After waking up around 8:30 (with no assistance or insistence from the cats), I did get a hold of church-John. Well, we do not have a date set for getting together, but at least he will be going to Costco to buy me my supplements. Yay for cheap(er) pain meds, etc.

It's really scary to see ANY news footage of Irma. Just hearing the wind makes me feel sick. I have a friend who was in the Dominican Republic (I think) and is desperately trying to return to TO. Just checked his FB status. He missed tonight's connection to TO and will be leaving at 3:45 p.m. tomorrow. ::draws fingernails across a chalkboard which is less stressful::

And then there's the aggravation of people who don't text me (as they should) or visit me (as they should). Siiiiigh. SuM's son was supposed to come over today to look after the fourth cat. Because of unfamiliarity with the other cats and life in the house, she's sequestered in the spare bedroom. I'll have to text SuM to reveal EpicFail in the morning and will probably have to make the very scary climb to the second floor and hope she doesn't pull a Houdini on me (as she did last week). SuM was hoping to prevent all of this (as I can't see the cat quickly enough to catch her if she tries to bolt). Siiiiiiigh again.
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( Aug. 11th, 2017 11:48 pm)
Or, more accurately, boredom and irritation. Because the resting is involuntary as I feel throbbing in my feet and hands. And the reading is unsatisfactory (to put it mildly) as I'm at the beginning of the third book of the ST trilogy. I know it'll eventually develop tension and weird alien problems, but right now it's just meh.

Sent out a few emails: to the church regarding Brent's retirement tribute (or parking, to be precise), another to the church to get the name of the new sound booth leader, a couple to church-John, and a couple to the leader of my blind group. Whoa, I was really on a communicating roll. I even got replies from c-J and the leader.

I surprised myself once again by getting Final Jeopardy! right which is totally ridiculous as the answer (Mayflower Compact) just appeared-in my brain. OMG. That reminds me of lying in my first lover's bed, doing my counterpoint homework as he was doing physics. He pointed to one problem. I looked at it and said the answer is the "square root of 3". He began shaking me, wanting to know how I came up with that answer (which, according to the back of the book, was correct). Hey, don't look at me. I just knew it was right. Too bad I couldn't count on that instinct more often. ::sighs::

Also watched two separate reruns of Big Bang Theory that made me laugh more often than groan. I guess that's a win, right? Now I guess I'll try to advance in the book and hope something happens soon. ::sighs again:: Or I can just lie in bed and listen to the thunder outside.
Well, that about sums it up. First waking, second waking, between which I had a number of strange dreams. In one, I was in a tea shop that had a lending library. But these books were odd. When you opened the hard cover, you got a video screen upon which the movie began playing immediately. I opened one that was porn, quickly realized that I should NOT be looking at it in such a public venue, so resolved to return at another time.

Then I was living in a co-operative arrangement (possibly with SuM) where all of our furniture was mixed. I had two very tall bookcases. One of my past loves, Lloyd, (now) deceased for a couple of decades, came over. He somehow managed to lean on the end bookcase, so that the top half bent over. I think I just managed to get him out, saying I'd fix the bookcases later.

There was a third scene, where I appeared to be looking for the tea shop so I could get the porn. But I got lost. I think I kept circling around Park Road (even though, technically, there's nothing there but ... parkland (duh). Sooooooo, I'm wondering what my subconscious was teasing me with.

Naturally, to add to the sleeping difficulties, I woke up all stuffed up. I blame Diva, of course.

The rest of the day was just one, long, hot blur. With requisite storm prequel (dark clouds, a jittery CeCe who wasn't even interested in her lunch but just wanted to hide). In the evening, in between watching my game shows (and, yes, I'd dozed off during the news AGAIN), I did a load of laundry so I'm all set for socializing tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm off to do some more reading and resting.
Oh, sure, I woke up at 10, so I could have brekkie and then watch the service online. However, I ended up having technical difficulties with the screen freezing, so I stopped watching. When I returned to FB, I saw the message that the service was over. But-but-but it wasn't even noon. So ... what happened? Well, ma nature interfered. We've had outdoor services in the rain before but, this time, there was thunder and lightning. So, alas, the service had to end early (and I believe before our guest performers The Nylons could come on). Oh, well, these things happen, but it was sad because we had thousands in attendance.

After that, I just basically spent the rest of the day in bed. What with the leg pain and occasional shivering, I thought it was the safest place for me to be. Occasionally I'd get the energy to read "Rogue One". In the evening, I watched the news. Now I'm just going to go collapse again. Need my painkillers. Ahhhhhhhhh.
At least they weren't scary rumbly. But I just happened to stay up until 2:30 a.m. (or was it 3:00?) listening to the thunder and goofing around on the computer. But I did go to bed, falling asleep with ease, before waking up at 7:57. Sorry, body, I refuse to cooperate. So I closed my eyes and woke up again at 10:27. That was ... acceptable. ::snickers::

Even though I'd enjoyed listening to the thunder, more bad rain interfered with people's safety and happiness. More flooding (including the prime agricultural area that supplies much of the city's summer produce), damaged homes along the shore of the lake, and many disheartened homeowners. Watching all of this on the news was not a nice experience.

Really got into the thick of my Sherlock Holmes Phantom book. Still wondering how it's going to turn out, as there are many little subplots. Had a funny thing happen with supper. I thought I was emptying two servings of Broccoli & Cheese soup into a bowl to heat. Imagine my shock to find out I was eating Tomato. Thankfully, at least I'd noticed that both containers had been the same colour - just NOT green. ::rolls eyes::

I noted a promo on FB that the church service outdoors on Pride Day will be shown live. If so, that'll be the first time and it makes me so happy that I won't have missed it. Our special musical guests will be "The Nylons" whom I used to adore in the early 90s.

Then there's my current aggravation in TV-land, namely STUPID!!!!! ads. As if that idiotic Viagra ad weren't bad enough, now it's Sears (who are in desperate financial trouble). If you ask me, showing two different ads the same day where the characters are both simpering brain-dead women leads me to believe that they DESERVE to go out of business. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. ::growls in disgust::

Anyway, I'm going to return to my very engrossing book. TTFN.
So, I still got wet, but I do dry off, lol. After I got to church and Jan arrived, we decided to go back outside to get some fresh air. Lo and behold, the sun was coming out. It was fabulous, with a tiny hint of a breeze.

Church was amazing. The music superb. I was on duty and found out later that I'd been on the webcast while serving communion ... and there were these adorable painted toenails sticking out of my open-toed shoes. Awww. I asked church-John whether he might take me to Canadian Tire (the one in my 'hood) some time this week. I have a whole bunch of summer-related sprays, etc. I need to get. I also suggested we could visit the new restaurant I'd been to. I'd really like that. There was a surprise at the end. The search committee for a new senior pastor presented the successful candidate (who still needs to be voted in). He's a United Church minister from the prairies. He's young, has a quirky sense of humour, and seems to enjoy saying naughty things (as does Brent). He'll be here in two weeks' time. Yay!

When I got home, naturally, I had to write my summary. It took a very long time. Sigh. But I was pleased with it. Then, when SuM came home from work, she texted me, saying she'd like to donate to my blind group. Yaaaaay! So she gave me a cheque.

In the evening, I didn't do much other than watch the news. Stayed on the 'puter, read my "Figaro" mystery for a while, and just vegged. At least I'm feeling mostly cool. Anyway, time is fleeting. I'm going to finish my Perrier, then go back to reading. Looking forward to a mostly lazy day tomorrow.
After all, it was an excruciatingly looooooong day that began (against my will) at 3:22 a.m. So, what did I do? Reached for my iPad to continue reading "Life of Pi". I'm getting closer to finishing it. Too bad it didn't start to engage me until about chapter 60 (of a 100). But I'm being stubborn in wanting to finish it. There may still be surprises.

It was really overcast when my driver picked me up at 9:00. I'd been so worried about rain, I completely forgot to adorn myself with my tropitcal scarf/sarong. Felt so plain as we sped up north. Ahem! Blind blond is still a better navigator than most. Why? Well, the driver got distracted by construction. I asked him what cross street we'd just passed. He replied "Broadway". Uh ... driver, that's NORTH of where I need to be. His distraction had made him think I was headed to the hospital further north. Sigh. But no prob, as I was early enough to sit and enjoy the sun - hey, where'd that come from?

Our meeting was AMAZING!!!!! First of all, our monthly guests provide us with a booster vaccination against depression. Whenever we're feeling down on ourselves because we can no longer do (or were never able to, if blind since birth), we're introduced to people who broke barriers and persisted. The retired lawyer, now activist, gave us a stumble down memory lane as he talked about the barriers just in studying to become a lawyer. Decades ago, he had to rely on monster reel-to-reel tape recorders and a human reading service that could only allot him a couple hours per week.

After our break, our leader told us of the fabulous trip planned for this year. This time, it'll be to Stratford Festival (I haven't been in decades), to see "Pirates of Penzance" with a hands-on costume and prop tour, lunch in the theatre lobby, and descriptive audio headsets, as well as a comfortable bus ... all for a reasonable price. The trip is set for Oct. 9 (the Friday before our Thanksgiving holiday weekend). I'm already soooo excited. Oh, John.... ::giggles:: I also found out more about the fund raiser for which I'll be posting a personal plea to my FB friends. I just have to write it. Before I left, I reconnected with the pleasant woman I'd met two meetings ago. We really do have to go out as we're so vivacious together.

When I got home, I had to deal with weird cats. The sun had disappeared and more rain was on its way. No wonder I was in so much pain. After I'd fed them, Ce-Ce started behaving oddly, even before the thunder came. She'd flattened herself against the floor and was trying to crawl under my door to escape. I tried to get by her, but she was too quick for me. She headed to the side of the couch where she hunkered down on the floor. Again ... weird. After she left (of her own accord), I started nodding off, from a planned 90 minute nap before the news, to dozing off in the next couple of hours. missing significant swaths of news. Sigh. But I got good mail: my new health card. Oh, look at the fuzzy picture. Would you believe I don't look much different from my employee ID from 4 decades ago (and then I was wearing a curly wig)? Not sure why the pic is so overexposed. Weird.
With more of the province getting hammered, we've been spared as the forecast fell short. Hey, that's perfectly okay, especially after we were told on the evening news that the lake level would continue to rise for one month. Yikes. Anyway, there were some horror stories shown. In the north-east (Québec), they showed two houses side-by-side. One woman was bemoaning the most likely loss of her house as the basement was flooded. Her next door neighbour built hers later according to a more cautious code and is expected to be fine. Talk about cruel fate.

At least several municipalities have called in the armed forces for sandbagging duties. Hey, if you have a source of mostly-young able-bodied people who will follow orders, why not use them? Too bad our mayor got skewered at the turn of the century for doing the same during a severe snowstorm.

Anyway, I managed to sleep in until 7:30. Continued rereading "The Martian" and then d/l'd "In the Skin of a Lion" - another Ondaatje, as it suddenly became available. I'd already finished my SGA novel and returned it. It had been a Team-plus-Weir fic. It wasn't bad ... but then I've been spoiled by some terrific fanfic. Just watched the news and repeats of my game shows. Yes, boring blonde is blring but at least I had more blueberry mint iced tea with my evening pills. Woo-hoo.
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( May. 5th, 2017 11:22 pm)
As much as I loved-loved-loved living at the edge of the lake, I'm just so relieved (frankly, grateful) not to be living there right now. To add to the problem of extremely-saturated ground, the building itself was an odd duck. It was long (holding 20 units per floor), set perpendicularly to the lake. To make things worse, the ground sloped down, so that a basement could only be built underneath the portion farthest from the lake. The part closer was built directly into the ground. [Cue my neighbour's information about a first-floor mice problem.] The evening news was overwhelmingly about what was happening. We saw residents of the houseboat community east of me trying to remain stoic and confident. Then we saw the beach south of me basically gone. ALL the sand had been swept away by the constantly churning waves. I'm wondering how the various marinas are dealing with securing boats. It's just a huge mess, not only by this lake but also along many rivers in the affected areas. Actually, the storm has hit the province of Québec really hard and has spread to the maritime provinces. Gee, thanks, storm.

Against all that watery worry, it's no wonder I wasn't in the mood to do anything all day. But I did catch up on last night's TV, watching a hilarious Big Bang Theory as well as the two MasterChef shows. But I was sleepy, so couldn't appreciate the presence of Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef on the Jr. edition. While I managed to stay awake, I continued my second read-through of "The Martian". Want to finish it before I have to return it.

I think I'll end on a yummy note. Not sure where I read or saw it, but presumably the following is a dynamite cocktail: bourbon, ginger beer and lime. Considering that I have the first two ingredients (of superlative quality), I think I'll be indulging soon. And, now, I feel better - even if all I'm drinking is blueberry mint iced tea. I know, I know, a cold drink when I'm feeling cold, especially in my hands.
Well, the rain part is (mostly) self-explanatory. The storm(s?) from the U,S. finally hit, bringing rain ... something our heavily saturated ground didn't need at all. So there have been contingency efforts happening since yesterday, especially along the waterfront, but also in key bridge crossings. Even evac plans for residents of our only residential island (a ferry standing by) and diverting commuter trains from potential flood zones.

It hadn't started when I was picked up shortly after 11, but I still had a mostly gloomy ride. Well, the weather was gloomy but the driver and I were howling with laughter as we listened to a call-in show. Today's topic? How much people (American parents?) loathe a French-Canadian cartoon aimed at four-year olds!?! For the sake of not drawing anyone's ire, I won't name the cartoon. But ... seriously??? Apparently so.

I brought my iPad to my blind group meeting but didn't really use it (other than showing it off and how I could actually read from it). Luckily, my jokes weren't needed as our resident jokester was present (she's been absent for a long time as she's undergoing cancer treatment). So, instead, I told them a story about a certain blonde and her microwave mishap! Yes, I'm always willing to laugh at myself ... as long as nobody is harmed. Everyone loved my new curly do. Yay! We learned of the current scam going on (especially south of the border) where unregulated clinics promote all sorts of miracle cures by injecting stem cells in one's eyes. The usual outcome? The injection leaves people BLIND!!!!! I also pondered whether there had yet been any whole eyeball transplants. I guess I have a project for our next meeting. But, before we concluded the meeting, we had tea and goodies including the most delightful mini blueberry cupcakes. Yum.

My driver was late picking me up, so I was worried he'd been held up by the rain that was now falling steadily. But he still got me home at a reasonable time (5:40). I was so grateful to stumble indoors and head for dryness and warmth. Meant to have some soup and a bagel, but settled for spicy tortilla chips, guacamole and queso. Oops? Watched the news (where I learned about the sandbagging, etc.) and my game shows. Then I dozed off for a couple of hours. Now I'm going to enjoy a chocolate chip muffin and Perrier with my pills. With all the rain expected for the next three days, I'm just relieved I don't have to wake up or go anywhere until Sunday. Yay for cocooning. And more reading.
That happened even though I woke up around 6 again. Seriously, body? So I puttered around, even starting a reread of "The Martian". Washed some recycling before my groceries were delivered before 12:30. Oh, lovely delectable foodies. After I put everything away, I did a rough wrapping job of the deluxe jasmine tea I got for Sue, wrote in the pretty butterfly card, and carried those along with the case of ginger beer, setting them down on the dining table. So, she'd been busy decorating for her party tonight. She'd planned to have a pinata. I can't imagine the vacuuming necessary to capture all the stray treats. When she came home from work, she thanked me. Hey, she gives me super-special chocolate for Christmas, I give her super-special tea for her birthday. We have equilibrium. Lol.

Did a bit of housekeeping on my DW account. Unfortunately, when I imported my LJ entries, the comments didn't come through. So I did a second import which got me the comments ... along with duplicates of all the entries. Mind you, I'm reading entries from the good old days, when I had a hoity-toity life, entertaining by the fountain in the garden every Sunday afternoon. Aaaaaaah.

Finally got to relax in the evening, though all I had to watch was the usual news and game shows. As our speaker for tomorrow's blind group has cancelled, I've been told to bring my assortment of jokes. Well, I'm going to do it electronically. I d/l'd two joke bookes and plan to - very gingerly - transport my iPad to the other side of the world ... er ... city tomorrow. I figure I can always nungee tie it to my walker. But it'll be nice to be able to read from it and, while I'm waiting for my ride home, I can continue reading ... you know what.

I think I'd better post and do some advance sorting of what I'll be taking with me tomorrow. Hoping the rain holds off. We're expecting major flooding from the storms headed our way from the States. Hey, is that any kind of present? I think not.
Hmmm. I think this should be classified under Reverse Sampson Syndrome. Because I woke up (was it before 6) along with the cats with loads of energy. After I fed them brekkie, I secluded myself and began what would end up taking 6 (or 7, not sure) hours of laundry - that included trying to make the bed behave (I have a bad habit of shifting the mattress so that anything under it (bedskirt) or on it (quilted mattress pad) shifts, too. Very messy. I wish they made mattress straps that attach to the frame.

Alas, I also had to consider the weather as I washed my penguin fleece and put it back on top of the comforter that got fluffed up in the dryer. Uh ... isn't it May in a couple of days? Not as far as the weather is concerned. ::hisses in irritation:: To make things worse, we're supposed to be getting a storm from the states along with dropping temperatures. Boo!

Once I was finished (around 1:45), I was exhausted. All the exertion even seemed to have unclogged my right ear. And it felt wonderful to lie down in a proper bed again and to continue reading the seemingly endless "The English Patient" while my due date is counting down.

Had a lazy, sleepy evening, watching the news and repeats of my game shows. Looking forward to a well-deserved and soothing sleep.
Well, I can never be too sure about the math part, but you get Brian and me. Oy and Vei are appropriate reactions.

But, first, a fabulous night of sleep (most likely aided by the blanket of snow), as I didn't wake up until 8:50. Magnificent.

I finally got a good look at that blanket of snow (ugh) when I was waiting for my meals. See, it didn't look all that much from the protected view of the driveway. But the street view out the front door was ... rough. And I'm afraid to find out how bad it'll be to tromp through the garden. Which I won't know until Thursday. ::prays for lots of sublimation::

I had a lazy day with the exception of writing silly e-mails to Brian and getting silly e-mails back. I finally figured out which iPad I should be looking at ... because I fail at considering size. Oh! What a difference. I thought he'd gotten me an Apple ID. But he hadn't, and didn't tell me. See, I told you we're both silly. Right now, we're having a philosophical disagreement about library downloads. I'll be testing his theory tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, my day consisted of washing loads of recycling (finicky soup containers) and watching TV including a weepy N.C.I.S. OTOH, too many of tonight's Jeopardy! clues were simple-minded. Where's the happy balance? Well, I guess I'll find my happy balance by finding some light reading. Until domain, ciao tutti. But, before I forget, HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!
Why? Well, a certain blonde was so frazzled yesterday morning that she forgot to turn off the alarm. And woke up unnecessarily at 5:45 this morning. Sigh. At least I managed to overcome the not-breathing and hand-cramping to fall asleep quickly, not waking up again until the most civilized time of 10:15. It was eminently acceptable. Lol.

In any case, I didn't have any major responsibilities today. I washed out lots of recycling containers, tried to stay warm, and ate (drank?) lots of creamy soups.

So, there's this big storm headed our way ... but it seemed to have spared my part of the city so far. I checked through a window before it got dark. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tonight's Final Jeopardy! was a snap. St. Paul (or Saul). Thank you, weekly scripture readings. I still remember carrying a Bible in my purse when I first joined the church and using those small windowpane cello tabs to mark the verses but, now, with our large print orders of service I can follow along. Also watched a rollicking epi of Murdoch Mysteries that involved a gaggle (gang) of roller skaters (the Buffalo Queens) who placed bets on each other after determining who'd win of the quartet.

Anyway, I feel the need to find some calm reading before bed, even though I'm already yawning.
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( Dec. 15th, 2016 11:31 pm)
Nope, I'm not swearing, but it's definitely a 4-letter word. S-N-O-W. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!! And the day had begun with such promise. I had a leisurely morning. Put on my jingle bell on a chain around my neck, affixed a Santa pin to my capelet, dressed very warmly and got ready to be picked up at 11:15. Because it was hideously cold out, I'd already decided to leave the walker at home, relying only on my sturdy cane. I sat out on the covered porch and waited for my ride that was late. Still, it was sunny out, with the light being reflected in all of the packed snow on the ground.

When my driver arrived, he was a card. After I gave him my registration number, he joked that he'd get my phone number next! We basically flew through the city on some of my fave short-cut routes. But I was almost the last to arrive at my vision loss support group. We didn't really have any business (I'm leaving my eye health nutrition report for next month), but certainly gobbled up lots of savoury puff pastries and luscious desserts at our Christmas party. The woman who'd been so intolerable at the last meeting (just about yelling about American politics) was glaring daggers at me (for having dared to stop her). Ha! Ask me if I care. Anyway, because of the horrible weather, we've decided to cut back to only four meetings per year, starting in January. It's a good compromise instead of just abruptly disintegrating the group.

My ride home, expected at 3:15, didn't show up until 3:45. So, guess what time I got home? 6:45!!!!! Yup. We had snow, whiteouts, traffic snarls, cars moving at a snail's pace. Even though I'd had a delightful conversation with an Indian man on the way home, I was just relieved to get inside and start to thaw my feet out.

Watched the latest Big Bang Theory and am now adding a hot lemon drink to my evening routine. I believe I'm having a slight allergic reaction as my throat is tightening. Perhaps too many puff pastries?

I just hope I can sleep in to catch up on my rest before tackling disassembling the bed and other physical chores. Blech. But I'll try to reward myself with a pot of Earl Grey tea. Yum.
Oy. I couldn't even have a simple (though boiling hot) Saturday. Nope. When SuM heard me moving about, she apologized for interrupting me so early, but she wanted to go away for overnight ... and her ride would be here any minute. Buuuut, the dogs were still around, though the ex was supposed to take them home today - time unknown. So SuM asked whether I could take care of the house until some time tomorrow. Oh, just one problem: Grumpy was AWOL. Hey, considering how stupid-loud the dogs were, I do not blame him at all.

Finally got around to doing a light load of laundry around noon. Was still waiting and wondering just when the ex would be by. Tried to stay cool by watching last night's Castle. Finally (OMG FINALLY), I heard a commotion at the front door and then at the back around 5:50. Oh, gee, it the ex and son. When the ex asked how the dogs had been, I did not mince my words and said that the noise was enough to have driven one of the cats out of the house. When they left, I gave the other two cats their mid-afternoon meal, then tried calling Grumpy's name out the back door. No Grumpy. ::pouts::

I kept trying every hour or so while it got dark and we had a mini thunderstorm following the afternoon's flash storm which had knocked the power out just for a couple of seconds. Still no Grumpy. Even worse, CeCe managed to sneak out while I was calling Grumps and refused to come back indoors. I think she found a perch on the neighbour's fence. Watched a couple epis of Modern Family (now that I have the TV set to record all shows). Finally, tried around 10:00 to call both CeCe and Grumpy. Was so relieved when CeCe showed up so I could feed her. At least Grumpy is used to being outdoors, but I hope he'll turn up tomorrow.

With all the cats in - those agreeing to be in, I could finally jump in the shower. I managed to trim some more hair from the back, so it's now all a short bob length and curly. We'll see how manageable it is tomorrow. I also measured the height of my desk and have packed my black curtain so the repair café volunteer can cut and hem it and the remnant that will be a square tablecloth. Progress, yay!
... I'm going to be in the next Star Trek film (along with a few of my friends). The ONLY problem is that I was about TWENTY years younger in the dream. So, obviously, THAT dream is/was a reboot, lol. The most amazing thing about that dream is that it occurred during a tiny doze in the afternoon (along with CeCe draping herself above my head). I find it fascinating that I could fall into a dream state in so short a time.

This morning I was lucky, as the cats did not do anything to wake me up at an unreasonable time. So I got to sleep in until about 8:40. Woo-hoo. Though it was still grotesquely hot, in the early evening, I didn't notice the setting sun dominating the window over the computer. And, then, I heard the warning of sudden thunderstorms moving through the region. Though we didn't get any thunder, there was a lovely period of sustained rain. Yippee.

Well, I managed to beat the 6-day Jeopardy! champion tonight with the name of Lord (and I'm about to spell it incorrectly, I dare say) Carnavon Carnarvon who funded Howard Carter's King Tut excavation. The category had been "English Nobility" and two of the three players had chosen kings. Ha! That would have been "Royalty" instead.

Had a bit of a frustrating evening trying to do my grocery order online. I so do not like their NEW display system, but at least got a $10 discount for my trouble. And, only now, will I be sitting down to some soup for dinner, just so that I might take my evening supplements. Long day has been long. But I still want to stay up to watch MasterChef. Thank goodness for recordable TV.
After waking up at 8:28 (I so love symmetry), I had a mostly leisurely day, apart from doing a tiny bit of laundry (pillowcases and nighties) in the morning. Much harder was the huffing and puffing to slide pillows into cases. I also tried on another sundress so I could mark how much shorter it needs to be. Six inches? Sigh.

Felt really comfortable (OMG, is that a sign of normalcy?) in the afternoon, so I guess the humidity must have dissipated through all sorts of violent weather changing (as my TV station complained) every five minutes. The comfort made is possible (and pleasurable) to entertain two cats on the bed at the same time: Diva above my head using my right hand and Ce-Ce by my hip using my left hand. I wonder whether Diva or Grumpy will join me tonight. I left Ce-Ce lying on her fave pillow on the living room floor when I turned the lights out.

Had a boring (but still entertaining) evening. Noted that "Ghostbusters" was on, so had it on in the background while I was reading. I still remember the SNL epi hosted by Sigourney Weaver where she appeared as Zul. Yeah, whoa! After I've cooled off enough, I'm going to hit the hay, cats or no cats.
Well, TBH, it was unusual weather. I was expecting cool temps and rain. So, instead, I walked out onto a hot sunny deck when leaving this morning. Hey, I'll take it (even though I was wearing my winter coat as insurance). Arrived at church extremely early, so I had lots of time to socialize, especially with our Repair Café sewer who gave me the info on other such repair happenings around the city. Oh, yay.

I felt so soignée, not only wearing my navy polka dot float with matching floof, but also my pearls. And, for the first time THIS YEAR I'd also managed to pull my hair up into a short ponytail (with the aid of copious hairspray) to which I clipped the floof. I'm relieved to have my decision not to cut my hair validated. As soon as the hair gets a bit longer, then I'll get a trim.

I didn't realize that Ashley also has issues with this being Mother's Day, so she didn't come to church. Church-John passed over her brekkie of two hash browns. C-J and I are both crossing our fingers that both deliveries go well tomorrow. Otherwise, I. Shall. Scream. Comme d'habitude, church was its fabulous self. The Lesson was about trusting in life. I likened it to my experience with the weather after the service. I was spit on, deluged, and chilled before returning to being baked by the sun. All in the space of a few minutes. I was a titch cranky because my ride was very late. But I remained semi-patient until it finally arrived.

When I got home, Grumpy was on the back deck, too stubborn to drag his wet bedraggled self into the house. So I let him stay out, figuring SuM would deal with him when she got in. Had cuddly visits from the other two cats. Finally did a load of laundry in the evening, while watching this week's MasterChef Canada. Then watched tomorrow's Castle a day early. Canadian privilege, dontcha know?

Right now, I can barely keep my eyes open. I had a bit of difficulty falling asleep last night, so I'm hoping to make up the deficit tonight. And keep my hopes alive for good news (and perhaps a personal delivery as well) tomorrow. ::crosses fingers::
I'm impressed and hope you are too. Mind you, I don't know if there were any unusual festivities associated with this honour. I didn't even know about the existence of this auspicious day, if it hadn't been for the church's former volunteer coordinator sending me a message with a delightful picture (which, natch, I'll just have to print out).

Mind you, even though the knowledge of the existence of this day was great, it did nothing to make me forget that we're having stupid weather happening to us. Apparently the snow we received last night was merely a "teaser" and the real stuff would come tonight. At least I was being pragmatic and determined not to pout if church-John were to postpone our shopping trip set for noon tomorrow. As it happened, he did leave me a text shortly after I'd woken up from an impromptu nap a few minutes shy of 6:00 p.m. (the nap an urgent constituent of surviving another 5:45 a.m. wakeup). Sigh.

Watched my N.C.I.S. shows in the evening.... Mumble, jumble, mumble. You'll note the preceding is a coverup of an involuntary automatic typing moment). I was trying to say I had an empathetic moment doing a back-and-forth text with church-John. He can't make it for shopping tomorrow because of the expected storm and another personal reason. So we're hoping for Thursday. I also e-mailed Ashley my formally informal invitation for Saturday ... and begged her to give me some idea of what I can cook for her. Because my mind is so fuzzy, I can't think for Cocoa-Puffs (and need to make sure there's no dairy or gluten in the meal). SuM's son also came over after school to dish out food (upon my direction) and to deal with the litter box. It was during his visit (and before SuM's ex showed up to drive him home) that I nodded off. So I'm not kidding when I say I'm fading fast. My mind needs a break, so I'm going to do that s-l-e-e-p thing in a few. Yay!


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