Awwwww. I finally got to newest (ha, I'd typed mewest accidentally) feline in the house while I was waiting for my meals to be delivered. Apparently she's silver grey, but I couldn't see the colours. She approached me, sniffed my hand, allowed me to pet her, then talked to me and slithered back and forth trying to mark me. So relieved she accepted me. OTOH, there were signs of World War Cat happening as she and CeCe had a dustup on the stairs. Sigh.

So, I finally finished the third Trek book at 1:30 in the morning. I was very disappointed (and still confused) at the end. The only good thing was that Data had a new life and purpose. I wasn't too thrilled to wake up at 7:03 again, but managed to fall back asleep until the alarm at 9. Also had just enough time before my food arrived to half-clean the freezer. Oops, I think I left it for too long.

Had a tiny unscheduled nap in the afternoon but roused in time for the news. Oh, dear. I absolutely loathed seeing that man with his weird hand gestures returning to his claim of violence on many sides. ::growls:: It's no wonder I feel like pulling the covers over my head, hoping to wake up in a much better world. At least I enjoyed one example of that better world. After watching tonight's Jeopardy!, I decided to go back and rewatch last night's, too. We're in the repeat of the College Tournament and yesterday's winner was fabulous. Can't remember (but hope) if she won the whole thing.

Okay, here's hoping I'll have some longer healing sleep tonight. ::crosses fingers::
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( Jul. 26th, 2017 11:22 pm)
Today was definitely that kind of day. At least I managed to sleep all the way to within a couple of minutes before my alarm for 7:00. After I'd successfully booked my trips for next week's pub night, I returned to bed where I read for a while. Then I slipped off into a long nap, waking up after 3. Okay, time to watch Peppa Pig cartoons (as some were on the verge of being erased due to capacity issues). As has become far too common, I did doze off again during the news. Okay, so no sports or entertainment happened. At least I managed to stay awake during my game shows.

Spent a little time on the computer. What with the idiotic news from DC this morning, I don't even want to think of that ... [expletive deleted]. It's enough to simply highlight what Canada's stance has been on trans inclusion in the military since the early 1990s!!!!!

Anyway, time to fill my brain with more palatable things, such as reading. Even though I'm halfway through my second go of "Rogue One", I want to read the Trek book. Oh, decisions, decisions.
Yeah, right. As if. When I showed up at church at 9:25, there was a TV station van parked next to the church. By the time the 10:50 service started, we had hundreds more people jammed into the Sanctuary, including a former Mayor, the current Mayor, many councillors, other officials, as well as family, staff, and friends of the deceased councillor. And here was our proposed Senior Pastor Elect about to preach. So ... no pressure?

Obviously not. Rev. Jeff did a fabulous job. He employs humour very easily, while not neglecting the message he wants to convey. At the end of the service, I was anxious to get home as there was going to be a quick meeting and voting beginning at 1:00. It was also going to be online. Amazingly enough, my cabbie got me home at 12:57. I rushed in, typed in the church's site, clicked on the special webcast link ... and heard static even though there were people on screen. Thankfully, when the webcast began in earnest, there was sound. Despite a couple of times when I seemed to lose the signal, I was able to watch most of it. The vote count took less time than expected and some awfully clever people arranged to have PINK smoke emerging from our chimneys. Well, you know, WHITE is just so ... boring! Apparently the vote had been overwhelming in Jeff's favour ... though I believe it's still good that there was some opposition, to keep him focused on the ways our church can improve.

While the pink smoke was on screen, I lost the audio portion, so texted church-John to find out what was happening. I'm sure I'll get more of an inside scoop once we get together on Tuesday. After the vote webcase ended at 2:00, I really had to scurry to create my weekly summary. I had to trim a whole bunch of stuff, but finally posted. Then I collapsed. When I watched the 6:00 news, we were pretty much at the top of the newscast, both for the respect paid to the city councillor, and then the introduction to our new Senior Pastor Elect.

Anyway, I have to think about bed (yes, old joke), but I'm off with Brian to the waterfront tomorrow at noon. Can't wait to have the wind in my hair and feeling cooler.
It was that much of a blah (or blech) day. I slept in until 8:38, even with two cats around, but woke up frrrrreeeeezing. Then Grumpy came in, yowled at me to get my butt out of bed and feed him brekkie. Which I did. Then I returned to being lazy.

SuM got in around 1 IIRC, so I felt free to doze off after 2, not waking up until around 4:30. Read for a while (still slogging through "Rogue One" for the second time, absorbing more of the details), then got on the computer. Oops! I forgot about the 6:00 news, so watched it on Restart. Then my usual game show repeats.

As our Deputy Mayor died a couple days ago, there was an odd brief mention on the 6:00 news that there'd be many pols including the Mayor attending a service in her honour at our church tomorrow. Um ... is that an additional service, or are they just going to be there in the morning? Because we have a jam-packed morning and afternoon planned, what with the proposed new minister preaching, then a vote @ 1:00 to accept or reject him. Just where would we fit the pols in? Oh, well, I guess I'll find out in the morning.

I guess I'd better think about bed and actually go to sleep. Well, it's the logical thing to do.
Nah, just a silly summary of my day. But-but-but, this morning I slept until 9:37. Truly, I'm amazed, even though I had to turn the lights on and crawl out of bed because I'd forgotten to take a swig of my cough syrup (which I desperately needed).

Today was ridiculously scorching hot. When I let Grumpy in after 3:00, the poor boy was so dehydrated. I get you, buddy. We're going to have another hot day tomorrow and then cold and rain for the long weekend. ::rolls eyes:: Typical Canadian tradition.

I was so aggravated during the day because I wanted to play a whole bunch of video clips on FB but I couldn't get the sound to work. Now, I know that I routinely lower the volume to nearly zero, especially before bed because the last thing I want to hear is the PINGGGG of FB Likes, etc. when I'm sleeping. So, I was so relieved when I restarted Firefox and pressed play on a "Come From Away" video. Yay. I can haz sound already.

So, what else was dork-tastic? Well, I really surprised myself during tonight's Jeopardy! getting all sorts of clues, especially Tudor history. Seriously, who knew! I was also having cravings for amazing seafood, so texted church-John whether we can go to the popular place near me next week. He is of a like mind, so now I can dream of those calamari. I'd even do a double order so I could bring the rest home.

Anyway, I hear there may have been some political announcement on the U.S. stations at 7:00 p.m. but I haven't seen anything on my computer yet because I was busy reading. Finished the first ballet book and have moved onto the second. Imagine a regular high school; now add the bitchiness, rivalry, and bulimia (to mention only a few aspects) of ballet academy. Set in Vancouver. Anyway, I'm returning to my relaxing reading. TTFN.
Also causing displeasure was waking up around 5:30. We were so not amused. But I continued reading my Huff book, even if my vision was ::coughs delicately:: compromised (meaning the print was exceedingly fuzzy). I slid back to bed at 8:30 and fell asleep very quickly - even though I'd heard SuM stirring, getting ready to go to work at a later time.

I woke up exactly at 1:11. I think my body and mind are weird. I continued reading and finally finished the first "Shadows" volume. Just didn't have the sight to begin the second. So I went to Slog that I'd ignored yesterday. This is where the "displeasure" became overwhelming. I still know very little about American politics (actually, I think that's something that keeps me sane ... er, more sane). I'd never heard of the Freedom Caucus. So ... I didn't know I could loathe anybody more than Paul Ryan until today. Ugh. Just ugh.

At least I managed to switch on my virtual tasting imagination during the two MasterChef shows. I also enjoyed an old Big Bang Theory rerun (Sheldon's birthday celebration with Wil Wheaton, Adam West and Stephen Hawking). Now I have to gear up to waking up at 6:00 just to book my rides so I can get my hair cut. ::crosses fingers for decent sleep::
So ... you know that time change, the one where we're supposed to turn our clocks forward? I've only been doing it for decades. Can you guess where this is going? Ding-ding-ding! You get a prize. Somehow I got things turned around in my mind and put the time BACK. Luckily, I woke up feeling well-rested and in no pain. The cats had been well-behaved all night. I glanced at my cellphone and nearly shrieked. The alarm had been set for 5:45 a.m. It was now 5:55 a.m. But-but-but ... the alarm that had been set for 5:45? Well, it would be another TWO hours before that time arrived. ::headdesk:: Luckily, with all of the extra time I build into my morning routine, ten minutes wouldn't affect me too much.

I did manage to jam my feet into my boots, though I could only wind the laces around one row of skater's hooks before knotting the laces. Despite the cold, at least it was beautifully sunny out. I was also lucky because the driver rang the doorbell just as I was leaving via the back deck. So I didn't have to sit outside freezing my ass...ets off. It was toasty warm when I arrived at church and even warmer - emotionally - within the Sanctuary. I was so grateful for the mocha that church-John brought me. The music was stunning and Brent was so on top of his game, giving two mini-Lessons. C-J and I talked about going iPad mini shopping this week (because I fear Brian's unit is dead, Jim).

I was so happy to be back at home shortly after 1. But I was so cold that it was another SEVEN hours before I took anything off (other than coat, scarf, gloves). I really was that cold. Before I began to write, I treated myself to our latest bell and whistle, namely our first transmission of a morning service on FB, basically on demand. As usual, it took a couple of hours to write and post my review. Then I got to relax and try to warm up with hot mushroom soup and a warm bagel. Watched last night's Saturday Night Live with scathingly hilarious skits.

SuM got in by late afternoon, so she had the pleasure of feeding the cats because I'd abdicated (or should that be abdicatted, lol). Anyway, I need to climb into bed and also hope that the semi-hives at my wrists and ankles are mostly due to the pressure of clothing, etc. Or else I'm just allergic to stupidly cold weather. Yeah, that's it, lol. Okay, beddies ... soon.
Well, metaphorically. So, I went to sleep exactly at midnight. The numbers looked so orderly. So promising. BZZRT. Wrong answer. Instead, I opened my eyes at 2:57 and shrieked silently. I got out of bed and went on the computer. I added more items to my grocery order, sent an e-mail to Brian, and worked on my fic. For several hours. Without even considering brekkie. I did put the porkchops in French onion soup at 8:10, setting the timer for 8 hours.

Around 10, I really, really needed to go back to bed. So I did, relying on my instincts to wake me up at a reasonable time. That time was 1 p.m. But, even though my head seemed better, my back was shrieking at me. So. Not. Fair.

Consequently, there was no more writing to be done. I stayed in bed and watched last night's Dragons' Den that was uninspiring. I finally had some of the pork later. Chops too thin and the meat really did fall off the bone. It's too bad I couldn't add the Polish pickled red peppers - because I couldn't get it open. The slight acidity would have helped with the blandness of the meat. Perhaps next time.

I thought I was going to scream in political outrage when I saw bits of that man's press conference on the evening news. Monkeys could have strung sentences together better. In more positive news, I was bolstered by studies showing that people (I think it was older adults) taking lots of Vitamin D fare better at avoiding contracting pneumonia or even the flu. Hey, I take 4,000 IU (to prevent bone loss), so I'm a happy camper. Then I enjoyed tonight's hilarious Big Bang Theory. Oh, Sheldon. Also watched the second round of eliminations on MasterChef Jr. Now I'm just trying to make myself feel better with the fake ginger beer and chocolate. Hope they work.
Yes, it's definitely true. Also a dull, placid day with a tiny sprinkling of snow with tolerable temperatures. I couldn't be happier. Well, yes, sun would be thrilling, but then it would have been colder. My driver said he hadn't driven me for three years, but he remembered my smile. Awwww.

It was an exciting day at church as our preacher was the former moderator of our denomination. I've always had a soft spot for her. We had at least one TV crew filming during the service. Things got a bit hairy because the service went way overtime and didn't end until 12:30. Good thing my ride was expected at 12:35. I couldn't wait to get home as quickly as possible to get all my reactions written (about Brent's thanks, Rev. Nancy's organic sermon/lesson using salt and light, and the absolutely stunning music) which I ended up doing with one hand while eating cold pierogi with the other. Hey, I was hungry!

After I'd posted, I was a limp slipper. Ended up watching last night's Saturday Night Live with a super-controlled Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. You have to see it to believe it. After that, I felt the need to veg. For hours. I hear there was a football game. Or a Lady Gaga concert. Typically, I had cartoons on.

I may be yawning now, but I want to stay up reading. Good to know I have nowhere to be tomorrow. It might be nice to slide into slothdom ... mind you, a black velour and satin-clad slothdom, lol.
First thing. Body, pay attention. 3:05 is NOT an optimal time to wake me up. Neither is 6:32. 7:58 was acceptable. Still relieved I did fall asleep both times. Embarrassed to admit I'd fallen asleep wearing one glove backwards. Who does that? I guess I do. In any case, a stuffed-up nose seemed to be at least slightly responsible for my waking up.

There was reaffirming news on the political front. Our province stepped in, offering our city's children's hospital to provide life-saving humanitarian surgeries for all the children that were prevented from landing in the States. FFS, why isn't your government ashamed of this? Well, I guess it's just another meaningless detail that got overlooked. Though, by the end of the day, I don't know whether our offer will be needed, after a WA state judge issued a temporary restraining order. I wish the entire insiders' clique could be restrained in straight=jackets and gagged. ::spits nasty taste out of mouth::

Because I've been fighting a headache all evening, other than my game shows (Yay, Lisa won Jeopardy! again), I didn't bother watching my fave shows (new!epis, too). There's always tomorrow morning. At least there's a piece of b-day cake waiting for me in SuM's fridge. Something to look forward to for tomorrow.
The trivialities of my daily life pale in comparison to the unrest in so many parts of the continent (all I'm aware of). I hate the fact that the dictator-in-chief has already seized on what happened at the Mosque in Qu├ębec City as PROOF! for this particular ban. Uh, you despotic idiot, the killer was a homegrown anti-immigration bigot.

Totally unrelated, but I wasn't feeling well today, so there was considerable lying in bed. I was left in charge of the cats mid morning. They've been mostly good and I hope that continues overnight as I need to wake up early to get ready for my meeting. I believe it's going to be a TV wasteland this week (all? reruns), so I guess I'll only be watching my game shows.

In dork news that almost amused me, I forgot my gmail password (well, it's been forever since I had to supply one). But, luckily, there was the option to send the reset to my phone where I just had to tap the screen and type in a new one. What. A. Relief. Anyway, I'd better get ready to hit the hay. I'm winding down, watching one of my wonky fave cartoons, Toupy and Binou (about a giant rat who lives with a tiny cat ... I think).
Obviously, I'm talking about church. Though there were some dull parts, there was a lot of very uplifting music (jazzed up with the addition of a sax and drums) as well as witnessing the astonishing occurrence of prayers being said for the U.S. Oh, it's not the first time we've prayed for a country, but that's always been in the context of natural disasters. Whatever else he may be, he's most definitely not "natural". I was already upbeat because Brent had greeted me as he breezed out of the Sanctuary at the end of the previous service, but I really, really wanted to have him for either Anointing or Communion. Yay! My pewmate and I got him for the latter.

There must have been a few angels looking out for me because I didn't realize my (expensive) anti-glare visor had slipped out of my tote bag. I don't even know where. It could have been the floor, in which case someone could have easily crunched it into oblivion. But someone found me where I was waiting for my cab and asked if I was missing them. OMG.

When I got in, naturally my first obligation was to start writing my summary. I was also inundated by two sleepycats claiming sanctuary status. Grumpy spent most of the day sleeping. He's such a dear old guy. Once I'd posted a couple hours later, I devoured leftovers: chicken wings, guacamole, and grapes. Knew I was too tired to watch last night's SNL so just watched the news x 2. Hope I'll be much more with it tomorrow morning. Until then, ciao tutti.
For what? Well, for entertaining church-John tomorrow. Okay, okay, truth time. For opening the bottle of 2014 Reserve Viognier that will accompany the cheese and other nibbles. After reading of how well the wine stands up to spicy Indian, Korean or Thai (I'm sure there are more) cuisines, I wish the bottle could refill itself by magic. ::sighs longingly::

But what did feel almost like magic was the appearance of my grocery delivery - the most expensive I've ever ordered (also 100 items, though many are multiples of soft drinks) - with Every. Single. Item on it. Wow. It took forever for me to put things away and I had to get really creative with the interiors of both fridges. Well, it's only for a couple of days.

SuM surprised me by being home. I'm still so confused about her schedule but she sorta, kinda unconfused me by saying she's on the 4 to 11 shift this week for training. Ahhhh, so that is what is going on. At least she can let c-J in when he shows up.

Just finished watching tonight's epi of Dragons' Den and am going back to reading FB just to see how much more damage that man has caused today. Just to highlight how proud I am to live in TO, especially as today was Bell's "Let's Talk" day, today there was an announcement of 5 or 6 walk-in mental health youth clinics (serving kids up to their mid 20s) opening that promise to deliver a professional in less than 20 minutes. Even better, no doctor's referral required. Also thrilled at the ground-breaking surgery performed on a woman who received a double lung transplant - after surviving the removal of her diseased lungs for 6 days before a donor was found!

On the flip side of life, was sad to read of Mary Tyler Moore's death. I had no idea of the various health problems she'd had during her life. Tomorrow I'll try to watch the Hot In Cleveland epi that reunited her with her old castmates. Anyway, I'd better go to bed soon. I'll have a lot of fruit washing in the morning.
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( Jan. 24th, 2017 11:38 pm)
Wish I could have, but had to wake up at 6:00 to book my rides for next week. Blah. I guess my biggest accomplishments today were wiping off the slight frost layer in my empty freezer (that took all of five minutes) and resetting one of my e-mail passwords. Woo-hoo.

Had what is becoming my quiet time in the afternoon. Watched the two N.C.I.S. shows as well as a shocking Bull. And, yes, I had a few tears rolling down my face when Gibbs and Jimmy hugged at the end (because I'm such a softy).

I think I need to find a feel-good story to read to perk me up ... just in time for bed. But it's the most effective way to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth from reading what garbage is being created south of the border, courtesy of so many obviously highly necessary executive orders. /extreme sarcasm. ::sighs::
Mind you, there was absolutely NO gorgeousness in the weather. Though it was hovering around 32, it was dark and gloomy. But I was determined to have sunshine in my heart and had already begun composing the beginning of my church review. ::huffs with self-pride:: My friend the jeweller met me before the service to show me the wax model he'd made of my repurposed wedding rings. Guh ... for ultra-gorgeous. Church-John presented me with a pile of stuff, such as ONLY 300 bucks' worth of vitamin supplements and pain killers, as well as a carton of baked pea pod snacks. The service basically made me all floaty, with the piercing pain in my right foot disappearing for most of the day. I credit the ethereal music, as well as that oh-so-naughty senior pastor!

I had plenty of time to dawdle after the service, with my pickup not until 12:55. When I got in, I compared scheduling notes (for her work and my wee parties) with SuM for the following week, as c-J confirmed he'd be free to come over on Thursday. I also had a giggle because I was the one to show him how to post to FB on his phone. Yes, moi - ye blinde olde ladye!

After my review was done, I just vegged, mostly in the company of Diva who'd snuck in. I think everybody is experiencing a drop in energy following the amazing numbers who'd protested yesterday. And, speaking of you-know-who, I watched last night's Saturday Night Live which - for some reason - keeps putting me to sleep. Well, I'm hoping for restful sleep which may be possible as sucking on a mentholated lozenge seems to have ::crosses fingers:: halted the uncontrollable spasms of my torso.
Oh ... and terrific sleep, too. I didn't wake up until 8:22. Wow. It's been a while.

Spent much of the day monitoring sites for news and especially photos of the various Women's marches around the world. I can't comprehend the crowds in DC but I found the description from Seattle fascinating. Apparently, there were people still waiting to join the march THREE MILES from the start. When I consider I used to live three miles from the lake when I was in midtown TO, it boggles the mind to fill that span with over 100,000 people. Supposedly our own contribution had 50,000. One of the signs I saw really grabbed me. It was a line drawing of a woman's reproductive organs with ONE significant difference: the right fallopian tube was raised, giving the finger! Right on.

Continuing to focus on nice things for myself, I finally got around to trying the cinnamon french toast bagels I'd bought a while ago (and stored in the freezer). All I did was heat one up for 20 seconds in the microwave. No butter or anything else. But - wow - it was great. Next time I'll try separating the halves (don't get me started on bagels that fall apart) and sprinkling maple bacon bits. Naturally, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

I should be thinking about bed but, first, I'm going to give myself a quickie paraffin hand treatment. Because lobster hands are never attractive.
I don't believe I'm being dramatic, but it sure feels as if it's really tonight ... with no sunrise expected for a very long time. All in all, it was just a weird day. I was relieved not to wake up until 7:33. That felt wonderful.

So what was I doing during the I-word? Honestly? Washing my hair. I wanted to be out of the shower by the time SuM's partner showed up early afternoon. I used a new shampoo that's supposed to encourage curling hair. Well, my hair is sorta, kinda, more fluffy and not tangled, though it felt like rubber when I was rinsing.

I kept my TV off until 5 - and got three hours of TV in, including the news which I tried to ignore. Sigh. I'm amazed to examine the thought of 1800 buses converging on DC tomorrow for the protest march. There's a couple buses coming in from TO, filled mostly by ex-pats, but with TO folk included. Mind you, Canadian passengers have been warned that they may be turned away at the border if they verify they're attending the march. Dirty pool, border guards.

With my regular TV shows suspended this evening, I didn't know what to do with myself. So I switched the channel to Nature Music and lounged on the couch, wrapped up in my cozy thick capelet in front of my fireplace. For a while, I could imagine I was in a tropical paradise as the birds sang and the water rippled. Man, I think I'm going to be calling on my powers of delusion often from now on. May you all find equally protective nooks and crannies.
I know I definitely wasn't when I woke up - fully pouting - at 6:19. Oh, body, why do you do this to me? As I was up, I began to hunt in earnest through my journal entries from two years ago, trying to find the exact nibbles I'd served my guests. I was successful. Oooh, pear? I'd forgotten that (as it complements blue cheese so well). So I logged on to my grocery site and began the arduous task of ordering. A couple of hours later and several hundreds of dollars poorer (trust me), I was done - having purchased an even 100 items! I'd spent so much, I actually saved $35 by buying several items on sale. Only when I was finished after 10 did I reward myself with brekkie.

Imagine my surprise about an hour later, when I was gathering my recycling, to look out the window and see Grumpy's face pressed against the window. What the---? I immediately rushed to the kitchen door and tried calling him. When he didn't appear, I was worried that this old guy might not be able to leap up onto the garden gate. But I certainly wasn't prepared to go outside, not in my nightie, velour top, and fuzzy slippers. No snickering, please. Luckily, the intrepid macho explorer was done reliving his glory days and finally made it onto the back deck. Whew. I texted SuM to say that all cats were present and accounted for. Well, at least she replied to me.

Not like everyone else I was contacting today. I'd e-mailed several propositions for restaurants to Brian. Crickets. I also e-mailed Ash, firming up my invitation for next Saturday. More crickets. Finally, I e-mailed my co-leader of the blind group about plans for the two of us to have social time with a third woman in the springtime. Must be a cricket convention nearby. Oh, well. I guess they'll contact me eventually.

I watched a fascinating epi of Dragons' Den revealing the "DNA" of these remarkable people. I was intrigued to see that I had a connection to Joe, having actually shopped in the food shop his family had owned decades ago. And I was inspired by the stories of how these multi-millionaires had invariably been born into families where the only way for the parents to be able to provide for their children was to have two jobs EACH. Far more character-building than knowing there are idiots who inherited money and squandered it foolishly. [Why, no, I'm not thinking of anyone in particular.] I also watched an outrageous Big Bang Theory while trying to stifle my shrieks (so I wouldn't disturb SuM).

I guess I'd better find something to eat before I take my painkillers, etc. I think there's some yogurt calling my name. And, then, time to go to sleep, not wanting to think about tomorrow ... when we'll all be plunged into the Twilight Zone, especially with the world tilting into uncharted territory.
If it's Sunday - and it is - then I'm just grateful I survived the night with only one accidental wakeup. Still, 5:45 hurt. As did not breathing and being so disoriented that I found my body out of alignment with the bed. Sigh. I ended up rejecting my volunteer duty at 7:45 (and hoping my team leader would see it). At least it wasn't precipitating, though it was a dull day. So off I went to church, armed with a fresh box of tissues and a hazmat disposal unit (aka plastic bag).

I arrived at 9:10 and got to hear all the glorious music through the walls and doors. I kept my distance from the people I usually hang out with. And I apologized in person to my team leader. Sigh. But church-John gave me hash browns for later; I gave him my supplement shopping list. And clarified my invitation to celebrate his birthday on the last Thursday or Friday this month. The church celebrated Martin Luther King Jr Day, especially in music - which had a lot to do with making me feel better (that I was silly enough to wait outside for my cab that was late). Okay, I'm not doing that again, as my cab was very, VERY late. But, soon enough, I was on my way home.

Well, home as in cat sanctuary because two of the cats had made themselves at home on my bed and couch. Hee - they love my place even when I'm not there. SuM mentioned she was going to pick up her son so they could go for a walk that involved the bad dog. Ha - that meant the third cat eventually sought refuge with me while I was busy writing my church review. Finally, there was peace in the house and I was alone. Good thing because I dozed off while watching last night's Saturday Night Live. Man, a certain somebody is going to end up with an aneurysm reacting to the show week after week (after week). The opening skit was brutal and brilliant.

With stupid football overwhelming so many channels, I watched back-to-back epis of Big Bang Theory including the climactic ShAmy repeat from last season. Still going awwwwwww. Dozed off again. So, how do I know I'm sick? Not hungry, but I think I'll have a lemon tart now. It should take away that sock-in-mouth taste. Blech. Anyway, hoping to be able to sleep tonight (oh, please). Until tomorrow, sending out soothing vibes to the universe.
Just too many fours affecting my exhausted body and mind. How about waking up at 4:40? Brutal. But I stayed up, reading, having brekkie, watching yesterday's 6:00 p.m. news as well as last Friday's Shark Tank, before pouring myself back into bed at 11:30, setting the alarm for 2:30. So, you'd think that was enough sleep. You'd be wrong. Mind you, I didn't warm up until after I'd had my supper (baby mushroom and onion pierogi that I tossed into cream of mushroom soup).

Kept nodding off during the news and then my game shows. It was only when I switched to Treehouse that I was captivated by a kids' show to which I'd heard the theme before but never watched. It was adorable, with our three explorers boring their ship to the centre of the earth to recover their lucky penny. I do miss having more grown-up cartoons to watch, but it's reassuring to have some fun juvenile ones.

Anyway, now that I'm awake, I'm going to catch up on the news of the day ... including the fallout of Meryl's speech. I can just imagine the fallout on I(gnore I)nauguration Night. Okay, enough about politics, I need some reaffirming fic to read!


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