First, the fabulous aspect: I've got sleeping down fabulously. Got in a solid 7+ hours, waking up naturally at 9:17 ahead of the 9:30 alarm. Still without any hot lemon drink.

Spent the morning reading both the first ballet book (on the PC) and the cat tales (on the iPad). Happy to relax after my meals were delivered. Though my breathing is clearer, I still have coughing fits. Sigh. Keep drinking more fluids.

Had a full evening of watching TV, and managed to watch all my shows (the two N.C.I.S. shows and Bull), though I'm still confused by the first N.C.I.S. This is where being mostly blind doesn't help. Sigh.

Anyway, time to take my evening pills, have a dark ginger ale for a change and get back to my ballet book, as I finished the cat tales. I'm also having withdrawal symptoms for seafood, so am going to see if church-John wants to head out in my direction so I can satisfy my cravings for flash-fried melt-in-your-mouth calamari. ::moans in remembered pleasure::
I know we have an ... agreement that I get the night and "IT" gets the day. But, holy hell, the coughing spasms are so violent that I feel my body being torn apart, especially when I'm lying down. I so do not need another hernia, TYVM. Or the searing pain.

OTOH, I did sleep until 7:27 and, after a few minutes, fell asleep again, not waking up until 11:45. That was excellent! I didn't even mind losing precious hours in my day. Not that it consisted of much: watching last night's N.C.I.S. Nola (a WTF hour of corruption and unredeemable evil). Then I continued reading the Ondaatje. I've reached the part where I'm really engrossed in our city's history. We've already had the building of the viaduct. Now, a decade later, our protagonist has been busy digging a tunnel 30 feet below Lake Ontario to house a pipe that will supply a palatial (must look it up for realz) water filtration plant. A nearby city boundary street used to be a forest. Really neat details. The imagery is still vivid and often violent. I'm wondering whether that is a feature(?) of all of Ondaatje's writing.

In the evening, I rewatched last night's Bull. Even though I basically loathe the adversarial system, I'm fascinated by courtroom proceedings. And I missed a few words here and there last night that did make a difference in my perception.

So, my day is done, but I think I'll mention a feature on tonight's news about a TO ballerina returning four months after giving birth to her second child to take on the role of the swan queen (Swan Lake, natch). She mentioned how she'd ::shudders:: ripped her abs during the first pregnancy, so had to work to avoid that happening again. Wow! If that can happen to a ballerina....
How so? Well, I keep track of people who react to my reviews of church services on FB, 'cuz it's nice to know who's reading and liking (Brent once in a while, other ministers, the church's proxy FB page, etc.). But today I was stunned to get a "Like" from the composer of many of the choral anthems being performed. That. Is. Like. So. Cool. So, naturally, I went and "Liked" his Musician/Composer page. ::giggles with glee::

Something else interesting is that, even though my body is behaving hideously during the day (you don't want to know just how many tissues I'm going through, but it's a good thing I had a 6-pack in storage). Beyond the stuffed-up everything, I'm also coughing. Blargh. But - a very important BUT - I reign during the night. I've managed to lull myself into a state of quiet quickly and get some good rest. Last night and this afternoon helped me, even if I'm still mostly miserable.

However, I wasn't too miserable when I managed to locate a cold Grumpy out on the back deck, especially as the sun had disappeared hours ago. Poor buddy. Anyway, SuM appreciated knowing he was okay. When she got home, she asked how I am and whether she can get me any supplies. But I'm okay for the moment, so hope I won't have to take her up on her offer.

I managed to keep drinking-drinking-drinking all evening long as I watched tonight's N.C.I.S. (both sad and goofy/silly) and Bull (which I thought was terrific). And, in between sleeping and TV, I kept reading the Ondaatje. Still fascinating. Anyway, time for more drinking and cough-syruping. And then precious sleeeeeeeeeep.
No surprise there. When I woke up a few minutes after 6, I immediately reached for the iPad and continued reading. I think this is my reward for having slogged through "The English Patient". The flow of words is smooth and effective in the form of Mark's personal log. Even when my iPad ran out of juice, I just clicked on the chapter I'd left off at using my desktop. And I'm still here, with just a few pages to go before the end. Yay.

In between bouts of delighted reading, I managed to watch the customary TV shows. I was sad to see the current Jeopardy! champ defeated after 6 wins. And I was very pleased to see how many clues I got correctly. Like the size of Montana ... or Jefferson fathering a whole lot of kids. After that, there was a weird but sad epi of N.C.I.S. where the only good thing was seeing Mark Harmon on a horse. Mmmmm. And Bull was IMO tragic, involving a hypnotic trigger for a young man to kill the person he was with. The real killer's intended victim was her father, but she ended up making him kill the only person in proximity ... his own father.

Anyway, I'm going to go finish my reading. So far, I only found one misused word: "racked" i/o "wracked". And noted there had been several icky details left out of the movie. Signing off with great satisfaction....
Sigh. I woke up at 3:30 ... and stayed up, as the booking system would be live at 5:00. After booking my rides, I stayed up reading and then had my brekkie. Only after 7:45 did I crawl back into bed, setting my alarm for 10:00.

Though my body was up, my brain was somewhere else. I completely forgot to give my delivery volunteer the cheque I'd written so laboriously (and crookedly) this morning. Note to self: Self, please pay the nice lady next week - followed by many exclamation points.

Got a boost from Brian, though perhaps inadvertently. Somehow, now, I can d/l the blind group's monthly newsletter and read it in my unique screen colours. Yay! However, SuM and I postponed our dinner from tonight to Sunday evening (when, among other things, we'll be able to order souvlaki dinner for two as a Sunday special. Just as well, as I had lots of TV shows to watch, from the news and my two game shows, to N.C.I.S. and Bull. Right now, I'm just hoping for a whole night of sleep. ::crosses fingers, while sighing::
Well, I had another strange day, sleep-wise. Went to bed at 2:30 (eek!) and certainly did not expect to wake up a few minutes before 6. I blame the cold. Even with socks on, I'm freezing. In fact, my long nightie is so cold, it feels wet. Ugh. In any case, I didn't resent waking up early as it meant I could book my rides to the government office next week. As I was up, I stayed up. Read for the most part and hung out on my computer. Finally placed my grocery order. Gee, it only took me two hours (rather than the usual three). And that was even WITH a shopping list.

It was no wonder that, by early afternoon, I was flagging and needed a nap. Took a chance, lying down and NOT setting the alarm. Luckily, I didn't dream. I'd had more than enough dreams yesterday. Woke up at 4, feeling a bit more alive.

I jumped at tonight's Final Jeopardy! clue about sports team mascots. Normally, this would be a dead zone for points, but the mascot was from the Toronto Raptors and the clue was dead easy (as long as you knew all the NBA team names). I also watched last night's N.C.I.S. Nola before returning to my shipwrecked book. They finally meet someone who leads them to her island. Weird thing is that I really have no recollection of reading this one decades ago. Anyway, I'm going to return to it as three weeks (length of loan) can whiz by very quickly.
Naturally, I'm talking about my brain. When it's on fire (like acing Jeopardy!), it fulfills me. But, when it's off creating amazing AUs - of MY life - it amazes me. Imagine my chagrin to have to obey the alarm at 9:30 because I was in the middle of a semi-canonical version of my childhood smushed with later life.

Apparently, I'd been very involved in a Trans Project at church (MCCT) in the neighbourhood it's in right now. I was a real live wire, even though I was only EIGHT YEARS OLD. For the record, the church wasn't formed until I was 18 IRL. The school year was starting and I was getting ready to go back to class, though I wasn't sure whether I was in Grade 3 or 4. Grade 3 would have been the logical choice. And, really, I should have known what Grade I was entering. I turned up at school, but it wasn't any of the three I'd attended as a child. It was my middle school which only offered Grades 7 & 8. I went in and found the office, explaining who I was. The woman looked at me and only made a hmmming sound. Before she gave me the form with my classes on it, she asked whether I lived in Riverdale. I was puzzled and said that I lived only a couple blocks away (trufax). When I looked at the form, it was a photocopy of the original on which someone had scribbled info about my role in the Trans Project. At 8 years old! And, then, the alarm rang. Yeah, I fascinate myself.

It took a little while for me to get going after that, but I had to eat brekkie and make myself presentable to go wait for my meals. After that, I went to bed and read until I felt I needed a nap but had only 90 minutes until the news. Fell asleep right away and woke up at the end of another dream. This one was set in Atlantis and ended with Rodney McKay uttering just one sentence. But I don't know what that was. Gee, do you think I might be able to slide back into this dream tonight?

Other than sleeping, dreaming, and reading, I was cold. Colden than should be happening. Blech. And watching a titch of TV including tonight's N.C.I.S. and Bull. I also e-mailed Brian about my desktop, but he's out of town. I hope he can help me when he returns. Now I'm just going to scramble back into bed to read my shipwreck tale.
I certainly didn't expect to do that when I set out for my large vision loss support group this morning. When I arrived, I sat outside for some fresh air (even though it was damp and dreary). When I saw a woman approach who'd been at my table last month, I spoke to her. She was already with another woman. After we'd made ourselves comfortable, she said she only met the other woman because they'd been picked up by my rides provider and shared the vehicle. Turns out they both love spicy food. So, hey, I'm in. I believe she's Jamaican (we got to talking about chicken feet!) and the other one is Asian (dim sum yum!). I also complimented her on her hairdo (it had some artful spikiness on top) and asked her what product she used. Well, it was no product ... it was a wig. I was so jealous. I think she said she provided the hair and it was made into a wig. Wow.

We had two guest speakers from an organization that ignored three applications from me. So I spoke to one of the woman during break and she said I should call her. Will do. There was also a casting call for a reality cooking competition, pairing a visually impaired person with a professional chef. See me back away verrrrrrry quietly. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Break foodies were terrific: green and red grapes, blueberries, honeydew and cantaloupe melons, cheese, crackers, cookies, nuts, and candies. What's really neat is that the snack brigade portion everything out and serve us. So much less of a hassle. My ride showed up at 12:15 (10 minutes early), so I was off and home quickly, only to be met by Ce-Ce and our neighbour at the front door. She accompanied us to the back porch where I found a listless Grumpy. No, buddy, it's no fun lying there when you can't sunbathe. So I made sure they were safely indoors.

It was only when I was reading (yes, on my iPad) on the couch that I began to feel very draggy and sleepy. I kept losing my grip on the tablet. So not a good thing, so I took it to bed where at least there's a protective barrier. And I dozed off for a while, waking up at 6:04. Oh, look. There's an e-mail from my new friend, asking if I wanted to do Mandarin on Friday, just the three of us. Alas, with my current plans, I can't. Maybe next time.

Once awake, I watched the rest of the news, my game shows (Jeopardy! was really weak), and my regular Tuesday shows, two N.C.I.S. and Bull. Now I'm yawning my head off. Not very hungry so I'm just going to have a Jamaican ginger beer to aid in digestion. As always, hoping for good sleep after a terrific day.
Whoa. I just looked at the time and couldn't believe it was already near 11:30. Especially, as I moved to the computer around 8, after the usual game shows. So, where did the time go?

Well, after another terrific sleep, I woke up at 7:50. Not bad. I finished my eBook in the morning. It was an odd combination of a simple writing style AND a compelling read about mostly petty people I didn't care about. All 1200+ pages of it! So, being done with that one, I borrowed a different convoluted selection, namely Dan Brown's "Inferno". Oy. Over 100 chapters. By this point, my eyes were bugging me and my page turning digit was numb.

So time to watch TV instead. I watched last night's N.C.I.S. Nola two episodes. Both felt odd to me. Okay, let's get back to looking at the Apple site and considering what I'm buying tomorrow. ::crosses fingers:: Pestered Brian with a couple of e-mails and received a confirmation from church-John that he's all set for our excursion. Can't wait, but wish the stupid snow would disappear.

Okay, I think it's time for me to have some more Perrier and do a little LIGHT reading of the fanfic kind before bed. Sounds appealing. And that's all she wrote ... er ... read.
Well, I can never be too sure about the math part, but you get Brian and me. Oy and Vei are appropriate reactions.

But, first, a fabulous night of sleep (most likely aided by the blanket of snow), as I didn't wake up until 8:50. Magnificent.

I finally got a good look at that blanket of snow (ugh) when I was waiting for my meals. See, it didn't look all that much from the protected view of the driveway. But the street view out the front door was ... rough. And I'm afraid to find out how bad it'll be to tromp through the garden. Which I won't know until Thursday. ::prays for lots of sublimation::

I had a lazy day with the exception of writing silly e-mails to Brian and getting silly e-mails back. I finally figured out which iPad I should be looking at ... because I fail at considering size. Oh! What a difference. I thought he'd gotten me an Apple ID. But he hadn't, and didn't tell me. See, I told you we're both silly. Right now, we're having a philosophical disagreement about library downloads. I'll be testing his theory tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, my day consisted of washing loads of recycling (finicky soup containers) and watching TV including a weepy N.C.I.S. OTOH, too many of tonight's Jeopardy! clues were simple-minded. Where's the happy balance? Well, I guess I'll find my happy balance by finding some light reading. Until domain, ciao tutti. But, before I forget, HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!
Part Two (after about 7 incredible hours of sleep and an hour to organize my thoughts):

That's the kind of yucky day I had, from the unwelcome time of 5:13 when I woke up. Sigh. So, how could I be bored with all my lovely reading material? Oh, that's easy. The iPad STOPPED working, the screen turned black, while I was waiting for my meals to be delivered. Though I plugged in the charger, I was not able to nudge it back to life. I even asked Brian for help. Yup, I can still hear the echoes pf unfamiliar questions rattling around in my head.

Time to clear the docket and allow boredom and blindness to dominate. After my meals were finally delivered, I plugged the iPad charger into the wall. Blue light? I don't see any blue light. So I guess I'll be looking for an online troubleshooting guide for this particular model in the morning. Sigh.

As if I didn't have enough boredom during the morning, I waited for EVER for my eyedrops to be delivered by the pharmacy. When SuM left before 3, I decided to watch TV in her living room, so I could answer the door quickly. I got so tired of sitting on furniture that doesn't suit me that I retreated back to my space for a while, and called the pharmacy. I'd been expecting delivery in the afternoon and was disappointed to learn that the guy wouldn't be leaving the premises until at least 6:30. Arrgghh. He has a weird schedule. So I watched the news from SuM's living room and most of WoF. Imagine both SuM's and my shock when she came back home, with a passel of people (and dogs!!!) incredulous to find me still waiting. She said she'd keep an eye out, so I got to watch Jeopardy! from the blessedly dog-free comfort of my space. The eyedrops were finally delivered around 7:45. What a relief!

While still semi-conscious, I began watching N.C.I.S.. Ha! Next thing I know, the recording is over. Still, I gamely proceeded to watch Bull. It was easier to stay awake for what is basically a courtroom drama ... obviously with a shocker of an ending. But, knowing that I was fading FAST, I didn't dare even to try watching N.C.I.S. Nola. ::pats recorder remote tenderly::

[I'm staring at what I typed next in my trance-like state: it's seriously an example of "automatic" typing. My brain is so, so, so weird. And, no, I'm not going to let you read it. There were snippets of lucidity, when I mentioned "actual play or movie" or "greeting Dr. X". Uh ... just WHAT or WHO is that?]

I'm going to try to forget that Tuesday ever happened. I hope I can resurrect the iPad because it's just so not fair for me to have victory snatched from me so harshly. I don't feel like being a brave little toaster. ::stomps wee hoof::
When I woke up (all the way to 7:11), I was thrilled to see there was a notification from my bank that the $350 I'd transferred to church-John one month ago (reimbursing him for buying all my supplements) had expired and the money was available for me again. Only hitch was I had to actually deposit it back to my account electronically. But such a relief. All because c-J couldn't handle an e-transfer - and he's only three years older than I am. Still, when I texted him (we made arrangements to meet for lunch tomorrow), he suggested that such face-to-face transactions were much more satisfying. I suppose I can agree (as he's taking me shopping, too).

I rounded out my morning by watching last night's N.C.I.S. Nola and a second screening of Bull. It was emotionally rewarding to see him put the sociopath away.

Once again, despite the adequate sleep, I felt like napping, so indulged between 1-ish and 4:45 (that wasn't obeyed until 5:30). Apparently, we had a London fog in TO today, but it should be clear and warmer tomorrow. I so approve. Enjoyed tonight's wacky inventors on Dragons' Den. Now I'm just trying to catch up on the day's activities of my friends.
Why so woozy, blondie? Oh, I just happened to wake up at 4 blankety-blank a.m. Decided to stay awake to tackle the ride booking system at 5. Thankfully, it was working fine today. Then I watched Murdoch Mysteries that was very sad, though now I'm curious to see whether there was a Greenwood Estate in Rosedale. After that, finally had brekkie.

When my meals were finally delivered, I found Ce-Ce on the back deck when I decided to stick my head out to judge how well the snow was melting. Silly kitty. She decided to take a nap on SuM's dining table and I retired to my bed to have a nap, too.

SuM interrupted me during sacred Jeopardy! time, asking for help in drafting a letter for work. AFTER the show finished, I spent 40 minutes advising her of how the letter would be a bad idea right now. Talking for so long meant I lost my voice! When she left, I got around to watching tonight's N.C.I.S. and Bull. I'll leave the third show for tomorrow morning though I won't be able to sleep in as I totally forgot about placing my meals order this afternoon. When I woke up at 3:30, I was so groggy and thought I had to be someplace. Well, I didn't, but my voice (via phone) did. Oy. Anyway, I think I'd better take my pills and hit the sack again. ::pets pillow lovingly::

I'll also be finding out just what trouble Brian has enrolled me into, signing me up with Apple. Eeeeek, my life is not my own.
Waking up after 9 (9:13 this morning) and eating brekkie a couple hours later disrupts the hours of opportunity during which I could be accomplishing ... stuff. Like writing. Not only my fic but also my second review of the service (for which I received a lovely comment and "Like" from the church). So, just what was I doing in the morning? Oh, watching last night's shows: two N.C.I.S. epis and one of Bull. After that, my eyes hurt so much, I spent the rest of the afternoon lying in bed. Sigh. ::puts resolve face on:: Tomorrow will be different. I have to cook my pork chops AND write the review.

SuM told me she's taking Friday off and going away for the weekend. That means cat sleepovers and having the house all to myself. So I moved up my grocery delivery to Friday afternoon. It's a smaller order, so I might get more in about 10 days.

Okay, time to drift off to sleep, dreaming of the lovely aromas of slow cooker pork in a French onion soup perhaps enhanced by bacon and 'shrooms. Nommmm and nighty-night.
The symmetry and synchronicity is spectacular. So, what's the what? Well, I received an e-mail from Brent's exec. assistant saying they'd like to honour me this coming Sunday for my devoted service summaries as Volunteer of the Week. It's the second time I've been so honoured (the first time two decades ago for running the Information Centre - as well as receiving a formal annual award for that function). What a coincidence that they chose the same week as my 26th Anniversary of becoming a member. Anyway, I'm just tickled pink. I guess I'll have to curl my hair on Saturday night and wear something pretty. Yes, I can still be vain.

Would have liked to have had another hour of sleep, but woke up at 8:00. Watched last night's N.C.I.S. Nola in the morning. Semi-dozed in the afternoon. I think I should get investigative credit for solving tonight's N.C.I.S. early in the show. I couldn't really get into Bull tonight because it involved huge gaming tournaments. So not interested. Anyway, I want to catch up with the rest of the world before bed, so I'll just press Post and skedaddle off ... with a smile.
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( Jan. 24th, 2017 11:38 pm)
Wish I could have, but had to wake up at 6:00 to book my rides for next week. Blah. I guess my biggest accomplishments today were wiping off the slight frost layer in my empty freezer (that took all of five minutes) and resetting one of my e-mail passwords. Woo-hoo.

Had what is becoming my quiet time in the afternoon. Watched the two N.C.I.S. shows as well as a shocking Bull. And, yes, I had a few tears rolling down my face when Gibbs and Jimmy hugged at the end (because I'm such a softy).

I think I need to find a feel-good story to read to perk me up ... just in time for bed. But it's the most effective way to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth from reading what garbage is being created south of the border, courtesy of so many obviously highly necessary executive orders. /extreme sarcasm. ::sighs::
Let's just call it Twisted Tuesday (doesn't sound as good as Freaky Friday, but it's not Friday). Imagine my delight to find myself sleeping all the way to 6:57 ... or 6:58. Simply blissful. I was happy even if the weather was dour: chilly with rain. I exuded cheerfulness when I received my meal delivery and when I ordered next week's. Okay, okay. You may need to check for a pod under the bed.

Had a demi-doze in the late afternoon, so I don't really remember what happened in the News. OTOH, ever since reading about how luscious pork chops are when made in a slow cooker, I've been hunting recipes and found one that appeals to me. It involves pork chops. And sauerkraut. That's it. No separate sautéing (thank the universe). So, I'm going to make it using my jar of Polish red cabbage with some dried minced onion and sesame seeds (because I don't have caraway - sigh). The only problem now is remaining patient, as I won't be getting groceries delivered until mid next week.

Enjoyed both N.C.I.S. and Bull tonight (and had watched Nola this morning). Both Naval shows really went after government corruption. Ugh. Though I feel sorry for the real Nola, considering that's at least twice the fictional Mayors have been exposed as sleazebags.

Just so you don't think today was absolutely perfect, once again I'd inadvertently switched on the accent soft key. Oy. I hate it when that happens. Must remember: Ctrl + Shift. Why did I think it was three keys simultaneously? Do I always have to complicate everything? Okay, time to check on my social media to see what else happened in the world today.

Let's try only four hours of sleep, a horrible headache that is still pounding through my skull, and a botched meal delivery. Sigh. After that, I had no energy, not even to delight in relaxing. Sigh.

At least I managed to stay focused on my TV shows. Was all weepy (yes, I know I'm being manipulated) by the end of N.C.I.S. and meh about tonight's Bull. Right now, I think I need ... dessert, 'cuz my painkillers are obviously doing squat. And my eyesight is all fuzzy, too.

Hoping for a much better tomorrow. ::crosses fingers::
Let's just call the entire day irrelevant. Didn't help that, after going to bed at 1:11, I woke up at 6:44, despite having set the alarm for 9:00. Yes, yes, I'm up. SuM left me in charge mid morning. I went to wait for my meals at 11:39 and they were delivered at 11:40. At least I had good timing instincts in one area of my life.

Finally decided to tackle the rehearsal dinner of sautéed chicken thighs with exotic mushrooms, multi-coloured peppers and fresh angel hair pasta in a rosé and sour cream sauce. Um ... I quickly decided to drop the peppers and sour cream. So it was just everything cooked in two cups of wine (with freshly ground salt and pepper). I didn't care for the mess I created either. I wish I still had my old Betty Crocker electric skillet and griddle. The skillet sat on the griddle, had a really easy temperature guide and could be submerged to wash. This one has the temp. on the plug-in thingy. I couldn't even see the temps, so cooked according to sizzle.

Well, I had a portion of the meal featuring pampered mushrooms and finished the rest of the bottle of wine. Washing up was a chore. I've just left the skillet and lid and will deal with them tomorrow. Ugh.

In the evening, after my game shows, an old epi of N.C.I.S. came up, so I watched it. Bummer: it was a cliffie which won't be resolved as the show returns to first-run next Tuesday.

The cats have been rambunctious, most likely from the good food smells which I need to eradicate by heating up my special cinnamon pine cones. I think I'd better go do that now, as I'm not a fan of overpowering and lingering olive oil aroma. Enough is enough. I just hope the cats will settle down soooooon.
Because it's not enough that my meals are delivered really late (sigh), I was battling a phone desperately needing a recharge. Eventually got a "conversation" started on e-mail with my jeweller (gosh, that sounds so all grownup). He's also adding a jewelled lily and vine/leaf clasp (for my fumbly arthritic fingers). I still stayed excited after he advised me of what it would cost. Hey, art is worth it. So I'll be putting a deposit down tomorrow so he can begin working on the wax models. Woo-hoo.

Otherwise, I watched lots of TV. First, there was last night's Murdoch Mystery Christmas. Uh ... I could barely see what was on the screen, so I'll have to watch it again in the morning. In the evening, I had my regular shows, the two N.C.I.S. ones and a fun Bull epi where he takes on basically the entire town in NH where he grew up.

Because of the whole meal screw-up this morning, I didn't get the opportunity to inaugurate my daily morning tea ritual. So I'll be starting that tomorrow. It's going to be divine. Another yay for stability in my life.


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