So, what's the what? Well, SuM, S and I just had a House Dinner & Movie Night. First, for dinner we had grilled Teriyaki chicken, green beans, roasted 'taters, sliced zucchini. Then we had my bourbon pecan tarts and Hypnotiq for dessert as we watched "Freeheld", based on a true story from last decade of a dying NJ cop who wanted to transfer her pension to her partner (with whom she had a Domestic Partnership). Naturally, the council (a bunch of dicks!) were very sad she was dying, but wouldn't transfer the pension (because they thought gay people were icky, dontchaknow), which would have meant the partner couldn't afford to keep their house (and its memories). Only the cop's work partner supported her; but, at the end, a whole bunch of cops showed up at the town council meeting where they reversed the decision. So, yeah, lots of being all choked up and crying. There's also a documentary, so we'll try to watch that in the next couple of days.

Now, why no pain? Because church-John came a-calling (texting me while I was in the shower ... and he was already parked outside without my knowledge!). After I got dressed, we took my new coat to the cleaners to get my sleeves shortened. When I got back home, I took two pain pills, swallowed down by Coke. Oh, feeling much better.

Anyway, much better than this morning, when I'd woken up at 4:11 a.m. (from the pain lancing through my fingers). So I decided to read and actually finished the book which ended up being horror/crime/mystery/child abuse/sociopathic siblings. Uh ... yeah. So not pleasant, even if it was gripping. After I finished, I returned to reading the engrossing God book by Sawyer. Much saner. I think I'll read a bit more before bed. Then keep my fingers crossed for better sleep, too.
I have had it up to here ::points to eyebrows:: with the cat-sitting. Well, at least I got to sleep until after 7:30 (which wasn't all that late, considering that I'd restarted Liblikas after midnight, then tested the speakers by watching "The Competition" for the umpteenth time. Movie finished at 2:12. Yes, you do the math.

Anyway, I was just feeding the three cats (even though Diva decided she was only interested in water) when suddenly there was a whole lot of hissing going on in the kitchen. Imagine my disbelief when I saw the new cat had crept out of the bedroom (does that cat have thumbs or something?), descended the staircase and entered the battleground. Seriously, cat, if you're freaked out by the others, WHY do you engage any of them?

So, trying vainly to dissipate World War Cat, I grabbed her (she so didn't like that) and headed for the hideous stairs. She wriggled in my arms and swatted my face, so I was forced to release her. At least she did run upstairs and (I think) into the bedroom. I followed and made sure the latch was engaged. If her front paws hadn't been declawed (from her original hell house), I would have definitely had a bloody face. Anyway, I was really fed up.

But I didn't have time to dawdle. With all of the cats barred from my place, I proceeded to do laundry. And then luxuriated in my Euphoria shower, with a little time for relaxation. I was thrilled to receive S's text around noon that they were on their way home. So, so relieved and exhausted.

Spent more time reading the Sawyer. Never expected it to get so complicated. And the danger was unexpected. Onwards I slog through it (with a few days left before it expires). I was so tired, I missed a lot of the news and my game shows. But at least there were new Peppa Pig episodes this afternoon (set in Australia). Right now, I think I'm going to have a couple of cookies along with my evening pills. Then think about church and what to wear and jewellery. You know, the important stuff, lol.
Oh, yes, indeedy. I was faced with those cold, cruel digits staring at me with a veneer of impertinence to boot. So I reached for the iPad and continued reading my Trek novel. Luckily, the pain managed to stay in the background for a while. I finally finished it only to find that it was the MIDDLE book of a trilogy. So I borrowed the other two books.

Once again, citing nausea, sleeplessness, and pain, I talked myself out of doing household chores. Instead I managed to snatch another two hours of sleep just before 2. And woke up in the middle of more vivid dreams. Hmm, I wasn't aware that gastric upsets and sleep deprivation when combined were dream catalysts.

I ventured into SuM's living room after watching the news and my game shows. We watched "The Diaries of Ann Lister" - a fascinating true account of a woman who'd defied the constraints of polite British society to carve out a life for herself on her own terms: refusing to marry, studying a vast array of subjects, hiring men to mine her land, and - oh yes - living with a woman and adopting the role of "husband". She used to write love letters in a special code which was decrypted only after 150 years. SuM wondered whether it might have been solved by a woman!

SuM also graciously made supper: big meatballs (we joked about those), boiled potatoes, and the snappiest crispy peas. Luckily, I managed to overcome the lingering nausea and enjoyed my meal. ::breathes a sigh of relief:: Right now, I think I'm going to drink some soothing ginger pineapple juice and then read for just a titch. I have to wake up early to book my rides for next week's pub night. Yay!
After another great sleep (yay!), I woke up to the alarm at 7 to book my rides for next Tuesday. Done. Then I went back to bed and continued rereading the Gander book. Oops. I spent so much time reading, I didn't have brekkie. It was around 10:50 when I heard knocking. Uh-oh. I dashed (okay lurched) to the front door. It was my meals lady - but she was really early. Still, now that I had that done, I could return to reading and very slowly getting ready to go out. But I cheated. Just washed my face and didn't put on any powder. Church-John arrived around 1:30 and I was ready for him.

We did some shopping for necessities at Canadian Tire then went to find the restaurant SuM had taken me to. With only one U-turn, we got there and, after I expressed the need for non-excruciating seating, were shown to a very nicely padded and comfy booth. Ahhhhhhh.

C-J and I each ordered a glass of Pino Grigio. Our server told us the "bowls" were on special for only $15 (reg. $22-and up), so I ordered the same one I had (Black & Blue, steak slices, blue cheese, etc. yummy etc.). It was even better this time, perhaps because it was the middle of the afternoon. I also ordered sweet potato fries with garlic mayo. Nommm. Obviously, I brought most of it home but was urged to get the Crème Brulée for dessert. Heavenly. Then we had to get me home because I had to make a phone call.

In the evening (after I'd watched my game shows including a much better Jeopardy!), I joined SuM at 8:00 for our informal Movie Night. This time, we watched "Hail Caesar", a very quirky film about the golden days of Hollywood from the Coen brothers. I have to check all the musical numbers in it. Right now, I'm just munching on my fries and thinking about going to sleep. It's going to be a very long day at the Walk-a-thon, but I'm sure I'll have - what else but - more fun!
So, sorta, kinda. But, first, the beginning of my day. I'd set the evil alarm for 7:00, so I could book my rides to/from the beach next week. Uh ... (to quote Little Britain) "Computer says no". Sigh. So I had to call the ride line and be on hold (while my phone was around 21% power). Luckily, I managed to get through and my rides are booked. After that, I crawled back into bed and promptly went back to sleep. Ahhhh for decent sleeping weather again.

I woke up shortly after 12. Even then I wasn't feeling too hungry though I eventually ate brekkie. Then I had to start thinking of how to reveal things about myself. I know it may seem odd (but I believe it fits my dual Geminian personality) to read that I'm not comfortable talking about my life - where it counts. So I dared myself to compose a fundraising appeal for my awesome vision loss support group on FB and to tag every single person so that my message would land directly in each person's e-mail. Because I loathe FB and its deliberately inconsistent algorithms. Boo! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a positive reception, etc.

After that, I read a bit more, watched my usual news and game shows. We're all horrified here by the fire in London. During our news hour, we were reassured that the building code for high rises in our province would prevent such a fire here - as all such buildings must use only non-flammable materials. After that, I joined SuM and her gf as we finally got to watch "The Boss" with Melissa McCarthy. SuM was surprised she actually liked it. Ha! I make good recommendations. Anyway, I'm a bit tired so am going to doddle off to bed. No alarms, please and thank you.
Why, that was my day of course. The "Oops" happened at 3:38 which is NO decent time at all. Luckily, I did fall back asleep until that evil alarm got me up at 7:00 to book my rides. After that, I stayed up. Continued reading "The English Patient" until the battery was exhausted. Then I finished with the extras in "The Martian" and decided to watch another Blu-ray. On a whim, I picked the 2009 reboot of "Star Trek". Since I'm such a nostalgic softy, I cried (always do even before the opening credits). Then I had to hunt for cats. Uh, SuM, whyfor did you not tell me two were outside? Managed to get one in, fed two, then had to wash my hair. After that, I coaxed the perennial wanderer inside.

When SuM got in, we continued our talk from yesterday and she fixed the link in my capelet clip. Yay. After the news and my game shows, I laughed my head off during Big Bang Theory (it was terrific), then sleep-watched a summary of all previous years of MasterChef Jr. The only thing I remember from it is that next week's special guests will be ... Miss Piggy? And the Swedish Chef? Hmmm.

Managed to rouse myself to watch a brilliant Peg Plus Cat which contained like a three-minute version of "The Magic Flute"!!! Then I dozed off, just waking up a few minutes ago. And going "Ouch" from some of my latest leg problems. Also sigh. Looking forward to being pampered tomorrow. especially as I revealed to SuM that I'd exhausted the hot water tank the last time I'd dyed my hair. No longer! So I'd better sign off. Toodles.
So, yeah, long day yesterday along with yummy food and wine. What could go wrong when I decided to read in bed? You do know what's going to happen. Somehow, don't ask me how, I dozed off and woke up after registering a light thwap on the floor. I swung my legs over the side and stepped down onto.... OMG!!! Only then did I realize I'd nodded off and that my foot was now on top of my iPad. Luckily, I have a very light step - I credit that to creative dance in my earlier years. So I picked up the iPad and ::sighs gratefully:: apparently not damaged ... though possibly insulted, lol. I still don't understand how it fell to the floor. I normally lie on the other side and, if it had slid off, it would have landed on the ledge which has both my old folded comforter and a body pillow. Must-must-must be more careful in the future. And get a proper cover stat via Brian.

After all that excitement at some point in the night, I still managed to sleep in until a few minutes to 9:00. Yay. After a lazy morning, I decided to finally (FINALLY) watch "The Martian". Just one problem. How do I work the Blu-ray. And switch the TV signal. Remember my blindness is a huge factor here. Between turning on the overhead lights and using my cellphone's flashlight, I managed to get the movie playing. I was enchanted with it, being drawn to tears several times. I'd had no idea of how amazing it was. I figure I'll watch it whenever I'm feeling despondent either personally or with the state of the world. After the movie, I started watching all the extras. I had to stop after 5:00, but I'll get back to the special features soon.

I ended up telling SuM I'd watched it and had been entranced. One thing I forgot to tell her was all the wild music from decades ago. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!!

After that most satisfying experience, it's just as well that I only watched my game shows. And enjoyed my Greek leftovers along with the rest of the bottle of wine. But I did manage to borrow "The Martian" from the library. Much emphasis has been placed on the fact that the screenwriter did his best to follow the book closely. I guess I'll soon see. But, now, I'm going to read a bit more of "The English Patient" and then toddle off to bed. I'm being picked up way too early tomorrow morning (8:35). ::shudders::
Which is why certain people move from the friendzone to become chosen family.

But, first, why is 6 hours my apparent default sleep limit? Mind you, it's still better than ::shudders:: three hours. As I woke up 90 minutes before my alarm, I had an even more leisurely morning until my anticipated pickup at 10:50. So, the sun was blazing today. And the temperature? Brrrrrrrrrrrrr ... with me enduring it while wearing thin socks and my Mary Janes, because of the lingering swelling of both insteps and forelegs due to the fall. Sigh.

I arrived at the theatre at 11:33 and RS was the first to arrive. When Jan got there, we were able to buy our tickets and get snacks. I know, I know. We all splurged on overpriced concession stand offerings. So, we saw "Hidden Figures" and were blown away. I have to find out whether there's a book so that I can read it because, as usual, there were things I missed on the screen. However, as someone who grew up during that era, it was exciting to see historical footage.

We had enough time built in after the movie so we could chat and laugh some more. My minivan was the first to arrive at 3:50 and I was home very quickly. Even though the sun had been glorious, the cold still affected me to the extent that I didn't attempt to do my laundry. Oh, well. I'll deal with finding different clothes for tomorrow.

Watched a special epi of Peppa Pig and the news. Dozed off during my game show repeats and then again after 8. Now that I'm awake, I'm washing my recycling and going to watch the second half of last night's Shark Tank.

Right now, I'm trying to assess the medical benefits causing (temporary) improvement in my vision. So, was it the activity? The fun and laughter? Or was it exposure to below-freezing temperatures? I guess I have something new to investigate!
::checks calendar:: Yep, it's Sunday, alright.

Even though it was a titch cold and there were real snow fluffies floating in the air, I was determined to wear shoes to church this morning. Luckily, my driver rang the bell, so I didn't have to sit outside chilling my assets. Arrived at church bright and early at 9:15 but talking with friends as well as our resident Repair Café sewing wiz chewed up all the time until the next service.

Church-John surprised me with a mocha whose strong coffee undertaste was much to my liking. We had a guest preacher whose Lesson was fascinating. Just how fascinating? Well, after I got home, I began writing and didn't post my review until nearly 5. Obviously, I scribbled lots of notes during.

When SuM got in, we coordinated our schedules. She asked me if I wanted asparagus or corn to accompany the Caesar chicken wings. I voted for corn. The invitation was made for 7-ish. While SuM was cooking, I fed the cats. I'm so versatile, I even did it in plain sight of the greediest cat. Anyway, we had a delightful meal, even though the wings were weird. So, if you saw Caesar as the flavour, wouldn't you think of garlic, perhaps bacon? Nuh-huh. It was supposed to be Bloody Caesar flavour!!! We wouldn't call it our fave, but the chicken under the coating was super tender.

And, now, the movie. We watched "The Danish Girl", only knowing its general theme but none of the details. It was psychologically engrossing and we both sat stunned at the end, talking about how long ago this had happened (based on a true story) and how things were still risky nowadays. Now it's up to us to find new movies to borrow. Gee, we only waited a year to get these last two. I hope there's something a bit more available.

I set the TV to record everything having to do with the Oscars. I'm not even going to check to see who won - even though I'm sure someone will be blabbing on FB. I guess I'll survive.

Looking forward to a lovely sleep and planning to try to finish my Valentine's "month" fic. ::asks a boon of the universe::
Even though I stayed up (until 3:00 a.m. IIRC) reading a 40,000K word fic, I didn't set my alarm, trusting that the universe would wake me up in time for my meals delivery. The universe kindly obliged, as I woke up at 9:38. ::stretches self-indulgently::

I started writing my romantic fic but didn't push myself. Hey, I like this less-stress way of doing things. Polished off the pierogi that SuM had cooked for me. Yummy. When she came home, she suggested 7:45-8:00 for the movie. No prob. But I certainly wasn't in the mood for cherry cheesecake, so saved it for later. The movie we watched was "Carol", set at the turn of the half-century, examining morals and transgressive behaviour. We were quite intrigued by some of the steps the two lead actresses took. There appeared to be a hint of hope for them going forward. Considering the restrictive times, it was also interesting to see the shop-girl from the department store becoming a confident photographer for the N.Y. Times, while her wealthy divorced lover actually acquired a job and a large apartment. Just remember this was NYC. A large apartment? Wow.

After the movie ended and we said our goodnights, I finally had the cheesecake. Or am having it, as I'm still not 100%. Perhaps I should try some medicinal ginger beer. I'd also had a bad headache earlier but still ended up talking to the admin of the meals people, helping her with a speech she has to give next Sunday at a commemorative historical event. Ah - I'm so useful to others. ::huffs and polishes imaginary watch:: Anyway, after I wake up tomorrow at whatever o'clock, I'll have lots of TV to catch up on. But that's another day. Right now, it's just me and the sound of rippling water. So soothing.
Even though I went to bed after 1 (or was it nearly 2?), my body woke me up at 3:15 in the grips of a disturbing vivid dream in which I'd been affected by the flooding of my old neighbourhood (trufax) and found half of my possessions in the vestibule of the church with no way of getting home or accessing the other half of my possessions (hello, clothes, food, etc., etc.). I was only getting superficial compassion from the person who'd moved my stuff (he's with our Altar Guild). That's when I woke up. Rolled over and tried to sleep again. Managed to until nothing woke me up at 4:45. Arrgghh.

I stayed up, read, had brekkie and watched last night's very creepy Murdoch Mysteries even though I was lost as it referenced actions that had happened before I'd begun watching the show. Still, most effective.

When SuM came home, she reminded me we were having Movie Night. Tonight. We are? Okay. She baked my decadent Bourbon chicken wings and fried some frozen pierogi. OMG, the food was excellent! As for the movie, she'd chosen "The Girl King" about the life of Queen Christina of Sweden. We really enjoyed it even though it was rough slogging as there were subtitles in Portuguese obliterating the English subtitles whenever the characters were speaking anything other than English. Oy.

Right now, I'm just hoping that all the good food will induce an all-night-long sleep. ::crosses fingers::
Sigh. Still, it was a huge waltz down memory lane, going to see "Rogue One". I was thrilled it was a brilliantly sunny day both ways. Anyway, because the movie was not in a 3D format, the theatre wasn't very full. I was relieved. What wasn't as friendly was how dark the film seemed. I found out years ago that some movie chains don't bother getting dedicated 2D copies if they're also showing 3D. Only problem is that playing 3D on 2D equipment produces a darker image. So a lot of the action was lost to me. Um ... can I read a script somewhere? But there were many parts I did enjoy. And remembered the good old days when I had a competition with a friend's bf to see who could see "A New Hope" more times. We even went on Christmas Day one year on a bitterly cold night, returning to my place for hot tea, cookies and seedless green grapes. Do I have a good remembery or what?

I wouldn't mind seeing the movie again on DVD, but certainly won't shell out the money to buy it. I'd just like to see it more clearly (especially if I do it first thing in the morning).

My driver was more than 20 minutes early to pick me up, so I got home at 3:20 (providing another example of instantaneous beaming technology, lol). SuM hadn't left yet for the library, so I quickly gave her my ID and, when she returned, I had a shiny new library card. Yippee! Can't wait to borrow my first e-book. Um ... after I've given my eyes a rest.

With stupid football dominating my news provider, my only TV was game shows (and repeats at that). After that, I read a delightful N.C.I.S./SGA crossover fic. Actually, I still have a wee bit to finish. So I'm going to get back to reading and then wash my face. Beddy-bye sounds sybaritic. Mmmmmm.
Don't ask where my body and mind were, waking me up before 6:00 a.m. ::growls in frustration:: The only good thing about having all this empty time to think is that I looked up times for "Rogue One", wanting to go a week from tomorrow. Only problem, with the holidays over, there are no more early-early shows and it would be dark out when I'd be getting home. So I took a risk and booked my rides for this coming Saturday. I think I'll still be okay at the 12:10 show in a regular theatre, with two others in the multiplex offering the movie in two types of 3D. And I'll get home late afternoon. Yay.

I felt relieved to get a text from SuM shortly after noon, saying she was leaving. I even asked my phone for the distance between where she was and home, so I could calculate approximate driving time. Hee - you'd think I was sounding desperate. Not exactly, but just wanting private time without responsibility for the house and cats. Not that the cats were complaining, sleeping sprawled all over the place, especially Grumpy who now loves sleeping next to my pillow.

TV Wednesday was boring, with only my game shows and a repeat of Dragon's Den. ::shrugs:: Anyway, I still have an article to transcribe and print about nutrition and eyesight for my blind group tomorrow, so I'd better hop to it. And then spread out in my (MY) bed. Sounds like a plan.
You know, people younger than I am are not supposed to die. I'm six years and nearly 5 months older than Carrie Fisher. She filmed SWIV when she was barely an adult and I was almost at the quarter-century mark. OMG, I still remember celebrating with a dear friend when we'd taunt each other about just how OLD we were getting. Sigh. As if.

I've been reading about "Rogue One" and that they've inserted CGI of Princess Leia pre SWIV for the sake of continuity. Perhaps I'll try to see the movie in the next couple of weeks. Apparently, she'd already finished all the filming for the next film to come out (which must feel really weird to all the SFX people doing post-production work). In the meantime, I can watch TFA while SuM is away, so I can blast the sound.

In any case, unexpected deaths are always a reminder for us to live our lives as if we might die tomorrow.
No kidding. When I woke up to the alarm at 9:00, I knew immediately that I would be going nowhere today. Sigh. Because the pain - in my knees - was so severe. I was exhausted just from changing the sheets (as well as pulling on my new luxury padded mattress liner). Because of the unseasonal weather we've been having, I decided to give the fishies another go-round, so they're sharing the bed along with the penguin fleece. But it's really cheerful, so that's a good thing.

Spent the afternoon lying in bed. I wasn't even interested in eating, just resting and letting my hair dry. Confirmed with SuM when she came home that we WILL be watching a movie tonight. Well, 7:00 came and we started watching "Enemy" starring Jake Gyllenhall and filmed right here in TO. The camera frame was so tight that you had to know the city to recognize places because we were supposedly somewhere in New Hampshire! It was a very weird film and I'm going to have to find a synopsis just to figure out WHAT was going on. But, hey, we had my Bourbon pecan tarts and jasmine tea. And cats.

While we were watching, I'd set the TV to record "Beaverton", a new satirical Canadian show. Just found out that Leonard Cohen died. Now BOTH poetic giants of my childhood are gone (though at least Leonard lived far longer and compos mentis than Irving Layton). Too tired to watch tonight, so I'll get to it tomorrow morning. Until then, I'm close to zonking out and sleeping with the fishies. ::giggles::
Let's just forget about the fact that I woke up TWICE during the night because I was so cold. But, when I left the house at 8:45, it was definitely sparkle time. I wore a ::shrieks:: black turtleneck sweater, along with my tunic, capelet and flowing pants, but I refused to wear socks because of my open toed shoes. Luckily, the sun was sparkling and I didn't have long to wait for my ride. Same driver as the past couple of weeks. He confirmed that he's going to be my driver until January. Excellent, so I don't have to train a new driver each week! He mentioned that Home Depot was having a sale and that I might be interested in getting a wireless doorbell just for my space, so that when he rings on a Sunday morning he won't be disturbing anyone sleeping. Sounds interesting.

Sat outside the church for about 45 minutes, enjoying the sun's warmth. The service was a brilliant display of sound and energy as the service was infused with tons of vibrant jazz! I received two beautiful compliments (affirmations), one from another congregant before the service and the other from my cab driver who'd driven me before. Sometimes it doesn't take much to brighten up someone's day. So, yay, more sparkles for me. When I got in, I tackled my service review while munching on the hash browns church-John provided (technically, Ash's brekkie but we haven't seen her for a while). I was really proud of my review but so very tired. However sleep was not on the agenda, as SuM and I got together to watch "Born To Be Blue" about Chet Baker. I found the movie to be quite depressing and have never been able to tolerate watching even the simulation of heroin injections. Still we enjoyed the presence of cats (Grumpy next to her and Diva next to me) as well as the oatmeal chocolate chip muffins she'd baked and a cup of jasmine tea. Good thing the movie was only about 100 minutes long, because we were both zonked, as I'd gone to bed at 1:01 (and she'd come home about ten minutes earlier).

I'm about to take my pills and then probably go to bed. I still have a bit of cleaning up before the organizer arrives at 10:00. It's so encouraging to know that everything keeps improving. Well, anything to distract me from the shorter days. Speaking of shorter days, church-John advised me that Costco already has Christmas deccies out. He thought I might be interested in a birch(?) tree with lit branches. He said it was nicer than what we'd seen last year. The price? Oh, just 100 bucks. Uh, I think I'll pass on that one, but I'd really like to go shopping for deccies and comforters. Soon, perhaps?
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( Aug. 24th, 2016 11:24 pm)
So I woke up partially confuzzled at 7:00, leaving me with plenty of time to get ready for my pickup. The only problem was that one of my browsers decided to freeze on me - the one showing my pickup and return ride times. Uh-oh. Then, when I was leaving and playing gatekeeper, CeCe decided to come inside. Grumpy was just on her tail (hee) when Missie Diva decided to slide through the opening like greased lightning. Hey, Missie, get right back here. Not only did she not obey moi, she ran down the stairs in the garden and parked herself right in front of where I needed to put my foot. Sigh. As I didn't have time to herd cats, I left two cats out (and texted SuM about the situation).

I had a funny (not ha-ha) driver who kept asking how come I was going to the movies ALL BY MYSELF. Well, gee, last time I looked, I was a grownup. And, considering that most of my friends are 20-35 years younger than I am, that doesn't leave me with any potential matinée companions. Like, seriously, duh.

So, yes, I finally saw "Star Trek Beyond". Um ... or saw half of it - the half that had nothing to do with bad guys, space battles and lots of other incomprehensible stuff. The only parts I appreciated were the personal moments, especially when people were separated into couples. And the quirky humour. And the music. Sigh. After the movie, I had plenty of time to sit outside and catch some fresh air. More time than I expected, because - what else is new - my minivan was 25 minutes late. Even worse, I sat next to a very loud, very talkative woman. No wonder the driver had suggested I sit in the front seat next to him, but I didn't know why. Sigh again.

Watched a two-hour epi of MasterChef. Still don't think much of ALL of the cooks because of the (probably mostly scripted) errors they have week after week. Anyway, I think I might watch some more recorded TV and then la-la off to bed. Nighty-night.
So ... another morning affected by cooler temperatures. Not only did I wake up cold, half of me had twisted the sheets and uncovered a foot here and other bits there. Very disconcerting. Once again, I'd been in the middle of some upheaval in my dreams, but there was nothing which I could remember - even faintly. Oh, well.

Had a long wait for my meals as they've temporarily changed the schedule ... so I won't be so eager next week. Had another Castle epi rewatch, where the boys manage to go to Atlantic City - on a case. In the evening, SuM and I got together. I contributed my bottle of bourbon, ginger ale, my bourbon tarts and rocky road cookies. SuM provided ice cream and mini cinnamon rolls (like two-bite brownies in size). I asked her about "The Silent Giant", saying I couldn't see what was available, but she said she had her heart set on "Love & Friendship" (which I have yet to look up on Imdb), a Austenish period piece, simply because Kate Beckinsale played the lead role of Lady Susan. Considering what a huge manipulator Lady Susan ended up being, I mocked SuM for her choice! It was a little difficult to get into the movie because it just seemed to start in the middle of nowhere, thematically, and we had to catch clues everywhere. Anyway, it was free, so yay for that.

I'm looking forward to my own movie excursion tomorrow. So I'm going to give myself a cheerful pat on the shoulder, then look for next week's choice. Perhaps "Florence Foster Jenkins" though I might need earplugs!
So, why am I excited? Well, I booked my rides to go to see a movie, all by myself (woo-hoo) next Wednesday. The new times were released today, so I can see "Star Trek Beyond" (yes, finally) at any time I want because none of the showings will be in ghastly 3D. I think I'm going to try to see one movie each week, but only at the cineplex near where I live. I'm just not keen on getting lost or having to remember where elevators are elsewhere.

Naturally, also looking forward to the party tomorrow. The leader sent me an e-mail, asking for emergency contact and other stuff in advance of the out-of-town trip. The cutest bit of info is having my cellphone number so that - should any of us wander off in NOTL - he can just PHONE the stragglers. Ah, the wonders of technology.

I'm beginning to feel human again as the temperatures are being more reasonable. It would be a blessing if we could have a pleasant September.

Getting ready for bed but I just want to finish reading a fic. And then hope for happy dreams. ::yawns for emphasis:: Nighty-night, all.
Well, SuM texted me, saying our neighbour had seen him hanging around this morning. I tried calling from both the front and back doors after my food had been delivered, but no luck. Sigh.

Our movie night got borked because SuM had no idea of how to redeem her free movie. She thought she could just tune in to one of the movie network channels. So I asked her just HOW the provider would know to unlock the service just for one particular movie at 7. Sigh. What's worse is that she'd forwarded her work e-mail to her home one ... and then deleted it this evening. Sigh again. So, no movie night. I hope she'll be able to get a duplicate offer and I said I'd be on the lookout for repeated showings of the movie.

Consequently, I watched recorded programs in the evening. Judge Judy had a fascinating bit of advice (only peripherally related to one hopeless case). She said that, when she asked her doctor what she should do if she wanted to live to a really old age, say 100, he had very succinct advice. "Don't fall." Oh, boy. I guess I'm going to have to become extra careful in my old(er) age.

We had both rain in the morning and high winds in the afternoon and evening. It's almost endurable indoors as a result. Sleep should be comfortable. I'm contemplating turning in soon.


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