-yep-yep!!!
Ah, so many points of aggravation. Let me count the ways.

1. I woke up before 5:30. Ridiculous. The only upside is that I sent Sue a Happy Birthday e-mail while she was driving to work. Well, first I had to undo the softkey that sticks French accents onto the keyboard.

2. Church-John was wondering about the location of the two shipments. One should have been delivered yesterday, the second one today. Oh, joy, NOT ... for tracking numbers that lead to the Twilight Zone. Apparently, NOW the ETA is Thursday for the smaller shipment and Friday for the TV stand which seems to be coming via British Columbia. Gee, isn't it nice that my furniture gets a sight-seeing vacation when I can't? /sarcasm.

3. Just how many sharks does N.C.I.S. intend to jump by the end of the season? It's not enough that DiNozzo will be gone, they'd already killed off former director Morrow and this week there's another big shootout with more possible fatalities because ... unmoving bodies and (the dreaded words) "To be continued". Oddly enough, I managed to lie on my front for two whole hours as I watched the show and its Nola spinoff.

4. I'm also cranky because of the repercussions of the delayed deliveries. Because I can't take the bed apart for changing the bedskirt or replace the TV stand, there's no point in SuM vacuuming because there'd still be untouched dust. ::mutters under breath:: I want things to be all tidy and pretty and the universe is letting me down, even though I'm not asking for much.
So, how late was "late"? Apparently 2:30, when SuM finally got in. I may have fuzzily acknowledged the noise. In any case, I certainly did NOT appreciate waking up at 6:30. Sigh.

I had a very subdued morning. The only difference is that I had my two "suns" lit, so the brightness cheered me up. I'm really stunned to see how much more of a home I'm seeing just from the addition of these two lamps! And I'm being spurred on to keep going. I know that the additional light will ease my way when sorting my old papers into my accordion file (though that's going to be a beast of a chore). OTOH, I'm a little disappointed by my large-print keyboard. So, there are apparently key-lock and number-lock lights. But the only way I can actually SEE them is to lift the keyboard up so it's perpendicular to the desk!!!! Even my dinky Dell keyboard had piercing lights that I could see immediately, even if I couldn't read the actual tiny letters. Siiiiiiigh. I think I'll be writing the manufacturer. Eventually.

SuM finally really got out of bed around noon (which is a hoot as she's never slept in that long). What was even funnier was that she asked me if she could "borrow" some bread and milk as all she had was eggs. Well, I rarely have milk because of the size of my fridge, but I handed over my - eek - drying baguette and advised her to rehydrate it in the microwave. I also had a short visit from Diva.

One of my old friends who no longer attends church messaged me in the afternoon. He used to be the head of the altar guild and the two of us used to process the elements every Sunday, he robed and me in civilian garb (to show the egalitarian nature of our denomination, at least that's how I looked at it). In the evening, I watched Murdoch Mysteries where the corrupt guys were finally nabbed, thanks to William's inventive mind. Then it was another weird epi of Castle still dealing with the memory-wipe along with the murder case. Meh. It wasn't my cup of tea. I also commented on Slog and changed my profile picture to a quirky Canadian drawing. Anyway, time to think about sleep, especially as I have meal delivery in the morning. Pleasant dreams to all from the blonde.
No, not in outer space ... but in my living space!

After suffering the indignity of waking up at 5 (or was it 4:45?) this morning, I decided to use my morning vision to do lots (and lots) of stuff. First, I unpacked and assembled the two Ikea floor lamps. Ooooh. 400 lumens = warm sunlight (at least to me). Then I stripped the bed, lifted off the mattress, did laundry, threw out the ancient and torn fitted sheet that had been my box spring cover, replacing it with the new bed skirt. Well, it's not an exact fit, but I'm still pleased. I finished making the bed and placing the lamps in secure locations. Felt brave enough to try to change my keyboard. Moved the desk and printer stand slightly, then plugged into the USB by touch rather than sight. Well, I'm thrilled to have the large-print keyboard, but I think it needs batteries because the lock lights don't work. OTOH, I love having a soft rubber volume control. Yay. After that mini-triumph I had a shower while gritting my teeth against the stabbing pain in my right foot and finished with a second load of laundry. All of that ... and it was still morning! But I am now shredded. Wasn't even in the mood for lunch, but at least I've been guzzling Perrier all day.

Finally dragged myself into a gorgeously-made bed around 3 and just lay there in physical misery. Herding cats took up the rest of the day. It's usually enjoyable but I'll still be happy when SuM gets back tomorrow evening. I think it was way easier (and also less fractious) when there were only two. Sorry, Ce-Ce, but you're too much for me to handle.

Right now I'm waiting for my pain killers to kick in (... and waiting). I think I've earned the paraffin bath I'm going to slide my hands into - in 5, 4, 3, 2, ahhhhhhh. So, on that soft exhalation, I'll wish myself a good night, ditto to everyone else.
Wait. What?
Oh, okay, it's just Brian and Helenka acting silly on a time delay since Christmas as they couldn't get together then (due to the major gallivanting on the continent by a certain baby brother of mine.

There was a bit of confusion as I hadn't heard back from him, so I just continued to get ready in the morning and set out the tea service next to the kettle, along with peach tea bags. I messaged him and found he was on his way. Okay, I can stop worrying now (even though SOME people consider it to be a hobby of mine nowadays; I have NO idea why they'd think that).

When he showed up, he had surprises for me. Well, there was the measuring cup I'd asked him to buy. Then the crockpot I was inheriting from him ... so he could get a fancier model. And ... three gifties from his last vacation to the magical land of Harry Potter! If you recall my emotional distress over having had to give away so many of my possessions in my last post, it wasn't only jewellery. There were also all the stuffed animals I'd gotten attached to, many of them treasured gifts. As Brian remembered how sad I was to give up my plush (upholstery fabric) E.T., he got me a mini E.T., wearing a red hoodie. He's adorable! I think he'll be coming to church with me tomorrow. And there were Hogwarts gifties, too, namely a chocolate wand (now, that's just teasing!) and a keychain with my name on it.

When Brian had showed up, I was showing OFF my improved surroundings, especially my fireplace and LED pillar candles. He laughed at the fact that I could control 8 pillars with one remote. Then he got down to business, hooking up my new printer and getting it to work. Woo-hoo. It's in a place where I should be able to see the display screen. Also, bonus for NO wires. After that it was off to the cellphone provider. I'm claiming that the palindromic nature of the day (16-1-16) as well as his presence were my two good luck charms. Between his expert advice (yes, Brian, you will ALWAYS have the power!) and bonus discounts for being a long-time client in good standing, I got an incredible new cellphone. The cherry on the top was a case and screen protector that were covered by a three year old gift certificate. Whoopee!

After that, we made a quick stop to Loblaws so I could get real cash money. As well as some chocolate bars AND spice grinders ... now that I'm going to be actually cooking real food! Then we were off to the local Montana's. Even though we had to wait, we finally got a booth. Uh, perhaps not such a good idea as the bench was just hardwood. Ouch. Blonde is already in pain. At least the food and drink (yum) helped against some of that. I started off with a smoky peach lemonade made with bourbon (had never had bourbon before), followed by a large rack of ribs with tangy peach sauce, corn bread, coleslaw, loaded baked potato, two skewers of shrimp and a sizzling skillet of mushrooms. No, of course, we didn't finish our meals. My leftovers will make an excellent lunch. But we did order dessert, mine in the form of a boozy milkshake (black cherry with ice cream, bourbon, topped by whipped cream and a cherry). Another unique bourbon taste sensations.

We finally came back, with me dragging myself up the front steps. SuM was home, so it was a relief not to unlock the front door. Brian had already played with my phone during dinner, so it was usable but most confusing to this olde blonde who isn't accustomed to talking to seemingly sentient electronic devices. Shades of the computer on the Enterprise! Yes, I'm sure I'll be having many ::coughs:: informative hours of learning how to operate my new baby. Just. Not. Tonight.

Anyway, time to go. I have to deal with brushing my teeth manually because I don't have the energy to find a screwdriver to unscrew the battery compartment. Or to answer Brian's message of how I'm finding my new phone. Or to sweep lots of miscellany off my bed. Well, maybe I can do that. And then blissful, pain-free (I hope) sleep!
Such as? Waking up at 3:20 a.m., unable to get back to sleep. So I stayed up for a few hours until I absolutely Had. To. Crawl. Back. Into. Bed. Had a couple hours of sleep. Up again for a few hours, then back to bed for a second nap. Both times I woke up woozy - as if I'd been drunk. Yeah, right.

Because of my miserable sleep, I didn't visit the cats, but they did visit for a short while in the afternoon. Was in touch with church-John who confused me with a weird voicemail message. I guess he picked up my new printer either yesterday or today. Uh ... John? Do I need to drag it out of you as to when you'll deliver it? Cuz I don't think it'll be by magic (or ::shudders:: drone). I'd better e-mail him tomorrow morning. I also e-mailed Brian about when we might get together for our delayed Kissymas sillybration; and, then, we'll see if the printer was a good buy or not. ::crosses fingers::

Even with all the catching-up on sleep and wobbly-woozies, I took a chance having a drink (a bloody Caesar) along with dinner (my Moroccan soup that needed way more spices). I think I actually became more clear-headed after the drink. I'm missing my customary TV shows, so just where do I go to complain? Oh, right. Nowhere. Patience, Blondie. Just one more week until your shows are back. Sigh.
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( Dec. 27th, 2015 10:00 pm)
Yes, I can haz one of those, too. I loved having the extra 30 minutes to ... uh ... get frazzled because I'd frittered away too much time reading. OTOH, I also loved being able to waltz in front of my closet and actually select (and retrieve) clothes without an accident.

It was a few degrees above freezing, but very dreary and dull out. Still, it ain't snow. Things were very quiet when I showed up at church because the 9:00 a.m. service had been cancelled. Still, several friends showed up, so I had people to chat with.

Ashley showed up, eagerly talking about a bargain printer, so church-John decided to just go and outright buy it; if Brian (wearing his IT tech hat) decides it's not a good fir, then c-J will return it. While he was already going to go to Staples, I asked him to pick me up a new shredder ... and a staple remover (hee! we called it a defanger). Well, I was merely being practical. Yeah. That's the right word. Unfortunately, I haven't heard back, but that might be his way of teasing (torturing) me by keeping me in suspense. Oy. ::rolls eyes::

It was a subdued service with Brent on post-Christmas destress vacay. So one of my acquaintances shared her story and that's what I focused my review on when I got home. Whew. She loved it. The service was actually over before noon. Hallelujah, it's a miracle! So I had tons of time to waste. Ordered a couple of litres of home-made soup from Carol (Sam's partner). I'm going to get Mushroom Bisque plus Tomato Basil with Greek Yogurt. Nommmmm.

Once I finished my review, I finally got around to doing laundry ... after I'd urged two of the cats (the usual suspects) to wake up off my bed and go back to mom.

Am a titch aggravated with my sis RS. Even though I'd e-mailed her well in advance, she only replied this morning before I left for church needing confirmation of movie date and time. Sigh. It's right there in black and white (uh ... yellow and black); so I sent her the info. In the afternoon, she confirmed and I tried to arrange my rides for Wednesday. Naturally, there is nothing at the moment, so I'm on two waiting lists. ::growls:: I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed. In the meantime, I'm fading quickly, so I'm going to slide into my cozy and snuggly bed. Nighty-night, all.
Too bad that doesn't equal free of pain. For I am in serious pain. Mind you, what I've accomplished is ... staggering. As in, I'm staggering about, so crippled by all the moving that even my feet are failing me. Sigh.

It certainly didn't help that I woke up at 5:06. Ugh. I decided to stay up and dashed off a confirming e-mail to the volunteer coordinator at church regarding Christmas Eve. Ha! I did that at 6:15. Then I hunted up my long dress in the closet and tried to predict how much cutting the hem needs. I guessed ::moans in despair:: three whole inches. Boo. After my meals were delivered, I returned to my primary goal. I kept on working diligently and ended up moving my computer All. On. My. Own. I think everything is the way it should be, though I noticed one dangling sound connector - but it may have been that way all along. At least Liblikas came back to life when I turned her switch on. I still have to dust a few things, but what should be on the table is and what should be on the floor is as well. Just one teensy tiny problem. The master speaker is sitting next to the CPU, both under the table and crowding my legs. So, naturally, I'm wondering whether I can put the speaker sideways. Will try tomorrow. I was planning to use the original desk as an L-shape to hold my printer, but that's not going to work. So ATM it's my nightstand, with a convenient mini-drawer to hold my remotes, etc. Even though the table is posing unexpected challenges, at least the desk lamp is phenomenal. I'm keeping it on my left blind side with the bulb facing away, so that there's little light interfering with the screen but enough for me to almost see the keyboard letters. Hey, it works.

With the computer moved, I vacuumed up lots of dust that had been unreachable before now. And then - finally - I moved the fireplace and stand into its new position, with the brass tool set right next to it. Whew. Just one problem. I'm way too exhausted and in too much pain to appreciate a fire, so I'm postponing that until tomorrow. I texted church-John to give him the news. He congratulated me on my endeavours.

I found all the physicality really got my metabolism revved up, enough that I had to open a window for a bit. But I was too anxious to watch TV other than the game shows, so it's been a sedate evening on the computer. I'd like to finish putting up decorations tomorrow so I can put my boxes and bags into storage. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!


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