Well, that's what I was left with after our brunch at a supposedly upscale restaurant in the Village. Church-John, church-Brian (as opposed to baby bro), actor-Cory and I had gone expecting to partake of Summerlicious. But they didn't do it on Sundays. Boo. So I had a leek and goat cheese omelette (very good), served with a huge pile of fried potatoes (so I had tons to bring home), also a side order of very crispy bacon and a Dark & Stormy. Still, it was enjoyable being with good friends in the afternoon.

It was a very busy day at church. I arrived at 9:00 and sat outside enjoying the breeze and listening to the glorious music. Sorry, Brent, but I couldn't hear your sermon twice (lol). A lot of people congratulated me on the honour of being featured on the cover of the order of service. When Brent breezed by at the end of the first service, he said it was a "nice" picture. Yeah, Brent, because I like to smirk at everyone! I was also on duty so, as I said, a very busy day.

I was happy to get home (with my pile of potatoes packed into a box fitted into a bag with handles), herd the cats into some semblance of order, feed them, then seclude myself in order to write my review. Thankfully, I managed to do it with fewer words than normal. After that, I was finally able to relax. Watched the news, then got back to reading and finished the third "Murdoch" book. I'm now moving on to Lindy West's "shrill".

I'm relieved I don't have to get up tomorrow - and hope my body will give me a break. No early morning shenanigans, pls. And, on that note (la), nighty-night, all.
Yes,yes. I'll take it. No need to wrap it up. Lol. Oh, I was desperate for a lovely day even if I had to trudge through wet grass (yuck) wearing open-toed shoes. Got to church at 9:15. Sat by the open doors at the back and listened to the beautiful Anthem. We were featuring Canadian composers/musicians, so had another terrific piece during the Offertory.

Just felt so relaxed after the service, but still anxious to get home. When I got in, I was surprised to see SuM still there. What happened to Niagara Falls for two nights? ::looks around:: Don't ask me. They decided to invite one of SuM's gal-pals and went out after 2:00. I have NO idea where they went, not that it matters because I don't have to worry about waking up tomorrow.

Managed to write my church review in the usual amount of time. After watching the news and repeats of Big Bang Theory (featuring Sheldon at his most obtuse - as if that were possible), I decided I really, really should do the laundry. So it's done. And, now, I can read for a while. I should get off the computer because I've been on FB for hours. I guess it's because so many people have been posting more frequently. ::pauses:: What-eva. Though, TBH, I really should proofread the article I copied on serious eye conditions. I'd saved the webpage but it was misbehaving. As I feared losing it (I'd already deleted the e-mail), I was frantically copy-typing everything (because C&P is horrible when there are photos in the article). I just want it done ... even if that particular vision loss group isn't meeting until the fall. So, perhaps ... tomorrow.
Who? What? Hey, blondie, how come you're mad at Kissymas? Well, it's not the holiday per se, but the fact that I'm still using my Christmas red flannel sheet set and will probably still be using it for the foreseeable future. With the weather so unpredictable, and mostly cool, I don't dare switch to my regular cotton sheet sets. So I tug the set off, wash, then tug it back onto the bed. Along with the comforter, though I finally semi-discarded my penguin fleece. It's draped casually on the couch.

If you couldn't tell, laundry was my painful morning. I'd even woken up around 8 for a change. After I was done (and so was my body), I lay down in my nice freshly-made bed and read my murder mystery. I was so confused by the book but finally reached a point where it started making sense. The funny thing is that I've performed in this particular opera ("The Marriage of Figaro") and even flirted with the Count! The rotten man playing Figaro gets bumped off and I think I approve! Oops?

Otherwise I had a quiet day. Well, except for the case of the missing bra. Which is no longer missing as I found it on the couch while I was sitting there sorting through my skin care products. I'm also missing the special chilled neck wraps church-John bought me. I'm sure I've seen them ... somewhere. But that was ages ago. I hope I can survive church tomorrow without one. ::crosses fingers::

While I was resting mid afternoon, I decided to try to catch up on some of the multiple epis of Peppa Pig I'd recorded. I was delighted to see that there were NEW episodes. How wonderful! Perhaps I'll have some piggy dreams ... as soon as my painkillers kick in. ::pleads with the universe::
Because it was a scorcher, the blonde didn't wear her precious pearls, not wanting to have sweat, oil, and melting hairspray dripping down on them. So, instead, I wore my dramatic designer huge crystal necklace. Along with my ancient, ripped (but not where that could be seen) leggings.

Church was - as usual - a thought provoking experience. We definitely don't leave our intellect at the door when we enter. I was also thrilled to get my mini-tote bag fixed at the Repair Café. Yay! And had a lovely (boobeliscious) hug with an old friend who'd just celebrated being cancer-free. I'm so thrilled for her. Didn't know what was happening as church-John wasn't in church. And no text either.

After church, I sat outside in the hot sun and let my poor joints and muscles soak it up. After about 10 minutes, I was done. Luckily, my cab showed up. When I got in, I was confronted with a pet emergency as SuM and her gf met me at the front door. Turns out the gf's cat, summering with her parents, disappeared. So they decided to drive up and try to search for the cat themselves. And I'm nominated to take care of the three mischief-makers (including Mr. Grumpy whom we're definitely not letting outside as his disappearance last summer caused us much anxiety).

After I wrote my church review (it felt shorter than usual), I finally got to relax. As I didn't want to be handcuffed to the TV, I recorded the Tony Awards and have been watching. And hoping. Obviously for a win for "Come From Away". I'm about 40 minutes away from the end, and believe it's won only for Best Direction. But there was some technical weirdness with lots of hissing, so who knows. Anyway, I'll be getting back to watching as soon as I've posted.
... better than NO holiday celebration at all. But, first, the rest of my silly day.

Went to bed at 2:22 (slightly naughty) and woke up at 10:02. Hey, nearly 8 hours. Yay. Didn't have brekkie until around 11:30. Then continued reading (and finished) "Murden on the QE2", another pretend Jessica Fletcher mystery while I had my fireplace (lights only) on for ambiance. Then I dozed off which meant I was late feeding the cats their lunches. But, first, I had to find the little monsters. Well, not Diva. Grumpy was on the back deck and came in. But Ce-Ce was missing. After I fed the two, I took a chance and opened the front door. Oh, look who's meowing, wanting to come in. So I fed her. While I was supervising the chaos, SuM came home unexpectedly early and we finalized our dinner plans.

We finally got together close to 7. She baked my whiskey-mustard chicken wings and got wine glasses for my bottle of rosé. She'd cooked up some broccoli, snow peas, and scallions with lemongrass paste, ginger, and garlic. And then we dug in. We polished off the wine and I have a few chicken wings as leftovers. Then we took a break in the living room, watching the cold open of the last SNL featuring Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"> OMG, so well done. I'd already watched the rest of the epi, considering it forgettable, but SuM wants to watch it 'cuz she likes the musical guest Katy Perry. Other than that, we listened to a modified light-classical channel she found. When I'd sat down on the couch, I'd moved a book she was reading: Neil Gaiman's "Norse Mythology". She mentioned some of his other books and I was interested in "Neverwhere" (so I've put a hold on it).

I suggested we could watch my Special Anniversary Edition of the "Stargate" movie ('cuz it has a dreamy young James Spader in it) for our next movie night. And then we finally had the dessert she prepared: vanilla ice cream, mouth-watering raspberries and supposedly ridiculously-priced blueberries, with tons of Bailey's on top. Mmmmmmmmm.

Right now, I've finished my mint iced tea and am heading off to bed, totally cat free (I believe, lol). I'm going to start another mystery book.
How so? Well, I keep track of people who react to my reviews of church services on FB, 'cuz it's nice to know who's reading and liking (Brent once in a while, other ministers, the church's proxy FB page, etc.). But today I was stunned to get a "Like" from the composer of many of the choral anthems being performed. That. Is. Like. So. Cool. So, naturally, I went and "Liked" his Musician/Composer page. ::giggles with glee::

Something else interesting is that, even though my body is behaving hideously during the day (you don't want to know just how many tissues I'm going through, but it's a good thing I had a 6-pack in storage). Beyond the stuffed-up everything, I'm also coughing. Blargh. But - a very important BUT - I reign during the night. I've managed to lull myself into a state of quiet quickly and get some good rest. Last night and this afternoon helped me, even if I'm still mostly miserable.

However, I wasn't too miserable when I managed to locate a cold Grumpy out on the back deck, especially as the sun had disappeared hours ago. Poor buddy. Anyway, SuM appreciated knowing he was okay. When she got home, she asked how I am and whether she can get me any supplies. But I'm okay for the moment, so hope I won't have to take her up on her offer.

I managed to keep drinking-drinking-drinking all evening long as I watched tonight's N.C.I.S. (both sad and goofy/silly) and Bull (which I thought was terrific). And, in between sleeping and TV, I kept reading the Ondaatje. Still fascinating. Anyway, time for more drinking and cough-syruping. And then precious sleeeeeeeeeep.
Special enough that she can get sick between posting last night and going to bed. Sigh. I came down with a nasty cold. A Jamaican ginger beer and a medicated hot lemon drink helped, as well as one throat lozenge. Then, before falling asleep, I sorta kinda put myself into a healing trance and - thank you, Universe - fell asleep quickly.

However, I knew all was not well this morning. I had to decline my scheduled volunteering at church because the last thing I needed to do was sneeze all over the elements while serving others. Not only was it horridly cold outside, it was hideously cold inside as there was no heat. Normally, there wouldn't be any in May, but this is not a regular May. Sigh.

One of the benefits of not being on duty is that church-John, our friend Cory, and I were directed to Brent for Anointing for Healing. Come on, healing, please kick in! Couldn't wait to get home so I could get warm. Did my much-abbreviated review of the service, then had lunch and crawled into bed. Ended up watching last night's Saturday Night Live that was a first-run. OMG. Lots of outrageous skits. The host was Chris (not the Chrises you're thinking of but James T. Kirk) Pine. Meh. After that it was the 6:00 p.m. news (boo, Raptors folded in 4 to Cleveland). Then I dozed off.

When I woke up, I had cappuccino yogurt (easy to swallow) for dinner and another ginger beer. In a little while, I'll have another hot lemon. And pray for sleep. I may try to zone out with some more reading. At least I was enchanted by a repeat of the Peg + Cat Magic Flute epi. Because I actually watched instead of merely listening, I saw it was the Magic Lute. After that, I heard singing to Beethoven's Für Elise, as well as his Appassionata Piano Sonata! This cartoon is amazing.
Brrrrrrrrrrrr. Also yuck. OTOH, I did see reason and wore my winter coat and scarf. But at least that meant I could wear my slinky black top underneath along with my sheer tropical shawl. Still....

The cold and expected rain had almost made me cancel going to church but I was so SO grateful that I did attend. After all, I seem to have church-John trained to bring me a mocha with whipped cream as well as a couple of hash browns. The mocha is for during church while I gobble up the food as soon as I get home. Today's bag included an error: a mini strudel.

Okay, okay, back to the service. Brent was away, so we had a guest preacher who just happens to be the new ministry lead for Children & Families AND has decided to seek ordination. Always very exciting and encouraging. And then there was the music (because I never talk about that, lol). From even before the service began, we had jazz, classical variations, and The Teddy Bears Picnic!!! With much more gorgeous music during.

When the service ended, I had to scurry because my cab driver was already there. Yay! I got home shortly after 1 and tried to get warm. ::shivers for emphasis:: Even after posting my thorough review of the service (just before 3), I was still too cold to change. This. Is. Ridiculous. But I did manage to eventually slide into bed by the 6:00 p.m. news. After that, I continued reading (yes, plodding through TEP) before dozing off in my cozy cocoon. Oops? So, right now, I'm enjoying some refreshing (though still frozen) fruit mousse. And, without any (real) responsibility for tomorrow, I can stay up. Yippee! ::swallows yawn::
Yes, I was a zombie. Again. Somehow managed to survive the day. Finished reading my Tanya Huff book. Couldn't believe I did not remember a single page of something I'd read decades ago, the exception being that Vicki had to be turned at the end, in order to live. Tried to read the SGA novel (the only one available from the library) and was thwarted by a d/l error on my iPad. ::growls in frustration:: So, I'm rereading the heartfelt "Come From Away" tie-in.

Ended up dozing through half the 6:00 p.m. news. And, believe it or not, this was Final Jeopardy!: after Jennifer Lawrence as the highest-earning actress, this alliterative-named actress was next. I drew a blank. So did the contestants. It was actually Melissa McCarthy!

Even though Big Bang Theory was a rerun, I laughed. A lot. And there was no MasterChef Canada, only the Jr. edition, so I slept-watched it. So. Very. Sleepy.

The only thing I accomplished - after receiving a response from our esteemed music director - was to slot in all of the names of our fabulously talented musicians at our Easter service. We are really lucky. Also received a call from the co-leader of my tiny blind group. One of our old-timers (who's the joke-mistress) will be at our next meeting. That takes the pressure off me. Yay.
I am so out of it, after such a long (though mostly amazing) day that started when I woke up two minutes ahead of the 5:45 alarm. Anything that spares me having to listen to the tune is a very good thing. The weather seemed to be hinting warmth while also threatening rain. Luckily, the clouds only menaced slightly and the sun came out in late afternoon.

I arrived at church at 9:10 (eek, so early) and spent the next hour listening to the glorious music from the first service and chatting with friends. Managed to snag my usual seat and dragged church-John and (to my delight) Ashley to sit in the same pew with me. Though Ash was there, she was in too much pain to come to brunch with us. I'm sorry to see she's being hit with the ravages of getting older. The music director had gathered a large and versatile group of instrumentalists to form the "band". The sound system was excellent and I particularly loved hearing the violins over it. All the music was triumphal and splendid.

When the service ended at 12:20, we were on our way to my fave place in the village. The waiters were outrageous and the food delish. C-J and I shared a half pitcher of "winter" sangria and Spanish coffees. While he had the classic breakfast, I moaned over spaghetti with savoury lamb meatballs. It was the perfect food for me, as the pasta was very easy to digest. The seasoning of the lamb and the tomato sauce was exceptional. C-J and I enjoyed covering a multitude of conversation topics through the afternoon.

Finally, it was time to get me home (along with the applesnax and paper towel he'd bought for me). When we arrived, he assumed his natural role as the cats' Uncle John (hee). And, then, he left me to settle down and crank out my service review. It felt shorter than usual, but I think it was an average length. Perhaps the fact that I didn't dwell on specifics made it seem shorter. I finished minutes before 6, so could switch on the news. Imagine my shock to hear that some really nasty person had "fire-bombed" a church in the west end. Luckily, whatever combustible liquids he'd poured through a hole in the window failed to spread, so damage was limited to about five grand. As well as cancelled church services and a shocked congregation. The only good news after that was seeing how fabulously the Maple Leafs had played, winning against the Caps in double OT. Woo-hoo!

After that, I zombie-watched last night's SNL. I really shouldn't watch when I'm so out of it. Right now, I just want to wash my face and go to bed. So I think I shall. Let's hope I'm back to being fully human tomorrow morning. ::crosses fingers::
I am absolutely wiped. Didn't help that I woke up at 5:04 (i/o 6:00), but it was nice having extra time. It was chilly and gloomy when I was picked up after 9:30 and dropped off before 10:00. The government outlet had opened at 9:00 and there were a few wickets free. I was directed to one, gave the woman my auto-filled application and three separate docs (one to prove citizenship, one residency in province, and the third personal ID). Only the first category was satisfied by my birth certificate. They would NOT accept my laminated disabled parking permit from the Ontario government for the second, choosing instead a tax form for my pension. And they didn't accept my signed blind ass'n ID. Instead, the clerk saw me rooting through my little mesh bag for my old health card, decided that all the cards I was flashing were credit cards (I don't have any), and accepted the apparent ownership of a credit card without identifying one. Hey, if they're going to be that casual about it, I'll take it. The picture thing was really fast as they have a white screen against a column with the camera built into the wall to the side of the wicket. But-but-but they wouldn't let me wear my glasses. Ugh. It's a good thing my hair was fluffy!

So, I was done so quickly that I now had over TWO HOURS to sit and wait for my ride home (as I wanted to be prepared for nasty employees who'd have a fit that I'd waited since 2006 to change my card or that my address had not been forwarded from my eye doctor; after I was done, there were two huge lineups, too). I read my phone for a little while, then just listened to their music. I heard the loop three times before I was picked up at 12:25. I remember "Cielito Lindo", "Girl From Ipanema", "Guantanamero", and "Hernando's Hideaway" (oh, I loved performing that in my Grade 8 Choir), as well as stuff with castanets, then a Tarantella, before the playlist switched to easy listening and then soft jazz (with plucked bass and low sax). There were other people waiting for their rides, so I had someone to chat with.

When I got home, after letting Ce-Ce into the house and noticing Diva and Grumpy arranged in a giant S on the couch (he was being supportive as she has mouth problems), I rewarded myself with (don't be surprised) tortilla chips, guacamole and queso dip. I am so predictable. First I texted church-John about everything, also e-mailed Brian about using my charm (and disability) on the clerks. Then I crashed. Received a text from SuM asking me to feed the cats lunch. I did, only after I'd slept for a couple of hours.

Sorta, kinda watched the news and my game shows, but I was still exhausted ... so I drifted off with cartoons in the background. Now that I'm up again, I'm going back to reading. And I need something COLD and refreshing to wake me up. But at least I've knocked off one obstacle on my TO DO list. Yay me!
When your housemate wakes up a few minutes before 5 (obviously unable to sleep) and you just happen to be in a shallow sleep stage, you wake up, too. But, you don't fret ... because you pull on leggings and get cozy on the couch and finish the book you're reading. When you're done, it's already 6:40 ... but you remain cool. There is lots of time to eat brekkie, put on makeup, and get dressed, as your ride isn't until 9:05. You don't have to worry about your perfectly-bouncy hair or having to drag endless layers of clothing over your body.

When you leave the house, the sun is shining and it feels almost warm enough. Already a wonderful start. Also, enough with the "you". I'm switching back to a first-person account. When I arrived at church, I encouraged a discussion group until 10:00 a.m., then entered the Sanctuary. Naturally, everyone loved my hair! The music was especially stunning today as the choir performed a piece written especially for them (while Mme Music Director had snuck in to sing with the tenors!). And Brent was touching in so many ways, including his outrageous humour. When the service ended, I had 30 minutes to wait for my ride, so took advantage of the sun outside.

Once I got home, I had to push myself to write my summary, especially considering how "off" I'd felt since yesterday. The coffee that church-John had given me had helped - though it was a strong jolt to my digestive system. When I'd posted - before 3:30 - then I could dig into my Buffalo chicken wings. And put my towels in the laundry.

After that, I vegged. I successfully transferred two more books to my iPad, but was too tired to read. I also dozed off during the news and later while watching cartoons. But I was relieved to see that last night's SNL was recorded. I'll watch it tomorrow - when I'm more awake. Right now, I'm just going to go to bed (without supper except for a few morsels of chocolate) and read for a bit. As always, looking for relaxing, healing sleep.
So, the wrong hour turned out to be 8:00 when I woke up. What's wrong with that? Well, I thought I'd set the alarm for 6:00 so I could book my rides. Evidently I was wrong as the alarm icon was still displayed. Sigh. The only good thing is that I still managed to get my rides. Yay. As for the wrong day (and hour), it was the evening for Earth Hour. Uh ... universe, there was NO way that I was going to turn anything off - definitely NOT the lights - when I was the only adult in charge of the cats. If SuM hadn't gone out of town, we might have had a little get-together with candles and flashlights, etc.

In between those hours, I finally got to pamper myself. It was a smart move for me to refresh my hair colour today rather than to cram it into the end of the week. Mind you, I also managed to EMPTY the hot water tank. Oops! To continue my heightened aesthetic venture, I plan to dunk my hands in my paraffin bath right before bed.

I'm really pleased that I finished Tanya Huff's "Smoke & Mirrors" though I'm actually shocked by the number of errors in it. Reading fanfic has made me able to spot doozies. Didn't think they'd be in her writing. Sigh. I didn't know what to borrow next so I took a stab and searched for an author I used to read voraciously 4 decades ago.

Along with my regular Saturday night game show reruns, I was stunned to hear something unexpected in an epi of the animated Peg Plus Cat. Couldn't see what was happening (wasn't watching), but there was a male voice singing Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" (well) in a duet with one or two voices singing pop (for lack of a better word).

Anyway, time for me to soothe my sandpaper hands. And to hope for contented cats and a good night's sleep for me. TTFN.
Had an absolutely amazing day. Naturally, the prime suspect was the church service. But it was also the last day of winter. There was just a hint of semi-old snow on the back deck and grass, so I had no trouble walking out wearing my Mary Janes. My driver was very early, so I got to the church quickly. Sat with friends in the Social Hall being ... sociable. We had a guest preacher today, the interim moderator of the denomination. And the music was simply phenomenal. Describing it is one of the best aspects of my weekly review. Our guest soloist is an amazing jazz singer who's so alive and vibrant. Yet, here she was, holding my hand just before she was about to sing the Offertory and telling ME how full of life I was! Awww.

It was so easy for me to write my review, aided by the fact that I got home really quickly. I listened to the nature music channel while thinking and writing, in order to calm down. Before I knew it, the day had disappeared. So, yes, the cats visited me. Grumpy has developed an unhealthy fascination with my closet. Uh ... cat, it's all tidy and organized in there. No cozy hiding places. Or plastic bags. Finally, between the two of us, SuM and I wrangled the cats out.

More of the smoky smell has dissipated, though it's more like burnt popcorn now. Bit by bit, I think it'll eventually be gone. Though I guess I could help by putting out a saucer of vinegar. Let's do it tomorrow when I'm awake again. Right now, I'm returning to reading "Inferno". Not sure but I could be close to being finished. Then I can borrow another book. Yay.
Not that "sybaritic" isn't good, but I wanted to use a word starting with "m". Anyway, just how sybaritic? How about sleeping in until 10:38? Simply glorious. Mind you, I was just getting in a decent night's sleep, having finally gone to bed at 2:00. Yes, I stayed up reading and enjoyed it.

When I woke up, I had more than just a late breakfast to look forward to. There was an e-mail invitation from that chosen baby brother of mine, to spend Saturday together, make future plans, and have chicken at Swish. Naturally, I said yes. I said I wanted to go Kobo e-Reader shopping because I want to finally be able to relax in bed or on the couch and read real books. So, I'm giddy with glee! Sent a follow-up e-mail to Ash about Kobo reccs from her techie friend, but no response.

Got the chance to watch most of Lady Gaga's routine from the Superbowl yesterday. After that, I read about the political significance of singing some of "This Land Is Your Land" (is that the real title?). Well, she also added the unofficial GLBT anthem "Born This Way" which wasn't a surprise. I texted SuM at lunch to mention she has to watch the skits from Saturday's Saturday Night Live.

My lazy day continued on to a lazy evening. Watched my game shows. Sad to see the current 6-day champ fold. But, hey, $139 grand is certainly not shabby at all. Tonight's Murdoch Mysteries was all over the map. Didn't get all the weird bits, but am not going to bother rewatching. Anyway, I think I'll read (for just a little while) and then make friends with my bed again. Sounds like a plan.
Yes, it's definitely true. Also a dull, placid day with a tiny sprinkling of snow with tolerable temperatures. I couldn't be happier. Well, yes, sun would be thrilling, but then it would have been colder. My driver said he hadn't driven me for three years, but he remembered my smile. Awwww.

It was an exciting day at church as our preacher was the former moderator of our denomination. I've always had a soft spot for her. We had at least one TV crew filming during the service. Things got a bit hairy because the service went way overtime and didn't end until 12:30. Good thing my ride was expected at 12:35. I couldn't wait to get home as quickly as possible to get all my reactions written (about Brent's thanks, Rev. Nancy's organic sermon/lesson using salt and light, and the absolutely stunning music) which I ended up doing with one hand while eating cold pierogi with the other. Hey, I was hungry!

After I'd posted, I was a limp slipper. Ended up watching last night's Saturday Night Live with a super-controlled Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. You have to see it to believe it. After that, I felt the need to veg. For hours. I hear there was a football game. Or a Lady Gaga concert. Typically, I had cartoons on.

I may be yawning now, but I want to stay up reading. Good to know I have nowhere to be tomorrow. It might be nice to slide into slothdom ... mind you, a black velour and satin-clad slothdom, lol.
I don't believe I'm being dramatic, but it sure feels as if it's really tonight ... with no sunrise expected for a very long time. All in all, it was just a weird day. I was relieved not to wake up until 7:33. That felt wonderful.

So what was I doing during the I-word? Honestly? Washing my hair. I wanted to be out of the shower by the time SuM's partner showed up early afternoon. I used a new shampoo that's supposed to encourage curling hair. Well, my hair is sorta, kinda, more fluffy and not tangled, though it felt like rubber when I was rinsing.

I kept my TV off until 5 - and got three hours of TV in, including the news which I tried to ignore. Sigh. I'm amazed to examine the thought of 1800 buses converging on DC tomorrow for the protest march. There's a couple buses coming in from TO, filled mostly by ex-pats, but with TO folk included. Mind you, Canadian passengers have been warned that they may be turned away at the border if they verify they're attending the march. Dirty pool, border guards.

With my regular TV shows suspended this evening, I didn't know what to do with myself. So I switched the channel to Nature Music and lounged on the couch, wrapped up in my cozy thick capelet in front of my fireplace. For a while, I could imagine I was in a tropical paradise as the birds sang and the water rippled. Man, I think I'm going to be calling on my powers of delusion often from now on. May you all find equally protective nooks and crannies.
So, to begin at the beginning, I went to bed at 1:11 and woke up at 5:49. Whaaaaa? Body, I don't have to get up early for church. Sheesh. But the body insisted, so I got up and sat on the couch. I opened the gift from SuM. It's a very good thing that I was on my best behaviour as I unwrapped the two items in tissue paper (including glitter) placed in a decorated gift box with a detachable lid. First there was this treasure box of something that could have been chocolates the shape and size of dice. But I couldn't read the booklet. Okay, I'll figure it out later. [Sum told me later they're chocolates from all over the world!] Then I unwrapped the bigger item and nearly SHRIEKED when I saw the Jeopardy! logo. It was one of those 365 page-a-day calendars, so I'm sure I'll learn fascinating things all year round. I just wish they'd make the calendars in a multi-ring format so we could just, uh, turn over the page instead of ripping it off. Still, I was tickled not only pink but plaid! I also looked through the gift bag from my meals providers. Uh-oh, I think the quilters' guild was trying to appeal to some more sedate clients with their choice of colours and patterns on the reversible linen table mat. Well, I'm sure I can use it in some more boring fashion, lol. Perhaps a potholder?

I managed to stay up until 9 and then felt an urge to sleep again. Only problem I needed to recharge my old phone acting as an alarm. I set it for 10:30. Imagine my shock when I woke up at - eeeeeeeeek - 11:18, meaning I'd missed the beginning of church (at 10:50). I clicked on the link and was at the middle of the sermon. Uh-oh. I watched and wrote my review. At the end of a beautiful service, all I could do was write a few words about the service, saying I'd write more when I was awake next. Like in a couple of days (because I'll have to wait most likely until Wednesday, Tuesday, if I'm lucky).

After "church", I finally had my brekkie. And then relaxed all afternoon long. So, even though SuM's ex and son were invited for tonight's dinner (after having had their traditional seafood Christmas Eve), SuM said they wouldn't be coming (and here she'd gone and bought a larger Prime Rib roast for which I smushed two recipes into one). So, it was going to be just the two of us. We joined forces and resources (I provided two small bottles of Jamaican ginger beer, a bottle of rosé, sea salt and rainbow peppercorn grinders, portobello mushrooms for the gravy, while SuM provided roast companion onions, potatoes, green beens, gravy, and a freshly-baked frosted carrot cake. We listened to the festive, relaxed Latino music channel. Turns out we also both love Bluegrass music, but there isn't a separate channel for that. Sigh.

Anyway, the meal began at 7:30 and ended at - was it - 10:00. Comfortably full and I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. Plus I only had a sliver of cake, so I'll want a kitty bag tomorrow. I also snapped a Christmas cracker and ended up with a pretty snowflake and a red paper crown. Plus a groaner joke: Who was the first underwater spy? James Pond. Owwwwwwww. I also have another cracker for tomorrow. So, I may just have a glass of eggnog topped with my chocolate, sugar, and cinnamon sprinkles from my special grinder. And, then, beddy-byes for the very relaxed and rested Queen. Best decision I ever made to not go to church physically today. Nighty-night, all.
Oh, yes, sleeping all the way to 10:30 was absolutely divine. The hot lemon drink definitely helped, as did being so warm and cozy. With the usual nothing on TV, I finally watched "Mozart in London" which I'd recorded a couple weeks ago. It was fascinating to see how much his father had to stage-manage travel arrangements and concert bookings; also that Mozart's clothing - influenced by ornate French fashion - set him apart from young British lads in their plain wool suits who'd mock him. It was just a short program, apparently a one-off.

Church-John texted me about the current Jeopardy! champ - well, until tonight's airing. Her story had been in the local paper, so I found it online. She lost the epi tonight (though her total winnings were over $100K, qualifying her for the next Tournament of Champions), so I guess all the press felt free to write about her. She'd been competing even though she was dying of cancer. I'd wondered, the first time she appeared, why her voice sounded so weak. So, not only cancer but also an infection; and yet she was a great player to rise above pain and foreknowledge of her impending death (with less than 6 months to live). She designated that her winnings should go to cancer research. The sad thing is that she died on December 5 - before her segments were aired. Anyway, there was a lovely tribute Alex paid her after the closing credits of tonight's show. And I even posted my thanks on the show's FB page.

Anyway, after the game shows, I moved to my computer, just keeping the TV on the kids' network. Suddenly, the sound and picture disappeared. WTF? Apparently, the Fibe functions are still in place. I can use the guide, switch to recorded programs. But, apart from the on-off sound, there is no sound and no picture. Helllllllllp. I'll try resetting Fibe tomorrow. And cross my fingers. A lot. In the meantime, I think I need to find a funny story to read (even if I don't laugh).
Good: Sleeping in until 8:14, knowing I had lots of time in the morning.
Bad: Having to wait until - was it after - 1:00 p.m. to get my meals delivery.
Very good: Getting my Christmas gift bag from the meals provider with lots of goodies inside.
Indifferent: SuM was picking up her son and taking him out for chicken wings. She asked if I'd like to join them. As much as I love chicken wings, it wasn't enough of an inducement to have to actually put on warm clothing, etc. As it happened, they were out for ... hours.
Sad but nostalgic: I received an e-mail from Music Alumni inviting me to join a reunion band & choir concert, marking the 70th anniversary of the program from which I'd graduated. Oh, terrific /sarcasm. Wait until I'm old, have lost my voice and cannot stand. Is there a reason you couldn't have celebrated the 50th anniversary when I had a voice, etc.??? In any case, they're performing works by graduates of the Faculty. So ... pass.
Comforting: Having Diva keep me company (usual spot, above my head) while SuM was out.
Boring: Nothing on TV, so watched 20 recorded minutes of Peppa Pig.
Hopeful: To get back to writing my fic tomorrow. And wash my recycling plastics.
Warm and cozy: Spending time in bed luxuriating in the various textures of soft, fluffy, and plush (ha, I could also be describing Grumpy!).


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