It was just all too much to deal with. At least the cats probably ensured I had a fascinating dream during which I should awake. I was a guest at some sort of native ceremony of acknowledgment (like coming of age or achievement). The young man was already wearing several mantles or cloaks and was about to receive a really magnificent one (I think it was white eagle feathers). And, then, a black cat jumped across my view and I woke up. In fact, it had been mischief Diva who'd leaped from her position by my head that had startled me. But I guess I was thinking of my dearly departed Niki (who'd been black). Anyway, it was still a relief to get good sleep.

I finally sent a text to S. about the EpicFail. She didn't suggest that I try to climb Mount Olympus, so we just left everything in a holding pattern. In any case, her cat hadn't let out a peep, so I was hopeful that she wasn't in any distress.

Two of the cats and I snoozed once again for a little while in the early afternoon. Then, I finally tried to take control of my recycling and - with the exception of two soup containers - have washed everything. Yay! So what soup did I have? I heated up cream of chicken to which I added two chopped up avocados (as they were expiring quickly). Very tasty and filling.

There was FINALLY some more stress relief in the evening (though I still call MostlyEpicFail). At 7:29, I received a text from SuM's son. Where was he? Standing at the front door, because he didn't have the key with him. Just to make sure I heard him, he rang the doorbell. Please excuse me while I bang my head against the wall. That's NOT how texting is supposed to work. Anyway, he did what he was supposed to (except, once again, he left the food container up in the bedroom). Sigh. Luckily, I can access the huge sack of food on the front porch. I did text S that the cats were okay. I'm glad they're returning early tomorrow afternoon (as long as the car holds up!).

I've been checking FB obsessively all day long to check on the status of my friend returning from (I got it right this time) Dominica. He finally flew out of Barbuda and got home a couple of hours ago. At least he amused himself by posting about all the guavas he was eating and included some piccies of yummy food. Still, I'm glad he got home safely (though his nerves must definitely be frazzled).

In between all of the worrying, I managed to keep reading the fascinating Sawyer book, watching my regular evening shows as well as a repeat of MacGyver ... and commenting on Savage Love. It's been a while since I've done that - but a couple of people quoted me! Now I think I need to restart poor Liblikas because I can't get any sound when I'm playing videos. Oy.
Definitely good when I got my meals delivered and then my groceries. Only one pout because they were out of stock of pots of fresh basil (I'd ordered two). Sigh. I wanted the lovely scent. But, otherwise, tons of gorgeous fruits and veggies. Yay!

The other good thing was watching two epis of Jeopardy! (yesterday's and tonight's). One of the clues had to do with a "water pig", otherwise known as a capybara. Wow! Even without knowing that species description, I already loved this animal. I guess instinctively for me a pig IS a pig! BTW, there's a small zoo in the city from which two capybaras - nicknamed Bonnie and Clyde - escaped and went on an adventure last summer. The duo returned in their own sweet time and are now the parents of triplets. All together now, Awwwwwwww.

So, I'm in charge of the cats for two nights. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll be good while I'm sleeping. In the meantime, there's a new Savage Love column on which I wish to make a comment. So I'm off to write it. And, then, some more reading in bed. Nighty-night, all.
Still, I'm moaning from the gustatory delights from dinner tonight, courtesy of SuM who was also treating her gf (whose b'day is this Sunday). We went to a bar/hangout-type place not too far away. I'd never heard of the place. But the food was first rate. I had a glass of Chardonnay (the only house white) and then I ordered a "Black and Blue" bowl. Sounds weird and klunky, right? But it was divine. Here's the description:
Sautéed Beef Tenderloin, Mushroom, Red Onion, Spinach, Blue Cheese, Peppercorn Cream Sauce with Penne. With extra Parmesan and freshly ground black Pepper on top.
Holy moly, it was amazing. I originally thought it was in a red wine sauce. But no matter. The taste clincher was the blue cheese. OMG. I so want to come back here, and have already decided who my dining companions will be. Resistance is futile. Yes, indeedy!

Before that, I enjoyed yet another good night of sleep. Honestly, I think that ice cold can of Coke every evening sends me right over into dreamland. I am so not complaining. I polished off the rest of the Champagne (a measly inch in the flute) for brekkie (along with a virtuous Vegetable and Lentil Pot Pie)!

I finally finished my second "Come From Away" book. Yes, I cried in lots of places. I've started a new book that SuM just finished reading in hardcover, though she mentioned she'd read it before. It's Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere". I'm finding it weird, but will keep going. I also put a hold on a recc from a church/FB friend. It's "shrill" by Lindy West. The cover is striking.

I caught up with the second epi of the newest season of MasterChef. I guess today was a good day to spark ALL of my culinary senses, even if all I was doing was watching. Anyway, I think I should go to bed soon. I have a book to read. No boredom today which is a very good thing. And I also imparted some practical advice on the Savage Love Letter of the Day. Busy, busy, bu....
Also causing displeasure was waking up around 5:30. We were so not amused. But I continued reading my Huff book, even if my vision was ::coughs delicately:: compromised (meaning the print was exceedingly fuzzy). I slid back to bed at 8:30 and fell asleep very quickly - even though I'd heard SuM stirring, getting ready to go to work at a later time.

I woke up exactly at 1:11. I think my body and mind are weird. I continued reading and finally finished the first "Shadows" volume. Just didn't have the sight to begin the second. So I went to Slog that I'd ignored yesterday. This is where the "displeasure" became overwhelming. I still know very little about American politics (actually, I think that's something that keeps me sane ... er, more sane). I'd never heard of the Freedom Caucus. So ... I didn't know I could loathe anybody more than Paul Ryan until today. Ugh. Just ugh.

At least I managed to switch on my virtual tasting imagination during the two MasterChef shows. I also enjoyed an old Big Bang Theory rerun (Sheldon's birthday celebration with Wil Wheaton, Adam West and Stephen Hawking). Now I have to gear up to waking up at 6:00 just to book my rides so I can get my hair cut. ::crosses fingers for decent sleep::
Also having a terrific day which began - with no rude interruptions - shortly before 8 a.m. Woo-hoo for a full night's sleep! So I ended up having a very leisurely morning. Watched MacGyver and Shark Tank from last night. Always love Mac and his inventiveness. Was enticed by a product presented to the Sharks successfully: it's a smart-cart that's like a hand-cart, but also a bundle buggy that telescopes down into a tidy square. It even comes in pet carrier and stair climber(!) varieties. Wow. Where was it when I was lugging groceries home on the bus decades ago?

In the afternoon, I decided to send SuM an invitation to dinner tonight (as it's been just work and sleep day after day for her). I suggested she could fry up a bag of my mushroom-sauerkraut pierogi in the freezer so we'd have that as well as last night's birthday cake (chocolate truffle). She agreed. Yay. After that, I did a couple loads of laundry. Oh, how I love freshly-baked (hee!) towels right out of the dryer.

SuM got home around 8 and I joined her at 8:15. We had a very enjoyable dinner (washed down with Pepsi and then jasmine tea) and talked about all sorts of stuff. I'm really appreciating the increased opportunities to give her advice which she finds valuable, whether it's where she should go food shopping tomorrow morning before work (just the greengrocer a dozen blocks south) to how she might arrange her schedule when the weather gets warmer. But, then, I am an experienced armchair advice giver - as demonstrated by my suggestions on Savage Love. Yep. I did it again.

Anyway, I'd better get ready for my own rejuvenation tonight, beginning with my hot lemon drink because the last thing I need is to wake up from being all stuffed up. Ugh.
[Embarrassed edit: I shouldn't type in the dark because I might just press enter.]

I got in a couple of comments on Savage Love. Hey, sex advice is easy (yes, lol).

And I texted church-John to make sure we were on the same page for brunch with my blind group next week. Yes? Good. I reserved our spots. Can't wait.
Also a c-c-cold one. Luckily, my driver showed up early and rang the doorbell, so I didn't have to worry about freezing my fiddly bits off sitting outside. I arrived at the blind centre around 9:20, giving me plenty of time to read the news on my cellphone.

The meeting was slightly disjointed (what else is new). We had what was termed a panel (of 3) discussing volunteering but we basically just had three people offering their skills and service through various organizations. First up was Paul (who's on the executive; I attended a pizza party at his place). He talked about being in a bad place with an ugly divorce. He ended up volunteering at the 24/7 crisis centre, proving that you don't need to be able-bodied or sighted to be on the other end of the line. Then we got the pitch from one of the higher-ups at the crisis centre who talked about the training all volunteers get. It sure sounds thorough.

Next up was a woman who was responsible for gaining volunteers for the blind centre itself. Finally, we heard from a man who (I believe) had been on the board of directors at one of the hoity-toity churches in TO. He'd mentioned how, when he showed up for the first meeting, he was met in the hallway and instructed to address the others by first name only. Whatever the gulf in social status, in that room they were equals. We also heard from two other members of the group (who were given a 5 minute max limit). I've already forgotten about the guy, but the woman was someone who has SO. MUCH. ENERGY (yes, it bounces off the walls at you). I think I'll offer to speak about my volunteering at the next meeting.

We had our snack time and various info sheets were handed out about future events. I got confirmation that the Winterlicious lunch I want to do with church-John will last 2.5-3 hours! Well, good to know we won't be thrown out of the restaurant. But I still haven't found out about the bowling, lol.

I was picked up around 12:20 and so happy to be on my way home where I could warm up again. When I got in, there were fluffies starting to fall. And there I was, fighting with the carton holding my new cover for my walker. But I was determined and managed to get it out. And, then, with fumbling frozen fingers, I got inside. Oh, look. One of my tax slips from the provincial government. That means I should be receiving the other one soon. Finished off my slow cooker pork with red cabbage. I still can't believe how divine the cabbage was. Must make more often. Also with more baaaaaacon.

Heard the good news about Brent (and, no, I'm still not going to dignify the charges by putting them on MY screen). I also texted c-J about the lunch, promising more details when my fingers are working again.

With no TV to speak of (though I did record the Superbowl commercials), I commented twice on Savage Love. Almost like old times. Anyway, I'm fading quickly (and have to wake up early tomorrow to book my August appointment with the eye specialist), so I'll just go nighty-night, all.
It was that kind of a day. Woke up before 8 which was passable. But I was zonked around 1, so decided on a two-hour nap. Woke up after four, thanks to my ancient cellphone alarm which also informed me that TODAY is January 1, 2000. Oh, look. It's Y2K!!! At least I was awake for the news (more horror shooting news) as well as my game shows. After cooking a huge dish of multi-coloured peppers with leftover angelhair pasta, I munched and munched my way through All. Those. Peppers, eventually getting tired again and dozing off for about an hour.

Okay, I'm up, I'm up. At least enough to comment on Savage Love and then watch tonight's first-run epi of MacGyver. After staring at the lead actor, I've finally figured out why he's so appealing to me. It's because he's like a very young Michael York. ::emits a dreamy sigh::

Well, I'm back to munching on more peppers and trying to catch up on some of my sites. Can't stay up too late because of my movie tomorrow. So, yay, and g'night!
Well, what can I say when I slept in just minutes shy of 9:00 a.m. And the cats didn't raise a peep! Hmm. Must be supernatural influences, lol.

I decided against contacting SuM's ex for that seafood lunch because I was just exhausted from doing a couple of loads of laundry. And I dozed off during the evening news. Recorded MasterChef Celebrity Challenge in the evening and I'm about half-way watching it. Am bored beyond belief because I haven't got a clue as to who any of these people are. Do I care about Housewives of.... or twin football players (when I don't care about football)? The network also stuffed the show with extra commercial minutes. Normally, commercials come in clumps of 3 minutes each. On this ::coughs:: special, there are FOUR minutes each time. Stupid TV.

Earlier, I contributed some practical advice to the Savage Letter of the Day. It was fun.

Anyway, tomorrow, now that my chores are done, I hope to begin my lady-of-leisure routine, wearing my gorgeous kimono (that's what the tag says, but it's just a wrap), seated on the couch and savouring my pot of Earl Grey tea. I need the serenity of it all.
Whoa! What a difference a day makes. First of all, I did manage to find funny or intriguing stories to read, so much so that I didn't climb into bed until 3:13. Eeeeeek! So I set the alarm for 9:33 (my fingers fumbled so I left it at :33). But I actually woke up around 7:40 and found it acceptable. Had a leisurely morning and was surprised to get my groceries delivered right at the beginning of the window, at 11:00 a.m., at which point I had to turn both my fridges into the cooling handbag version in the manner of Mary Poppins. But I did it ('cuz I iz creative). Then I got to watch yesterday's news and game shows on SuM's TV. Also contributed to this week's Savage Love.

All the cats spent most of the day with me and SuM texted me, asking me to feed them lunch. Uh ... SuM, the container is empty. Oh, no prob. There's a big bag in the corner of the covered porch. So I went and looked and actually found it. Such a relief. When SuM finally got in (she'd been out for a drink with a colleague and then did a wee bit of shopping), I asked whether she could take a look at my TV. But, first, she wanted to make supper and offered me some homemade beef meatballs mixed with hoisin and sriracha. Yummy! So, after we'd eaten, she came back for girl talk and then looking at the TV. Oh, thank heavens. It wasn't anything wrong with the TV; the Fibe box just needed to be reset. ::growls in frustration:: After we got the TV working again, I was wondering how to switch the remote so I could play DVDs (as it had been way too long). Um ... blondie, it would really, REALLY help if your blu-ray player was actually PLUGGED in. Oy. So, yay. I can plays discs, even though switching on the remote requires THREE hands (which, obviously, I do not have).

Anyway, even though she doesn't have prior consent from her ex, SuM's invited me to join them and their son for Christmas Day dinner. Though I'd been planning on having a quiet day at home (and cooking), I think I may take her up on the invite. I just don't know what I can contribute. I have eggnog. Or wine. Or-or-or ... I don't know. I'll have to ask her tomorrow. We've already divvied up the day: she dyes her hair in the morning; I do laundry and wash my hair in the afternoon. Sounds like a plan. Anyway, I just sent Diva and Grumpy home with their mum. I don't need to be charged with alienation of affection, lol. And my offer of a bottle of rosé has been accepted. Yay!
Seriously, body? You decided you'd had enough sleep? Sigh. As I doubted I'd get any extra sleep with the alarm set to ring at 5:55, I reluctantly got out of bed. OTOH, I had a leisurely morning, so that was very good. It was so warm out that I wore my sleeveless mango/azalea/black flowing top under my capelet. Yes, I also wore my winter coat, but left it unbuttoned. Also, no gloves. Sat outside waiting for my minivan at 8:50. It showed up around 9:15, but I still got to the centre at 9:35.

Had a good - if disjointed - time at the blind group meeting and holiday potluck party. I really need to attend more events so people remember me. I may show up, just to laugh, at the next bowling tournament! And, considering that today is Giving Tuesday, I might volunteer to be on a panel discussion early next year about - you guessed it - volunteering.

My minivan showed up early, so I was out the door and being whisked home in lots of sunshine (just as I had in the morning, despite a forecast of unending clouds). Got home around 12:45.

In the evening, I was stunned to find that Dan Savage had highlighted my "gentle" comment (and two others) from yesterday's column! Woo-hoo, though I'm giggling at the gentle category. Usually, I'm not so delicate. Told SuM who requested a link.

I'm relieved I don't have to do anything tomorrow other than receive my delayed meal delivery and wash loads of recycling containers. Such domestic joy. NOT. Right now, all I want is to be hit over the head with the sledgehammer of SLEEEEEEP!
Well, that just about covers my day from waking up at 9:05 (after going to bed at - eek - 3:05 because I was busy reading and commenting on Savage Love) all the way through to now. Should have been getting my recycling together, but am procrastinating until it has to go out tomorrow. Sigh. It feels weird not being in constant pain, but that obviously does not guarantee energy or drive. Sigh again.

The only bright light is that I found a recommendation on FB tonight of a Canadian wig provider from one of my oldest (not kidding) and dearest friends who just happens to be an iconic figure in the history of Canadian female impersonators. Considering that his wig collection has always impressed me, it's a relief to know that I can buy with confidence! Mind you, these wigs aren't cheap (mid $200-$300 range), but I'm so frustrated having to deal with my hair and reduced hair care/styling options. I just wish this site had the software that would allow me to insert a photo of my face underneath the hair. But I'm at the point of desperation, so I'm prepared to take a huge leap. Naturally, I'd prefer to be able to buy in a real store (will look at the downtown cancer hospital again, though I think they specialize in human hair which I will never wear again because it's a royal pain).

Anyway, I'm yawning, so I think I need to pour myself back into bed. Nighty-night, all.
The cats, under their leader and spokesgrump, decided that 7:46 a.m. was plenty good enough to rouse me so I could feed them their brekkie. Alright, alright, I'm up. I suppose I should feel lucky they didn't try around 6:00 a.m. And there was no WWIII either over my head or in the closet. SuM texted me around lunch to ask how they were, so I gave her a good chuckle.

Was thrilled (and excited) to get my groceries delivered after 11. Now I can plan how I'm making the party food and e-mailed Ashley to tell her about some of the goodies. Finally was contacted by the young man I'd met at church 8 weeks ago and wrote him a letter of support for his hearing with the refugee board. Then firmed up plans with my sis RS for us to have a makeup family reunion with Jan on Easter Monday. Whoa. My March is a very social month if I add my Easter Sunday lunch with church-John.

I'm a little concerned that there may be repercussions from my most recent fall. My feet are swollen and my insteps feel tight when I try to rotate my ankles. Can one "sprain" one's instep? I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I have a chance to ask my phone. At least there's no pain, so new fractures are highly unlikely. But why me again? Sigh.

Finished off my social obligations tonight by sending Rev. Kevin (who's already in LA) a Newfoundland down home birthday greeting (because it's already after midnight there). He appreciated it and said that he shares his birthday with their two cats. Awwwwwww. And, finally, I participated in another interesting Savage Love discussion.

Okay, I think it's time to prescribe bed rest for the blonde.
... the cats would be climbing the walls. Well, they would, if oysters were their thing. Yes, I'm still reading the reviews for the restaurant Brian and I have chosen. And then I'll move on to the not recommended reviews. No idea how they divvied them up (even though they claim to use this mysterious algorithm).

Was thrilled to be able to sleep in until 8:38 (love those palindromic numbers), but I guess that's only because SuM fed the cats before going to work. Otherwise, I'm sure they'd be whining for food. Note to self: try to ignore whining tomorrow morning. Sigh.

My entertainment today consisted of commenting on what we all agree is a super-fake letter on Savage Love and watching another whittling down of contestants on A.I. My faves are still there, though I was so not impressed with the musical numbers tonight because they were chosen by the television audience. But the contestants all showed their unique vulnerabilities in their pre-taped pieces.

And, now, back to more Yelp reviews. And a glass of Perrier. TTFN.
So, how late was "late"? Apparently 2:30, when SuM finally got in. I may have fuzzily acknowledged the noise. In any case, I certainly did NOT appreciate waking up at 6:30. Sigh.

I had a very subdued morning. The only difference is that I had my two "suns" lit, so the brightness cheered me up. I'm really stunned to see how much more of a home I'm seeing just from the addition of these two lamps! And I'm being spurred on to keep going. I know that the additional light will ease my way when sorting my old papers into my accordion file (though that's going to be a beast of a chore). OTOH, I'm a little disappointed by my large-print keyboard. So, there are apparently key-lock and number-lock lights. But the only way I can actually SEE them is to lift the keyboard up so it's perpendicular to the desk!!!! Even my dinky Dell keyboard had piercing lights that I could see immediately, even if I couldn't read the actual tiny letters. Siiiiiiigh. I think I'll be writing the manufacturer. Eventually.

SuM finally really got out of bed around noon (which is a hoot as she's never slept in that long). What was even funnier was that she asked me if she could "borrow" some bread and milk as all she had was eggs. Well, I rarely have milk because of the size of my fridge, but I handed over my - eek - drying baguette and advised her to rehydrate it in the microwave. I also had a short visit from Diva.

One of my old friends who no longer attends church messaged me in the afternoon. He used to be the head of the altar guild and the two of us used to process the elements every Sunday, he robed and me in civilian garb (to show the egalitarian nature of our denomination, at least that's how I looked at it). In the evening, I watched Murdoch Mysteries where the corrupt guys were finally nabbed, thanks to William's inventive mind. Then it was another weird epi of Castle still dealing with the memory-wipe along with the murder case. Meh. It wasn't my cup of tea. I also commented on Slog and changed my profile picture to a quirky Canadian drawing. Anyway, time to think about sleep, especially as I have meal delivery in the morning. Pleasant dreams to all from the blonde.
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( Jan. 16th, 2016 10:32 pm)
I've been pondering (okay, okay, honest self-disclosure: slightly obsessing, lol) over the jewellery I've either lost or can no longer wear due to imbued symbolism.

First of all, I still regret dumping two huge hardware-type chests in the garbage when I moved two years ago, primarily because I was dead on my feet and forgot that the two chests could have been taped against each other to prevent the wee drawers from sliding out. Because not only did they contain a good 45 years of sentimental trinkets, but also lots of semi-precious stones turned mostly into necklaces. Had I kept the chests, then I could have disbursed the contents in a calm, deliberate manner. I know one friend who would have probably been ecstatic to receive the semi-precious stuff, as she makes her own jewellery.

But there were also a couple of pieces that stood out. First was a silver disc on a chain, representing the Chinese symbol for good luck. It was a gift in the mid 70s from Lloyd, someone I loved (and still do, even though he died 20+ years ago; but, then again, when I love someone, I will love them always ... even if I can't stand their guts at the moment; no points for guessing who though it's faint by now).

Then there was the crystal shard, again on a chain, meant to represent the pendant that Vincent gave Catherine in Beauty and the Beast. I believe I picked that up at a local BatB con in TO in the 80s when Roy Dotrice came up here to do an ice skating movie. As I'd been reading an article on SLOG of a reporter visiting several ::coughs:: psychics, it was the mention of the use of crystals that made me remember my pendant.

And, finally, there's my trio of wedding rings. I hate the fact that I can't wear them any more. Mind you, with the advanced arthritis, I don't think I could fit them on my fingers. But, I thought to myself ::thinks inwardly HARD:: that I could have the gold melted down (it's Russian pink gold) and have a new piece made (don't know what), incorporating the stones in something fabulous. As it happens, we have an amazing jeweller in the church choir (he created a stunning gold and jewel-encrusted cross for the Altar that we use only on special occasions). As he's done simple stuff for me in the past, it would be fun to approach him to see if he can redeem these pieces for me.

Anyway, you may find the above relevant when I describe my day with Brian coming right up (or maybe AFTER I've taken my painkillers).
Went to bed at 1:01. I must have been extra worried about where Grumpy was because he figured prominently in my dreams ... within dreams. In one, it was perhaps November and SuM was away on vacation. Grumpy went missing on a day that was cold and rainy. When I'd gone to sleep, I was dreaming that he'd be so miserable to be out all night without protection, because the patio table would already be in storage. Then I woke up (in the primary dream) when I heard a thump outside my window. Thinking that it was perhaps Grumpy jumping up onto one of the garbage bins, I went to the back door, wondering whether I'd see him on the porch and wondering if I should turn the light off in order to see outside. And that was just one dream.

It should come as no surprise that I slept all the way to exactly 12 noon! With two cats in attendance. Luckily, when I went to the dining room, I found a very cuddle-seeking Grumpy wondering where brekkie was. Uh, sorry, bub, but your mom didn't leave any extra cat food out, so you'll have to wait until she gets home. Which she did, around 4:00.

I basically spent the ENTIRE waking day in bed and - to my annoyance - kept dozing off with the TV on. During the news, there was apparently no sports, because I slept through it. I eventually roused myself to watch my game shows and a scary rerun epi of Castle a couple of hours later. I've also been on Slog all day, contributing to a couple of conversations. I also found out that the church shared my FB post from yesterday. Aww, that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and valued. And that was the extent of my day. With bonus bacon!
Well, in my world, those translate into Aggravated, Blindness, Curses. I was desperate to finally do some mending of my summer jumper whose straps were being held up by a thread in one case and two safety pins for two others. But, to mend, one must first thread a needle. Well, the black thread was non-existent, so I pulled out the white spool. Also an unopened needle threader. Uh ... I think I sorta, kinda broke the cheap plastic doohickey. And, at the same time, lost the better needle under my computer. So I got the second smaller needle and attempted to thread it with far more fragile thread. Remember, I legally blinde! But, somehow, holding it against the lampshade, I managed it. See my huge sigh of relief. Later, SuM lent me a tiny spool of black thread (but I can't find the end of the thread) and found my better needle. So all I managed was fixing ONE strap. Still better than none. But I'm adding thread to my shopping list.

With that aggravation, as well as dozing off after waking shortly after 9 until nearly 11, I removed doing laundry from today's chore list. I'll get to it after church tomorrow. Did manage to send a lovely supportive e-mail to RS. These days, I'm managing to express myself much better by writing than in person, especially when it concerns senseless deaths.

Watched my usual game shows while munching on leftovers from yesterday. Also a morally conflicting epi of Murdoch Mysteries where William encounters his sister Sister whom he hadn't seen for around 15 years since she'd joined a cloistered convent.

As I'm being picked up early (9:00 a.m., yuck), I'd better get to bed soonish. Well, first, I'll just drop in on Savage Love as I simply must Must MUST leave a comment. Hope RS will be on the bus, too. Nighty-night, all.
Yes, I was naughty last night. Stayed up until exactly 3:00 a.m. reading, but was rudely awakened around 8:15 by my cramping hands, even though I'd closed the window closest to the bed. Sigh. Finally decided to eviscerate the small watermelon. Small, my foot. It still weighed a lot and was awkward to handle. I ate a whole lot of it, then packed a large ziploc bag with spooned clumps of the innards; presto, into the fridge. What a relief to have it dealt with.

Really happy with the latest on the Blue Jays. The stadium was sold out for an afternoon game. Ooh, lots of people playing hooky. Natch, we won, we're in first place ... and Vegas is calling TO to win the World's Series with odds of 4-1. Yes, yes, it's still early days, but I can dream.

SuM's pretty excited she'll be attending the Rogers Cup (tennis, women's division) tomorrow morning. I think it's either the quarter or semi-finals. She doesn't know who's playing, but she's just thrilled to be going.

Didn't remember why I'd recorded last night's news, so I watched it. Then I remembered it was about the premiere of the new "Man from U.N.C.L.E." Ugh. They showed a tiny bit of it and only spoke to the Man of Steel but not with the actor who's playing Ilya. Hey, I wanted to compare him to the - then - luminous David McCallum. I'll probably go see the film soonish.

Apart from the watermelon, I made bacon and eggs (omelette with a dollop of spicy ketchup) for dinner. Perhaps tomorrow will be a pineapple day. And I've continued a dialogue on Savage Love where we're talking about the probable sex lives of conflicted, fundamentalist women! Light reading. Hmm, I think I'm in the mood to read some SGA fic ... something distracting and delightful. TTFN.
Not with others in the house. Sigh. And, again, there's trying to keep Grumpy indoors. Well, I guess I'll have to be content with the fact that - FIFTY years ago - I was out on the lake at 2:00 a.m. in a canoe, getting to experience them in Muskoka. I got to sit in the middle of the boat, holding the lantern, while the two guys did all the rowing. It seemed like an equitable arrangement, lol.

More decent sleep, more weird dreams. This time, I was the only adult to experience a toddler hopping for the first time. So I began hopping alongside it ... and wanted NOBODY else to see it! Whoa, talk about being possessive.

After an absence of a couple of weeks, I finally got involved in the discussion on Savage Love. Usually a fun experience, especially when there's no flame war breaking out.

With my grocery delivery another two weeks away, I've had to begin culling my food. Today, I went through an enormous bag of sugar snap peas. Decided to steam them in the micro. Even then, they were still quite crisp. I think I'll tackle the pineapple tomorrow, perhaps with some of the quite inexpensive lean bacon I've been ordering.

And, speaking of food, there was quite a show on MasterChef tonight. In the pressure test, the four combatants each had to use a skinned "head". Lamb, pig, cow and (I didn't get the type of) fish.

Okay, that's enough food talk for now. Back to FB and then a cool night's sleep.


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