Well, it didn't start off that way. This morning's brekkie telly was last night's Glee. Um ... Ryan, why are you making me want to throw a shoe through my computer screen? Yeah, I get it. The best way to cover Sam's and Artie's grotesquely thoughtless and insensitive comments is to remember (and repeat) the mantra: High school kids are stupid beyond belief.

After that, I rewatched Enemy at the Gate for tonight's FINAL SGA rewatch on [profile] sga_squee. And that's why I'm blue, as writing my review throughout the day was a punch to the gut. No more talking about Atlantis with others. After 100 episodes, it's definitely time to cry. Waaaaaaah.

It didn't help that I also felt dizzy (don't know why), so the best thing to do was take a nap. You should not be surprised by now. When I woke up, I finished my comments (though not closing thoughts) and posted them. It was cute to see that the mod thanked me for my participation. Hee! Can I be obsessed, or what? The answer is obviously an enthusiastic YES!

Well, as I'm still feeling down (and my butt is screaming at me), I think I'm headed off to bed. I'll play my daily crossword puzzle on my phone. And sleep would be really, really good.
... while I stay up watching last night's Glee. Um ... would RM like to 'splain why Finn had to become that stupid? Oy. And thank TPTB that Rachel was strongly urged not to be a copycat - in musical terms. But, otherwise, it was a pile of lumpy mashed 'taters IMO.

Then, this morning (after a few hours of sleep), I rewatched Vegas a second time. Yes, there were all sorts of stupid aspects to that particular AU, but the musical score (minus all that ::shudders:: country stuff) was subdued but still infused with feeling.

In the afternoon I was scrambling to get stuff done, including washing my hair (which is a chore). As I'm out of shampoo, I used my 3-in-1 body wash that I've finally figured out must be Pina Colada from the subtle pineapple and coconut aromas ('cuz I can't read the flavours on the bottle, not even with my magnifier).

I had a most unsatisfactory call to my GP's office where I can drop off the application with no guarantee she'll even look at it while I wait a couple of hours, though it's just missing her signature on the last page. ::growls in fury:: I tried booking my rides for Tuesday and, predictably, I'm on the waiting list. ::growls again:: It's a good thing I had at least one encounter with efficient bureaucracy in the form of my meals provider, especially as my fave (and presumably only male) CSR took care of my order. And I replied to my second fave deacon about possible housing. Ha! I introduced him to reality where, alas, bureaucracy rules.

I had a delightful lunch, pouring a liberal amount of balsamic vinegar over chopped avocado with a sprinkling of salt (thanks to John's example). No wonder I was in blissed-out nap mode for nearly two hours. Now I think I'm going to stay up to write my thoughts on Vegas for [profile] sga_squee. I don't think it'll take the usual couple of hours this time.

And that's a wrap for me. Restful weekend to all. I'll eventually make it to bed in my lovely leopard-print two-piece. Note to self: try to drag out the leopard print sheet set tomorrow. Must match!
First of all, there was blissful sleep. All the way to 10:00 a.m. Wow! It was a great start to the day.

I foofed around texting John about little things. So, he said he'd buy me some rye bread tomorrow and mentioned there was bread next to the fridge. Huh. It must be really "light" rye, aka the invisible kind, lol. I did watch last night's Glee this morning, but don't particularly want to talk about it. Though there were a lot of reviews of the episode.

I've just finished posting my comments on this week's SGA episode, Identity, for [profile] sga_squee. Well, I certainly wasn't squeeing (more like grumping). I still have my closing comments to make (and have found some unusual aspects during these rewatches, so that's always valuable, even if the episode wasn't).

Anyway, I told you I did nothing today. And this is the proof. I've got a few other things to check up on via the internet, so I'll get right to it. A good night (serene and sleep-filled) to all.
First, I stayed up reading until 3:09 a.m. (well, it was a story of about 89K words). Ack. And then I couldn't just turn the light out; I needed to change my brain waves, so played a wee bit of Solitaire on my phone until 3:30. What I hadn't expected was to wake up before 8:00. So. Not. Fair.

My SGA immersion continued with my review of the SGA episode Infection for [profile] sga_squee. Hmmm, if I didn't like this week's epi, I'm sure I'll loathe next week's. ::sighs:: I also got in on a Savage Love conversation about a breathless young thing dating her Engineering Prof. Oh, Lord, deliver me from brainless people!

I finally caught up on last night's sleep with a late afternoon nap. It helped, though I still feel wonky. Or is that normal for me? But I'm pleased to report that I've chosen my outfit for church tomorrow, brightening up the black with a summery red and white scarf. So, as I'm on duty, I really, really should toddle off to bed. Like NOW.
Riiiiight. As if all my show-watching on my computer yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with it. But I felt it today.

So I mostly took it easy. Worked on my extensive review of the Brain Storm rewatch for [profile] sga_squee and posted quite a long commentary. Well, the fact is I found new points of derision (other than the mismatched McKeller romance). Since it's only the second time I watched the epi, I was surprised.

Beyond that, I had an afternoon nap. Ergo, a booooooring day. Can't wait for tomorrow and the warmer weather. Presumably sun, too. So, I think I'm going to toddle off to bed. And that's a very good thing.
Only one problem. I don't have ANY cake. So what do I do? Well, reading SLOG this evening, I come upon a sweet article by Dan Savage where he's threatened the foundations of traditional marriage by baking a bundt cake for the family next door, where the dad (who's a fabulous baker) just had surgery. So Dan didn't want the mom and four kids to be without yummy baked treats. Anyway, in my comment I asked Dan if he'd bake me a cake and send it to Canada? ::giggles with glee::

In other silly news, why did I wake up before 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning? No wonder I have a headache. At least I managed to get all my comments in to [profile] sga_squee regarding The Prodigal. I find it intriguing that I can come up with fresh insights during the rewatch of episodes I haven't watched for years. ::pats self on back for exercising my brain::

Unfortunately, the brain exercise contributed to my headache and a nap didn't clear it. So I may be a grumpy camper at church tomorrow which is not of the good, especially as I'm on duty. Okay, universe, please make the pain go far, far away.
No complaints from me, though it felt a litle strange to watch Glee first, then N.C.I.S. starting at around 7:30 a.m. It's almost as it if were really too early to watch TV shows. Even though the concept of time is extremely fluid for me.

So ... Glee? Is it okay if I like seeing Ryder kissing i/o you-know-who? Um ... what is it that prompts people to blurt out terrible things to ease their own guilty consciences? What about thinking of how it'll affect the hearer? And more yadda-yadda-yadda including a lot of forgettable musical numbers, though I did love Unchained Melody. Stay tuned for more ... complications. And how.

It was a relief having a non-graphic series of deaths on N.C.I.S. especially after the gut-wrenching episode last week. Abby and her BFF were adorable. Well, Abby is always, so it's a treat watching her every interaction.

So, by now it was only around 9 a.m. and I waited the whole day for a phone call that didn't come. Arrgghh. Frustration that will mean scheduling problems for me next week. As I couldn't do anything about that, I got to the SGA rewatch ([profile] sga_squee} for tonight's episode, namely Inquisition. I couldn't stand this episode and its illogical premise. It showed, as my three comments were short (well, short for ME). I just have to post my tiny closing remarks and then I'm done. It's just too bad that S5 has been so unsatisfying, even when viewed years later.

The temperatures are rising, the time will change tomorrow ... and my foot is screaming at me (which means that any time not spent watching shows was spent lying in bed or napping). I guess it's just as well that the hospital called about my appointment. Though they're saying it'd be easier for me to enter via Emergency, but my ride provider doesn't list it as an option. Okay, so maybe I'll persuade my driver on Wednesday. The blonde must keep up her wiles, lol.
Well, not EVERYTHING was so la-la-laaaaaa. Last night, while playing Sillitaire, I did doze off and woke up a couple of hours later, pinned with terror from a tiny nightmare. avoid the violent details, here )

After that, I did end up waking up rather early, before 7. In the morning, I ordered my meals - two weeks' worth - and then watched tonight's episode (Outsiders) for [profile] sga_squee. I'll be posting once I'm done writing.

Otherwise, I fought with my hair as I dried it with my blowdryer. It's getting long, but I think I want to keep growing it. And, because of the miserable weather and the fragile state of my bones preventing me from going shopping, I ended up really scrambling to find food for the weekend in the cupboard. I soaked two cups of chickpeas and cooked them up in the afternoon. Then I added the remainder of my Polish pickled cucumber salad. Well, it'll be ... interesting. After a wee tot of Bailey's Irish Cream on ice, I had an equally wee nap. But I'm up now, trying not to cough.

Anyway, I'd better post this. DW is doing a code push at midnight, so I don't want to have my pwecious post lost in translation. Or something. ::coughs for not emphasis, but for real::
Because I slept in SO late (quite delightful), I didn't have brekkie until after noon. Then John offered me an experimental muffin (lemon poppyseed with hugely reduced oil content). Um ... I think one of those could feed marching armies, that's how filling it was (though I would have added apple sauce or pear purée to replace the fat and mentioned it to him). Also, because of the lateness of my waking, I didn't drink my morning coffee. Bad idea. So bad that I had to crawl into bed for a nap, I was that exhausted. And then I couldn't breathe, so I had oxygen-deprived dreams. I'm not sure whether I was dead though at least one person around me was. The second person had had a brain tumour but eventually moved back to her native country (and I hope she IS still alive). But, even dead, I was busy doing stuff I believe around the church. And there was a gold tablecloth involved, too. It's no wonder I was relieved to wake up. Whoa, not a good feeling, especially as I was all stuffed up.

At least I got to do something semi-useful and that was to record my closing thoughts on last night's SGA rewatch. Except my final conclusion made me sad, as it had to do with indigenous peoples having their resources ravaged by outsiders.

Okay, so that obviously didn't work. I ended up posting some more strange comments on SLOG and finally decided to watch last week's church service, so I could see Mme Premier in closeup. I'm still watching, so I think I'll return to that and end the day in a more positive manner.
I sure hope so, since I need the emotional boost. Up without any alarm shortly after 7. It was cold and windy again today. Me SO no like. I worked on my SGA review until about 11 a.m. Whoa! Going through the transcript takes long, especially when the episode is crammed with dialogue and action. So that was the half that I did get done.

What didn't I do? Well I didn't phone a stranger to ask for a favour. This was set up by a friend a long time ago, but I haven't called until now because I've been stubborn. Yes, me! But it wasn't just hesitation and a weird shyness on my part. I was feeling so cold, I huddled for hours in the afternoon underneath the covers. And for some equally weird reason, the back of my right hand has a sharp ache, as if there were an IV inserted. Yes, I know my body is weird, but this is getting tiring. ::sighs::

I had a wee nap in the evening and have just finished posting my review of The Lost Tribe on [profile] sga_squee. Well, I still have my summary to do, but I can take my time. I think I'll get back to reading SLOG where I posted earlier but there's always something worthy of MY attention and comment. ::giggles:: I love it when my self-worth in certain aspects is sky-high. [I must be emulating Rodney McKay!]
Well, there was one very good thing. I did sleep in until 9 a.m. Very much yay. And breakfast was filling, if getting a bit boring. After a tiny nap in the afternoon, I finally did my review of the SGA rewatch of First Contact for [profile] sga_squee. I think that wore me out, or else my eye has been hoarding up the discomfort for some time and unleashing it all at once.

I also wish I hadn't gobbled up most of the ribs last night. Why? Because giving them 40 seconds on High (and 20 seconds for the cornbread) resulted in sizzling though still tender meat. Though I shouldn't really complain. Even with just two ribs, I was quite satisfied. Note to stomach: Believe. Me!

I've already chosen my photogenic outfit for our historic church service tomorrow. Well, I'll more than likely be on camera - again. Even BD remarked on that aspect when he phoned. Alas, because it's going to be bitterly cold, he won't be there in person, but promised he'd blow me a kiss. Unfortunately, I won't be able to blow one back on camera. But ::laughs:: the thought WILL be there. I also took his prayer request for a friend and sent it to my team leader.

I'm just wishing my mouse worked properly. There are so many things I can NOT see as I can't zoom in without the scrolling feature. So I'll have to wait to read some stories that are in the tiniest font ever. Boo. Yes, I'm pouting. But I'll stop and go to bed.
Alas, I can't take on continental weather patterns. ::sighs:: I got a positive response from RS this morning about getting together (yay), but only cancellation news from that baby brother of mine for tonight's birthday dinner. So, we'll go next week. He's trying to sweeten the pot by saying he has a coupon for free appetizers. ::considers and accepts:: Actually, the delay should give me more time to finish his birthday fic (and to find the artwork which was created before he switched me to Linux, so I can't find it now, 'cuz ... blind).

So we had stupid snow and the odd sound of thunder several times during the day. I got phone calls about medical updates. First, my GP finished the form, so I'm hoping I can pick it up next Wednesday (universe, please get me downtown); and I got a call from the Fracture Clinic at the hospital where I had my surgery in 2011. Wow, that was fast (though why did it have to be the religious hospital again?). I've set an appointment for the second Wednesday in March. They only see people on Wednesdays and I could be there anywhere from one to three hours. Better make sure my phone is fully charged.

I just finished participating in this week's [profile] sga_squee. I submitted 7 comments on Tracker, an episode I generally loathed. ::rolls eyes:: But I managed to get through it. ::pats self on back:: I think I shall reward myself with a wee bit of dark chocolate with almonds. And ginger ale.
But just what was I thinking, waking up around 7:30? Oh, well ... what the body wants the body gets. I finally got around to doing my review of The Queen (a very short one) for [profile] sga_squee. Other than that, a nap was had, messages replied to, and a text to RS. I even had my window open in the evening (yes, in the dead of winter), possible only because there was no wind, but I needed the fresh air.

I guess I'd better head off to bed soon. Haven't decided on my outfit yet; though, as I'm on duty, it'll have to be something camera-worthy! Only I would relate vanity to protocol!
With extra special FX of coughing and not breathing. ::groans:: So I got up and read for a couple of hours, then took the chance that I might fall asleep again. Yes, I'm so optimistic. But I actually did and didn't wake up until noon. Hey, just in time for brunch!

I finally got around to doing my review of Whispers for [profile] sga_squee - one of the most loathsome SGA episodes ever, IMO (considering the military commander becomes a pimp at the end, wouldn't you agree?). Ugh-ugh-ugh. Okay, time to scrub that episode out of my brain. I noticed my fave deacon left a comment on FB, so I e-mailed her. She's been away from church for months, with new health problems. Can I shake my fist at the universe for doing bad things to good people. Yeah, I wish. I also left two minor comments on Savage Love. Otherwise, it was a quiet SLOG day.

While waiting for the phone call confirming my rides, I lay in bed and dozed off. Well, I had to get off my sore butt. And I think I'm going to take some Neo-Citran before bed and hope it works. Otherwise, I think I'd better wrap this up and go look at clothes. Even perhaps choose some for church. Yes, I'm just a card! Hint: Queen of Diamonds!
Why? Well, I forgot to mention that opening the cabinet door to get at the Rye yesterday evening made the ENTIRE door with glass pane FALL OFF. It struck the floor, but the glass didn't break. Still, it was scary. No kidding. I hadn't realized until recently that the door was loose at the top but never thought it would separate completely. Ugh.

I stayed up really late to watch last week's N.C.I.S.. After about 5-6 hours of sleep, I was up again. I ended up watching this week's N.C.I.S. and it was a shocker. I can't wait to see what repercussions there'll be from the two significant deaths. Whoa!

After an open-ended nap, I finally got around to doing my [profile] sga_squee review on The Shrine. I wrote a lot. Not surprising, considering how much I love David Hewlett.

I got another scare when I got my ride time over the phone. According to the computer, I was going to be picked up AT 7:40 A.M. in the morning!!!!! So I frantically texted church-John, asking if he'd pick me up. Oh, thank goodness he replied immediately, saying yes. Then I canceled that ridiculous ride. Tomorrow I shall be sending a not-satisfied e-mail to customer service. ::groans::

Anyway, my back is killing me from sitting too long. So I think I'll head to bed in 5-4-3-2-1.
Well, you'd be too if you slept in until 11. ::sighs and stretches in sybaritic delight - well, virtually, because ain't no real body stretchin' going on IRL::

It's just too bad it was so dark and rainy, but it was warm out. So that was good too and means most of the snow should be melted.

I watched tonight's [profile] sga_squee rewatch epi, namely Ghost in the Machine and am working on my review. I'm hoping to post it tonight so it's not hanging over my head. I also watched an epi of Glee, so have only three to end S2. Brian texted me this morning to say that S1 has already been shipped to him. Ain't online shopping just grand?

Okay, I guess I'd better return to busy Canadian beaverdom. ::snickers and scampers merrily away, once again in a virtual reality::
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( Jan. 8th, 2013 11:43 pm)
Let's start off with pain. Hey, I haven't mentioned it for a while. Add left eye pain to burning/stabbing right foot pain. Let sit for one minute. Stir and ... scream. Nope, not a fave recipe.

Then let's move on to unfulfilled commitments. I finally did my review of Daedalus Variations and posted several comments on [profile] sga_squee. Whoa - that was a lot of work because the episode was very wordy.

I finally got around to watching last night's epi of Castle. It left me feeling unsettled. No, I didn't care for either storyline. Hope next week's will be better, with no domestic entanglements.

Right now I'm mired in reading a mixed bag of fair or bigoted comments to an article. When I seem to get sucked in, I stay until I've read Every. Single. One. Oh, and there were articles as well about our too-dumb-to-believe DIS-Honour (i.e., Mayor). ::sighs::

Finally, I had a lovely sleep until after 9. And a wee unscheduled nap, too. There were fleeting but non-disruptive dreams. Very good, brain. Please do continue.
Even considering that I slept in until around 9. Yummy sleep! I finally posted my comments (4 rather short ones) for the rewatch of Broken Ties on [profile] sga_squee.

I was amused to receive a formal thank you from the deacon who'd organized Christmas Day dinner. She mentioned me by my legal name which came as a surprise. I had another e-mail from Rob and also texted Church-John about being picked up tomorrow for church. It's been divine having a personal ride, but my routine will be back to normal by next Sunday. The rest of my day included NO dwinkie and a passable nap.

My stuff is laid out for tomorrow morning, so I'm going back to reading McShep. It's always my go-to remedy for sweet dreams.
It was mostly lazy. But, then, I finally got around to finishing my review of Search and Rescue for [profile] sga_squee. What a weird episode which I tore apart. I was relieved to see that Brian exists because he finally posted our Oops blog and then the Christmas Special. I texted him later about the fact that I couldn't install the 141 recommended updates on Linux. Seriously? 141??? So we texted each other back and forth with much silliness.

A regular nap was had and I felt like taking a second one, but resisted. Right now, I'm feeling cranky because I haven't laid out my clothes for tomorrow. Or made sure my purse is in order. Blech. So I think I'd better go do my eyedrops and then get organized.
No, I'm really not trying to be snarky. But it's ridiculous that I'm not even able to sit in front of my computer without wriggling about, trying to find a non-pain-causing position. ::sighs::

It didn't help that I woke up around 4:30, for no reason at all. I finally got out of bed at 7. Did my second rewatch of The Last Man on the TV while eating brekkie. It's a good thing I didn't have to handle the remote at the same time. After that, I called the GP's office to book my next appointment (to check the high bp and to - I hope and pray - finally be done with my forms). I'm going to be a very tired piggy in two weeks' time. Also, I find it curious that, while my bp was elevated, my pulse was normal. Me! With a normal pulse? Since when?

I finally got my act together and went out at 1. It was glorious outside, in the low 40s with a bit of sun. My first stop was the pharmacy, to get my Rx filled. I also did some necessary shopping: hair dye, prezzie for Brian as well as artistically matched card, gift bag (and even the box the gift was in). Yes, I'm a diva when it comes to being all matchy-matchy. Then I made it across the street to the supermarket. I limited what I was buying (because I hate exorbitant prices) but splurged on carrot-walnut muffins as well as chocolate with almonds. But, hey, the filtered milk was on sale. I was surprised that my bill was less than 50 bucks. I was quite hot as I walked home, not surprising considering that I was wearing my winter coat, beret, scarf, yadda, yadda.

When I came in, I opened all of the windows to get some fresh air in. I had a muffie and some cranberry-pomegranate juice for lunch. And I watched last night's Glee. I may post my spoilery reactions tomorrow. Too out of it now, even after a two-hour nap. I've been working hard on my comments for the [profile] sga_squee rewatch. I'm nearly done. At least I had a nice bowl of John's intriguing soup for dinner, along with that half-glass of white wine. And a slice of toast with melted cheese. Right now, I think I'm going to have to take painkillers because sleep may not be so forthcoming. And I really REALLY need some quality time for my spine to recover. Help! And ... good ::she hopes:: night.


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