Hey, it's impossible to compare myself to the bionic woman who lives here and seems to cram in so many chores in a day. Like tody, when she gave the back deck another coat of paint, also painted the front steps. Then, when the doggie scampered on them and left footyprints, she had to fix that. Then she went flower and plant shopping and did the planting and watering. When I saw her later, she said I'd be responsible for the watering when she's on vacation. Hey, that's no prob, as long as she shows me EXACTLY where to turn the water on. Because there's no point in just telling me if I can't see. I told SuM I still use my lantern to see the settings when I do my laundry.

So what did I do? Well, I emptied the two last cartons from the move that contained the contents of my kitchen drawers. I haven't exactly found a home for everything; however, after removing more things from the pantry and relocating them to the etagere, I then had space for the everyday cutlery tray. I'm sure there'll be more relocations done between the kitchen corner, pantry and etagere in the next few days. As for the two empty cartons? Well, they are now my elongated end table next to the loveseat holding not only my beautiful sculptured lamp but also my massive mirror. Which had to be moved from the dresser, as I had to move the dresser to a less stable location. There were a few more items moved, such as my fireplace implements and umbrella stand, a preventative measure as Diva cat had already plowed into it and knocked it over. As it's a glazed, natural colour with swirls AND 40 years old, I'd really, REALLY like to keep it in one piece.

Anyway, it was a strange day as I didn't get back to sleep until after 3 a.m. I ended up watching the 2013 Air Farce New Year's Eve Special that Brian had obtained for me. Quite not unexpectedly, you can guess what disgrace of a mayor was the F-Bomb (formerly the Chicken Cannon) recipient!

In the evening, I watched the usual shows as well as MasterChef. I still find the unevenness of the competitors' abilities to be irritating and distracting. And, as always, the DRAMA is highly distasteful. On a personal cooking front, I made Mediterranean couscous (with currants and nuts) but mixed it with Thai peanut satay sauce. I thought it was yummy.

Okay, so I think my day is done. I'm feeling very virtuous (ha!) and optimistic that very soon the place will be at its optimal functioning level and decorated exactly how I want it to be. Naturally, the pictures, award and art will just affix themselves by magic. Yeah, right. As if. On that note (la!), the delusional blonde will now take her leave. TTFN.
Not only did I forget to post about these yesterday, I forgot all about the second point today. My brain, she is tired.

So what's the what? Well, one of the best things about church is seeing Brent perform baptisms. Oh, my, a baby in his arms is just the most adorable thing. Well, yesterday, he got to perform a double baptism, for a newborn (I'm wondering if she was a preemie because she was tiny) and her older toddler brother. Just a terrific way to start the service.

And the other thing? Well, when I entered the social hall, I was struck by the two walls of art surrounding the elevator. Most of the pieces were those I'd donated to the thrift shop. Aww. In an impulsive moment, with time to spare after the service, I went up to enquire about the native carving and the Egyptian cat figurine. What was I thinking? That it had only been a couple weeks since I'd moved - instead of 6 months and a bit? Well, I was gently informed that they'd been snapped up very quickly. So I asked about the DaVinci style Enterprise. The PIC couldn't recall it. Sigh. Finally, I asked about the Egyptian bronze nude. Apparently, there are two potential buyers for it.

So what's my lesson? That what I gave away is truly gone and that it would be far better for me to stop longing after it. Can you see my face? Naturally I'm pouting. But, yeah, I can see the logic (yuck). And, after seeing an item on the news about a hazmat team being sent into a hoarder's house in TO today, not to mention an upcoming segment on Dr. Phil later this week about a hoarder who insists she doesn't have a problem, I guess I should feel lucky (okay, okay, I'll admit to "content") that I am no longer burdened with decades of stuff. And I certainly do appreciate the little that I have left. Which reminds me, I have to listen to some of my choral works soon.
Monday, April 14
Despite going to bed latish, I didn't sleep well. Pain and also just poor sleep. So I got out of bed early and distracted myself by going online. I left a few comments on FB, then tackled my big catchup site, namely SLOG. Strangely enough, the volume of traffic seemed to be down slightly, though it was still a shock to learn things from a Seattle paper about stuff happening in Canada, like the Liberals winning the election in Quebec. Uh ... is that an April Fool's joke? Yes, I will check it out. Also, one of the Cons' cabinet ministers died ... and there's also this pesky Heart-something privacy and password problem. Why, it's as if nothing changed during my absence.

I'm almost caught up with SLOG, just have mega comments to read on Savage Love. Oh, my. There was quite a kerfuffle brewing among a couple commenters. After being on the computer all morning and the beginning of the afternoon, I needed to do something else. So I finally unpacked my jewellery. It was a frustrating experience. Even though everything stayed in the small crystal containers, I just don't have the room to spread them out and keep them tucked away safely. At the Cottage, I kept my sparklies (and also my medications) on a really wide shelf in a mostly inaccessible corner basically between the computer and the fireplace wall. I could tell where everything was. Now it's all stacked up in the top drawer of the dresser, warring for space with more papers. Yes, I'll be weeding out the papers, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll disappear entirely.

Another frustrating thing was taking stock of my joints. Even if my feet are feeling fine, my spine is still screaming at me. So my outrageous idea of going out to do grocery shopping and then catching a cab home isn't worth pursuing. When I'd have to do the shopping, then try to find a cab, then get the driver to at least carry my purchases up the steps (and we're not even talking about the walker), I'm already exhausted and overwhelmed by the prospect. So, I'm going to go the more expensive route and let my fingers do the shopping online. The driver will then carry everything down to my domain. I checked the website today and believe the selection has diminished. But, then, I'll be happy just to get in some chicken thighs, couscous, taboulleh, olive oil, wine vinegar, bread, canned soups, fruits and veggies. Just to have something nice for the Easter weekend.

I finally got the chance to catch the missing Ken Jennings epi of Jeopardy via ye olde useful YouTube. I'm really happy he moved from Salt Lake City to Seattle. And he's got this cute mannerism (an 'oh, gosh, I really should have gotten that answer' attitude) that is most charming. And, yes, it was terrific to see him walk away with a runaway dollar amount. Can't wait for the final shows. After that, I tried to have a wee nap, but my body wasn't cooperating. And, then, SuM plus two-thirds of the menagerie came down as she did laundry. After she was done, I was more than ready to be catching up on teevee. Watched the last two epis of N.C.I.S. Wasn't too keen on the on-location shoot in New Orleans and was happy to get back to the more regular formula of being in the office and lab.

Now I'd better slide my footsies into a pair of socks. With the temp dropping tonight, I don't want to wake up to icy cold tootsies. Winter? Just. Go. Away.
Friday, April 11
One massive ouch. The new bed is too hard for even me. I think I'll need lots of piggies to bounce up and down on it to soften it up. But, still, I did sleep in until nearly 8.

After brekkie, I moved the dresser over next to the bookcases and lifted the heavy mirror on top. Okay, that's enough for the time being. I was still in pain, so I went back to bed, even with its faults, as I felt it was better to be lying down. I didn't set the alarm, but simply stayed quiet for a couple of hours. Then I decided I'd better get industrious, so emptied the big green tote that held my cleaning products. I managed to find a home for most of the things. I had a scathingly brilliant idea and inserted the two green totes into the two rectangular ones, then placed a tiny surviving fraction of my smallest stuffed animals (hey, when it's only Giggly Ballerina Piggly, Massager Piggy, Screen Duster Piggy and Billy Bear, that IS a minuscule fraction) along with my oinking piggy snack bowl on top. I'll have to buy a small tablecloth to hide the fact that these are storage totes underneath. I finally found a home for my two lit trees between the totes and the dresser, with one tree on the floor, the other on the totes. It's so nice to have some cheerful lighting. [Note to self: SELF, you MUST buy lots of energy efficient lights to brighten the place, and to avoid using the utilitarian overhead ones. Yuck.]

And, now, I'm exhausted again. Finally ate lunch (after 3). It was a couple of lemon meringue pudding cups. Yes, Rodney McKay would be horrified. But then he's not in the vicinity! And I'm hungry as I continue to run out of provisions.

Had another pretend nap in the evening, then finally did something revolutionary (well, at least I hope it wasn't revolting, lol): I started writing again. I'm working on a fic on subjects I used to be quite ignorant about (transgender and intersex), not to give the impression that I'm any authority, but my eyes (even the blind one) have been opened. Thank goodness for a couple of decades to educate myself.

Had another unsatisfactory viewing of an educational film. Well, it really was. But, without sound, all I could do was be a voyeuse. Sigh.

Finally doddered off to bed at midnight, even though I really hadn't wanted to turn off my tree lights. 'Cuz ... pretty and the blonde loves her pretty. Such. A. Dork.
Thursday, April 10
4:55 a.m. Ugh. I was in the middle of an interesting dream, but had to attend to reality. Wow! I think SuM's laptop is charmed. She booked me my rides for next Thursday with none of this "Waiting List" nonsense! Now it's 5:32 and just what am I supposed to do with myself? Oh, look. I didn't finish my ginger ale last night. Yup, that's the level at which my brain is functioning. But enough to send Brian a text message. Aka a no-brainer. Hee!

Stayed up reading my own fic until 8, when I just couldn't stay awake. So I crawled into bed, setting the alarm for 10. Ha! The alarm came and went as I decided to get some more sleep in. I finally woke up at noon, still not having had any food. Yikes. But, first, I wanted to see whether the menagerie were still there. Yup. Anyway, I stayed up and talked with the son's mom. When they were finally out the door headed back up north, I finally – FINALLY – had my brekkie (chicken fingers, but sadly with no plum sauce).

After that, I resolved to get the boxes upstairs. Three painful trips later, I couldn't do anything else but sit in my chair and recuperate. At least another source of entertainment in the early morning hours was exchanging frustrated texts with Brian.

My mover showed up before 4 and dragged the mattress upstairs. Whoa. It took three of us to push the old monster. How do I know it was time to go? Well, the manufacturer's Do-not-remove tag had been hanging on by a thread and it fell off. Then came my new smaller bed. Whoa! Talk about a sturdy box spring. As I was in too much pain (and couldn't be bothered), I didn't put fresh sheets on, just what had already been on. I'll put new ones on tomorrow, after I decide which set to use. Oh ... a small decision.

I had the dresser moved to the other side of the room. I'll have to tussle it into place, I think between the two bookcases, and then set my huge mirror on top. I'm getting closer to getting the place looking like home. But that doesn't mean I'm not missing my internet and teevee. Wah. I need my customary distractions. Instead, I'm drinking coloured water and thinking whether a granola bar will be enough for dinner. 'Cuz, unfortunately, I'm out of both bread and crackers. As for cookies, don't even ask. Well, I eventually ate my last orange (horrors) and the end piece of a chocolate bar (though at least there's still one in the pantry). I also had two visits from the friendly cat, though she was extremely talkative tonight. I think she's just relieved the barking, growling doggies have gone away.

Mar-- dropped by unexpectedly, still looking for the missing key. Well, I unpacked my purse again, but no key. The only last-ditch place it could have fallen (even though the location is all wrong) is into the bottom of where I was packing my jewellery. Yes, I guess I'll take another look there, but it still doesn't seem likely. Sigh.

Brian in one of his texts had asked that SuM ask Bell what band her wifi is set to. Well, she asked, but they didn't know. However, they did say they did NOT support Linux. Honestly, do you think I'm going to accept the word of someone who can't answer a simple question first? Not on your life!

Back in domestic-land, I ended up reading some more of my fics in the evening. And made myself cry, again. I'm such a softy, I even fall for words I've written.
Well, I was back last night, but was too overwhelmed with reacquainting myself with long-lost friends (by which I mean most visited sites ... and also peeps on FB).

Because I'm so focused on details, I'm still going to post everything I kept track of while I was in online and electronic limbo for almost two weeks. Here goes:

Tuesday, April 1
Don't ask me how ... but I did get finished packing everything up, though not when I was supposed to. Luckily, there were two guys who showed up so, after both had dragged everything out, one of them wrapped up my breakables and boxed them, while I was busy packing away my jewellery. Surprisingly, it wasn't such a big deal that I'd been dreading. But, then again, I had downsized my collection considerably before the last move. And, before the guys came, I'd emptied out my closet into plastic bags.

I was really surprised to see how small the van Mar-- had rented was. It was almost like a utilities truck. Don't ask how, but since Mar-- was driving and I'd hoisted myself up into the saddle ... er into the passenger side seat (which was dreadfully high), the guys managed to squeeze themselves somehow into the back, along with my walker to boot.

Unloading didn't turn out to be a breeze because, believe it or not, they couldn't get my box spring downstairs, even on the diagonal. Arrgghh. So that as well as the collapsed frame are in SuM's shed out back, while I have to sleep on a mattress On. The. Floor. Um ... please send rescue piggies in the morning, because I fear I won't be able to get up off the ground. The suggestion was made that, if I want to keep the frame and mattress, then I should buy two narrow single bed box springs and then lay my mattress on top. Oh, terrific. Because I are so made of moniez, right?

After they'd all left (arrived at 1, left at 4:15), I just sat on the couch (yay, couch with pretty cushions) and was stunned. Also extremely exhausted. And surrounded by mega boxes and bags.

After a bit of a rest, I managed to find the cartons designated bathroom, so have filled the mrrored wall cabinet (yay) with my necessities and – for the time being – have shoved all the bags of linens in the corner (laundry room). I've put up my shower rod over the entrance to my walk-in closet (well, I really can walk into it) and hung my pretty curtain that matches the decor (even though it's a mix of cream and pale mint/sage green while the walls are a pale blue).

The clothes are still in their bags, shoved into the closet on the floor. No way I'm hanging anything tonight. I managed to have my dessert from my meal really late (and ate my entree COLD so it tasted awful). Right now, I've taken my evening supplements as well as a pain pill. I'll take another one before bed.

Tomorrow, besides unpacking more stuff (like finding out where the turntable to the microwave is!), I have to decide where to put my bookcases. Also, the unit SuM assembled turns out to be 5' tall with shelves and doors, so I can store lots of stuff that should not be on display. Just have to think of what. Brain supplies the answer: pantry.

At least the micro-furnace is keeping me toasty warm. That's a good thing. SuM came down in the early evening to set up my computer. Well, poor Liblikas didn't care for having strangers play around with her insides (and the glass side cover had slipped off during the move so had to be reinforced with what else but duct tape). When she was turned on in her new home, she hissed! It's a little like the sound of crickets. And, with all the speaker wires shoved into the wrong holes, I have no sound. So, I can't even watch a DVD or listen to music. Wah. I'm sure that, when her Uncle Brian finally gets around to coming over, he'll be able to put my baby to rights again. ::crosses fingers:: Mind you, I'm not on SuM's Wi-fi, because she doesn't know what her password is! Her laptop just connected automatically. Not fair!

Oh, yes, as if I didn't feel disconnected enough, I don't know how to connect the TV to get power. Wah. I missed Jeopardy tonight. That's tragic, if you ask me!

Back to my bed woes. The guys left my mattress standing up propped against the wall. Church-John had suggested I sleep on the couch. Uh ... it's a love seat. I call "fail". So, I lowered the mattress (yes, all by my lonesome) in the direction I wanted it to go (along the wall) but was stopped by my CPU. Also, doing it that way cut off access to the fridge and microwave in the back corner. Uh ... why am I having all these issues? So, after a while – a looooong while – I got up the strength to move it again, this time jutting out into the room. Fine, no interference with the fridge or desk, but there's very little room to walk in front of it, because there's furniture and cartons and bags and mirrors, etc., etc., in front of it. I'm now so fed up with the situation, I think I'm going to throw the whole bed set out and use the small bed that SuM originally had down here. I've had the bed for 8 years, so it's not as if it hasn't amortized itself sufficiently. The only good thing about a small bed is that finally all my sheet sets will fit, including my fabulous fishies!

Okay, now that I've had a chance to moan and groan a bit, I'd better go wash up, make the bed (already preselected the blue-floral-on-white set), add instant piggies and hope I can sleep in a new environment. Somehow, considering how much I hurt, I don't think that'll be any problem.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be back LIVE by Wednesday. Please ... universe, just this one small thing?!?
No, I didn't wake up at 6.
It was 7 and, even then, I dawdled.
So, right now, I'm screwed, trying to get everything finished while Mar-- has gone to pick up the truck.

And I haven't had a shower, so feel utterly yucky and sticky. And I can't talk 'cuz the movers are already here. Be back when I'm reconnected on the other side.
Sigh. Nothing worked the way it was supposed to. Oh, wait. Defrosting the fridge was a snap. But, other than that, lots of oochies and ouchies.

At least more packing DID get accomplished. But I was frustrated when I hadn't heard from SuM and the afternoon was morphing into evening. So I called and had to leave a message on her phone. And I continued to wait. Arrgghh. To complicate matters, I received a text from someone (no name) from the Young Adult group who could have moved my TV and computer TONIGHT. Sigh.

SuM finally called me back. She'd just expected me to show up some time this afternoon. To make things worse, her answering machine was malfunctioning, so she wasn't even aware there was a message on it. As it was going to be dark soon, there was no way I was going to walk over (and there goes the measuring beforehand), so she offered to bring the key over. Whew. That's a huge relief.

At least I could enjoy the rest of the evening - slightly - by pouring the last glass of church-John's wine. I had it with buttered bread ... my supper. And I watched an entertaining epi of MasterChef Canada for a change. Also, for a welcome change, I really appreciated tonight's The Blacklist. I finally got to enjoy the strength of Elizabeth's character and the ever-swirling muck of deception around her.

Okay, now I'm off to bed. I'm setting the alarm for 6. Yuck. Make that double yuck!
Let's begin with goofy, shall we. When the alarm woke me up, I stumbled about in the dark with my arms extended (remember there are now obstacles aka packing boxes, etc.), trying to find the light switch. Couldn't find the closest one, so ended up turning the kitchen light on. Uh ... blondie, remember your lantern/flashlight that you purposely placed on the night table before you went to bed? I guess not. Oy.

I got to church bright and early as I was the only passenger on the bus. It was so lovely not seeing any icebanks along the streets. And wearing actual street shoes i/o clunky boots. I was on duty (as it was the 5th Sunday of the month).

Brent was there, on crutches and with a weird brace over his trousers. He wasn't robed (Rev. Deana presided), merely wearing his clerical shirt. And he sat in the congregation, just behind the piano (diagonally from me).

Imagine my shock when he was directed to my station for anointing. Yes, I know it's the luck of the draw, but it made my day to say a prayer and lay my hands on him. Mind you, I had some incredible experiences with other congregants today as well. So, already, my day's been made. But, wait. The universe had more in store for me when Brent and John came to ME for communion. Seriously, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that my respiration and pulse were elevated. I just about flew back to my pew afterwards.

A musical feature was having a drumming circle (with various sizes of drums Just. Like. Mine) led by (as church-John told me) the evening service drummer. He was a great leader! Alas, I couldn't stay to savour the experience as, when I got into the social hall, I heard my name being called out. Thinking it was a friend, I whirled around but didn't see anyone. Who was it? It was my cab driver who'd shown up early and had actually come inside the building. So, though my ride should have started at 12:30, instead I arrived home at 12:38. That made me happy.

After having some cereal and milk for lunch (trying to use up perishables), I managed to do a few more cartons. I'm just feeling overwhelmed (the bad kind, this time) by all the breakables lying around ... and knowing that I'll need to wrap them in paper, yadda, yadda. Sighs. The last carton I did was cheating. I took most of my framed pics and merely stuffed them standing upright into a carton, and smushed two decorator pillows so nothing was able to move. Obviously, no lid on that carton.

After that, I just vegged. My back hurts and my head is throbbing. Huh, both sides for a change. I'm so not looking forward to the fact that I'm running out of time. Right now, I have the fridge defrosting and, naturally, it's taking its sweet time. I've put the milk and butter in the cold storage room overnight.

Anyway, time for another pain pill, and then - ahhhh - bed.
Well, obviously, with all the current upheaval in my life, I wasn't about to go walkies by my solitary self. Or sit in the dark when I have so few candles left. So I've had the TV and computer on, keeping me company. And heat aimed at my back to ease the stiffness from filling and lugging cartons around.

I'd used up everything church-John had given me, so was relieved when he came over around 5 and dropped more off. He sat for a wee bit and we had a chance to chat. Too bad the ad disappeared from Kijiji, so I couldn't show him the pictures. But he said he'd be seeing the place eventually anyway. And then he was off because Brent wanted to go out for dinner. It must be really nice to live close enough to be able to socialize with Brent, especially when Brent is giving John some space (or is it the other way around?).

I got a really cute e-mail from my friend in the youth group. Ha - he mentioned in the e-mail he'd sent out to the group members that it was a good thing I'd reached out for help to people who were "young and strong". I replied (only to him), being all nostalgic about how I'd once been "young and strong" ... and related an anecdote of putting up lattices, lights and silk vines. Ah, yes, the Good. Old. Days.

Okay, I'd better pack it in. Time to take another pain pill and slide into bed. Because, after church, it'll be more packing. Oy.
... one tchotchke at a time, is a very sad thing. ::sighs:: Oh, I know, I'll be able to put myself on display again in the new place, but it won't be as easy. Why? Well, the fireplace wall just happened to have a convenient (though extremely narrow) mantle as well as ledges for a few pieces of art (not to disregard my fab graduation photo and church award). I rather think that nail marks will NOT be tolerated. But I just thought of something ingenious - to suspend several pictures by looping a cord around the base of the staircase spindles. Okay, that may be too extreme.

And, for the record, my spine is screaming. I'd better take another pain killer before bed.

I exchanged e-mails with church-John who suggested the new young adult group at church could help me pack. Well, that's not a very good suggestion, as the packin' is happenin'. But I did ask the new group's leader (who just happens to sit behind me when he's at church) if there's a geek available to hook up the computer, though I'd be pushing it for the TV ... and, really, it's SuM's satellite, so perhaps she should connect it. I also sent her another confirmational e-mail about Monday and Tuesday. And now I'm dreading how dead I might be by Wednesday.

My meal delivery people seem to be on the ball. Just from the hand-written notice I submitted yesterday, my volunteer today seemed to know all about it. However, I think I'd better send an e-mail on Monday explaining the idiosyncrasies of the new place.

While I was moving and packing, the TV kept me company. I watched Shark Tank and, along with the Canadian Dragon's Den, am intrigued to see how much of an education I'm getting on attracting investment. I was thrilled to win on Final Jeopardy. ::pumps fist in the air:: Yes, I accept all victories, no matter how slight or ... uh ... trivial they might be. Hee! I kill myself. And, with that bow to ALF, I'm off to beddies.
And not the cranky kind, either! I blame (er ... thank) the glass of wine and goat cheese. Yay. If I hadn't heard the tread of footsteps on the stairs before 9, I might have still been sleeping when the alarm went off at 9:30. I scurried to do a hand-written note to my meals provider about the address change. And then waited. And waited. But my gorgeous meal (I so love chicken and rice) was delivered before 11.

I think it was hilarious when the food made me extra sleepy (well, the rice had a mushroom sauce in it, the veggies were corn with pimiento, and ratatouille - so it's no wonder I was in the mood for sleep). And I did, amusing myself obviously with lots of vivid dreams for about 90 minutes.

The doom and gloom outside affected me (and my vision). I struggled to see what printed matter I should throw away and which I should keep. I can't wait to benefit for the 60s light fixture in the new place, of those cones on an upright pole. Now that's a good reason to have a pole in the living room!

Watched the usual TV shows and then finally started composing my e-mail to church-John. Oh, boy. It was a long one, but then he's not aware of the changes that have happened since Sunday.

Anyway, I'm being seduced by my bed - again - so I shall not resist but acquiese with grace. Yeah, yeah, I know. Not kidding anybody here!
Um ... I guess having that glass of wine at dinner wasn't the correct thing to do. I would be SO right. ::sighs::

It's been a looooong, frustrating day. Mind you, I continued on the packing front, but was favouring my spine. And front. And ... everything.

I didn't hear back from SuM until early evening, so everything was left hanging on her decision. Well, she's okay with moving the date up ... but has imposed hitherto unannounced conditions. Oh, dear. I wasn't expecting this. But - hey - I do NOT have any other option but to comply (especially when I'm being punished for what the creeps who lived there before did).

So, with a move-in date, I had to scurry to have the pieces fall into place in a cohesive manner. Asked Mar-- to book the van and tell the guys when I'll be needing them as at least the time of day is entirely open. E-mailed baby Brian if he could help move the TV and 'puter the day before, but he's got his own woes. So I'll have to come up with a creative solution. I have to send church-John an e-mail but, as he doesn't read them normally (lol), I had to text him to give him advance warning. And, then, had that dangerous glass of wine along with some goat cheese and crackers. So was way too fuzzy headed to e-mail him. I sent him a text, saying to expect something from me tomorrow. Now I just have to sleep off the fuzziness.

Made myself feel smart playing Jeopardy. Always a bonus, though I - along with all the contestants - missed the Final Jeopardy question. I also watched this week's Glee in the morning and thought it was sweet in parts. Mind you, I feel sorry for the newbies being thrown to the wolves with the switch to New York. Show biz, such a guarantee of steady employment. NOT.

Okay, I have to crawl back into bed. I'm starting to feel fuzzy-bodied, too. Not a good sign, when I need to be on my game until and including moving day. Please send me moving angels!
Um ... I don't know why I can barely keep my eyes open. After all, I actually had a good sleep last night. Oh, well. I think my brain is on a timer and it's winding doooooooown.

So I got a bit of a shock from Mar-- this morning. She says that I can't stay on until the Saturday after April 1; nope, I must be out on Tuesday! Yikes! But she tempered that, when she heard that I won't have a kitchen, by giving me the bar fridge I've been using. And saying she'll rent a truck for me while her very helpful neighbour (the one who's always shoveled the snow after a blizzard so I can get down the driveway) and equally strong pal do all the heavy lifting. That'll really be appreciated, so I can spend money instead on trying to buy something like a rolling kitchen cart. And a dining table would be nice, too.

Once I got used to the moved up date, I finally started packing stuff. I've got three cartons done so far, holding my DVDs and books. I love the pre-assembled cartons church-John brought over because, even though they knock down flat, they're half done and easy to finish. Wow. I wish I'd had those the first time I moved. I'm also being very organized by numbering them and noting the contents in a spreadsheet. Go me! I want this move to be as painless as possible.

I sent SuM an e-mail about the need to move the date up but haven't heard back from her. ::crosses fingers for tomorrow:: I also have to text c-J, but was (obviously) too tired to do that tonight. I'm thinking that, instead of coming over on moving day (well, unless he really WANTS to, lol), perhaps we could go scrounge me the cart (and table). There's still that second-hand store on the main drag.

Wee-ha. I had fun playing Jeopardy tonight. But trying to focus on N.C.I.S. was difficult, because of the inclusion of all sorts of extra characters. And having a lot of the action take place in New Orleans. It doesn't help that it's (at least) a two-parter.

Okay, I think my day is done. Hee - even the cartoon character on TV just said, "It's bedtime." So I really ought to obey, right? Nighty-night, all.
First, though, there was this pesky matter of waking up around 4:30 ... and deciding going back to sleep just wasn't in the cards. So I really d-a-w-d-l-e-d over my morning routine. It's back to being stupidly cold out, though the ground was completely dry. Still ugh.

I had a really nice driver today. Though, when I boarded the bus, he was supposed to be taking me for a 55-minute drive! But, when he got behind the wheel, he noticed the route had changed and I was going to be delivered to the church immediately. What a relief. Still, we had a terrific time talking about food and eating in TO. I recommended Brian's and my (sadly lapsed) cooking show with all the ingenious variations I'd suggest. I also talked about how I used to be photogenic, yadda-yadda, and had a well-modulated speaking voice. He said I still speak very well, with precisely-enunciated words. I told him that was very important to me. But enough chit-chat as I got to the church and scurried indoors to get warm.

I was nothing but smiles, telling everyone of my good fortune. When I mentioned to my fave deacon that SuM had called me an "amazing person", he replied that I am! Awww, shucks. Then I got to telling my pew-mates the good news. Church-John is offering his movers again. I think it would be irresponsible of me NOT to use them. He's also ready to deliver more cartons. Gee, I guess I'd better start packing, lol. I also asked Ashley if she could help me move my clothes and linens in advance.

Once again, we were graced by the presence of a husbandless Maurice (though he had enjoyed a brief two hours with Rev. Tom on Friday, so we ribbed him about his "conjugal" visit). Brent was back after burying his mother. He mentioned how difficult it had been to wear both hats, as presider and mourner.

It seemed to be even colder after the service, so I was just relieved to get home. Until I actually got in, because there's been a freaky freezing draft under my feet all day. I've put a tiny rug under my feet and won't be removing my leggings until it's time to go to bed. Ugh. Um ... I think I'm headed in that direction because I can hardly keep my eyes open. And I just yawned. Yes, yes, message received! Nighty-night, all.
It feels absolutely marvelous to be the recipient of a compliment. I was thrilled to get responses to my two e-mails from SuM (hee, I'm having fun making up acronymic nicknames), the owner of the house to which I'll be moving in almost no time. In one of the e-mails, she called me an "amazing person". Wow. Though, TBH, I think it's just an oversimplification of the fact that I'm coping with my physical problems. And we know I've had a few years to get used to them. ::rolls eyes::

I woke up way too early (I seem to be cycling through 4-6-8 hours) but stayed up anyway. And it was a no-interesting TV shows kind of day, though I did enjoy playing Jeopardy. But I didn't get the Final Jeopardy question. Though I wasn't the only one to say "voir dire" when the correct question was "verdict". And, then, at a loss with nothing else to do, I decided to watch the season premiere (excuse me? in March??) of DWTS. I was really impressed by some of the participants, especially the Paralympian snowboarder who was a double leg amputee below the knee! Now that's really amazing.

Anyway, I'm going back to staring at the pictures of my new place ... and moving furniture in my mind. Also gearing up to the idea of going for a walk Every. Single. Day, most likely beginning in May, once I've settled down and the weather has as well. You hear that, weather? I want you to start behaving!!!

And, now, it's time for me to go to bed ... still with a smile! Boy, will my friends be shocked to see my face tomorrow all lit up with relief and joy. They'll probably wonder where I hid the pod, lol.
Why, yes, I think I did. You know, it's about time I had something good happen.

Even though I'm letting the universe know, I'm almost afraid to breathe lest all of the goodness shatter like fragile holiday baubles tumbling to meet an unforgiving tiled floor. Apparently, I do have a new place to live, right around the corner. I had a lovely visit with the owner and met totally cat and dog-whispered the pets so that we were all very much best buddies by the time I left. Even she was astounded, saying that they'd never taken to a stranger so easily. Ha - I (or rather my stroking hands) rule!

Even though I'm thrilled and the place is very well maintained (with soft blue walls and a wood floor, along with a spacious and bright bathroom), I'm sad to be losing even an improper kitchen. Hmm. ::stares up in the sky waiting for a small fridge to drop in::

Anyway, I was really shocked to see I'd spent nearly 2 hours visiting. I thought it was time to leave because, even with the time change, lengthening shadows on a street I'm unfamiliar with do not a promote a feeling of safety within.

As (bad) luck would have it, she called my cellphone that then promptly crashed during our conversation. Arrgghh. Piece. Of. Crap! So I immediately sent off an e-mail, with another following a bit later. At least now I can begin packing, knowing that there's a destination ahead of me instead of worrying limbo.

Well, as I'm about to faceplant into my monitor, I think I'd better go and cross my fingers and toes, etc. And have happy dreams tonight!
After a good night's sleep, I'm certainly optimistic. About what? Well, there's an ad for a place just about a block away from here, with all sorts of positives that I'm currently missing: like a bright gleaming place as well as two cats and a wee dog. So I exchanged bunches of e-mails with the homeowner and I'm set to visit on Friday. You can bet I'm keeping all appendages crossed! I texted church-John, asking for prayers. Who knows? He might actually do so.

Other than that, I had a very sleepy day. I just didn't expect to nod off halfway through MasterChef Canada, so I don't know how the elimination challenge went, where the inspirations were supposed to be those all-Canadian classic desserts, aka butter tarts, nanaimo bars and mumble-mumble blueberry mumbles. I woke up just as the episode was ending. Then I managed to stay awake until Castle aired. I won't be watching that one a second time. Ho-hum.

Anyway, I'm now battling my stupid eye ache, so I've taken both a pain killer and a sinus pill. Hoping (ha! there's that word again) they'll kick in soon. Other than that, well, does BLAH sum things up? Yes.
Disclaimer: My body does WHAT-EVA it wants. Apparently, it obeys the sleep-inducing vibes from food (and the one pain pill for my aching knees for a change), as I woke up a few minutes past midnight after sliding into bed to watch cartoons around 8:30 p.m.

So ... laughter? Well, yes. After I'd woken up early again (as evidenced by my earlier post), I spent most of the day reading. I'd found a couple of stories that made me HOWL. Good thing, too, as church-John planned his trip over to see me based on the ONE clock he hadn't adjusted for the time change. SMH. He got his error after I'd texted him. Oops. So he wasn't going to be here around 2. Shall we try for 3? Hey, fine by me. I'm just sitting here, ALL ready to go. So I'll just read another story.

When he showed up, I was cackling with so much merriment that there were tears rolling down my face. Oh, that felt SO good. But no time to appreciate it as we needed to get going. First he passed down a whole bunch of (knocked down) packing boxes. Why did I think he was going to give them to be in a finished state? Yes, I'm funny, too.

Then we got going. I asked if we could stop at the Shopper's before hitting the supermarket, as I was sure (okay, hoped) the prices for pharma stuff would be cheaper (or just THERE) than the food store. Now I'm not so certain, or else EVERYTHING is just plain expensive. But, joy. I got acidophilus and sinus pills that I'd run out of, ibuprophen pain pills and Vitamin C of which I was running low, raspberry-flavoured water and a roll of expensive cotton rounds for washing my face. The clerk said they were so expensive because they were popular and here I thought it was because of a cotton shortage. Then the eek at the checkout counter. Whoa, mama. The bill came to pennies over 90 bucks! But I really needed the stuff.

Then we drove over basically (and conveniently) across the street to the supermarket. Oh, joy. Fresh food. Or just food. We filled the cart with mounds of navel oranges, vine tomatoes, 'nanas, shallots, caraway rye, cream cheese, smoked sausages, instant noodles, OJ, milk, two bags of gorgeous seedless green grapes and a medium package of steelhead smoked salmon (I need a treat in this weather). The bill? Oh ... 86 bucks. LESS than what I'd paid at the drugstore. Even though c-J thought the grapes were $2.50 per bag. John! That was PER POUND. But, still, worth it.

It was sunny but getting colder as we got back after 5. Though I'd asked if he'd like to grab a bite to eat, he declined, as he had to drive ... mumble mumble mumble to Etobicoke. Oh, well. Another time. I certainly held on to him for a really long hug (something we normally do NOT do, but then I'm feeling extra vulnerable these days ... and he found out what my latest deadline is).

Dinner was a bowl of instant noodles and an orange, with a couple of small 'nanas later ... later being around 8:30. I'd managed to watch my Saturday evening game shows but just barely. Then I was so very sleepy I had to slide into bed, despite being near the end of another story. And, hence, my unanticipated but food-induced nap. So, now that I'm up, I've taken a cold/sinus pill so that I can breathe (better) and I guess I'll be going back to bed soonish, keeping my fingers crossed for an easy return to the land of dreams.
Ow-ow-ow. Why'd I wake up at 5:15 yesterday? I dunno. But I stayed up. It's unfortunate that I wasted the more decent weather, too, as it got up to at least 48F. ::sighs::

Mar-- and I had a wee conversation when she picked up my garbage to take outside. I've been obfuscating my latest trials and tribulations, okay, blondie, what's the bad news now? ) ... and not by my quirky charm and wit, lol.

So, Saturday, I really REALLY must send out some e-mails, asking for assistance to see if any of my friends can suggest a place. And I do have at least one long-time well-off friend who I'm hoping will offer me sanctuary. Yes, I'm ready to display my vulnerabilities to him. OTOH, he may be entirely ignorant of the current reality of housing opportunities (virtually non-existent) for people living on disability pensions and low incomes. It's not at all like the good old days. Where my friends like Uncle Billy (who was his close friend too) and Uncle Ernie simply applied and got decent apartments. Immediately.

I finally texted church-John to see when he might be able to drop off the sturdy packing cartons. He said he'd come over Saturday (which is now today). Yay – that means I'll be able to get some groceries too (finished my last orange Friday). And I'll use him as a sounding board regarding the recommendation I received last week, just in case it turns out to be my ONLY option. God, I hope not ... as it would mean coexisting with a smoker again. Ugh.

I finally sent my reply/acknowledgment of the apology from my rides provider. I was gracious yet firm. I'm hoping there'll be no recurrence of a person intervening (interfering, really) and screwing up my rides in the future. Computer error is bad enough; I certainly don't need the contamination of the human factor. ::sighs again::

On a more positive note, I gave myself a pink grapefruit peel-off facial yesterday afternoon which just coincidentally fit in with one of the naughty discussion topics on Savage Love where I got up to all sorts of mischief! Hey, it was fun and I so needed the distraction, especially after the Jeopardy disappointment.

And that was my Friday. Posted now because I woke up early ... again.


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