I'm talking about Frits, a delightful Dutch man whose role in my chosen family was dear friend first - before he assumed the ceremonial role as one of my wedding attendants, acting as father-in-law. He had a quirky sense of humour (well, he'd have to, natch, being MY friend) and found all sorts of unusual piggy treasures to give to me. I'm relieved that I still have a couple of very small pieces that survived the gruesome downsizing. Dear Frits, may your spirit be encapsulated in a bright star that will shine down upon me with a familiar twinkle.

So, how did I find out? Our mutual friend (who is my jeweller) posted on FB that he was in a coma; he later added a post to say that he was no longer with us. The wonderful thing is that I had no idea I'd probably seen Frits in the late 70s when I used to go with a friend (after he got off from work at midnight) to the hoity-toity bar/restaurant nearby for some oysters and as many drinks as we could until last call. Speaking of oysters, back then, in a restaurant, they were $0.60/each or $7.20 a dozen. Cheap-cheap-cheap. And how was our mutual friend connected? Frits was the manager and hired him, first in a joe job until he was promoted to be a waiter. Small world, huh.

Just as well that I had no plans for the day. Luckily, the cats allowed me to sleep in. Diva was to the left of my head (I presume my head was too hot for her) and Ce-Ce was on the ledge near the foot of my bed. Grumpy was ... somewhere. SuM and her gf came back in the early afternoon, then took off again to the beach where they intended to watch the fireworks tonight. With the extra special holiday, there are fireworks happening in many, many places in TO. Hey, just let me get to sleep after midnight.

Watched my usual TV shows in the evening and then finished rereading just the prologue and epilogue of my Sherlock Holmes (Phantom of the Opera) book. Now I get to reread "Rogue One" to try to get accustomed to the characters' names. So, it's almost time to say goodnight. Well, after one (self-made) obligation.
Well, when I wasn't watching yesterday's church service and writing about it. Wasn't too thrilled to wake up at 7:35 (yuck) after staying up late. But I made myself do the summary and posted it while sharing the FB Live post. So glad that's done.

Then I got serious about reading "Rogue One". I had no idea that is such a long, looooooooong book. Mind you, I didn't know as I was reading on the iPad which doesn't show page numbers (unless they're in invisible print, not lol). But, as the iPad is just finishing recharging, I've switched to the desktop which DOES show numbers. Yikes! I guess I can see why, considering nearly everybody's thought processes are detailed. I wish I'd read this shortly after seeing the movie; I might not be as confused now.

And, speaking of reading, Happy Potter!Versary. I can't believe it's been 20 years, even though I didn't get into the books until at least 2002. Yes, I was slow to catch on but quick to catch up.

I loathed the weather today. In the middle of the day, we started getting rumbles of thunder and it got dark. And I got incredibly cold, so huddled under four layers of bedding - which still wasn't enough. It was horrible. And then I had to get out of bed to see where the cats were. Even though the deck was wet and it was chilly out, Mr. Grumpy refused to show up. Sigh. And only one cat was interested in food. Sigh again. But, hey, I took care of them the best I could. Then back to bed with me.

Apart from my usual TV routine, the best part of the evening was having two glasses of wine, one with hot soup, the second hours later with paté on a warm bagel. Only then did I finally feel warm. Anyway, I have to force myself to go to sleep early tonight as I'm being picked up at 8:35 ugh o'clock tomorrow. And I haven't finished my word game yet. Oops! And eeeeeek!!!
Who? What? Hey, blondie, how come you're mad at Kissymas? Well, it's not the holiday per se, but the fact that I'm still using my Christmas red flannel sheet set and will probably still be using it for the foreseeable future. With the weather so unpredictable, and mostly cool, I don't dare switch to my regular cotton sheet sets. So I tug the set off, wash, then tug it back onto the bed. Along with the comforter, though I finally semi-discarded my penguin fleece. It's draped casually on the couch.

If you couldn't tell, laundry was my painful morning. I'd even woken up around 8 for a change. After I was done (and so was my body), I lay down in my nice freshly-made bed and read my murder mystery. I was so confused by the book but finally reached a point where it started making sense. The funny thing is that I've performed in this particular opera ("The Marriage of Figaro") and even flirted with the Count! The rotten man playing Figaro gets bumped off and I think I approve! Oops?

Otherwise I had a quiet day. Well, except for the case of the missing bra. Which is no longer missing as I found it on the couch while I was sitting there sorting through my skin care products. I'm also missing the special chilled neck wraps church-John bought me. I'm sure I've seen them ... somewhere. But that was ages ago. I hope I can survive church tomorrow without one. ::crosses fingers::

While I was resting mid afternoon, I decided to try to catch up on some of the multiple epis of Peppa Pig I'd recorded. I was delighted to see that there were NEW episodes. How wonderful! Perhaps I'll have some piggy dreams ... as soon as my painkillers kick in. ::pleads with the universe::
Yeah, yeah, I aced Final Jeopardy! Even though I've never studied Greek (which Alex said would have helped). So, what was the answer? The category was Constellations. The brightest star in Sirius is the rival of the equivalent of Mars, the god of war. Naturally (okay, I'm stretching it), the question is "What is Antares?"

Otherwise, I had another quiet day. Had a full measure of sleep with an extension. Read a bit. The Gaiman is getting marginally better, though the grime is starting to squick me out.

Did laundry in the evening and put my shower mats in the machine, too. That means I'll be scrubbing my shower tomorrow. Oh, joy, NOT. My fingers are already aching. And I let myself down today. I should have been checking out details about the Science Centre trip a week from tomorrow, but I didn't. Because too many things hurt and the last thing I want (or need) is to be trooping through a cavernous building (even worse, with several subterranean levels). The last time I was there was nearly two decades ago when I could still walk and see. Sigh. Well, I'll think about the special tour tomorrow morning. Just too ouchy tonight. Okay, back to reading.
Tried to look for a set of papers (I'm pretty sure I kept ... unless I forgot I tossed them when moving, in which case it's a futile search) for the word game I used as an ice-breaker for bus trips by our church social club when I was in charge - only TWO decades ago. Uh-oh.

So, I didn't find the template in the stack of papers on the bookshelf. But I did find something else I've been frantically searching for. What? My collection of Euphoria perfumes! Yay!!!!! ::does happy dance:: Considering that wearing perfume has grown in disfavour as a socially unacceptable personal pollutant, I almost never wear it - even when I'm on my own (though using the shower gel is almost like using it). But I so wanted to wear it on my birthday (a Thursday), and after my birthday celebration (on a Sunday) after brunch. And now I'll be able to indulge as much as I want to.

OTOH, I'm resigning myself to having to recreate or rewrite the word game from scratch. I can only remember one question that always resulted in gales of giggles, hence its usefulness as an ice-breaker between strangers on a bus. I still have a month before the end-of-year party of my large blind group, so I don't have to worry about time. Just thinking up silly questions. Hey, I'm good at that!
... first I had to wake up at 9:30 to do a few minor household chores before SuM came and vacuumed. Okay, back to bed with me. While she went and took Grumpy to the vet's (leaving Diva to keep me company), then returned, I managed to squeeze in a couple hours of mostly pain-free sleep. Almost cough-free, too. So not lol.

Couldn't even access FB properly, so instead I finished reading the third ballet book. Oh, those kids. The only good thing about this particular "academy" is that the girls were all so obsessed about dancing that being boy-crazy was so not a thing.

Only watched minimal TV tonight, aka the news and my game shows. Then I recorded the MasterChef Jr. finale, as I just couldn't see myself watching for two hours. Instead, I just borrowed three more books. I'd searched for ballet murder mystery books but they didn't have the titles I found. I still remember finding - in print - eons ago murder mysteries at the opera/theatre/etc., so there was a variety of settings. Instead, I chose two - DON'T LAUGH - Jessica Fletcher (yes, Murder She Wrote) books and one I didn't know was a Nero Wolfe one. I'd chosen it because it had a musical title. Anyway, I'm tucking myself into bed, having d/l'd all the books onto the iPad. Relieved I don't have to wake up early tomorrow. TTFN.
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( May. 5th, 2017 11:22 pm)
As much as I loved-loved-loved living at the edge of the lake, I'm just so relieved (frankly, grateful) not to be living there right now. To add to the problem of extremely-saturated ground, the building itself was an odd duck. It was long (holding 20 units per floor), set perpendicularly to the lake. To make things worse, the ground sloped down, so that a basement could only be built underneath the portion farthest from the lake. The part closer was built directly into the ground. [Cue my neighbour's information about a first-floor mice problem.] The evening news was overwhelmingly about what was happening. We saw residents of the houseboat community east of me trying to remain stoic and confident. Then we saw the beach south of me basically gone. ALL the sand had been swept away by the constantly churning waves. I'm wondering how the various marinas are dealing with securing boats. It's just a huge mess, not only by this lake but also along many rivers in the affected areas. Actually, the storm has hit the province of Québec really hard and has spread to the maritime provinces. Gee, thanks, storm.

Against all that watery worry, it's no wonder I wasn't in the mood to do anything all day. But I did catch up on last night's TV, watching a hilarious Big Bang Theory as well as the two MasterChef shows. But I was sleepy, so couldn't appreciate the presence of Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef on the Jr. edition. While I managed to stay awake, I continued my second read-through of "The Martian". Want to finish it before I have to return it.

I think I'll end on a yummy note. Not sure where I read or saw it, but presumably the following is a dynamite cocktail: bourbon, ginger beer and lime. Considering that I have the first two ingredients (of superlative quality), I think I'll be indulging soon. And, now, I feel better - even if all I'm drinking is blueberry mint iced tea. I know, I know, a cold drink when I'm feeling cold, especially in my hands.
That happened even though I woke up around 6 again. Seriously, body? So I puttered around, even starting a reread of "The Martian". Washed some recycling before my groceries were delivered before 12:30. Oh, lovely delectable foodies. After I put everything away, I did a rough wrapping job of the deluxe jasmine tea I got for Sue, wrote in the pretty butterfly card, and carried those along with the case of ginger beer, setting them down on the dining table. So, she'd been busy decorating for her party tonight. She'd planned to have a pinata. I can't imagine the vacuuming necessary to capture all the stray treats. When she came home from work, she thanked me. Hey, she gives me super-special chocolate for Christmas, I give her super-special tea for her birthday. We have equilibrium. Lol.

Did a bit of housekeeping on my DW account. Unfortunately, when I imported my LJ entries, the comments didn't come through. So I did a second import which got me the comments ... along with duplicates of all the entries. Mind you, I'm reading entries from the good old days, when I had a hoity-toity life, entertaining by the fountain in the garden every Sunday afternoon. Aaaaaaah.

Finally got to relax in the evening, though all I had to watch was the usual news and game shows. As our speaker for tomorrow's blind group has cancelled, I've been told to bring my assortment of jokes. Well, I'm going to do it electronically. I d/l'd two joke bookes and plan to - very gingerly - transport my iPad to the other side of the world ... er ... city tomorrow. I figure I can always nungee tie it to my walker. But it'll be nice to be able to read from it and, while I'm waiting for my ride home, I can continue reading ... you know what.

I think I'd better post and do some advance sorting of what I'll be taking with me tomorrow. Hoping the rain holds off. We're expecting major flooding from the storms headed our way from the States. Hey, is that any kind of present? I think not.
Yes, that's how cold I am right now. I just crawled out of bed where I'd been lying on my back, trying to warm my hands up by laying them against my ribs, letting the trapped air warm them from beneath the doubled-flannel layers as well as the comforter and fleece. That worked for a few minutes until the hands LEECHED the heat from my torso. WTF, body!?!

So, right now, I'm applying a few tidbits of chocolate to the problem. Had to remember where I kept the chocolate. Wasn't amused to find it in the "winter scene" cookie tin. Sigh. And I won't be able to read any more of "The Martian" with gloves on. BTW, the book's beginning is promising, though I've already noted how the screenwriter improved on one of the revelations, delaying it for greater impact. Yes, I'm impressed.

After adjusting my body position in the middle of the night to lying on my back, I still woke up with a clogged right ear and sinuses. Blargh. However, I also had faint memories of two reboot Trek hugs: Spock prime with the younger one; and Kirk and Spock. The funny thing about the latter was that there was nothing slashy about it, but just a lot of emotional intimacy and comfort.

Had a lazy day that included an unscheduled nap in the afternoon. The 6:00 p.m. news was overwhelmed with fires in the hydro vaults underneath a major intersection (King & Yonge) of our business district. It had begun shortly after 5. People were evacuated safely from one highrise office building and the worst part seemed to be the acrid smoke outside and complete disruption of vehicular and transit traffic. I seem to be a million miles away from where I worked for half my life.

After that, I watched my usual game shows. The current champ on Jeopardy! is delightful. He just barely won tonight's game - his 6th. I didn't get Final Jeopardy! because I know so little about the Supreme Court. While I'd been watching TV, I also worked on my grocery order. Finally submitted it. Will be experimenting with a few new items including blueberry mint iced tea, even though I was only looking for blueberry iced tea. Meh.
Why, that was my day of course. The "Oops" happened at 3:38 which is NO decent time at all. Luckily, I did fall back asleep until that evil alarm got me up at 7:00 to book my rides. After that, I stayed up. Continued reading "The English Patient" until the battery was exhausted. Then I finished with the extras in "The Martian" and decided to watch another Blu-ray. On a whim, I picked the 2009 reboot of "Star Trek". Since I'm such a nostalgic softy, I cried (always do even before the opening credits). Then I had to hunt for cats. Uh, SuM, whyfor did you not tell me two were outside? Managed to get one in, fed two, then had to wash my hair. After that, I coaxed the perennial wanderer inside.

When SuM got in, we continued our talk from yesterday and she fixed the link in my capelet clip. Yay. After the news and my game shows, I laughed my head off during Big Bang Theory (it was terrific), then sleep-watched a summary of all previous years of MasterChef Jr. The only thing I remember from it is that next week's special guests will be ... Miss Piggy? And the Swedish Chef? Hmmm.

Managed to rouse myself to watch a brilliant Peg Plus Cat which contained like a three-minute version of "The Magic Flute"!!! Then I dozed off, just waking up a few minutes ago. And going "Ouch" from some of my latest leg problems. Also sigh. Looking forward to being pampered tomorrow. especially as I revealed to SuM that I'd exhausted the hot water tank the last time I'd dyed my hair. No longer! So I'd better sign off. Toodles.
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( Apr. 21st, 2017 11:20 pm)
Wait, how long ago was that?
Say 27+ years. Okay, back to the tale:
Once upon a time, there were two goofs.
Who were the two goofs?
Seriously, can't you tell the goofs were Brian and Helenka.
Oh, yeah, that makes sense.
When the two goofs met, they knew instantly they'd be besties like forever ... or even longer! That's why they're thrilled to be getting together tomorrow.

What are we doing?
Where are we going?
All I know is that we'll be together (insert one of those hippy-dippy songs from decades ago). And I know that I'll be a very happy blondie.

In other non-news, I had to wake up at 6:00 to book my rides, with the usual repercussions of zombiehood later in the day. Sigh. I think I slept through most of the news and half of Jeopardy. Sigh. But I did wake up to watch an entertaining repeat of a MacGyver epi. And I just checked: the Leafs lost another heartbreaker in OT. No, there is no joy in TO tonight. So I'd better look forward to tomorrow afternoon when Brian comes over. Yay!!!
Yes, I was a zombie. Again. Somehow managed to survive the day. Finished reading my Tanya Huff book. Couldn't believe I did not remember a single page of something I'd read decades ago, the exception being that Vicki had to be turned at the end, in order to live. Tried to read the SGA novel (the only one available from the library) and was thwarted by a d/l error on my iPad. ::growls in frustration:: So, I'm rereading the heartfelt "Come From Away" tie-in.

Ended up dozing through half the 6:00 p.m. news. And, believe it or not, this was Final Jeopardy!: after Jennifer Lawrence as the highest-earning actress, this alliterative-named actress was next. I drew a blank. So did the contestants. It was actually Melissa McCarthy!

Even though Big Bang Theory was a rerun, I laughed. A lot. And there was no MasterChef Canada, only the Jr. edition, so I slept-watched it. So. Very. Sleepy.

The only thing I accomplished - after receiving a response from our esteemed music director - was to slot in all of the names of our fabulously talented musicians at our Easter service. We are really lucky. Also received a call from the co-leader of my tiny blind group. One of our old-timers (who's the joke-mistress) will be at our next meeting. That takes the pressure off me. Yay.
Not so amusing was waking up at 5:50. OTOH, I was intrigued to be woken up by a strange dream. A French-Canadian friend from church was in it, though she sounded just like one of the middle-aged Jewish personas I adopted during a road trip to NYC in 1991 with two buddies. Peter did all the driving and I sat in the passenger seat in charge of all the entertainment. Not only did I keep us supplied with loads of cassette tapes (mostly The Nylons), but he and I were "Estelle" and "Sadie", cracking jokes non-stop. Ah, good memories.

I managed to catch an epi of Sesame Street on Treehouse and was a very happy camper. Then so relieved to doze off and catch up on my sleep, in between reading another Huff book on my iPad and snacking on Gummi worms. Sometimes, it's the simple things that satisfy the most.

I was thrilled to make an appointment for a haircut and colour a week from Friday. It'll feel so nice to be pampered. Now if only I could get my act together to get a mani/pedi. Uh ... my legs are in too much pain to cooperate. Sigh.

I didn't watch the hockey game tonight, but was sad to find out that the Caps had beat us by one goal. Sigh. Now, it's a new series - best of three. ::crosses fingers a whole bunch::
I'm thrilled to be starting a monthly summary of the books I've read (it still gives me chills to know that I'm READING BOOKS once again) - as well as any pertinent comments.

1. Brooklyn
Toibin, Colm
WHY: First book I borrowed based on library recommendation. Story of a young Irish woman moving to Brooklyn after WWII and her convoluted life possibly aggravated by her passive character.

2. Inferno
Brown, Dan
WHY: Because, occasionally, it's fun to read (and read and read; he sure loves to churn out the pages) books with improbable links to be found within religious symbols.

3. Smoke & Shadows
Huff, Tanya
WHY: Because I loved her Blood.... series, especially (royal) vampire police detective Henry Fitzroy, though I have very little familiarity with the new setting in Vancouver (having visited there only once). Also, one of my FB friends had recc'd the series.

4. Smoke & Mirrors
Huff, Tanya
WHY: Second of three books in the series. Oddly, I don't even remember Tony's character from the Blood series but I like his misadventures as a fledgling wizard.

5. They Found Atlantis
Wheatley, Dennis
WHY: I had a thing in the early 1970s for reading everything Wheatley had written. However, even though the paperbacks were very popular, they began disappearing (out of print). When I saw this title, I thought it was one I hadn't read yet; but, when I began reading it, I started remembering certain details (the cousins doing a switcheroo to deter fortune-hunters pursuing the real heiress; the immature American crooner turned movie star not understanding the moral code on Atlantis regarding sexual behaviour, also being greedy enough to steal some golden plates). The final reason? It had "Atlantis" in the title. Yeah, bite me! Oh, the positively, absolutely last reason (I promise) for reading other than seeking Atlantis, a former Naval Officer usually introduced as "the great McKay"!!!
PET PEEVE: I was intrigued to see how much more discerning I'd become over the decades. Upon first reading, I hadn't paid that much attention to the dialogue but, this time, I was horrified to see an illogical syntactical hodgepodge when spoken by the characters: the American cousins, a Romanian prince, a Norwegian count, an American crooner/actor, various bad guys including one who was an Oxford graduate. For my greater sensitivity, I credit reading fanfic ... especially bad fanfic. Who knew? Also, just being more worldly. DADT, okay???
So, the wrong hour turned out to be 8:00 when I woke up. What's wrong with that? Well, I thought I'd set the alarm for 6:00 so I could book my rides. Evidently I was wrong as the alarm icon was still displayed. Sigh. The only good thing is that I still managed to get my rides. Yay. As for the wrong day (and hour), it was the evening for Earth Hour. Uh ... universe, there was NO way that I was going to turn anything off - definitely NOT the lights - when I was the only adult in charge of the cats. If SuM hadn't gone out of town, we might have had a little get-together with candles and flashlights, etc.

In between those hours, I finally got to pamper myself. It was a smart move for me to refresh my hair colour today rather than to cram it into the end of the week. Mind you, I also managed to EMPTY the hot water tank. Oops! To continue my heightened aesthetic venture, I plan to dunk my hands in my paraffin bath right before bed.

I'm really pleased that I finished Tanya Huff's "Smoke & Mirrors" though I'm actually shocked by the number of errors in it. Reading fanfic has made me able to spot doozies. Didn't think they'd be in her writing. Sigh. I didn't know what to borrow next so I took a stab and searched for an author I used to read voraciously 4 decades ago.

Along with my regular Saturday night game show reruns, I was stunned to hear something unexpected in an epi of the animated Peg Plus Cat. Couldn't see what was happening (wasn't watching), but there was a male voice singing Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" (well) in a duet with one or two voices singing pop (for lack of a better word).

Anyway, time for me to soothe my sandpaper hands. And to hope for contented cats and a good night's sleep for me. TTFN.
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( Mar. 17th, 2017 11:37 pm)
After yesterday's excitement, I had a quiet day, starting off with terrific - if weird - sleep. Why weird? Well, I'd fallen asleep with the light on. On further inspection, I'd also fallen asleep in that blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where I get ready to put my gloves on, but first I have to do the instinctive ear-tugging that babies do (that regulates breathing and makes it easier to fall asleep). Well, I obviously didn't need any of that. Only problem when I woke up was finding my gloves (black against a black comforter). Luckily, they were easy to spot against a red background near the night table. Still, I've always maintained that my best sleep occurs when I fall asleep inadvertently and generally don't even move a muscle. [Naturally, I always remind myself of falling asleep with a teapot, cup and saucer, on a tray ... and finding I hadn't spilled a drop. I always called it my log-sleeping ability, lol.]

SuM asked me to look after the cats as she wanted to go to dinner immediately after work. So I allowed the Misses to sleep on my bed in the morning. When it came time to feed them lunch, I went hunting for Grumpy who'd been outside. Luckily, I only had to call out the back door and he came ambling along like a privileged old man. I think he has a fantasy scenario in the vicinity of the shed. In any case, I always praise him for heeding my call. He's such a sweetheart.

As I'd fulfilled my obligation, I left the cats behind closed doors. I had stuff to do. First I opened an important-looking envelope from the City. It even had "Important" stamped on it. Oh, it's from the department dealing with rent-geared-to-income housing. I'll have to send them a "yes, please keep me on the waiting list" letter. I managed to sort my laundry and did it while watching my game shows. Aww, the Canadian champ got knocked out on Jeopardy! in a game that had way too many easy questions. TV was otherwise a wasteland (I think there's hoops madness perhaps?) with missing shows or reruns. We were not amused.

With my chores out of the way, I'm hoping to be able to play with my iPad tomorrow morning. I'm irritated because I can't figure out where to see my Loans on the library site, after I'd restarted Liblikas. Sigh. But, then, my eyes have been really bad today, so I think I'll just wish for some more good sleep tonight. TTFN.
Indeed. I'm dreaming of tomorrow's Winterlicious lunch with church-John. I think I've already chosen my 3-course meal. ::ponders:: Or have I ... because there are so many scrumptious choices. But, then, I start to think of being practical. No, blondie, you don't want kale salad as an appetizer because you'll be stabbing at empty air for several minutes. Pasta is a no-no as an entrée because I don't feel like twirling and twirling. The only thing that is a dead certainty is dessert: crème caramel, baby. I haven't had that luscious chilled dream gliding past my lips in over a decade. Yes, it's tragic. Really.

I'm also daydreaming about what books I want to BUY for my e-reader. Yes, I'll definitely be borrowing most of them but I've decided I want to have my "Harry Potter" collection back. I still remember how excited I was before each book was issued - well, after I finally found out about the series. So I pre-purchased once and lined up before midnight the first year. It was lots of fun. Another year, Canada Post delivered only HP books on a Saturday. So, I have many fond memories of getting the books and then disappearing. Good times.

While I was busy daydreaming, SuM had the day off instead of a weekend. When she delivered my mail, the cats decided they absolutely had to seek sanctuary with me. ::shakes head:: Uh ... cats ... you do realize SHE's your mom and I'm just your auntie! It took a few hours for that message to sink in. Still, fluffy cats are always welcome visitors to Casa Helenka.

I found I didn't have to worry about teaching the phonetic pronunciation of my name as Brent's exec. assistant had already included it in the speech notes for Pastor Carmen to read. Very efficient. I approve.

I've also decided I have to start eating more soup for dinner. It and a warm bagel are an easy way to dish up nutrition (and I do need to take the lazy road lately). Also lazed about in bed in the afternoon. Watched my game shows (oops, there's a revolving door on Jeopardy!) and a Canadian-dream epi of Dragons' Den featuring recent refugees making a good life for themselves. Yay!

Anyway, I think it's time to think about bed. I want to look semi-fabulous for lunch domani. Ciao, tutti.
Waking up at 4:38 wasn't it. Neither was 6-something. Thankfully, 9:32 was found to be eminently acceptable.

Was too lazy to write a couple of e-mails to people at the church. Will do that tomorrow. Instead, I finally watched a recorded program on the greatest Superbowl commercials. Now, you should understand I've NEVER watched the Superbowl. The last football game I attended was the city high school championship match more than 50 years ago. I never cared for football, but getting the afternoon off was always great. [I still remember what I was wearing: charcoal grey lined wool slacks with a matching knit grey poncho with diagonal red stripes and a red fringe.]

So, imagine my surprise to be affected to such an extent that I actually CRIED over a few commercials, especially two from Budweiser (something I've never tried) involving two dogs, then a dog and horse!

Another unexpected pleasure was dinner. I'd already decided to heat up cream of cauliflower soup. Why I'd chosen such a bland soup, I don't know. I thought I'd give it some zip with my spice grinders. Then I was struck by genius. I added a portion of my fresh fettuccine pasta that really soaked up the soup. And there I was, eating "pretend" Alfredo! Yumm.

Was really thrilled for the multiple winner on Jeopardy!. She's well into the $100K division. Then watched a hilarious epi of Big Bang Theory before switching to the customary cartoons. So, a mostly good day followed by an invite to share in the cake at SuM's son's b-day party tomorrow evening. I told her my body hasn't gotten accustomed to her new schedule. LOL, as if she's accustomed to it. She isn't.
Wes reading my news feed on my phone when I stumbled upon an opinion piece of two old "gay" shows coming back. I'd already known about the limited number of epis of Will and Grace with the original cast, but I was surprised to read that Queer Eye For The Straight Guy would be returning. I couldn't believe it had been so long since it had been running (2003-2007). So, it's coming back, but with new experts. Won't be set in Manhattan, but the boys will be setting out into the red parts of America. Oh. Gee, dontcha wonder what kind of a reception they'll get? I figure I'll watch, but it won't be with the same sense of hilarity from the original cast. ::waves farewell at Carson, especially::
Considering how hilarious I was last night while typing my post (writing gibberish, then having to retype), I'm just thrilled that I got 8 hours of sleep. The dishes are all done from last night and put away. I did a load of laundry. Also made the pork loin chops with red cabbage, caraway seeds, minced onion, and crumbled bacon in the slow cooker. Eight hours on low and the meat was mostly ... meh. The tastiest part was along the bone. But the cabbage was absolutely divine. Hmmm. I wonder what it would taste like with the late addition of some acuavit (which I haven't had in decades; sigh). Still, it's nice to have the leftovers in the fridge.

I was an unexpected cat sanctuary in the evening. SuM asked whether I'd be willing to let Grumpy sleep on the couch overnight. But even he left eventually.

Because of my chores, I didn't watch any TV after my game shows. Even so, I think they're reruns which confuses me. There were first run epis of other shows this week. Oh, well. I'll survive. Right now, I just treated myself to a chilled can on Coke while I'm looking up microwave directions for my chicken wings. It's been so long I've forgotten how long to cook them. Oh, well. That's a problem for tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a hilarous and bone-chilling segment from the 6:00 p.m. news. There was a family (that'd lived in southern climes) who'd been down at the beach a couple miles east of me (I guess). What were they doing? SURFING! Even the kids. At least they were wearing wetsuits, but I can imagine how cold their faces were. Really, TO's a fun place to live. You'll meet all sorts of interesting people.


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