Despite the only disadvantage of waking up at 6:00 to be ready to go to the mall, I had a most relaxing day. Got the hair cut shorter. I don't necessarily like the look of it, but it needed to be shorter while we're being pestered with heat and humidity. Good thing I asked my stylist if she takes a summer vacay. Nope, she's gone in October, so I shall adjust my appointments accordingly.

Then my poor feet and hands were pampered. A new thing was getting a salt scrub on my feet to remove dead skin. It actually felt nice (much better than the pumice-like scraper). ::shudders:: I chose a dark pink for the toes with sparkly gold overcoat; and a lighter pink for the hands, also with the sparkly gold. I've decided to switch every single month. I figure I'll be down to dramatic charcoal by November.

Had just enough time to stop in the supermarket for a sandwich, egg'n'tater salad, and a ring of tiger shrimp with cocktail sauce. The menu for tonight was shrimp cocktail and a glass of white wine. To make upfor the missing basil in my grocery delivery, I bought a way-overpriced pot of organic rosemary. My fingers smelled wonderful from my fondling of the little trees!

SuM texted me that they were going to stay over another night because the traffic was gruesome. And here I flew home in contrast. Well, not to worry. The cats are safe (if bored) with me. Still, it means another sleepover. Yay.

Decided to tire myself out by doing the laundry while watching my game shows. Awww. The current $100K+ Jeopardy! champ was knocked off. How could he not have guessed "Lapplanders"? Anyway, I'm drooping, so should do the bed thing soon. Nighty-night.
Yay also for the cats letting me sleep in until around 9:30. That was most gracious of them. I had an oddly discombobulated day. No pressure to do stuff. Finally got in the shower after 2:00 and exited with no intent to style my hair. Yup, no product (as I'm getting my hair coloured tomorrow morning).

Church-John finally gave me a pickup time of 6:30. It was another hot, sunny day which I enjoyed briefly as I sat waiting for him. Oh, look. Our mutual friend was in the car, having returned from a couple years' visit to Taiwan. We were among the first to arrive at church and sat in the first row of desks (the meeting was in our LGBT high school in the basement).

The proposed pastor was introduced to us after we heard about the selection process. He spoke for a while, then entertained questions from a large-ish audience. After that, there were refreshments at which time people could approach him. As I had my walker and the desks were arranged in a square, I didn't even try. C-J brought me a coke and a couple pieces of baked goods. But, after that, as we were still there, I got to meet Jeff for myself. I reminded him that I'd friended him on FB and what I do best in my volunteering. Naturally, I'm hoping the vote on Sunday will confirm his election by an overwhelming majority. ::crosses fingers::

Anyway, I was happy to be home (later than expected) and safely escorted inside by c-J. Now I really should think about bed. ::thinks about bed:: Yes, I am silly. A lot. Also having lovely thoughts of the harbour boat tour as Brian confirmed he bought my ticket, so we're all set for an hour of fun. Let's end the day with another yay!
First of all, I was very, VERY bad last night, staying up until 3:00 on the computer. Oh, well, I figured I'd catch up on my sleep in the morning. And so I did. When SuM left on her overnight trip, I kept the cats out as I was determined to do at least one chore. And I did. Even though it was semi-simple, I had to pull out a screwdriver from my tool chest. After I was done, I rewarded myself with a decadent shower in Euphoria. Uh ... blondie, what's so decadent about that? You always use Euphoria. Ah, but this time, after I'd scrubbed with the nylon-thingy-on-a-stick, I took the empty bottle of Euphoria which I'd filled with water in order to get every last smidgeon of shower gel out ... and I squeezed it out all over. ::jumps:: It was c-c-cold. But, hey, it was a silly way to use up all the good stuff.

I was also a happy camper when I booked all my girly appointments for next Friday, and then booked my rides. Really looking forward to it. I may have more on my social calendar next week as our new pastor candidate is going to have a couple of meet-and-greets, one in the evening and one next Saturday afternoon. I'd like to do Saturday so hope church-John might be up for it, too.

Tonight's Jeopardy was hilarious (and incomprehensible to most Americans watching). Alex was wearing a signature "Canada 150" sweater and spoke of how our country is celebrating its 150th birthday tomorrow. So he suggested that both countries (considering that we're still allies and friends and stuff) should just celebrate ALL the days from July 1st to 4th inclusive. Yeah, Alex, sure.

And, yes, the wine helped relax me together with a couple servings of cream of chicken soup. Though I'm wondering whether my palate is now rejecting Sauvignon Blanc as too dry. Very strange. I'm going to suck on a throat lozenge just in case. Weird body is ... weird.
Sooooo, I'd planned to clean the bathroom today (which necessitates removing my towel and bed linen storage totes ('cuz there's no place else for them) as well as all of the fiddly stuff on top. Do you think I did any of that? Well, of course not, considering how much pain I was in since waking up. So, instead, I did the easy stuff such as washing out a mountain of recycling (gee, pop cans sure pile up). The funny thing is that just that movement lubricated my joints to the extent that I could have cleaned the bathroom ... but I had no time. Sigh.

So, I lay in bed and read, then frittered my time away. I also had this nagging feeling I'd forgotten something on TV. Checked the sheet of TV shows I'd prepared and found I'd missed last night's MasterChef. Oops. Luckily, I was still able to watch it even though 24 hours and a few minutes had passed. Got to see Gordon Ramsay make his scrambled eggs (that included crème fraiche). Mmmmmmmmm. After that, I had a simple warm bagel with paté and a vodka & tonic ... which means I'm feel very warm now.

Was too lazy today to call my hair and nail salons, so I'll have to do that tomorrow morning. And book my rides. Looking forward to being pampered next Friday. And also to having more opportunities of socializing this summer. Both are definitely a win-win and do drain a lot of the pain just from the psychological boost.
So, I still got wet, but I do dry off, lol. After I got to church and Jan arrived, we decided to go back outside to get some fresh air. Lo and behold, the sun was coming out. It was fabulous, with a tiny hint of a breeze.

Church was amazing. The music superb. I was on duty and found out later that I'd been on the webcast while serving communion ... and there were these adorable painted toenails sticking out of my open-toed shoes. Awww. I asked church-John whether he might take me to Canadian Tire (the one in my 'hood) some time this week. I have a whole bunch of summer-related sprays, etc. I need to get. I also suggested we could visit the new restaurant I'd been to. I'd really like that. There was a surprise at the end. The search committee for a new senior pastor presented the successful candidate (who still needs to be voted in). He's a United Church minister from the prairies. He's young, has a quirky sense of humour, and seems to enjoy saying naughty things (as does Brent). He'll be here in two weeks' time. Yay!

When I got home, naturally, I had to write my summary. It took a very long time. Sigh. But I was pleased with it. Then, when SuM came home from work, she texted me, saying she'd like to donate to my blind group. Yaaaaay! So she gave me a cheque.

In the evening, I didn't do much other than watch the news. Stayed on the 'puter, read my "Figaro" mystery for a while, and just vegged. At least I'm feeling mostly cool. Anyway, time is fleeting. I'm going to finish my Perrier, then go back to reading. Looking forward to a mostly lazy day tomorrow.
Because it was a scorcher, the blonde didn't wear her precious pearls, not wanting to have sweat, oil, and melting hairspray dripping down on them. So, instead, I wore my dramatic designer huge crystal necklace. Along with my ancient, ripped (but not where that could be seen) leggings.

Church was - as usual - a thought provoking experience. We definitely don't leave our intellect at the door when we enter. I was also thrilled to get my mini-tote bag fixed at the Repair Café. Yay! And had a lovely (boobeliscious) hug with an old friend who'd just celebrated being cancer-free. I'm so thrilled for her. Didn't know what was happening as church-John wasn't in church. And no text either.

After church, I sat outside in the hot sun and let my poor joints and muscles soak it up. After about 10 minutes, I was done. Luckily, my cab showed up. When I got in, I was confronted with a pet emergency as SuM and her gf met me at the front door. Turns out the gf's cat, summering with her parents, disappeared. So they decided to drive up and try to search for the cat themselves. And I'm nominated to take care of the three mischief-makers (including Mr. Grumpy whom we're definitely not letting outside as his disappearance last summer caused us much anxiety).

After I wrote my church review (it felt shorter than usual), I finally got to relax. As I didn't want to be handcuffed to the TV, I recorded the Tony Awards and have been watching. And hoping. Obviously for a win for "Come From Away". I'm about 40 minutes away from the end, and believe it's won only for Best Direction. But there was some technical weirdness with lots of hissing, so who knows. Anyway, I'll be getting back to watching as soon as I've posted.
OMG. I'm old. It's no wonder I feel so wiped out just from being treated. Anyway, I survived, lol. Though the day started out drizzly and cold (ack, rain, don't drip on my hair), we ended up with a majorly sunny though cool and breezy afternoon. I was thrilled to wear my new "designer" jewellery (though the wee jewelled flower which is part of the clasp refuses to lie flat against my neck; do I need lessons in ::giggles:: product placement?). Church was - as usual - fabulous. After church, I had to hang around waiting for Ash and church-John to finish their once-monthly volunteer duties, counting the offering. So I indulged in the smallest piece of birthday cake. And waited. Normally, I don't get a chance to observe a lot after church as I have to be out the door to catch my ride. But, today, I watched as people seemed reluctant to leave the social hall despite the clock hands climbing toward 2:00. There were several tables set up and still active: Trans awareness, Trans Pride, Social Justice Network fund-raising environmentally friendly steel water bottles, a T-shirts for Pride table, and finally the Children's sewing class.

Finally, Ash and c-J were finished (of course there had been discrepancies in the count), so we could go to my fave brunch place in the village (Café California). As I still felt stuffed, I ordered a Western Cmelette (with calming, healthy eggs) along with Canada's Hangover Cure (aka a Bloody Caesar). Now I wasn't hung over, but thought my stomach would absorb its prophylactic properties! The restaurant was really sweet. Hearing it was my birthday, they presented me with a slab of chocolate cake (with mango? cream and white chocolate? cream). I shared it with c-J while Ash had just a smidgeon of the cream. I finally spilled the details of the blind group's fall trip and c-J is VERY interested. Turns out he's never seen the G&S operetta either. I thought we should both brush up on the lyrics before we go as they'll be delivered at a really fast clip.

Then it was time for the sleepy blonde to come home. I wasn't just sleepy, I was lethargic, much too incapable of writing my review. So I made a placeholder FB post, letting people know I'd write it tomorrow, blaming birthday "fatigue". I tried to read for a while (this time a Nero Wolfe mystery), but was too tired. So, after the 6:00 p.m. news, I dozed off for a couple of hours. I also found out inadvertently who'd won MasterChef Canada. Oh, terrific, it's the contestant I was rooting for. Now I can enjoy watching the Finale in peace. Yay. When SuM came home from work, I asked her when she thought we should go to dinner (obviously, the last thing on my mind). She suggested Thursday. Oh, thank goodness. I may be hungry by then, lol. Now I'm looking forward to sleeping in (please, universe) tomorrow morning, then lounging around. And possibly getting around to making that big salad.
So, back to yesterday. It was a glorious day out, with sun and reasonable temperatures (meaning better than a few measly degrees north of freezing). I was picked up early by an impatient driver but still was happy to arrive at the mall around 9:45. My stylist spotted me; then I went next door to the salon to choose my nail polish colour.

The experience this time was more relaxing. I had a comfy chair at the "marination station" while the colour was absorbed. When she'd washed it out, she left the conditioner in for at least 15 minutes to repair my hair. Then she started cutting. I'm still not happy with the cut. I need for it to look like the magnificent do I had two months ago. I think my hair'll have to grow a bit longer. Still, I asked for a lighter blonde shade ... and got it! Yay.

After picking up ::coughs:: "lunch" (a milk chocolate with almonds bar), I walked back to the nail salon. They did things differently than other nail salons. One feature was dropping a hot towel over feet (also hands) before the massage. Though I'd nixed the massage over broken foot/leg bones, she was amazing with my hands, performing deeply penetrating manouevres along with multi-directional wrist stretching. Using that apricot & aloe vera cream. Mmmm. Although the colour I'd chosen (gold beige) was more gaudy than I'd wanted, it's still nice to have properly tended nails. And, hey, I can choose something more discreet (hey, blondie, since when are YOU discreet?) next month.

After I was done in that part of the mall, I still had time to kill. So I picked up 4 frozen French Onion Soups at M&M (on sale, even) heading to the supermarket where all I got was a tub of potato&egg salad and a prepared Black Forest ham wrap. I ate half (oh, nutrition!), then went outside to wait for my minivan, expected at 3:50. It was a few minutes late, but I was just relieved to be on my way home.

When I finally had dinner, it was one of the French Onion Soups accompanied by a flute of Champagne. [Still one flute left.] I was very fuzzy and so sleepy. I couldn't pay attention to the finale of MasterChef Canada so will watch it another time. I dozed off while watching a rerun of MacGyver. After waking up and posting, I stayed up until ... 3(?). Why? I don't know. Hey, I'm blonde (again), so I can do whatever I want. Well, within reason. Anyway, now that I've posted, I can return to finishing reading "The Martian". Also a huge yay!
Just HOW relaxed are you, blondie?

Uh ... floating off into an unexpected nap fuelled by apricot-aloe vera hand massage cream (ohhhhhhh, that massage was intense). Also the glass of Champagne and French onion soup may have contributed to the loose-limbed effect (and overall fuzziness). So blonde will not try to describe her ultra-relaxed day until tomorrow. ::nods firmly::
* waking up way too early and staying awake
* admiring the shiny nature of the pink gold in my new bling
* reading more of "The Martian"
* receiving oodles of best wishes by text, e-mails, FB, in person and over the phone
* getting lots of gorgeous foodies (and wine) delivered
* revelling in the scent of "Euphoria" from my shower gel all the way to perfume (but where are my solid perfume and silky cream?)
* opening a bottle of Champagne like a pro (parallel to the floor, turning the bottle against the cork)
* drinking two flutes of bubbly (flutes courtesy of church-John)
* savouring smoked salmon on fresh artisanal bread
* eating overpriced blueberries
* staggering from the pain and weakness while doing the laundry BZZZZZZT. Wait! What? Oh, well, we all know that I mix chores in with indulging myself.

Yes, yes, it was, is, and shall be for the next few days, a celebration of my birthday. Hilariously, when a friend called me this evening and asked - out of curiosity - how old I was, I knocked TEN years off the total! Ha - I wish. My joints would be dancing with glee. At least the bubbly managed to contain the pain for a little while.

Anyway, I need to slide into bed, even if I spend a bit more time reading. But I'm worn out. Even spending the day pampered tomorrow comes with an expenditure of energy, being away from home, etc. Crossing my fingers. Night-night, all.
Barely-dragging-myself-around blonde here. Was disgusted to see I'd woken up at 3:44. Groan. Luckily, I managed to fall asleep again and didn't wake up until 7:07. More reasonable, but still shy of my 10:00 alarm. Sigh. Felt much better after a hearty brekkie. Watched half a weird murder mystery while waiting for my meals to be delivered.

Despite the tiredness, my major accomplishment today was to FINISH (yes! I have vanquished "I am Pi") the book that was so infuriating. How much? I'll tell you in my book post tomorrow. After that, I resumed my reread of "The Martian". Also dozed off inadvertently, but it didn't affect my getting ready to meet my jeweller. Met him at the corner store/mini café 1.5 blocks away. He was already sitting outside waiting.

So, he created two works of art for my short pearl necklace: a flowered clasp and a pendant with another jewelled flower and lots of leaves. Mind you, it doesn't help that I had so little vision left in the early evening, so I'll have to examine everything first thing tomorrow. After we ::coughs discreetly:: took care of the transaction, we sat and enjoyed a beverage and snacks. I then asked him to walk me home (my security guard, lol). Now that I know where he lives, I'll visit him next time.

Watched my game shows and then the first epi of the latest American MasterChef show. Now I'm going to return to "The Martian". Am running out of days in my loan period.
Unfortunately, that's not how the universe works. Yet. At least I did manage to sleep all the way to 7:22. But the general run-down feeling (still stemming from not having used my walker on Saturday) will be with me for days. Sigh. And, speaking of misadventures, I sent a very VERY long e-mail to customer service of my rides provider about the tale of two cabs.

Tried to read some more of "I am Pi". Finally am appreciating some of the style. Gee, it only took about 37 chapters! Also worked on the game for my blind group. Then sent an e-mail to the leader about the concept of the hilarious word game we could play at the year-end party at the end of June.

Reconfirmed that my jeweller will drop off my pendant and restrung pearls on Wednesday. Obviously, I can't wait to see the final results, including a mechanical clasp - to replace the ridiculously fiddly, secured by a mere wire, clasp because - duh - people should always trust the security of something worth $1.5K to one skinny wire. Yay to no more worries.

Right not, I just need to go to bed so I can rest up before blind group tomorrow. Also, pain? Scram.
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( May. 28th, 2017 11:51 pm)
Don't get me wrong. Last night wasn't inadequate on its own merits. I got the 5+ hours I usually average on a Saturday night. Even the cats were well behaved. Yes, I know. A miracle. But the exertions from yesterday combined with the extra painkillers meant my body was ill-prepared for public consumption, lol. No wonder I grabbed with greedy hands the mocha church-John handed me.

As always, it was a terrific service as we welcomed Brent back after his two Sundays away. His Lesson was "Life After Me" as he begins preparing us for the emotional shock of having to connect with a newcomer assuming the mantle of spiritual leadership. He warned us that this person might be drastically different, might be single, might want to date ... more than one person; and that it was not up to us to judge. Well, it's obviously going to be an interesting summer and fall. C-J and I took the opportunity to go to him for Anointing. Always a treat. My one bit of personal excitement was having my jeweller inform me I'd have my new pendant (former wedding rings) before my birthday. Ooooh. I can hardly wait!

The service ran long so I had to dash out after going up for early Communion. Even though my cab showed up a few minutes later, there seemed to be some confusion as my rides provider called me (I missed picking up), c-J texted me asking if I was okay(???); when I called dispatch they couldn't tell me anything, just said to call customer service tomorrow. This is weird, because I got home really quickly (12:50). Oh, mysteries.

After my summary which was a struggle, I was finally free after 3. Free to feed the cats first. SuM came home in the late afternoon and was happy to know that we're the beneficiaries of the two lilies. And then I zonked out during the 6:00 news. I have no idea of what went on anywhere. I opened my eyes just before 7:00, then dozed off again, waking at 8:21 with something weird on the TV. Sorry, TV, I have enough "weird" in my life. So off to bed I go.
Well, the pain is self-explanatory. My stupid right leg. And yet, and yet, there were times during the funeral service for Sam's mom that I felt euphoric. Wow, endorphins do work. However, they didn't last long and I was lucky to just be in a state of equilibrium (which, in my case, means not screaming aloud with pain). Even Sam's partner was surprised to acknowledge that I was "smiling" even though I was in so much pain. Well, the extra pain killers helped a little bit.

What had also helped me set the mood was treating my poor lobster hands to a paraffin bath. Wow, they actually feel soft for a change.

So, the funeral was small, gentle, lovely, with a subversive undertone for which our church is famous. There was nostalgic music (I'm thinking these were the mom's fave pieces, mostly from the swing/big band era), and an outrageous children's poem that Sam read (performed!) from the pulpit. Lots of gorgeous music from the evening service choir. The service began late and went past the presumed ending time. So, it wasn't rushed. We were all invited to take the pots of cana(so?) lillies home to plant in our gardens. Church-John picked up two but gave them both to me.

There was delicious food at the reception (prepared by Sam's partner). I was ravenous and felt the need to soak up the painkillers. Then c-J drove me home, taking the lake drive again, bypassing silly city traffic. I got home close to 4. Oops. Cats milling around, wanting their lunch. After feeding them, I closed my door so I could have some uninterrupted time. And rest my leg. In the evening, I just watched the news and my game show repeats. Still got the Final Jeopardy! clue wrong. Seattle Needle? Galaxy Gold? Mmm ... what-evah.

Okay, preparing for cat shenanigans (but hoping they don't happen), I'd better get to bed and will read a bit from of "I am Pi". Discussed the book with c-J on our drive home. He says I may not be enlightened even after I've finished the book. Oh, Lord! Finally, I was surprised to get a FB friend request ... from SuM! Hee - she'll read my church posts and I guess I'll read her sporty posts. Symmetry of a sort.
The universe granted my request for some decent sleep, but still threw in a wrinkle. How? By waking me up at 5:57. ::groans:: Luckily, I withstood any ridiculous notion of getting out of bed, rolled over onto my back, and managed to fall asleep again. Didn't wake up until 11:27. Now, that is much better. I think the universe was aided by rain, something that might merely be a soporific aid for me, but had more unwelcome results for the city. More overflowing banks, water creeping up, flowing over sidewalks and streets, flooding homes. I think there are many people who may be having second-third-fourth thoughts of the presumed advantages of having a lakefront home.

The first thing I did upon waking was to wash out a whole bunch of soup containers to go into recycling later. Unfortunately, I was standing for so long that my right foot went to sleep and my foreleg seized up. So I had to stumble back to bed just to try to shake off the agony. I am so not a happy camper. Anyway, I finally called and booked both my hair services and a pedicure (dropping the manicure for the moment), both for next Friday. It'll mean a really long day at the mall, but I'd rather have one trip only.

Tried my best to stay awake in the evening, though I dozed through the sports section. Later, I watched the penultimate epi of MasterChef Canada. Aww, my fave didn't get into the finale. Sigh. Other than that, I've begun a new book, "The Life of Pi". Seems quirky but I think I'll like it. Anyway, fading quickly, so I'm off to bed again.
Tried to look for a set of papers (I'm pretty sure I kept ... unless I forgot I tossed them when moving, in which case it's a futile search) for the word game I used as an ice-breaker for bus trips by our church social club when I was in charge - only TWO decades ago. Uh-oh.

So, I didn't find the template in the stack of papers on the bookshelf. But I did find something else I've been frantically searching for. What? My collection of Euphoria perfumes! Yay!!!!! ::does happy dance:: Considering that wearing perfume has grown in disfavour as a socially unacceptable personal pollutant, I almost never wear it - even when I'm on my own (though using the shower gel is almost like using it). But I so wanted to wear it on my birthday (a Thursday), and after my birthday celebration (on a Sunday) after brunch. And now I'll be able to indulge as much as I want to.

OTOH, I'm resigning myself to having to recreate or rewrite the word game from scratch. I can only remember one question that always resulted in gales of giggles, hence its usefulness as an ice-breaker between strangers on a bus. I still have a month before the end-of-year party of my large blind group, so I don't have to worry about time. Just thinking up silly questions. Hey, I'm good at that!
Oh, yes. I am majorly silly. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day out, even though the temp was only in the low 60s (as opposed to the highly unnatural 78 yesterday along with high humidity and sweeping storms that cancelled the big tailgate party at Jurassic Park (the outdoors area while the Raptors were advancing to the next round of the NBA playoffs ... kicking and screaming all the way, because apparently they like to flirt with losing).

After I had to chase Ce-Ce to get out of my space, I encountered Grumpy out on the back deck. But he was way too slow to go indoors, so I said he was on his own until I returned. I was picked up around 9:30 and arrived at the mall in just a few minutes. So I sat on a bench outside the salon. My stylist came out to see me, saying she'd be with me soon after 10:30 (my appointment time). Soooooo, it was decadent to have someone colour my hair, thoroughly saturating every strand. Then she cut my hair. It's a titch short, slightly different from the last time. I may have to coax it a bit more with a curling iron.

When I was paying her (still majorly surprised at the super reasonable cost), I asked whether she could recommend a mani/pedi place in the neighbourhood (because I'm tired of the place that's only 800 metres away from me, but a pain to get to by transit). Imagine my chagrin when she led me RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Hey, how was I supposed to know, 'cuz I blind. Sigh. Anyway, they gave me their services list and business card, so I figure I might get in the habit of seeing them two weeks after each hair appointment. After that, I didn't really feel like doing a lot of shopping, so I picked up a serene but beautiful birthday card for SuM and really good hairspray at the drugstore, then just a few yummy items (buffalo wings, potato salad, Greek pasta salad, plain tortilla chips, organic bananas) as the supermarket and settled in to wait for my ride, expected in 35 minutes. At least it was a great day to be sitting outdoors.

When I got home, I let Grumpy in, then struggled with all of my purchases, needing to make two trips. But I'm home. Yay. It was a boring TV evening: just the news and my game shows. After I gathered my laundry for tomorrow morning (too zonked tonight), I dozed off. Now I'm just drinking Perrier and getting the house settled for the night ... as the cats and I have a sleepover. Yippee! ::crosses fingers a lot::
Why, that was my day of course. The "Oops" happened at 3:38 which is NO decent time at all. Luckily, I did fall back asleep until that evil alarm got me up at 7:00 to book my rides. After that, I stayed up. Continued reading "The English Patient" until the battery was exhausted. Then I finished with the extras in "The Martian" and decided to watch another Blu-ray. On a whim, I picked the 2009 reboot of "Star Trek". Since I'm such a nostalgic softy, I cried (always do even before the opening credits). Then I had to hunt for cats. Uh, SuM, whyfor did you not tell me two were outside? Managed to get one in, fed two, then had to wash my hair. After that, I coaxed the perennial wanderer inside.

When SuM got in, we continued our talk from yesterday and she fixed the link in my capelet clip. Yay. After the news and my game shows, I laughed my head off during Big Bang Theory (it was terrific), then sleep-watched a summary of all previous years of MasterChef Jr. The only thing I remember from it is that next week's special guests will be ... Miss Piggy? And the Swedish Chef? Hmmm.

Managed to rouse myself to watch a brilliant Peg Plus Cat which contained like a three-minute version of "The Magic Flute"!!! Then I dozed off, just waking up a few minutes ago. And going "Ouch" from some of my latest leg problems. Also sigh. Looking forward to being pampered tomorrow. especially as I revealed to SuM that I'd exhausted the hot water tank the last time I'd dyed my hair. No longer! So I'd better sign off. Toodles.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2017 11:40 pm)
It's been a very long day, with highs and lows (also weirdness during the night). I'd plugged in my old cellphone/alarm clock in the bathroom to get an extra charge last night. I still went to bed and thought I'd just rest with the kids' channel on. Ha! As if. I dozed off. When I woke up, I turned off the TV as well as the lights. Blondie! Wake up. You forgot something. I did wake up in the middle of the night and remembered. Oops. Retrieved the cellphone, but couldn't find my gloves. Still I managed to fall asleep instantly, waking up at 5:45 as required.

It was a little cool but very sunny, so I took a chance on my outfit. Took a chance on how I was feeling as my tum was under the weather, but it settled down once I was picked up. Brent gave a very powerful yet disturbing sermon about intolerance and superficial image requirements in order to be accepted; the fact that the majority of LGBTQ people meet online rather than face-to-face; and that such reliance on tech to meet someone means that 99% of people will face rejection day after day via impersonal apps. He asked that we rise to embody the second word in our formal name. Yeah ... community. I couldn't believe that the service went about 40 minutes(!) over. Luckily, I had a late ride home at 12:50, so I wasn't concerned.

I've asked church-John to get me a pretend pillow-top mattress pad. My old bones just can't take the bed I'm sleeping in. I'm also pondering chairs. Brian gave me a link last night to what he considers an exceptional office chair. Considering the price, I'm not surprised. C-J OTOH was telling me about the current sale at Staples. Gee, only 50% of the cost of the luxury model. ::shakes head sadly:: Whoa, Nellie. Before I look at any chairs, I should try the simple thing ... such as asking the manufacturer to replace the broken caster. Like ... duh.

Spoke with the jeweller about how the assembly of my new piece is coming along and my hope to have it before the beginning of June. Coincidentally, today I wore a brooch M had given me, after allowing it to be purified through the filter of time. I completed the look with my chandelier citrine earrings.

When I got home, naturally I was engrossed in writing my review. I was also hungry, anxious to have my Greek dinner with SuM. Finally the day crept by and we tried valiantly to eat all of the food. No luck. We have leftovers. Yay. I'd also contributed a bottle of rosé (half a bottle remaining). What else? Well, it was the crucial Game 6 between the Caps and Leafs. The only station playing it had commentary in ... Italian! I said goodnigiht at the end of the second period. In any case, the game went into OT and the Leafs bowed out. To get as far as they did, and to go through so many OT games was very demanding physically and mentally. Bravo, boys.

Anyway, I'm fading quickly. Time to take my pills and then zonk out. I want NO repeat of last night's hijinks!
Well, you should know the routine by now. Take one goof and add another goof. Whaddyaget? Sheer giddiness!!! Also, found and changed batteries, updated iPad, tinkered-with Liblikas, serious suggestions for a serious office chair, and many other important things. Alas, he was unable to find where I'd hidden my Euphoria Perfume collection. Sigh. So, we asked Google to find us an Indian restaurant ... and she did. It was even open all day (so we didn't have to wait until 5:00 or some such ridiculousness). When we got there, it was a tiny place, but very nicely divided into a few booths, as well as a long banquette with tables and chairs. I figured that, as it was so small, it must do a big takeout biz. There were linen napkins and tablecloths, with white square china plates. I let Brian order (as I couldn't see), so he got us a Papadom, a Samosa, Garlic Naan, Shrimp Tandoori (divine), Chicken Vindaloo (okay), Raita (so soothing), and Mixed Pickles (too smushed). We also had a beer each. Okay, stuffed now!

When I looked at the menu online, I saw that they also had Seared Scallops (sounds divine), various Biryani (which I prefer) and the ultimate finish, namely Kulfi (in either Mango, Pistachio, or Almond flavours). Hey, forget about the meal, I'll indulge in Kulfi only. Then I looked up the Custom Sewing and Alteration place Brian found and the woman isn't too far from here. I think getting a few coats made for me, to my unique specifications, is the only practical route, after looking at the styles available online. Ug. Gly. Anyway, Brian was really happy to hear that I'm being pampered next Friday (and was incredulous to hear just how little she charged me for a wash, cut, and style)!

I think I have to drink another glass of chilled Perrier. Even though I'm feeling lethargic now, I'm glad I woke up at 8:00 and did lots of little chores including washing most of my recycling. And I was able to get a load of laundry done tonight while watching my game shows. So I think I deserve to climb into bed in my clean fuzzy velour top and read one of my latest books. And then get set for church.


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